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Anime (2001 series)

  • When 004 battles a robot replica of himself, they fight so intensely that the difference can't be seen between the two — but when the robot knocks down an innocent bird's nest in one of its attempts on 004's life, 004 catches the nest and shields both mother bird and babies with his own body, proving that he is a human and not a machine. Also a Heartwarming Moment (the manga equivalent is a little more bittersweet).
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  • 003 gets hers when she almost single-handedly hijacks a plane to stop some mafia groups from releasing a deadly virus in Cairo. Defeating several guards without spilling a single drop of blood and disarming the bomb on her own, without any guidance from Gilmore? Awesome.
  • GB aka 007 gets a massive one when he uses his powers grow MANY times his size to protect himself, 006 and 009 from a stampede of cybernatically-enhanced animals. It's both awesome and hilarious thanks to him going Large Ham and Boisterous Bruiser, too.
    • In that same episode, to attack another group of enhanced animals, 004 leaps into the air... and uses both of his leg cannons at the same time.
  • In the 2001 anime episode "Frozen Time", despite him nearly Going Mad From The Isolation because of his predicament, 009 makes use of it to single-handedly prevent a truck's explosion near Chang's restaurant from killing bystanders, including a little girl 007 attempted to save. This also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.



  • 004's battle with the robot replica is a bit darker in the original manga story "The Bizarre Machine", with the fake 004 brutally crushing the nest of baby birds beneath his foot, then murdering their mother. But in the end, the real 004 manages to get the upper hand over his replica due to that distraction, and shoots it full of bullets, remarking that his lingering humanity and "weakness" is what proved him to be stronger than the robot.



  • For years, after its airing on Toonami, it was believed that the show would never get a complete DVD release. The few DV Ds that were available only had a few episodes, and the last five episodes never aired on TV. Like Sailor Moon before it, many believed this show would be trapped in licensing limbo. Then, a miracle happened: At Otakon 2017, Discotek Media announced that they licensed it and were planning on releasing the entire series, missing five episodes included, on DVD and Blu-Ray. Not only that, Anime News Network founder Justin Sevakis did everything he could to remaster what footage he could find of the dub and various others and make it look as good as possible, since the original master tapes for the dub were in poor condition. The series would be officially released on June 25th, 2019, and needless to say, many rejoiced.

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