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     In the Game 
  • The Music OF COURSE.
  • The Band evolutions are considered this.
  • As well as some of the Bromide cards.
  • The same day that the anime revealed that Shuuzo and Rom were in Amatelast together, the band itself was announced for the game! We finally got to see what the group dynamic was like in that band.

     In the Anime 
  • Myumons are capable of fighting monsters by using their own musical talents!!!
  • Our main heroine: Cyan.
  • Some of Rom's speeches can be considered this.
  • The Battle of the Bands.
  • Episode 1 shows that Trichronica aren't just a band of pretty boys...
  • Also from episode 1 has Cyan defeating the Dark Monster using Strawberry Heart.
  • Episode 2 has the introduction of Shingan Crimsonz.
  • Episode 5 begins with Tsurezure preparing to fight a Dark Monster.
  • In episode 6, though it is mostly for laughs, it involves Crow, Yaiba and Rom sending their broken down van rocketing off a cliff at high speeds.
  • Episode 7 had Shingan Crimsonz defeating a Dark Monster as well.
    • Extra Points for Rom for taking it on without a legendary instrument but instead with only his BARE HANDS and BRUTE STRENGTH.
  • Episode 11 shows that Daru Dayu is also this.
  • In episode 12 has mainly Angelica and Maple infiltrating Unicorn Virtual Music's tower to rescue Grateful King.
  • Actually, all of episode 12 ENTIRELY!
  • Did I mention the MUSIC?
  • The Season Two premiere shows Ninjinriot in action.
  • Episode 2 of #, Cyan's back!!!
  • The credits of the final episode have Human!Cyan singing out the show, apparently practising on her guitar for the show she was having so much trouble finding a song for. The awesome is two-fold.
    • Firstly, inexplicably, all the characters in MIDI-City are watching the performance.
    • She's literally practising on her guitar, in that the guitar she's using is Strawberry Heart!note