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  • The end of chapter 12: Immediately after a flashback showing Hinako's sexual abuse by her step father and resulting pregnancies, which is occurring while a random molester is about to rape Hinako again, Daisuke comes to the rescue and attacks the attempted rapist with a two-by-four.
  • In chapter 16, Clingy Jealous Girl Kazuki attempts to convince Hinako that Daisuke was trying to rape her. Despite Hinako walking into the room with the two of them alone and Kazuki's shirt being undone, Hinako immediately sees right through it and calls Kazuki a liar, because "Suwa-kun would never do that."
    • The above moment is also heartbreaking because it also comes from Hinako's own experience with rape: while abuse can trigger MANY possible reactions, it'd be far more likely for a victim to be too traumatized to throw a tantrum like that.
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  • While Hinako's mom cannot make up to her for ignoring her stepdad's abuse, when the truth finally sinks in and Mrs. Aikawa can't deny it anymore... her reaction is going Mama Bear and chasing her abusive husband out of the household with a knife.

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