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Heartwarming / Petite Princess Yucie

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  • Episode 1 has Yucie defending Cocoloo, making a new friend in the process.
  • In episode 2, Yucie and Glenda are in a competition to show true kindness to earn a Crystal Flower; whoever loses will have to leave the Academy. Yucie realizes that what she and Glenda are doing is just hurting the flowers, and agrees to give up if Glenda will stop the rain. Then, the Crystal Flower appears and goes to Yucie; a saddened, enraged Glenda realizes that she'll be kicked out of the academy and be unable to become an adult. Upon hearing that their wishes are the same, Yucie asks Queen Ercell to pardon Glenda so she won't have to leave.
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  • The conclusion to episode 7; after a hard fight against Meow the First, Yucie and Glenda become friends even though the latter doesn't want to admit it. Glenda's dad even takes a souvenir photo of it in a crystal ball.
  • Episode 8 has Cocoloo thinking she isn't good enough to be an artist's model. She's comforted by her steward, Yucie, and Mr. Nikolai and learns to express the me within herself, giving her the power to admit to being a ghost and a Platinum Princess Candidate. The painting the artist eventually does is one of her smiling happily.
  • Episode 9's ballet scene—despite Elmina thinking that Yucie's father will be gravely disappointed if she makes a mistake, Gunbard claps with the other dads. Elmina is later seen alone, contemplating that Yucie called her father 'dad'.
  • Arc and Yucie's real First Kiss at the end of episode 10.
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  • Episode 11 has Aries telling Yucie that even if the person you love doesn't love you, don't stop loving, and that it doesn't matter if Arc was kidding or not when he kissed her.
  • In episode 12's Heaven Triathlon, Yucie, Glenda, and Cocoloo manage to inspire Elmina to not give up and that it's ok to try again as they attempt to complete the dance despite mistakes. She eventually joins in and they complete it together.
    • Finally, the others inspire Elmina to keep pulling at the lever to open Heaven's Gate even when it looks like she can't go anymore. And while Elmina's father still refuses to acknowledge her, she says she can keep trying, and earns the Crystal Flower of Strength.
  • Episode 13 has Glenda making the potion for Amphi even after she thinks he has a lover, after being in love with him for the whole episode. Then it's revealed the maiden is his sister, and her friends support her and are happy. Then it's parodied when the two of them turn into frogs.
  • Episode 14 has Cocoloo reaching out to Beth even after having been kidnapped by her.
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  • In episode 15, Yucie's in tears after snapping at Pack, and the boy is genuinely hurt. But they make up in the end, bringing happy tears.
  • Episode 17 has Beth showing trust in the Fairy World citizens and saving Cocoloo from falling off of the World Tree. Cocoloo's trust in her earns the Crystal Flower of the Fairy World. Episode 19 shows this event is what allows Beth to pass the Scene of Light.
  • Episode 19 has Elmina reading Mr. Rockwell a letter from his estranged daughter.
  • Episode 20 has Gunbard and Ercell's story and Arc and Yucie dancing.
  • Episode 21 has all five girls affirming their friendship after an argument and singing karaoke about it, even aloof Beth.
  • Episode 22 has the girls going to the Spirit World, wherein Beth earns the Crystal Flower of Honesty. She tells the others about her past and the trouble with Diabolos, and they resolve to save her father even when the Fairy World's citizens were too scared to fight.
  • Episode 23—during the battle with Diabolos, the Fairy World citizens finally help fight and apologize to Beth for abandoning her.
  • Episode 25. The girls' conversations before Yucie returns to the human world.
  • The fathers show their serious and loving sides in episode 26 to save their daughters, even the Demon King and the King of Heaven.
  • The last episode when Yucie is able to convince the "lost princess" that she was never really alone, then the "spirits" of the older princess's friends appear by her side.
    • Just after Yucie and Arc return from the "lost realm" the others rematerialize, and Yucie runs up to Glenda to give her a big hug.


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