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Nightmare Fuel / Petite Princess Yucie

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  • Elmina's backstory, with her parents having perfectionist expectations. In episode 12 when she went home to Fluffy Cloud Heaven, she imagines a bunch of disembodied faces laughing at her while she tries to do the dance she couldn't do as a child, causing her to mess up and break down crying.
  • Diabolos, a dragon that's devouring the Fairy World. It's revealed later on that he was but a symptom of the destruction the Tiara was wreaking on the world, and eventually such monsters would become too strong to stop.
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  • The second-last episode, where Yucie's friends give her no choice but to use the Tiara to save Arc, after secretly making a promise that would erase all her memories of them so she could make the wish without guilt. Making the wish would cause them to cease to exist, and not making the wish would cause the world to be destroyed.
  • The Reveal of Maga Selent, previously shown as a villain, to be the lost princess of the Magic World who Refused the Call and watched her world suffer—when she finally became the Platinum Princess, her friends disappeared pointlessly as the destruction was too much to stop, and every trace of life in the Magic World was destroyed.


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