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Episode 2

  • The sequence where Daichi's mecha is assembled.
  • Salty Dog tries to control Daichi, Teppei and Hana by confiscating the Livlasters and forcing Lead Gears onto their heads. Daichi pushes past he Gears' restriction range, summons his Livlaster into his hand, and blows the Gears' broadcast antenna up from several dozen yards away.

Episode 3

  • The first time Teppei gets into his Machine Goodfellow and becomes Albion to help Daichi in battle. He delivers a very short Curbstomp Battle to Amarok, then reveals himself to Daichi. Bonus points for the awesome music playing during the scene.

Episode 5

  • Eiji pulls off what seems to be a Heroic Sacrifice by letting himself get captured by the Ark faction goons. Teppei later finds out that as soon as they hit planetside, Eiji escaped.

Episode 7

  • Despite his doubts he would stay the same afterwards, Teppei evens out the odds when Daichi is outnumbered while fighting both Amarok and Malkin and goes to become Albion again. Not only does he make it absolutely clear on which side he's on, he also uses the opportunity to both save Daichi and destroy his own Egoblock, rendering Albion basically dead. And of course, the Awesome Music
from episode 3 plays again.


Episode 8

  • The first fight for Earth Engine Ordinary as it goes against Zin's Machine Goodfellow.

Episode 9

  • Daichi firing his Livlaster out of Ordinary's cockpit at Aiatar's Machine Goodfellow. He manages to break her shield to knock her head off.
  • Akari's crazy gambit to stop the Kill-T-Gang. Turn all the impactors towards Earth and have them launch their nukes should they not release Akari. It would eliminate humanity and force the Kill-T-Gang back into hibernation. It works.


Episode 10

  • Lin attempts to pull a gun on Daichi, only to have it roundhouse kicked out of her hands by her target.
  • Daichi getting the drop on Lin when she chases him into a nearby forest.
  • Despite being at a severe disadvantage when fighting in the water, Daichi manages to get the Earth Engine Ordinary to catch and straddle Lin's Machine Goodfellow. Once atop it, he almost manages to rip its head off. If he had been just a little bit faster in doing so, the episode's running time would've been cut in half.
  • The debut of the Nebula Engine

Episode 12

  • Whenever Baku fights since he's doing so as a normal human and his innate Singularity isn't actually combat oriented. To be precise, it's a Healing Factor that he never has to use because he doesn't allow himself to get hit.

Episode 14

  • Hana revealing just how powerful Blume is on its own.

Episode 15

  • Hana revealing just how powerful she is on her own.
    • To emphasize how powerful the Blossom is, Daichi's Livlaster can curve his shots to a degree while Teppei's can create shields. Hana's creates enormous beams of energy that home in on enemies no matter where they are or how fast they're going.

Episode 16

  • Hana hits the Trifecta, showing off the strength of the Flare Engine.

Episode 17

  • Daichi and Teppei working together to defeat the hacked Cerberus Impacters and Hana hacking the Kiltgang's bodies to make paralyze them, leaving them open to attack.

Episode 18

  • Earth Engine Ordinary vs. an Army of Salty Dog Tanks.

Episode 19

  • The battle with the Sarama Engine, which ends with Hana using the Blume to blast it to pieces.

Episode 21

  • Teppei using his swords to defend the station against a seemingly endless barrage of space debris.
  • The Boosted Plasmagnum.

Episode 22

  • Daichi and the Earth Engine defeating a Cerberus unit by themselves.

Episode 23

  • Daichi breaking out of the Lotus-Eater Machine in time to blast him and the Blume through the Garm Engine in spectacular fashion.

Episode 24

  • Teppei using DC with the Boosted Plasmagnum Nebula Engine to rescue Daichi from Bugbear by taking him out with a single shot.
  • Puck taking over the Auberon, humiliating the Kiltgang, and showcasing his new powers by turning Lin and Zin's Ego Blocks into bombs.
  • Daichi entering into a massive Beam-O-War with Puck.

Episode 25

  • The Rise of the Robin Goodfellow.
  • The Earth Engine unleashing all its weaponry to shatter the Robin Goodfellow's arm so it can infiltrate the giant Kiltgang through the opening.
  • Daichi maneuvering through the Robin Goodfellow's Beam Spam defenses and using each component of the Earth Engine as an Action Bomb so he can get to Puck's Ego Block with the Earth Engine Ordinary.
  • Daichi pulling a Shut Up, Hannibal! on Puck by giving Hana's body a "Shut Up" Kiss and giving her back control of it in the process.
  • Puck claims that even if they destroy his Ego Block, the Robin Goodfellow will still crash into Earth and render it uninhabitable. Hana's response? Blow the both of them up.

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