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Awesome / If Its for My Daughter, Id Even Defeat a Demon Lord

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  • Episode 04: A Jerkass priestess teaching at Latina's new school suddenly attacks her, simply for being a demon, and tried to preach to the other students about how evil they all are, accusing the poor girl of infiltrating Kreuz for some nefarious plot. What do the kids in class do instead of taking the words of their Sadist Teacher at face value? They openly defy her, starting with Chloe throwing a book at her in retaliation for the priestess's unwarranted assault on Latina, Rudolph, Marcel, and Anthony purposely knocking their desk on the ground, followed by Sylvia daring the priestess to excommunicate her from the temple. When the priestess tries to counter that being excommunicated will affect her whole family, Sylvia believes her father, who is captain of the guard, would praise her for standing up against a teacher who called one of her student a monster. Immediately after that, Sylvia firmly slams her textbook on her desk, with the other students following her example, causing the priestess to have a breakdown. This is not just awesome for the kids for standing up to the unjust propaganda of a deranged priestess, but also heart warming for those in class defending a friend and classmate who did nothing wrong.
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  • Dale comes to the temple himself, having heard of about the incident with the priestess who traumatized Latina enough to rip off her last horn, and gathered more info on her (particularly where she caused a town to lose tourism due to her racist views and how she got away with it when she got transferred to Kreuz). The head priestess tries to explain that demons killed the parents of the priestess in charge of Latina's class, due to a conflict in her village, but Dale makes it clear that he doesn't give a damn about someone who calls an innocent girl an abomination, monster, and so on, especially when their Fantastic Racism extends to other non-human races, such as Elves. Using his high standing as an adventurer and priest of Ahmar, he forces the head priestess of the temple to remove the teacher from her post and have her banished from all other temples as punishment for her actions.


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