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Awesome / School Rumble

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  • Karen beating Lala at the Kibasen with a Frankensteiner.
  • Tenma's superb skiing impressing her friends.
  • Harima beating the English exchange students in Kyoto.
  • Hanai beating Harima in a duel during the survival games.
  • Harima races downhill at high speed, in the snow, on a giant curry bowl
  • Nakamura's performance in the survival game.
  • Harima jumping out of a plane to save Tenma.
  • Harima and Eri team up at the Kibasen event.
  • Basically any duel between Harima and Hanai is awesome in SOME way.
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  • The Final fight Harima Vs Karasuma. It has to be SEEN in order to be believed. Both men are fighting their hearts out about Tenma and her happiness. Karasuma ACTUALLY CONFESSES his love to Tenma, but sadly notes that he only wants her happiness above everything and tells Harima to go to her as he's the one who can make her happy. This is one of the rare moments where Karasuma drops his stoic, indifferent demeanor and shows his anger, sadness, and hopeless in fighting against his illness.
  • Yakumo standing up to the Editor-in-Chief on Harima's behalf.
    Yakumo: Do you enjoy terrifying new artists, or is it part of your job.
    • And he's thoroughly impressed with her for doing it, even as his employees all have Oh, Crap! faces.


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