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Awesome / Sengoku Otome

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  • The Shingen/Kenshin battle at the start of Episode 4. On one hand: Uesugi Kenshin, with a long-ass spear, a Martial Arts Headband, and ball lightning. On the other hand: Takeda Shingen, with tornadoes, dragons made of fire, and the goddamn war fan. Five hundred and seventy-eight battles, five hundred and seventy-eight draws.
  • Episode 9, being the first real battle episode of the series. It has Nobunaga overcome being paralyzed by gas. She just kinda shrugs it off. Mitsuhide outsmarts her opponents with their own traps for an awesome comeback.
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  • On a meta level, Episode 10 is a Moment of Awesome by virtue of taking the line "The enemy is in Honnouji" and making it a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Episode 12. Shingen and Kenshin working together? Yoshimoto stop cuckoolanding? Motonari-Motochika-Sorin showing themselves competent? Oda Nobunaga forcing Ieyasu down through seven floors with nothing but fighting will, sheer unchallenged badass, and a BFS? Cloud Strife, eat your heart out!


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