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Examples listed below are from the English dub.

Season 1

  • In the first episode, Yuna gets some.
    • First, she demonstrates her karate ability by demonstrating a Roundhouse Kick on Kenny by kicking off his hat with only one swift motion.
    • When Penny insults her about her father, Yuna shows an angry look on her face, picks up a piece of bamboo, snaps it, and then hands it to Penny, begging not to get hurt. Turns out that it was just a piece of sugarcane, meaning she might have not taken offense.
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    • Her first battle with Stitch. That's right, a ten-year-old girl fighting a Destructive Alien that can grow four arms and can lift up 3000 times his own weight, and she holds her own, managing to throw him around the place while getting thrown down only twice. Not bad.
  • Stitch throwing out the Yokai who stole Kijimunaa's tree in Episode 3.
  • Yuna attempting to get Sparky for hurting Stitch in Episode 5.
  • Stitch's "Baby" saving Yuna and Stitch when they are almost thrown off of a cliff.
  • Warracchi pulling off his biggest prank to make up for Stitch: he makes snow fall on the island for the first time.
  • Taro showing his true Hidden Badass by breaking the tile, passing the tournament in Episode 16.
  • Damachi. The Feebemas only liked him when he showed what he really was: A Meteor.
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  • Stitch taking down E-Rex with the help of the other Yokai.
  • The Season 1 Finale. Hämsterviel reveals his powers taken from the Spiritual Stone and throwing Stitch around without a hitch.
    • Everyone pitching in to help Stitch take down Hämsterviel in the Season 1 Finale. There's also his battle with him, which ends with an epic line from Stitch.
      • Also, Tonbo's karate flip on Jumba and Officer Suzuki taking on Gantu.
    Stitch: Get off of my island, you Ika Patooka! (Punches Hämsterviel in the face, and he ends up in jail.)

Season 2

  • Season 2. Hämsterviel sends down a bug that messes with Stitch's Good Deed Counter. After finally having enough of the Counter glitching, Stitch throws it off and just decides to help out Kijimunaa when he is sick.
    • Also, from the first episode of Season 2, Jumba and Pleakley taking down Gantu with nothing but a water balloon and mosquitoes.
  • "I am Dracula Jr.!" That line just sells it.
    • Also, Frankenstein and the Werewolf appearing and taking down Penny and her gang, as well as Gantu.
  • Odie, the Fabric Yokai, saving Penny from cutting her dress by throwing thread at her and then hanging her in the air, donning her with a clown suit as well.
  • Yuna vs Audrey in "Stitch vs Captain Khan". Even though it was brief, they both matched each other's strengths.
    • Earlier, Kijimunaa taking on the fake pirates by batting pineapples at them.
  • Penny forcing Checkers off of her head in "Princess Penny".
  • Yuna and Penny's teamwork in "Link-Age".
    • From the same episode, Stitch using the Evil Experiments to help finish the construction of the school playground.
  • Jumba's giant tank that took down Hämsterviel, Gantu and Reuben in "Pteranodon!"
  • Ted saving Penny from the Christmas Tree monster he accidentally made in "We Wishy You A Washy Christmas".
    • Stitch using all the fishing rods to take down the monster too.
  • Stitch in Taro's scaring off Kenny in "Swapped."
  • The lengths Stitch went to in order to get Yuna's dad to come home for Dad's Day.
  • Yuna kicking Gantu away into the air with one kick in "A Recurring Nightmare".
    • Stitch's battle with Leroy in the Dream World. He's much stronger this time!
  • Yuna taking on Stitch in "The Return Of Amnesio".
    • Gantu vs Jumba, in body armor. Epic.
      • Sadly, Jumba won by cheating, and Stitch was the one to take him out.
  • Stitch breaking free from 627 and taking him down to save Angel.
    • Also, 627 saves Stitch and Angel, and Stitch finally accepts him as his cousin.
  • Stitch discovering who stole the painting of the Screaming Hand in "The Blue Panther." note 
  • Stitch managing to expose Pokopon in the disguise as Yuna's father.
  • Hämsterviel tells lies to get everyone's trust. How do the good guys ruin the plan? They come up with their own lie to expose him.
  • Tigerlily stealing Pleakley's scooter and shaking off Stitch in her premiere episode.
    • Stitch quitting Tigerlily, much to her anger.
      • Also, her saving Stitch and Yuna from drowning with Jumba's snatcher claw.
  • Stitch taking on Tigerlily after having enough of her abuse over Yuna.
    Stitch: Let's settle this, here and now!
    • Tigerlily even counters by trash talking him with his own language.
      • And then, Tigerlily takes down Gantu with nothing but her Bamboo Scythe.
  • Frenchfry, Squeak, Houdini, Tickle-Tummy and Pix taking down Hämsterviel, and he called them useless!
  • In "Shrink", Stitch takes on Tigerlily again, and this time, he does it without weapons.
    • Sasha tricking Gantu into chasing her, only to distract him long enough with a toy for Yuna to rescue Jumba and find Shrink and Tigerlily.
      Sasha: Isn't he adorable?
    • Yuna taunting her mean cousin when she accidentally grows all of the people back to normal size.
  • Stitch saving Bonnie and Clyde from falling off of a bridge in "Stitchman Meets Bonnie And Clyde".
    • He also gets even with Tigerlily by revealing her big secret to Yuna.
  • The Alternate Universe Pleakley stopping Alternate Universe Jumba from dissecting the Real Stitch.
    • Also, Alternate Universe Stitch pulling off a Heroic Sacrifice to save the real Stitch and Yuna. note .
      • Alternate Universe Stitch then saves Stitch, Yuna and Wormhole from death by pulling their ship out of oblivion and sending them back home.
  • Yuna's father saving Stitch from death in "Stitch, Going To Tokyo Disneyland."
    • Then there's Yuna and Sasha's Curb-Stomp Battle against Hämstereviel's altered Experiments.
    • Penny, out of all people, exposing Hämsterviel in front of all of Tokyo Disneyland. Even Yuna, Stitch and Sasha are impressed.
    Sasha: I just might consider making you my friend.
  • Stitch scaring Tigerlily with his new lightning powers, enough to make Tiger The Tyrant beg. for. mercy.
    • There's also him stopping Hämsterviel from destroying the island and the Spiritual Stone with the last of his powers.
  • Stitch using garbage monster machines to take down Ploot.
  • Stitch taking Gantu's ship to stop a bomb set off by Experiment 000, Cyber.
  • Kijimunaa gets one, for taking down the Son of Sprout with The Power of Friendship.

Season 3

  • In the first episode, Jumba and Yuna save Stitch by crashing into Hämsterviel's ship to rescue Stitch.
    • Then, earlier on, Yuna calls Jessica out for calling Stitch a freak.
    • Yuna saving Hiroman from being crushed by a tree.
  • In Episode 2, after Jessica says that Yuna's Grandmother's Umbrella is stupid, Yuna proves her wrong by using it as a shield against Sample.
    Hiroman: I like that umbrella, it works for you.
  • Episode 3 has Stitch searching all day for the handmade purse that Yuna gave to Jessica, but discarded.
  • In Episode 4, Hiroman, despite his appearance caused by Dorkifier, scores the goal by getting the opposing Goalie to let his guard down when laughing at him.
  • Yuna scaring her new school and later, Jessica, by telling tales that none of them would believe.
  • Stitch stopping PJ 2.0 from framing him by getting him to be part of a stage act.
  • Delores getting her School Team to win the TV Contest, and winning the affection of her opposing rival.
    • Also, Stitch defeating Spike 2.0 with sticks, in all four of his hands.
  • Stitch's rock throw at Gantu's Ship when he tries to escape.
    • Toriko and Makiko sacrificing themselves as reparation for eating the last chocolate bar. They tell Jessica to run, but this happens.
      Jessica: I never leave a friend behind, and you're my friends!
  • In "Stitch's Birthday", Stitch, Yuna and Pleakley go to warn Jumba of Delia and Hämsterviel's backstabbing by using Nosy to blurt out the truth. Jumba then proceeds to call the two and call off their deal.
    • Before that, Yuna vs Jumba, especially their standoff.
    • Then, Stitch commands his soon-to-be cousins to repair the machine Past Jumba was going to use by experience to help get the energy needed from a planetary collision for making 626, therefore stopping Stitch from fading away in a way similar to Lilo And Stitch And Stitch 2 Stitch Has A Glitch.
  • Delores freeing everyone from Hämsterviel's control through Wishy-Washy.
  • Stitch getting through to Yuna about Flute not being who everyone thought he was, getting her to finally catch on to Flute and free Stitch.
  • Yuna's payback at Jessica for spilling a paint bucket on her head in "Witch."
  • Hämsterviel, (in the disguise of a Gym Teacher Sub), talking some sense into everyone to become part of the Volleyball Team.
  • The Shogun calling out the students for being disrespectful in "Shogun".
    • From the same episode, the Shogun's duel with Kixx.
  • Hiroman, Toriko and Makiko assisting Stitch in taking down the Hämstervieled Elastico.
  • Toriko forgetting about her winning the Beauty Contest and telling Mariko that they'll always be friends.
    • Makiko saving Toriko from Thresher.
  • Stitch against Reuben in "Reuben 2.0".
  • From "A Very Stinky Christmas", Stitch calls Yuna's Grandmother and Father to get them to come over as Yuna's Christmas Wish.
    • Jumba calling out Hämsterviel for releasing Experiments 254 and 255 onto Earth, where their stenches could kill them all.
  • Stitch, in Hiroman's body, grabbing an explosive blast from Splodyhead with his bare hands, and then does a soccer kick to free Hiroman in Stitch's body from Gantu and Reuben in "Swapper 2.0".
    • Then, Hiroman in Stitch's body helps take them down with a Rousing Speech from Stitch that he used earlier.
  • Even though not seen onscreen, Hiroman was able to take down Retro and Shrink without any problems in "Experiment-A-Palooza".
    • Also, Yuna getting through to the Rampaging Stitch just in time to save her from Gantu.
    • Then there's Yuna finally getting Squeak to shut up.
  • Stitch avoiding all of Reuben's tricks to get him off of the ship in "Stitch Ahoy!"
    • Then, Stitch taking down Sinker by jumping onto his large fin.
    • Also, he takes down Slushy by swallowing a large amount of ice into an ice ball and then dominates him with it.
      • Stitch saving the ship from an iceberg, even though they hit it anyway.
      • Gantu taking responsibility as Captain to evacuate everyone as instincts when he was in the Galactic Alliance.
  • Jumba, Pleakley and Yuna chasing away Gantu, Reuben and Morpholemew after Morpholemew impersonated as Lilo in "Lilo".
    Pleakley: How dare you! Toying with our emotions!
    • Then, Jumba taking down Gantu again, this time with his bare hands Macho Style.
  • Tigerlily using her Bamboo Scythe once again to defeat Gantu in "Toddler-Fier", causing her to miss her date.
    Tigerlily: You blew my date!
    • Young Yuna's plan to defeat Gantu and Reuben: Dress up as Stitch and confuse them.
  • Yuna sucking away Remmy 2.0 for making Stitch suffer in "Stitch's Dreams".
  • Yuna breaking free from Hämsterviel's control over her and Checkers by nudging her mouth enough to get free of the rope tied to her head in "King Meega."
  • In "Boss", the strongest clone of Stitch Took a Level in Badass by dispatching Gantu with ease.
    • Also, Stitch calling out Big Stitch on what he was doing.
      Stitch: It's not about bigger and badder, it's about bigger and better!
    • Yuna calling out Big Stitch too for acting tough.
      Yuna: Making little kids cry?! That's not being strong at all!
      Pleakley: In fact, it's WEAK!
      Jessica: Yeah, you're the wimpy one!
    • The Stitches going to take care of Delia once and for all, even if it meant their demise at the hands of Dark End.
  • "Dark End". All of it.
    • Dark End attempts to kill Stitch when he arrives by making a fissure in the ground. Stitch nearly falls in, but Dark End saves him, just because he thought it would be too quick.
    • Everyone's You Shall Not Pass! speech when staying to help Stitch.
    • Every Experiment in the Season coming to help Stitch, evening out the odds.
      Dark End: 25 vs 1? That's what I'm talking about!
    • Hiroman taking on Dark End with soccer balls. FLAMING soccer balls with Splodyhead's help.
    • Toriko and Makiko becoming animals once again and tackling Dark End.
      • After Stitch gets overpowered, everyone comes to his aid. Flashbacks of him with everyone starts to enter Stitch's mind, giving him enough of The Power of Friendship to take down Dark End and Jumba's message to get through to the Galactic Council to arrest Delia.

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