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  • Sakuya gets hers towards the end. When Yugi locks Tenchi in a Lotus-Eater Machine with Sakuya (her "shadow") as a bait, she ultimately chooses to sacrifice the last bits of her existence and willpower to snap Tenchi out of the illusion, give him a Rousing Speech and send him back to reality so he can reunite with the girls and defeat Yugi.
    • And believe it or not — Mihoshi gets one of these, which is followed by Kiyone getting hers. She and Kiyone are fighting Tsugaru, so Kiyone gives Mihoshi a very dangerous anti-matter weapon and then poses as a decoy, hoping to distract Tsugaru enough to have Mihoshi shoot him. Tsugaru then attack Kiyone at full strength... and Mihoshi, instead of sacrificing Kiyone, shields her with her own body and collapses, seriously wounded. This gives Kiyone the Heroic Resolve needed to take the anti.-matter weapon and blast Tsugaru into oblivion.
  • Tenchi in the first movie, Tenchi Muyo In Love, "I won't let you touch my mom!"
    • Also in the first movie, Achika shows off a bit of badass-ery confronting Kain in the Tokyo Tower. However, she ramps it up into Took A Level In Bad Ass after being sucked into the alternate dimension. When she finds out Kain beat the living hell out of Noboyuki, Achika snaps and taps into her latent Juraian power the same one that would kill her years later, telling Kain just one thing:
    Achika: I have had enough! I will not allow this! I will pay you back! (Transforms) Because forgiveness... for one like you... could never be an option.
  • Nagi from the Tenchi Universe. She may have only been around for one season, but she was a total badass bounty hunter.
  • Pink Robo Ryo-Oki from Tenchi in Tokyo. Also counts a Funny Moment for being pink.
  • From the first episode of Universe, Katsuhito totaling a mecha with one hit using just a wooden katana.

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