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  • To begin, Shunji's Heroic Sacrifice became the first time ANY dragon baby got killed in the story, and possibly the history of Earth.
  • Shiina attempting to rescue Akira from Amapola. She rides on Hoshimaru's back, high over a mountain range... then jumps off with a broken plane strut in hand in an attempt to beat the dragon up herself.
  • Norio. That's all.
    • His Big Damn Heroes when saving Shiina from Amapola counts as one, even though it's not fully successful.
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    • Finally, managing to remain very focused on protecting Tsurumaru, Shiina AND disabling/destroying fighter bombers... WHILE being horribly raped and mutilated by a gang of thugs and remaining silent is... impressive, to say the least.
    • Takeo in the aftermath, tracking down and killing two of the thugs who killed Norio. More specifically, he beats the one who mutilated Norio to death and then leaves his body to rot in space.
  • Shiina slapping Satomi once she gets into Banda Academy.


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