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    Season One 

Episode 2: The Search for the Phantom Space Ramen, Baby

  • Scarlet kicking some major ass. The great animation and choreography really helps.

Episode 3: Occasionally Even the Deceiver is Deceived, Baby

  • Dandy's use of expired space food to defeat the Deathgerian.
    Dandy: Want more? [escape pod mecha shoves plate of expired space food into Deathgerian's mouth] Dig in.

Episode 4: Sometimes You Can't Live With Dying, Baby

  • Dandy managing to last until the commercial break halfway into the episode without being bitten by a zombie. He can move!!

Episode 5: A Merry Companion is a Wagon in Space, Baby

  • Most victims of a Gentooan's body swap technique are too disoriented to do anything in their strange new state. Dandy gets his bearings in mere seconds, incapacitates Adelie with his plush toy rump, and proceeds to squawk/sing about Boobies for several minutes.
  • Dandy rescues Adelie from some rough alien hunters...while in the body of a penguin plushie.

Episode 6: The War of the Undies and Vests, Baby

  • Dandy proves that those surfboards in his room aren't just for show by surfing off of an exploding planet.
  • Meow showing that he's more than just a Non-Action Guy and actually holds a pretty strong fight against Dandy.

Episode 7: A Race in Space Is Dangerous, Baby

  • Dandy and Prince going so fast that they SLICE AN EFFING MOON IN HALF!
  • Dandy goes so fast that he falls out of TIME itself!
  • The Hawaii Yankee returns, and proceeds to kick the asses of the other racers.

Episode 8: The Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby.

  • Dandy builds a rocket coffin for their late friend Laika. When asked how he knows how to do this, he replies, "I don't." Dandy essential pulled a Beyond the Impossible by making a rocket out of junk, with no knowledge how to do so and makes one good enough to work. All for the sake of a dog he knew for a day.

Episode 10: There's Always Tomorrow, Baby

  • Meow's dad turning the page on a calendar. ...It's a lot cooler than it sounds.

Episode 11: I'm Never Remembering You, Baby

  • Dandy and his crew successfully stealing a library book from one of the Gogol Empire's most secure installations.
  • The Aloha Beam.
  • When Dr. Gel is out of commission, Bea takes control of the fleet... and actually manages to confront Dandy.

Episode 13: Even Vacuum Cleaners Fall in Love, Baby

  • Considering the episode revolves around QT, it's no surprise the little vacuum cleaner gets a moment. After attempting to convince the pilot of a giant scrap metal monstrosity bent on destroying all organic life to stand down, or at least cough up his crush's true love, QT gets heavily damaged, and it seems like it's curtains for the poor heartbroken robot. But meanwhile, one of Dr. Gel and Bea's experiments goes haywire. A stray shot heads directly for QT. It fully repairs the damage, as well as physically enlarges him to a more even matchup against the garbage giant. What follows is QT doing what comes naturally: Taking out the trash.

    Season Two 

Episode 14: I Can't Be the Only One, Baby

Episode 15: There's Music in Darkness, Baby

  • Dandy displays that he draws a particular line in the sand when it comes to treating his friends like crap.
  • Dandy surfing. On a stream of water in a planet's atmosphere. That's guaranteed to de-age him if he makes the slightest mistake - he doesn't. Then, when Ukulele Man tries to pry his past self out of the time stream, Dandy jumps on, runs up to him, and punches him so hard that he explodes and lands perfectly to boot.

Episode 16: Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Baby

  • Dandy's cunning escape from Planet Pushy Boyfriend.
  • Meow, of all people, actually risking his life to save Carpaccio from being burnt by the oncoming solar inferno using a makeshift door as a shield.

Episode 17: The New Transfer Student Is Dandy, Baby

  • Dandy and Freckles revealing that they have awesome dance moves and really good singing voices, inspiring everyone who had previously been at the Bottom of the social ladder to stand up for themselves, & inspiring the Alpha Bitch to abolish the Social Heirarchy.
  • QT and Meow defending the nerds from Isaac the jock. In song, no less.

Episode 18: The Big Fish is Huge, Baby

  • That mile wide human/alien/robot chain to catch the moon-nagi.

Episode 19: Gallant Space Gentleman, Baby

  • Honey decking Dr. Gel, and giving his giant alien ass a wicked body-slam. Then she used his teleporter to return to her bike, effectively rescuing herself.

Episode 23: Lovers Are Trendy, Baby

  • Dandy actually managing to register some rare aliens while on his dates with Scarlet. One of which was worth 5000 woolong.
  • Dandy kissing Scarlet in front of Dolph just as he was about to kill them via Humongous Mecha. Dolph flies off in an Villainous Breakdown and is promptly arrested and placed with a ten thousand parsec restraining order from Scarlet.
    • Before that, it looks like Dolph is about to kidnap Scarlet, so Dandy runs up and punches him with all he's got.

Episode 24: An Inter-Dimensional Tale, Baby

  • Dr. Gel, Bea, and the crew of the Carnegie Lemon managing to fight their way through entire fleets of Paul's 2D fighters and (with a little help from Dandy on the outside) destroying the 2D warp drive and inadvertently saving the day, if not themselves.
  • Paul has barricaded himself into his 2D world by having it fold, making a direct overhead assault of his fortress seemingly unfeasible as invading parties would end up absorbed into it and have to take the long way through all his defenses to get to him. Honey comes up with the brilliantly insane idea of piercing through the layers to get to him, showing up Catherine, a fourth-dimensional being whose vast intellect and Bizarre Alien Senses couldn't think of anything better. That's a pretty neat moment in itself, but Dandy's way of enacting it by using a giant pair of scissors attached to the Aloha-Oe to cut through the folds vastly overshadows it. The cuts he makes with them are so devastating that they wreck several regions of the invading universe each time they're made.

Episode 26: Never-Ending Dandy, Baby

  • Dandy's pretty good at piloting the Aloha-Oe and the Little Aloha. Possibly due to being part-Cloudian, Honey proves to be much much better.
    • The Hawaii Yankee using the remains of the Aloha-Oe as a massive surfboard to blast through the Gogol Empire Headquarters.
  • A.L.E. vs. the C.O.R.E. Bonus points to the latter, as it was pretty much a joke during their first battle, but manages to put up such a harrowing fight that A.L.E. is made inoperable shortly after.
  • Johnny fighting his way through all of Admiral Perry's security to confront the man himself.
  • A mortally wounded Dr. Gel briefly overcoming his injuries to crush the traitorous Bea.
  • Scarlet singlehandedly beating up the Gogol Empire soldiers that were guarding Dandy.
  • Admiral Perry completely averting The Man Behind the Curtain trope as he proves every bit as dangerous and wicked as promised.
  • Dandy piloting the Carnegie Lemon (now attached to the rest of the Statue of Liberty) into the pyonium maelstrom created by the Super Hulkider. The device releases two enormous leviathans of pure energy that destroy most of the fighting armies and attempt to consume Dandy. All seems lost until some quick thinking on Scarlet's part has Dandy catch a glimpse of Honey's booty. His resulting Heroic Second Wind is so powerful that it causes the Carnegie Lemon to disrobe (her dress becomes a Badass Cape) and remove all of its bondage gear, before whipping out a humongous Laser Blade to slice through the storm's innards. Then, it ejects Dandy right at the Super Hulkider, which he then proceeds to punch so hard and fast that it completely totals the thing. It's an act so audacious and awesome that it wins him an audience with The Narrator, aka God.
  • Dandy refusing godhood and using his talisman to restart the universe to undo all the destruction and death that took place in the show, giving everyone a second chance.


  • Despite the criticism of the lack of continuity and overall comedic nature, there's no denying that Space Dandy is nonetheless a return-to-force creation by Shinichiro Watanabe and Studio Bones. The animation, as expected, is top notch and the techno hiphop music fits the Zeerust nature perfectly. And then there's the fact that it's one of the few, if only, new shows Toonami gets to air (let alone the first in the world) since their 2012 reboot. To quote a drunken robot, "We're Back, Baby!"


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