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Nightmare Fuel / Pet Shop of Horrors

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  • The extra story about D's experiences with the Holocaust. Most of it is shown through his interactions with Eva Braun, but it's incredibly creepy what all is implied, especially if one knows what really was happening. And then, there's the scene at the end where Eva rides her pet Kirin to be reunited with Hitler. When the Kirin tells her that the lights she sees are from Germany burning and "the deaths of millions of Jews" and that Hitler was the cause of it, she just smiles and says "How... beautiful!"
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  • "Eva Braun got her wish. She was the Devil's wife...for two days." Brrr...
  • In one story, a grieving couple (who had recently lost their daughter) are sold a pet rabbit that looks just like her! Because their rabbit "daughter" smiles while she pleads for candy and cookies, they feed them all to her, even though D specifically tells them to only feed her vegetables. Upon eating the cookies, the rabbit begins binging on more junk food, until two smaller rabbits burst out of her stomach. The story then cuts to a couple of other children playing in a park, until they realize that they're surrounded by some rather hostile-looking rabbits... It turns out that the Killer Rabbits spawned from the first one will keep eating everything they can (including other people), making the grisly fate of all those children pretty horrible to think about), and the police soon get countless reports about multiple rabbits attacking people. Meanwhile, the police also finds the wife who adopted the first rabbit, severely injured and in shock from watching her husband die in front of her. We then find out the fate of their actual daughter - they indulged her constantly until she became a shoplifter and a drug addict, eventually dying from the latter habit.
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  • A supermodel seeking a shortcut to weight loss is offered a "diet pill" by a glamorous fellow model... which then causes her to gorge endlessly on more food. Eventually she sheds her own human skin and is transformed into an eerie humanoid insect right in the middle of the Uncanny Valley! It's made especially effective by being in direct contrast to one of the heartwarming stories of the manga!

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