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Golden Kamuy features a World of Badass where elite soldiers, hunters from the mountain, and samurais violently fight each other and some bears in order to take a treasure, it is only natural that awesome scenes are omnipresent.

  • The first few page of Golden Kamuy show the battle of Hill 203 during the Russo-Japanese War. One anonymous Japanese soldier charges with his unit in front of machineguns and a bullet to the throat seems to put him down along with the whole unit. But no, that soldier stands up and rushes through the hailfire to mow down the Russians, impaling two with his rifle and punching down the rest with a raging face. Sugimoto Saichi "The Immortal" my good sir. While it is horrifying, that scene is still one awesome introduction to the story.
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  • Sugimoto and Asirpa cooperating to take down a man-eating brown bear. Highlights of the fight being Sugimoto actually punching a bear in the face, Retar pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment as the bear attacks Asirpa and Sugimoto using the bear's own weight to impale it on his bayonet.
  • Sugimoto vs. Ogata is full of awesome. Even unarmed against Sugimoto and his rifle, he manages to close in, steal Sugimoto's bayonet and then disable Sugimoto's rifle, forcing Sugimoto into a disadvanteous fistfight. Even then Sugimoto manages to break Ogata's right arm. Then Ogata pulls his fingers into Sugimoto's eyes to calmly retreat.
  • Before Shiraishi's status as Butt-Monkey is cemented, his easy escape from Sugimoto's ties is really impressive. He pulls out a hidden razor blade from his mouth and cuts the rope, getting away scot-free.
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  • When three Mooks encounter a brown bear, do you expect them to flee in terror or be utterly owned by it? Not this time. While one dies pretty quickly, the remaining two finish off the bear, even though it's at the cost of their own lives. The fact that one of them got his face torn off yet continues to fight on is a testament of how dangerous the 7th Division is.
  • Sugimoto's escape really emphasizes how he, Asirpa and Shiraishi working together holds great potential for beating everyone else at the hunt for the stash of gold. While Sugimoto kills one of the Nikaidou twins, and successfully manages to get out of the 7th Division's headquarters, Asirpa stops Tsurumi from pursuing him in one arrow shot while Shiraishi infiltrates the building to look for the skin Tsurumi has in his possession. They victory would have been utterly complete if Tsurumi wasn't simply crazy enough to wear the map on himself.
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  • Nihei's introduction: he kills a brown bear in one shot. This is a species which needed the cooperation of two people or more to take down but Nihei has killed more than 200 of them solo.
  • The "duel" between Retar and Nihei. With his one-shot rifle, Nihei tries to aim for Retar but the wolf keep zigzaging to throw of his accuracy, forcing Nihei to let it bite his left arm to shoot with the right. It is at this moment that Retar's mate intervenes from behind and bites Nihei's throat, delivering the best death Nihei could hope for and reminding everyone that underestimating Mother Nature in Hokkaido leads to death.
  • One flashback depicts Tsurumi during the war, who practically manages to takes down a bunker full of Russians by himself. Sadly he had to toss the corpse of a subordinate holding a live grenade in order to do it.
  • In Chapter 42 begins the Sniper Duel between the duo Ogata/Kouhei and Tanigaki. While Tanigaki begins with multiple horrible handicaps such as a wounded leg, no gun and being stuck in a house whereas all entrances are watched, he manages to slowly get the upper hand and retrieves Nihei's Murata rifle. His superior knowledge about the mountains and hunting enables him to defeat Ogata in one shot. Too bad Ogata didn't die from it.
  • The brief clash between Sugimoto and Ushiyama. Both being Judo masters, Sugimoto matches Ushiyama's strength with ferocity. Although Ushiyama is drunk, he counters a shoulder throw by stepping on a nearby wall, then an arm lock by flailing Sugimoto into the ceiling and the floor. Too bad, the fight is interrupted when Sugimoto falls through the floor.
  • The Barato arc really demonstrates how awesome Hijikata and Nakagura are despite their old age. They swiftly show their skill by offing many gangsters with swords, Hijikata using military tactics to take a rival gang from behind while Nakagura faces down five armed men and cuts through them as if they were made of butter.
  • Kiroranke participating to a horse race during which all the other competitors had a huge headstart over him, and his horse was force-fed water in order to weight it down. By instinctively using a modern horse riding technique, he still outpaces everyone and wins the race.
  • Threatening Asirpa in front of Sugimoto? Bad idea.
    Yakuza-pretending-to-be-Ainu: All I have to do is shout, and one of my friends outside will slit that girl's throat!
    (Sugimoto rams his "long-eared monster" stick inside the Yakuza's mouth and snaps his neck so fast, so brutally, his head is turned 90 degrees right, AND 180 degrees back before his dead hand can release the knife he was holding)
    Sugimoto: Go on, then! Try and fucking shout!
    • Sugimoto, Ogata and Ushiyama then go on a rampage and decimate the whole band of criminal. Sugimoto is responsible for the majority of the casualties, as Ogata notes with nervousness.
  • Ushiyama versus a bear: although the fight ends quickly, it's made of 100% Awesome. When the bear tries to maul Ushiyama with both its forepaws, the judoka blocks them with his arm before performing a freaking judo throw on it. The bear, intimidated by Ushiyama's killing intent, prefers to run. Granted the bear was certainly weakened after months of abuse, but it's still a man curb stomping a bear.
    Ushiyama: Go on then, and tell the other bears... the legend of Ushiyama the Undefeated.
  • Kiichirou's line as he, uh, impales a bear with his sword is as awesome as the action itself:
  • The 7th Division finally gets to show what they're capable of during the Abashiri Prison arc. Keeping tabs on Sugimoto's imminent meeting with Noppera-Bou, Tsurumi decides to really bring the big guns against the prison and its staff, as Abashiri has been transformed into a fortress by Inudou. The assault is a series of Out-Gambitted and Curb-Stomp Battle moments where the 7th Division rolls over the prison.
    • Seeing numerous lights on the other side of the river surrounding Abashiri prison, Inudou decides to blow up the only brigde leading to the prison. However, he's severely underestimated Tsurumi's influence and ability as an intelligence officer. The lights are a decoy, and Tsurumi deploys several destroyers thanks to an ally in the Navy to avoid the entrance, where he knows most of the guns are stored. He ships blow up a hole in the wall and allow the troops to pour into the prison.
    • The battle in the prison grounds is a short and bloody massacre, as the prison staff is against hardened veterans. Momentarily pinned down by a Russian Maxim machine gun (likely a trophy from the Russo-Japanese War), Sergeant Tsukishima simply tosses a grenade to kill the gun crew.
    • When Tsurumi and around 60 of his men go inside the prison barracks, head jailer Kadokura releases with a switch the entirety of the 700 prisoners... whom Tsurumi and co. massacre in short order, not even being outnumbered more than 10 to 1, which shows that a horde of unruly prisoners won't break the 7th Division.
  • Everything about the stenka.
    • Sugimoto, Tanigaki, Tsukishima and Koito discover the Russian tradition of stenka. Basically teams of four men make a "wall" and beat each other until a side is down. Despite being Japanese and looked down because of their shorter stature, all of them are hardened soldiers. We get to see Koito landing a mean hook into a man's jaw, Sugimoto delivering a beatdown, Tanigaki tanking a punch in the face and retaliating with a good punch and Tsukishima using his small size to avoid punches and deliver violent body shots. Even the Russians are impressed.
    • The second night, Gansoku Maiharu reveals himself and we discover that he's a muscled Blood Knight who could stand up to Ishiyama. And we're also shown why! One of his punches make Sugimoto trip several paces behind, three of Sugimoto's group ganging up on him do nothing and he sweeps them away with a spin!
    • Then Sugimoto goes berserk, and he becomes so savage he channels his inner Kenshiro and punches the whole crowd, becoming an unstoppable juggernaut until he's dropped into icy water.
  • Youichirou "The Manslayer" is presented as a former hitman who like Hijikata, survived into the Meiji Era. Although he is now well into his 90s and is senile, his skills are still there, as he quickly dispatch two vengeful thugs with an axe and kills four more with a stolen katana. Each of them only require a quick lethal slash. That's all this old bastard needs.
  • Tsurumi gets one of a different kind of awesome with his magnificent use of the Chekhov's Skill as an Invoked Trope, as part of his plan to save Tsukishima life from death row. Tsurumi (headed to Russia to act as an intelligence officer) stated that his trusted subordinate and talented interpreter Tsukishima's high skill and fluency in Russian made him vital for the country, so he was taking Tsukishima out of death row to go with him. Tsukishima knew not a word of Russian, and was told to learn it right away.
    Tsurumi: Tsukishima... you're fluent in Russian, right?
    Tsukishima: Huh? No sir... I can't speak Russian at all...
    Tsurumi: Soon there will a war between Japan and Russia. Yet we don't have nearly enough Russian interpreters. A man with your level of ability in Russian will surely be treated with compassion. After all, our country's very existence is on the line. (...) I'll be headed to Russia as an intelligence officer. You're my trusted subordinate and a talented interpreter, so I'll be taking you along.
    Tsukishima: Sir, I can't speak a word of Russian! And I'm on death row!
  • Sugimoto takes part in a circus' fake seppuku show as a way to attract atention in an effort to find Asirpa, using a trick sword that allows him to fake drawing blood from his arms, legs and belly. A real sword is substituted for the trick one. He doesn't notice until the first cut. He follows through the whole routine cutting into his arms and legs, because stopping the trick (and losing the audience's interest) would hinder his chances to find Asirpa, and is stopped from opening his own belly only when a real fight starts.
    Sugimoto: Just so long as I don't damage my intestines...
  • In Karafuto begins a Sniper Duel between Ogata and a Russian soldier named Vasili. Each other see early that they are both hardened veterans so what does Ogata do? Choose a completely sloppy sniping position and stay immobile for one hour to lure Vasili into thinking Ogata is in another less obvious hiding place. As soon as Vasili fires on the bait, Ogata shoots him in the jaw, completely outsmarting his opponent.

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