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Fridge / School Rumble

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The ending montage from the first OVA as explained by a certain Youtube user.
    Tenma: - guy that r in love with her
    Eri: - guy that r not interested on her
    Mikoto: - guy that will be perfec for her from left to right (excep harima)
    Akira: - guy with epics body for her

Fridge Horror

  • Needless to say, Mikoto and Imadori swimming back to shore from the island was risky. In the English dub Imadori suggests he didn't want to try that at first because he was "allergic to shark bites". They end up making the return swim at dusk...a time that the danger of being attacked by sharks in the ocean is more likely. Lucky for them, there didn't seem to be any sharks around, but if there had been ... >shiver<

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