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Awesome / Little Witch Academia

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  • For moments specific to the TV Series, see this page.

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  • The Shiny Rod. A mysterious, powerful artifact with the ability to transform into various weapons.
  • Akko's determination. Doesn't matter if she's up against a dragon, a sentient broom, or putting on a parade. She will never give up.
  • Diana Cavendish. A young witch from a prestigious family who can pull off magical spells deem incredibly advanced. No wonder she's The Ace of Luna Nova.

  • A meta one found in a different anime: The announcement of Little Witch Academia getting a television series was pretty much announced by Trigger-chan herself!
  • Sometimes fans know no limitations. It took only until episode 2's airing day that the Image Board /a/ decided to decipher the runes used in the show, enough for Tattsun himself to comment on it! And what's more— they ended up subbing the whole episode in the runes once they could figure it out.

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