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Obviously, a series about fights between superpowered individuals is going to be overflowing with Awesome Moments.

Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so all spoilers below are unmarked!

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    Entrance Exam Arc (Chapters 1-4, Episodes 1-4) 
  • The video of All Might's debut as a hero. Saving a hundred people and continuing to save more while telling everyone around that now that he's there, everything's going to be fine. It's no wonder Midoriya and so many other children like him look up to All Might.
  • The first fight we see All Might in sees him one shot a supervillain. Not by punching him in the face, punching the air so hard the air wave does it.
  • Midoriya's attempting to save Bakugo from the mud monster despite not having any powers. His bravery inspires All Might to go beyond his own limit and take it out. This was so awesome that All Might took back what he said and offered Midoriya the chance to be a hero.
    • The whole scene shows how much of a hero Midoriya truly is. Midoriya is right off the heels of having All Might tell him he can't be a hero, watching Bakugo being killed by the same sludge monster that almost killed Midoriya, who is proving so tough that professional heroes can't do anything other than wait for All Might, all while Midoriya is having a Heroic BSoD over being responsible for the monster coming back. And yet just before the monster possesses Bakugo, Midoriya rushes to save him and manages to reach Bakugo thanks to his application of his studying of all the heroes. All to the triumphant reveal of "You Say Run". Bad. Ass.
      • For added awesome and Heartwarming, earlier in the day, Bakugo told Midoriya to go kill himself. But in the words of a reviewer, his thought process went as follows: "The limitations don't matter. The disappointments don't matter. This guy's attitude doesn't matter. What matters is that someone needs help and I'm going to give it."
      • The final cherry on top? It utterly destroyed Bakugo's ego. Nobody but All Might cared about what Midoriya did. All everyone else saw was some idiot kid who got in way over his head and nearly got killed. And the heroes have nothing but praise for Bakugo for his demonstration of power and he’s showered with career offers. But it falls completely on deaf ears, and he drives himself to make a fool of himself in front of Midoriya later in an attempt to salvage his dignity. Why? Why would he feel that need when nobody else saw it that way? Because in that moment, Bakugo was given an extremely uncomfortable reality check in what true heroism is all about. He saw, in that exact moment, that that worthless, pathetic, quirk-less fanboy he’s bullied for more than half of his life is already a better hero than he’ll ever be.
      • And just to add a bit of Heartwarming to round it all off, All Might approaches Midoriya, the shy and quirkless young boy who had risked life and limb to save a friend and, in turn, inspired a professional hero to surpass his limitations for the sake of others. Having come to see how genuinely heroic Midoriya was, All Might finally tells him the words he had waited his entire life to hear:
        All Might: Young, too, can become a hero!
  • All Might giving Midoriya One-For-All. In everything he has seen, no doubt All Might has seen countless heroes and heroic individuals. Yet out of all of them, it was the meek Midoriya who proved himself worthy, the only one worthy that he knows to wield One-For-All, showing the strength of character Midoriya has. Only one other person came close to do so, and while he definitely is just as heroic as Midoriya (if not more experienced), the fact remains that All Might saw Midoriya as more worthy over what everyone else said about Mirio.
  • Midoriya shows off his Determinator status by going above and beyond All Might's grueling exercise regimen (All Might had told Midoriya to clear trash from just one section of the beach; he cleared the whole beach). In ten months, he goes from a scrawny kid to having an impressive physique. His perseverance is such that All Might chooses him to be the one who inherits One For All.
  • Midoriya's taking out the rampaging machine in the entrance exams. With a single superpowered punch, he demolishes the Humongous Mecha that was threatening a trapped Ochaco. Though it wasn't worth any "villain" points, it earns him enough "rescue" points to pass the exam. It also impressed Ochaco so much that she asked to have half of her own points transferred to him in gratitude.

    Quirk Apprehension Test Arc (Chapters 5-7, Episode 5) 
  • On their second day, Class A had to perform aptitude tests to determine their viability as students (with the lowest scoring student of all of them being expelled). Midoriya failed every one up to a ball throw test due to wanting to conserve One For All. Noticing that Midoriya's Quirk can destroy his arm, his homeroom teacher gave Midoriya a "The Reason You Suck" Speech involving it. Either Midoriya fails, and is expelled, or he uses his power, breaks his arm, and is shamed because of it. That said, Midoriya decides to Take a Third Option by using One For All at the very last moment, sacrificing only a single finger. The awesomeness is commented on In-Universe by said teacher actually smiling when seeing it (and changing his rules to allow everyone to pass), and All Might (having been spying on all of them) excitedly wondering how Midoriya became so cool.

    Battle Trial Arc (Chapters 8-11, Episodes 6-8) 
  • Midoriya, on the second day of school, is required to undergo a two on two training exercise... at a time when he can't risk using One For All because he might kill someone. Said exercise has Bakugo on the opposing side:
    • In the opening rounds of the battle, Midoriya combines Badass Bookworm with Awesome by Analysis, using everything he knows about Bakugo along with all of the lessons in school that Bakugo never really paid attention to, and he not only evades Bakugo's first attack but also predicts his opponent's next move, gets inside of his guard, and judo throws Bakugo. Bear in mind, this is without using any powers whatsoever.
    • How Izuku and Uraraka win against Iida and Bakugo is downright insane. Iida is too fast for Uraraka to reach the bomb before he can grab it, and Izuku isn't able to put a scratch on Bakugo, who's become much less wild in his usage of his quirk. After Bakugo runs Izuku into a corner, taunting him over "hiding his quirk" and suggesting it means Midoriya was underestimating Bakugo, Izuku explains how he does look up to Bakugo, and that's why he wants to beat him, and calls him an idiot. Bakugo and Midoriya rush towards each other, both charging up, but right as All Might tells them to stop, Izuku redirects his Smash up, blocks Bakugo's explosive punch, and unleashes the mother of all Shoryukens, utterly eradicating the rest of the building, and sending enough shrapnel for Uraraka to bat towards Iida with a pillar, securing the win.
    • What's even more impressive about the above feat is that Izuku and Uraraka had never worked together as a team before, and yet in the span of minutes, while both were under fire, were able to perfectly coordinate a recklessly high-risk, over-the-top plan that would be utterly impossible to counter simply because of how insane it was without either one missing a beat. Talk about perfect teammates.

    Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc (Chapters 12-21, Episodes 9-13) 
  • Iida's calming of all the students during an emergency evacuation. Bonus point because this inspires Midoriya to make him class president.
  • Eraser Head taking the fight to the villains. Words do not do him justice, but we can try:
  • The teamwork used by Midoriya, Tsuyu, and Mineta when they're surrounded by aquatic villains and seem to have no means of escape. This is the first time they've worked together before and yet they manage to escape:
    • First is the analysis and planning: Midoriya determines that the invasion was carefully orchestrated, and Tsuyu points out that if they were so confident, they'd probably have a way to threaten All Might, which means they can't just sit tight. Midoriya then realizes that due to the way Kurogiri warped the students, the villains probably don't know their quirks,note  which gives the heroes the advantage of surprise.
    • Midoriya uses his knowledge of physics and Delaware Smash to spread out the water villains.
    • Mineta overcomes his fear enough to use his quirk to help restrain the villains. When the wave brings back the water from Midoriya's impact, the villains wind up getting stuck together because of Mineta's sticky balls and launched into the air from the water sprout.
    • And as all this goes on, Tsuyu grabs Midorya and Mineta to make their getaway.
  • A villainous example, Kurogiri's nearly killing No. 13 with Weaponized Teleportation.
  • Denki Kaminari takes out a whole group of villains as well, once his teammates protect themselves from his lightning Quirk with a insulating sheet.
  • In an amazing display of teamwork, Sero attaches his tape to Kurogiri's armor while Sato throws the guy aside thanks to a mix of his strength and Uraraka's anti-gravity powers. Plus give Tenya some credit for being able to outrun this smokey freak.
  • Bakugo's showing Character Development when he says he will kill Kurogiri not for revenge but to cut off the villains escape plans. He even points out that even if they let the villains escape, Kurogiri can bring more now or at another time when they are ill-prepared.
  • After Kurogiri scatters the students across the USJ dome and sends hordes of villains after all the individual groups, the various students are shown using teamwork and clever use of their Quirks to overcome their lacking numbers. Then the scene cuts to Todoroki, who is effortlessly curbstomping en entire group of opponents singlehandedly, all the while not even changing his usual bored expression. It just goes to show how many leagues above everyone else his Quirk stands in power.
    • It's later revealed that Hagakure got teleported to the same area as Todoroki. Instead of trying to fight the villains alongside him, she just hid, knowing that not getting in his way and allowing him to fight at full power would be more effective than working together.
  • Beaten to within an inch of his life, Eraserhead still has the strength to use his quirk to save Tsuyu from Tomura.
  • When Nomu tries to kill Midoriya, and Tsuyu is faced with Tomura, Tsuyu still makes a last-ditch effort to save Midoriya, even as Tomura tries to kill her. That's the mark of a hero.
  • All Might's Big Damn Heroes, where he proudly proclaims HAVE NO FEAR, FOR I HAVE COME.. He is such a Hope Bringer that just his arrival instantly boosts the morale of everyone who was fighting for their lives against the villains.
  • Nomu and Kurogiri execute a combo attack that not only nullifies All Might's pile drive but immobilizes him. For all his strength, he can't fight back against a Portal Cut. Midoriya's interference meant nothing against a warp gate. If not for Bakugo and Todoroki, All Might would have died.
  • Bakugo and Todoroki save All Might from being killed by Kurogiri and Nomu's sneak attack. Just when Kurogiri is about to Portal Cut the Symbol of Peace in half and teleport Midoriya away from the battle, Bakugo jumps in out of nowhere and brings down the warp gate, while Todoroki effortlessly covers Nomu in just enough ice for All Might to escape.
  • All Might's fight with Nomu, when he goes beyond the limits of his powers to protect his students. First, he deduces that since Nomu has the power of shock ABSORBTION, not NULLIFICATION, it means that there's a limit to how much he can absorb. All Might then Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs him until he reaches that limit, hitting faster than even Nomu can keep up with. Then, when Nomu reaches the limit for how much impact he can absorb, All Might punches him through trees, bashes him up into the air before slamming him down into the ground, and then wrapping the fight up with the Megaton Punch to end all Megaton Punches. The fight is even better in the Anime, where All Might hurls Nomu all over the USJ, causing gale-force shockwaves with every punch and causing the ground to shatter from the sheer force of the impacts before hitting him with an uppercut so powerful it glows and then sends the monster crashing through the dome of the USJ so hard that the impact can be felt throughout the entire complex. All with a great quote to cap it all off.
    • And what's more, Nomu was created to withstand All Might at 100% of his power, and at a stronger version than All Might was at the time. All Might's solution? GO BEYOND 100%! And all of this while All Might had less than a minute in powered up form! Bonus points for Plus Ultra roughly meaning "further beyond" in Latin.
    • Oh, and did we mention that "You Say Run" is blasting throughout the whole fight?
  • After All Might is disabled due to his fight with Nomu and the villains the students had previously defeated start to regroup, Iida returns with a group of professional heroes to help combat the remaining villains. All of them make impressive displays of their respective quirks. Specifically...
    • Snipe using his Improbable Aiming Skills to blow a hole in Shigaraki's hand to save Izuku and shooting another villain in the shoulder when he was about to kill Kaminari.
    • Present Mic using a Big YES to push back a group of villains approaching the heroes.
    • Ectoplasm using his Me's a Crowd quirk to clone himself and kick another villain in the face.
    • And to top it off, as Shigaraki is making his escape, Snipe proceeds to shoot him through both arms and legs.

    U.A. Sports Festival Arc (Chapters 22-44, Episodes 14-25) 
  • Season 2 of the anime starts with a preview of of kind of hero Midoriya will eventually become - single-handedly defending the city from an army of villains, throwing a punch so powerful that it lights up half the Earth.
  • During the Obstacle Race preliminary of the Sports Festival, Midoriya can't rely on One For All to get him through, so he picks up a large piece of metal plating from a demolished obstacle-robot. He then spends the rest of the race using it to smash another attacking robot, shield himself from other attacks, and when he reaches the minefield at the end of the race, he digs up a bunch of mines and piles them up, then jumps onto them while using the plate to shield himself from the blast and use the explosion to launch himself over the minefield and take first place.
    • Then it goes into funny territory when he realizes he did not account for how he should land and that he would lose acceleration quickly with Todoroki and Bakugo stopping to fight to go after him. Then it gets awesome again when Midoriya steps on their backs while falling, using them as propulsion to throw himself and the plate in the ground to gain another Explosion Propulsion while pushing Bakugo and Todoroki aside.
  • Iida's secret weapon; Overclocking the engines in his legs to Flash Step speed at the expense of them stalling afterward made it a risky all-or-nothing gambit. Before that moment, Team Todoroki and Team Midoriya had been in a stalemate, so it isn't an exaggeration to say that Iida's contribution was the tipping point that allowed his team to steal the 10,000,000 point headband from Midoriya, securing his position as both a Friendly Rival and Worthy Opponent to Midoriya.
    • After Monoma steals Bakugo's headband, Bakugo rages for like five seconds before he immediately comes up with a plan: Have Sero shoot some tape in the direction they want to go, Mina put dissolving solution on the ground and then blasts towards them. He then smashes through the air bubble the team were using to protect themselves and steals all of Monoma's headbands.
  • Mei's performance in the first elimination round of the tournament. She goes to Iida before the game and offers him special gear to complement his super speed abilities, claiming she wants to help make the fight more fair and bring out his true potential. And Iida, being Lawful Good to a fault, trusts her completely. But rather than this turning out to be what you'd expect, a dirty underhanded trick to sabotage him, in reality she was completely genuine about what she said the gear could do... and she still manages to kick his ass, utterly humiliate him with her gadgets, turn him into a walking advertisement, show off her gear for ten whole minutes, and then intentionally resign with a shit-eating grin on her face, having already flawlessly accomplished everything she came to the festival to do. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • After Todoroki gets the 10,000,000 point headband thanks to Iida's secret acceleration technique Midoriya charges him and uses "One for All" for the first time in the games. Todoroki panics and activates his flame powers to defend himself. Todoroki swore that he would never use his flame powers in battle, and so far he's kept that vow. Midoriya just accomplished what actual supervillains couldn't.
  • Tokoyami stealing Todoroki's headband at literally the last second, allowing Team Midoriya to win enough points to advance to the next round.
  • Izuku's match with Shinso. After Izuku escapes the mind control, he quickly overcomes Shinso in hand-to-hand. He shrugs off a punch strong enough to bloody his nose and judo throws him out of the ring. He did this with two broken fingers!
    • Shinso being there at all. He has a seemingly useless Quirk (why he failed the Hero Course entrance test), he has an average high schooler's physique while his opponents are all extremely fit, and yet, by being creative and cunning, he arrived all the way to the final event, and would have likely won the whole thing had One For All not come with a Hive Mind.
  • During their fight, Sero manages to grab Todoroki with his tape and prepares to inflict a Ring Out. Todoroki's countermove? Trap him inside of a gigantic ice wall twice as tall and half as long as the stadium. Even the pro heroes are impressed.
    • It's implied that Todoroki allowed Sero to snare him in order to use the tap as a conduit.
    • Just before this battle, Endeavor scolded him for not using the flame quirk and said that his ice quirk is too limited for him to succeed. Thus, the giant ice wall is even bigger "screw you, dad!".
  • Uraraka's impressive gambit against Bakugo, who has a huge combat and even environmental advantage, goading him into making a lot of debris. Debris which she launches into the air before sending it right at him. He counters this by unleashing a huge explosion that takes out every single speck of debris at once. Bakugo's arm trembles due to the overexertion and he sounds almost rattled. Even after her all or nothing attack fails Uraraka keeps fighting, and it's not Bakugo who defeats her but her own body giving out after going far beyond her limits. After the fight, Bakugo accuses Midoriya of coaching her, but he counters that he didn't; Uraraka developed the plan all on her own, and if Bakugo had a hard time with her, credit her for it. Realizing this, Bakugo himself acknowledges the level of fight Uraraka brought to the ring when Kaminari chastises him for going full power against "a frail girl":
    Bakugo: What part of her was frail?
  • Endeavor crosses paths with Midoriya and compares his power to All Might's before telling him to give his son a good fight. Knowing of Todoroki's issues with his father pressuring him to surpass All Might, Midoriya delivers a powerful comeback with just eight words.
    Midoriya: I'm not All Might. And Todoroki isn't you.
  • Midoriya vs Todoroki is one of the show's most famous scenes, with Midoriya clashing with one of the top performers of the entire tournament, it's a given something awesome would happen. And awesome it was.
    • The fight starts with Midoriya on the defensive. Midoriya counters Todoroki's attempts to freeze him by using One For All to flick his fingers hard enough to create shockwaves that stop the ice from reaching him, even as this breaks his fingers one by one. Eventually Todoroki sends out an ice blast that forces Midoriya to break his hand to stop it. Todotoki goes for the kill, only for Midoriya to use One for All again with his broken fingers, shattering them further. By the end of the chapter, Todoroki is starting to feel the effects of overusing his ice powers, but Midoriya has broken both of his arms playing defense. Even so, he points out that as much damage as he's done to himself, Todoroki hasn't been able to touch him using only half of his power, then clenches a fist with his broken fingers and loudly challenges Todoroki to Bring It.
    • Midoriya calling Todoroki pathetic for holding himself back, and delivering a heavy blow to him with his broken arm. Aizawa notes how disturbing it is for Midoriya to keep fighting with broken limbs, and wonders how he can even stand to go that far during a match.
    • Midoriya also shows signs that he's beginning to figure out "One For All", since he consciously manages to hold back enough to avoid punching a hole through Todoroki, which Aizawa notices.
    • In order to keep fighting despite having crippled his hands, Midoriya did a super-powered thumb-flick while using his own mouth to enable said thumb-flick. That takes at least some thinking outside of the box.
    • Aizawa repeatedly proves to have greater insight than the vast majority of the pro heroes, even those employed by the school; while the other teachers are criticizing Midoriya for his needlessly self-destructive tendencies, Aizawa (who once threatened to expel Midoriya over the same issue) recognizes that Midoriya's actually doing the best he can with what he's got.
    • After Midoriya lands his hit on Todoroki, he lays into Todoroki for only using half of his total power just to spite his father. This speech causes Todoroki to flash back to an interview with All Might, talking about how even if a person's powers were given by their parents, it's still their own. This finally allows Todoroki to let loose his fire side in a gargantuan tower of flame.
    • A small moment that is in many ways awesome in the older sense of the word, that which inspires awe. In the final clash between Midoriya and Todoroki, both Cementoss and Midnight are trying to stop them and neither of them even noticed. Midnight was too far away and the conflicting hot and cold areas around Todoroki caused enough chaotic wind to blow her pheremone mist away. But Cementoss? He raised multiple cement walls between the two combatants and both of them blew through them like they weren't even there. Their combined power rendered the efforts of two pro heroes irrelevant.
    • The fight is also a CMOA for Todoroki. After having been unable to land a single good hit on Midoriya for the entire fight, once he activates his left side he end it within seconds, meeting Midoriya's full power head-on and overpowering One For All with a gargantuan beam of heat.
    • Lastly, it shows more what a truly heroic person Midoriya was. While he could've probably saved the pep-talk for another time and definitely could've made it easier on himself to win, he chooses not to. Why? Not just to further test himself, not just in order to get Todoroki to accept his true power to be the best hero, but mainly because he saw someone in trouble and wanted to help. He may have lost a match, but he earned a victory in helping Todoroki become a better hero while doing the heroic act of saving someone, including from themselves.

    Vs. Hero Killer Arc (Chapters 45-59, Episodes 26-33) 
  • Training with Gran Torino proves extremely enlightening for Midoriya. Oddball as he is, the old hero's lessons actually put Midoriya thinking in the right direction. In just 24 hours, he figures out a way to use One For All without breaking himself each time, and when he puts it to the test, Gran Torino actually has to dodge like he means it, and Midoriya still draws blood. "This kid could turn out to be a real monster..."
  • The third anime ending is based on the cover from the second popularity poll results with the characters dressed like they were in an RPG. Only it expands to feature even more of Class 1-A and Izuku on a full heroic quest, just like in the series, where he leaves home, then recruits allies, and Bakugo is a dragon rider who reluctantly teams up with him. And then they all gather to take down the Big Bad. As they get ready for the Final Battle, Izuku's power aura as a swordsman is the giant golden figure of All Might. It's supposed to be a storybook play on the stage of UA's performance hall, but still, amazing amaze-balls to the core.
  • Deku putting what he learned from Gran Torino into practice to punch Stain right in the face, saving Iida in the process.
    • The buildup to that. After Stain gives Iida a "The Reason You Suck" Speech for how unheroic and blinded by revenge he's being, and prepares to kill him in the name of purging the unworthy, Iida, despite being shaken at the fact that the Villain Has a Point, refuses to go quietly to his death, and uses what he thinks are his last moments alive calling Stain out on his horseshit by telling him that whatever delusions he has about himself, he'll never be anything more than the monster who crippled a good man for an unbelievably petty reason.
    Iida: Say whatever you want about me! YOU'RE STILL JUST A CRIMINAL WHO HURT MY BROTHER!
  • Deku shows his training with the "Full Cowl", a technique which cloaks his body in One For All and lets him actively gauge how much force he's using. This, combined with his sheer cleverness in battle as well as his truly heroic outlook and motivations actually convinces Stain to not kill him. He is the first hero seen able to actually satisfy Stain's outlook on what kind of heroes deserve to live.
  • Iida recovers from the Stain's paralysis just in time to protect Todoroki from being cut in half by using his Recipro-burst to break Stain's katana. He then gets Todoroki to cool his engines so that he and Midoriya can catch Stain in the middle of a Combination Attack.
  • In the anime, Endeavor shows why he is the second ranked Hero. Not only does he casually take down 2 Nomus with little effort (while every other pro hero sans Gran Torino had trouble fighting them), his beatdown of them includes fire-based Super Strength sending one Nomu flying, flames so hot they turn blue and carbonize cells and when the other Nomu was carrying someone away, he proceeded to toss a fire ball before giving chase by heating up his feet, ran up nearby walls, melting them so he can stick on them for leverage, jumped at the Nomu and struck it down with a spear made out of fire before catching the victim and using his flames directed downward to slow their descent. Say what you will about the guy, but there is no denying that he is a badass.
  • In spite of being being severely injured from his fight with Midoriya, Iida, and Todoroki, Stain uses a hidden knife to cut the rope binding his wrists, lick up a drop of blood from the Nomu that captured Midoriya, and strikes it down midair, saving Midoriya.
  • When Stain sees Endeavor, the power of his bloodlust towards him and the other "false" heroes is so great and palpable that it causes everyone, including Gran Torino and Endeavor, to freeze in their tracks. The killer then delivers a scathing ultimatum that only a true Hero like All-Might has the right to kill him, a moral high-ground that none of the pretenders present possesses. Every Hero present, even Endeavor (who is ranked as just behind All Might in terms of power), are frozen in terror by the sheer fury of Stain's righteous rage, knowing his accusation of their unworthiness to be all too true. It only stops when the murderer passes out, still standing, from a perforated lung.
  • The anime exclusive episode "Everyone's Internships":
  • Several students get to show off what they learned from their week of training and apprenticeship in an exercise. The goal is a race from start to finish, and as everyone lines up everyone thinks Sero has got the perfect advantage, until they see Deku leaping over buildings easily, amazing everyone.
    • Made all the better by their conversation right before the exercise started. While they can't agree which of the first 5 competing will win, they unanimously agree Deku will finish last by virtue of having a power that injures him when used and doesn't boost mobility anyway (whereas the other 4 have all demonstrated the ability to move faster via their quirks). Full Cowl represents the first of Deku's major Levels in Badass. He can now use One for All practically without ruining himself every time; legitimately keeping up with the class and standing with them as equals.
  • Chapter 59 has a retroactive one for All Might. In spite of the fight leaving him with a crippling wound that's all but stated outright to be slowly killing him, All Might managed to injure All-for-One — a man who has God only knows how many Quirks at his disposal and who basically ruled Japan in the shadows for a good while — so badly that even now he's hooked up to several medical machines and what we see of his body is almost entirely scar tissue.

    Final Exam Arc (Chapters 60-69, Episodes 34-38) 
  • Tokoyami and Tsuyu's teamwork in Chapter 61. Opting to flee when Ectoplasm comes at them the instant the exercise starts, they combine her ability to stick to walls and long tongue with his dark shadow to launch each other away.
    • Of special note is how they win — Tsuyu reacts within a split-second of seeing Ectoplasm's giant clone to snatch the detaining cuffs from Tokoyami with her tongue, so they can be given to Dark Shadow while the giant clone has her and Tokoyami trapped. Again, she came up with this strategy with less than a second to react. Recovery Girl had earlier given an assessment that Tsuyu had no clear weakness, and it's evident that wasn't an exaggeration.
    • At the end of the same chapter, All Might's demonstration of strength. With just the air pressure created from the shockwave of a single punch, he causes serious damage to a whole row of buildings.
  • Deku & Bakugo vs. All Might:
    • Deku has finally had enough of Bakugo acting up and punches him square in the face after he gets grabbed by All Might and goes on about how he'd rather lose than get help. Deku then proceeds to carry Bakugo away while yelling at him about how insulting it sounds for the guy who won't shut up about winning to talk about wanting to lose.
    • Bakugo decides to finally, begrudgingly get help from Deku by lending him one of his exploding gauntlets to tag-team against All Might. And Deku grudgingly gives Bakugo credit; that blast has quite a kick: "My shoulder! He really uses this thing?!"
    • Deku and Bakugo are able to hurt All Might using Bakugo's stored sweat with a massive explosion, all the while avoiding collateral damage by firing it in the direction All Might destroyed earlier. All Might takes a moment to reflect on how proud he is of them for teamwork and remembering his first lesson.
    • All Might shatters Bakugo's gauntlets but Bakugo reveals that he doesn't actually need them; they're a safety feature. He starts damaging his arms with each major blast but he continues with nary a flinch.
      Bakugo: If I don't take any risks, there's no way I can beat you. Right, All Might?!
    • Bakugo faints while trying to buy Deku enough time to escape and complete the trial. All Might is prepared to chase after him. He is not prepared for what Deku does instead: ignore all common sense and punch All Might in the face, grab Bakugo, and run for the exit so they can win together. Deku was actually struggling toward the exit with an injured back, but seeing Kacchan in trouble gives him the Heroic Second Wind he needs to activate Full Cowl and pull his crazy stunt, all in the name of rescuing him.
    • Bakugo managed to take multiple punches from the number 1 hero in the world, and get back up to continue fighting! Granted All Might was fighting with weights and still winning, but the fact that this child still in his first year of high school was capable of taking so much damage before fainting is worth noting. Even All Might looks surprised every time Bakugo comes back before finally being knocked unconscious.
  • Todoroki and Yaoyorozu vs. Eraserhead
    • Momo reveals her plan: those matryoshka dolls she created? They all have FLASHBANGS hidden in them, and a handful of them go off right in Aizawa-sensei's face.
    • Todoroki and Yaoyorozu manage to be the first to defeat their teacher outright through strategy, though he was taking it a bit easier on them.
  • Mineta singlehandedly enacts a Batman Gambit to defeat Midnight. For starters, his whining and fearful blubbering were all part of a ruse to appeal to Midnight's sadistic streak, luring her away from the exit. When she caught up to him, he used some of Sero's tape to keep himself from breathing in her Knockout Gas and used his sticky balls to keep her there so he could carry Sero out without being caught in her area of effect.
    • Mineta downright asphyxiates himself so he can take out Midnight and rush past her. By the time he gets out of range, Mineta actually hurls from the lack of oxygen, yet still manages to carry Sero through the Exit Gate. Give the little perv due props, that's badass.
    • Finally, the rules of the test stipulate only one member need escape via the gate, which is how Iida passes even though he didn't get out himself. Mineta makes a point of going back for Sero when, strictly speaking, he didn't have to.
  • Aoyama and Uraraka are clinging to a railing as No. 13 uses their black hole power on them and nothing they do is having any effect. As a panicking Uraraka starts pondering on what Midoriya would do, a calm Aoyama knows she's thinking of that, and teases her by asking her if she loves Midoriya. Uraraka gets so flustered that she panics and lets go of the railing without noticing and goes flying towards No. 13 thanks to their power. No. 13 didn't expect this and shuts their power off, while Uraraka reacts by slamming into No. 13 and slapping the handcuffs on them, taking advantage of their lack of fighting skills.
  • Credit goes to Uraraka again when she catches up to Midoriya at the shopping mall and finds him being held hostage by Shigaraki. She immediately figures out what's happening, and despite her obvious terror, tells the villain in no uncertain terms to get away from her friend. And it works, though Shigaraki had gotten what he wanted out of Midoriya by that point.

    School Trip Arc (Chapters 70-83, Episodes 39-45) 
  • The class is dropped into a "forest of magical beasts" for testing purposes. When confronted by large stone monsters, most of the class freaks out, before cutting to a panel of Midoriya, Iida, Todoroki, and Bakugo all smashing it to pieces simultaneously.
    • The anime adapts this in an amazing manner — we see an expanded version of this fight, with everyone in Class 1-A getting involved in some way. Sero grounds a flying beast by taping up its wings, Uraraka and Asui team up to slam a rock beast into the ground, Kirishima and Sato smash one to bits, Mineta traps another so that Kaminari can shock it apart, Hagakure lures some so that Ashido's acid can melt their legs, Yaoyorozu creates a cannon to blast them, Shoji and Jiro use their quirks for surveillance, and Kouda — whose Quirk was portrayed as useless against the beasts in the manga — calls up a swarm of birds to distract them.
  • Deku scaling the side of a sheer cliff by foot by using OfA to save Kota. His phone ends up being destroyed, and that combined with everyone being scattered and dealing with the other villains means Midoriya has to take on the villain singlehandedly.
  • Deku vs Muscular, especially in the Anime adaptation.
    • Deku being able to realize Kota was at his hideout after witnessing Pixie-Bob's assault shows how much his analytical skills help. This is what helps Deku manage to make it and rescue Kota at the last second.
    • Despite spending the first part getting thrown around like a ragdoll, Deku still manages to find the strength to attack Muscular after Kota tries to fight back
    • Villainous one for Muscular for predicting Midoriya would attack after that
    • However, despite this, Midoriya manages to get himself attached to Muscular, and manages his first ever 100% One for All smash. Then he catches Kota with his teeth after that flings him off.
    • Another villainous moment for Muscular for being able to tank that one.
    • The entire ending of the fight. After Muscular decides to seriously go after Midoriya, Midoriya decides to counter his attack with a smash, and buy time for Kota to escape. It's awesome enough that he manages to keep Muscular off.
    • Then, as Midoriya is about to be flattened, Kota uses his own quirk to distract Muscular, which gives Midoriya the opening he needs. With that opening, Midoriya goes beyond and unleashes a 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash! This one cuts right through Muscular and sends him right into the nearby cliff. It's so awesome even Kota is inspired by Deku's heroism.note  For the first time, Deku acted the ideal he so much aspired, and in so doing drew out two simple but powerful words that are the title of the chapter/episode:
      Kota: Even though you don't know anything, why did you do so much? My... My hero!
      • To drive home just how an incredible feat the victory over Muscular is, the moment Magne realizes it she decides that killing Midoriya is more urgent than his fight with Tiger.
  • Aizawa-sensei completely avoiding the blast from Dabi and quickly taking him down, even if it turned out to just be a Quirk-based duplicate of him.
    • After mangling both his arms in the fight with the Water Hose murderer, what does Deku do immediately after the fight? He gets Kota to safety, and then jumps back into the fray, shattering Spinner's weapon, and relaying important news for Mandalay to spread, doing all this just with the use of his legs.
  • Tetsutetsu and Kendo knocking out Mustard and stopping the poisonous gas. Props to Kendo for coming up with an idea to use her enlarged hands to blow away the gas and thus give Tetsutetsu the opening for the final hit, where he shows some smarts by going for Mustard's mask; wearing a mask means Mustard's not immune to his own gas, so even if the blow didn't KO him, it would prevent him using his quirk.
  • Tokoyami shows just how powerful his shadow can be, by one-shotting a villain giving Bakugo and Todoroki a lot of trouble, it looks like even All Might would have trouble with a fully powered shadow. And then Bakugo shows his tactical savvy again: he waits until after the shadow mauls the villain before shining some light to get it back under Tokoyami's control again.
  • Ochaco gets to show off some of the martial arts she learned from Machine Gun Head, singlehandedly disarming and pinning Toga after Tsuyu gets immobilized.
  • Midoriya coming up with a spur-of-the-moment plan to make use of the abilities of everyone present in order to catch up to Mr. Compress before he could get away with Tokoyami and Bakugo, once again showing that his mind is his greatest strength.
  • Before Mr. Compress could escape with Tokoyami and Bakugo, Aoyama lets out a blast from his Quirk that allows the others to at least rescue Tokoyami.
  • Awase shielding Momo from the Chainsaw Nomu's attack.
  • One that's easily overlooked, and carries over to the next arc: Momo, with a big gush on her head, after only a moment of assessing the situation, realises that the Nomu retreating must mean, that the villains succeeded in capturing Bakugo. So in order to have a chance of finding him, she creates a bug, and gives it to a member of Class-B to plant it on the Nomu. As this YouTuber pointed out, the bug and the tracker she later creates are incredibly complex devices, and for them to work, Momo (among other things) has to be able to write a computer program in electric charges! And she did it, in a matter of seconds!

    Hideout Raid Arc (Chapters 84-97, Episodes 46-50) 
  • Bakugo getting a lecture on what the villain alliance stands for when Shigaraki tells Dabi to undo Bekugou's restraints as a test of faith. Bakugo immediately blasts Shigaraki, and calls out the villains for making so many excuses for what they want to do.
  • Chapter 87 has a few.
    • Mt. Lady getting another chance to show off her powers as she destroys the Nomu storehouse.
    • Kamui Woods successfully capturing the surprised villains with his powers.
  • Chapter 88 is an entire one for All for One. He takes out an entire team of pro heroes in the space of less than a second, and is so ruthlessly efficient that Midoriya initially mistakes him as Death itself.
    • Credit to Jeanist for managing to get everyone else out of the way in that span of time so that they were only knocked out instead of killed.
      • To put this to context. All for One suddenly appears in front of Best Jeanist and is promptly restrained by Jeanist's Fiber Master quirk. Then in a truly incredible way to portray All for One's status as The Dreaded and The Big Bad of the series, the manga shows a single black bar before immediately cutting to All for One levitating over a completely devastated and ruined Kamino. The result is incredibly jarring and a perfect way to demonstrate how utterly powerful All for One is compared to any villains introduced before.
  • Chapter 89: The gang of would-be rescuers is paralyzed by the sheer terror of All for One's presence, but Midoriya works himself out of it by focusing on how to rescue Bakugo. The instant he sees it happening, Iida works himself out of it to protect Midoriya.
  • Midoriya coming up with another awesome on-the-spot plan. To save Bakugo without getting in the way of the villains, Midoriya utilizes his, Iida's, and Kirishima's quirks to provide enough momentum and defense to break through the wall they were hiding behind while Todoroki uses his ice to launch them into the air, out of the villains' reach. Then Midoriya had the savvy to have Kirishima call out instead of himself; Bakugo would at least listen to Kirishima. And it works; Bakugo sees Kirishima and blasts himself up to grab his hand. The end result? A complete success, as the students managed to extricate themselves from the battlefield uninjured and (keeping the promise to Iida) without getting involved.
    • All For One giving life advice to his protege, just before calmly twirling around and clashing with All Might is one for the villains. It's not everyday you get a Villain Mentor fighting the strong, implacable Hero to buy time for the other villains to escape.
  • Mt. Lady shows off how she is a true hero by intercepting a powerful Fastball Special and protecting Bakugo and co. from falling into the hands of the enemy again. This was after she was badly wounded from an all powerful attack from All for One.
  • The entirety of All Might vs All-for-One, fitting as All Might's final and ultimate battle.
    • An awesome (and creepy) moment occurs early, when All Might tries to reach Bakugo, only to be impaled by All For One's Combat Tentacles and flung into a building, while the villain perverts All Might's Catchphrase.
      All Might: (to Bakugo) I'm coming for you!
      All For One: I don't think so! Because I AM HERE!
    • At one point All-for-One is taunting All Might for not going all out for fear of the people around him and taunting him over how it must have felt great to be a hero that came at defeating so many other people. And All Might calls him out spectacularly.
      All Might: You always do this. You take people, you steal from them, lie, manipulate, and discard them! You scoff at innocent people! Who are only trying to lead happy lives! This cannot continue, I won’t let it!
    • All-for-One abuses All Might's need to defend innocent people, and forces him to take a direct blast from one of his many quirks. With this, All-for-One manages to succeed in stripping All Might of One For All, reverting him to his skinny, true form.
    • All-for-One reveals Tomura's being All Might's mentor's grandson to All Might, hoping to break All Might's spirit. It ALMOST works... until All Might hears a nearby trapped civilian calling for help. At which point he is reminded of his duties as a hero, snaps himself out of the Heroic BSoD for the moment, smiles, powers up one arm for an attack, and gives All-for-One a short but awesome Shut Up, Hannibal! speech about how heroes don't lose. God DAMN.
      All Might: You're right, All for One. There's so much... so much we heroes have to protect. And that's why we don't lose!
    • The final outcome of the battle between All Might and All-for-One, as well as the arrival of the other Pro Heroes to relieve him. While Endeavor keeps All-for-One at bay, the others come to retrieve Mt. Lady and save the woman trapped in the rubble, leaving nothing in All Might's way anymore. At this point, All-for-One makes it clear — One For All isn't inside All Might at all, anymore; he's just been coasting on the embers. It is then that All-for-One makes a vital slip-up: he reveals that he's known all along who All Might passed his strength onto, stating "let's make sure he dies feeling every bit of regret". He reveals that he's figured out that Midoriya's the one he passed One For All to, and mocks how he charged into the battle with no qualifications, as if All Might has no control over him. And then taunts All-Might's failure as a teacher as he gives a thinly veiled threat against Midoriya. Bad move. Sacrificing half his right arm to clash with All-for-One and hold him back, Toshinori beefs up his left for another mighty blow... which is solely to break All-for-One's guard before Toshinori re-channels One For All back in his wrecked right arm for the real decisive blow: All Might goes beyond and channels all his power into the ultimate attack, the United States of SMASH!
      All Might: *Thoughts* Not just as a "symbol"... Just like what my master did for me... I, too, until I'm done bringing him up...
      All For One: To go to such unsightly lengths to fight against it... I miscalculated.
      All Might: *Thoughts* I WILL NOT DIE!!!
      All For One: Trickery?! This is so unlike you... but it's weak!
      All Might: That's because I didn't put my back into it! United... States of... SMAAAASH!!
      • He basically destroyed his own various Death Flags that have been scattered everywhere throughout the series.
  • Midoriya's mother putting her foot down and refusing to let her son continue being in harm's way at U.A.
  • In response, Midoriya runs out of the room, leaving his mother and Toshinori to think that it's because his mom refused to let him continue attending U.A. On the contrary, Midoriya comes back and shows both All Might and his mother the Thank You letter Kota gave him for rescuing him at the camp, and how he called Midoriya his hero. It culminates in him stating that he's fine with having to attend another Hero school if it puts his mother's mind at ease, and is more than willing to take other paths into becoming a Hero, as long as he can still become one.
    • All-Might is once again inspired by Midoriya's courage and determination, musters up the strength to go into his Power form, and bows his head toward Midoriya's mother to convince her to let Midoriya continue his studies at U.A, even going as far to admit that Midoriya is a fitting "Symbol of Peace".

    Hero License Exam Arc (Chapters 98-121, Episodes 51-61) 
  • Chapter 101 has a few of the students expanding their abilities:
    • Midoriya coming up with a simple yet brilliant solution to ensuring that he doesn't permanently cripple his arms due to overuse of One For All. Start focusing on using his legs to execute kicking attacks, which helps him save All Might from a falling piece of rubble. Full Cowl: Shoot Style is the second of Deku's major Levels in Badass plus his first real move away from just imitating All Might and developing a hero style and identity to call his own.
    • Bakugo develops his Armor Piercer move, which allows him to focus his explosions into a narrow area for greater penetrating power.
    • Instead of just using his shadow for external attacks, Tokoyami learns to layer his shadow over his body to augment his own combat abilities.
    • It's revealed that in just the 4 months she's been enrolled at UA, Hatsume has built countless prototype inventions.
  • Chapter 103: The provisional license exam begins and all the other participating schools immediately target the U.A. students because their quirks have been exposed, thanks to the sports festival. However, Midoriya anticipates this immediately and has already rallied his classmates to work together against it.note  Even though a teacher from one of the other schools called him out on not warning his students, Eraserhead responds perfectly.
    Eraserhead: Being a hero means being able to get yourself out of a pinch. Once you become a pro, it's a given that your quirk has been exposed to the world. I'm sorry to say, but we're looking a bit farther ahead than everyone else.
  • Chapter 104: Inasa is the first examinee to pass the first test, by wiping out 120 other examinees simultaneously.
    Inasa: "I believe that heroes are hot-blooded! Everybody's fighting!! Everybody's fired up!! I love it when things get hot!! This intense battle! Allow me to partake in this hotness!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!"
  • Chapter 105: When battling against the Shiketsu High girl, Midoriya uses his analytical abilities to deduce that her quirk allows her to shapeshift and foils her attempt to fool him by pretending to be Uraraka, as he quickly realizes the fake never used Zero Gravity.
    • The ability of Mei Hatsume's mech supports is shown to absorb the recoil from a strong kick and send that energy out as a second shockwave, instantaneously, it's like being kicked twice. It also protects Midoriya's legs from further recoil damage.
    • Camie's physical skills are impressive, especially considering she has a non-offensive quirk. She hits Deku with a ball, is so fast he barely can keep up with her and she even manages to restrain him.
  • In an anime-only segment, Todoroki is challenged by a group of ninja-themed students who work together to counter both his fire and ice. He eventually succeeds by using the terrain to his advantage by setting off an explosion to stun them, then incapacitates with his ice long enough hit their sensors.
  • In another anime-only segment, a team consisting of Yaoyorozu, Tsu, Kyoka and Shoji face an all-girl squad led by the hyper-intelligent Saiko Intelli. This clash is full of cerebral awesome:
    • The enemy team systematically disable Kyoka and Shoji's sensory advantage, then trap the U.A. students in a room that is filled with cold air to put Tsu into a state of hibernation. They are only defeated because...
    • Momo figures out their plan, and realizes that they intend to force her to use her quirk to seal off the vents, draining her of her energy and leaving the team defenseless. Motivated by Midoriya's selflessness, she opts for a high-risk attack instead of the strategy that the leader had anticipated: she creates earmuffs for her team and a powerful amp for Kyoka, who unleashes a sound blast that defeats Intelli's unexpecting team.
    • Also worth noting the fact that Kyoka was shot in the left ear at the time, which means she could only use one of her plugs and, thus, only half of her usual power. Didn't stop her from incapacitating an entire squad through a solid concrete wall with her amped heartbeat... hell, she almost incapacitated herself as well, even through her earmuffs.
    • When Kyoka, Shoji, and Tsu leave, Intelli locks them out and makes a last-ditch effort to tag Momo out. However, Momo quickly restrains her hand with handcuffs, and after Shoji breaks the door open, Tsu restrains her other hand. Momo's three teammates declare that they won't leave their teammate behind. Shocked and impressed, Intelli concedes defeat.
  • Chapter 107: Kaminari stepping up to save both Bakugo and Kirishima after the two have been captured using his new tech and a special grenade that Bakugo gave him as insurance.
    • After that, none in Class A has been eliminated yet. To add to the awesome is the fact that a majority of the class is already waiting for the rest.
  • Chapter 108: Aoyama decides to step up his game, his laser blast gathers the rest of the U.A. class to save him and Iida. All of this comes with the added bonus of the '''ENTIRE" Class A passing the first part of the exam!
    • Koji and Toru get a big chance to shine in battle, especially considering that their Quirks are not of the offensive type. Koji manages to summon a flock of doves so enormous that it would make Alfred Hitchcock proud, which is the distraction that the rest or the Class A students needed to jump in for the attack, aided greatly by Toru using a new move that allows her to refract light inside of her and then intensify it into an extremely bright flash, blinding all other students present and leaving them at the mercy of Class A.
  • Chapter 111: The second test challenges the examinees to work together with an intense rescue scenario, made even more chaotic when a group of heroes show up to play the role of attacking villains. Todoroki ends up butting heads with Inasa over the latter's resentment of Endeavor (and by extension, Todoroki himself). The combination of Todoroki's shaky emotions and Inasa's wind powers causes him to lose control of his flames and accidentally send them directly at Shindo, who's incapacitated nearby. Cue Midoriya showing up just in time to carry Shindou out of the way, before rounding on Todoroki and Inasa to give them what for.
  • Chapter 112: The chapter itself shares it's name with Midoriya's epic What the Hell, Hero? moment quoted above, and boils down to the effect of those words on Todoroki and Inasa. Specifically it causes them to realize how their selfish actions got them into trouble and leads to them combining their quirks to trap Gang Orca.
    • The chapter revealed that Shindo was Playing Possum the entire time and was able to fight off being paralyzed. He manages to take out Gang Orca's henchmen who were going after the civilians. In one fell swoop despite his body still being numb.
  • Chapter 113:
    • After spending the previous stage of the exam trying to eliminate each other, all the students join together in this chapter to defend the civilians and fight of Gang Orca's men. It's also shown that Bakugo, Kirishima, and Kaminari spent the entire stage focusing on saving civilians. Them saving the last batch of civilians is what actually ends the stage of the exam.
    • After the exam is over, Gang Orca admits that between the fire prison Todoroki and Inasa created, and Midoriya's surprise attack, he doesn't think he would have actually been able to continue the fight, even without a power-limiter.
  • Chapter 114: The results of the exam: Even though Bakugo and Todoroki did not pass it was nice to see the rest of the class make the cut. Plus, a Hope Spot: since Bakugo and Todoroki did pass the first half, they get a second chance; take a special course, pass the make-up test, they get their licenses.

    Internship Arc (Chapters 121-162, Episodes 62-TBA) 
  • Chapter 119: One For All: 8%
  • Chapter 120: Bakugo beating Midoriya, in both the fight between them and the popularity contest.
  • Chapter 122: The Top Three of the U.A.'s 3rd Year Students make their first appearance! Including one who happened to be All Might's potential successor before Midoriya!
  • Chapter 123: Mirio Togata, of the U.A's Big Three, shows off his Quirk and skills against all of Class 1-A with exception of Bakugo and Todoroki to prove why he's comparable to even the Pros! In just 5 seconds, he takes out HALF OF THEM!
  • Chapter 124:
    • Despite Midoriya catching Mirio's attention by attempting to counter him, Mirio countered his counterattack because he trained for that in case his enemies would do so. Then Mirio takes out the remaining Class 1-A with no scratch on him whatsoever.
    • Mirio's Quirk: Permeation. Despite the harsh drawbacks to his Quirk on intangibility, he eventually made it work into Difficult, but Awesome by his own natural talent.
    • Let's give props to Mirio to where he started from. Unlike Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki, who are gifted with powerful Quirks, Mirio started from the bottom and eventually worked his way up to the top.
    • Mirio acknowledging Midoriya's potential, and even thought about him getting interned by "Sir". Gran Torino might also be thinking the same thing, and this is the guy who happened to be All Might's former sidekick.
  • Chapter 127: Under Morio's recommendation, Deku goes to meet "Sir": Sir Nighteye, the former sidekick to All Might himself. Nighteye challenges Deku to take from his hand the stamp he needs to sign the internship contract. Deku tries his damnedest, using moves that makes Nighteye think of Gran Torino. Nevertheless, using his own quirk (Foresight) Nighteye avoids every move and denies him the stamp. But, after the test, Nighteye notices something that forces him to reconsider. Throughout the entire frenetic test, Deku had taken great pains not to damage a single piece of the massive All Might memorabilia collection in Nighteye's office; Deku had been holding back because he knew what they meant for Nighteye; Nighteye changes his mind and lets Deku sign on.
  • Chapter 133: Kirishima chases a low-level thug into a dead end. Driven into a corner, the criminal injects himself with the "Trigger" drug, which combines with his Quirk to make dozens of long blades project from his body, and they prove to be sharp enough to cut through even Kirishima's hardened skin. Kirishima responds by showing off the benefits of his recent Quirk training, which lets him push his Super Toughness to a whole new level and shatter the thug's blades, giving himself an even more badass appearance in the process.
  • In Chapter 138, we get a look at the Quirk of the 9th nationally ranked hero, Ryukyu, who Ochaco and Tsuyu are interning with. She can transform into a freaking DRAGON. Not only that, but a western one with huge wings and everything.
    • This needs repeating. The world of My Hero Academia has a DRAGON as one of its top-tier heroes.
    • And not just any dragon — one that looks like a Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
  • In Chapter 139, after being dropped into a room with three Expendables, Suneater encourages the other heroes to continue on ahead because he can handle them by himself. Fatgum, knowing that Suneater isn't the sort to boast about himself, agrees to put his faith in Suneater's abilities. Amajiki then spends the next two chapters proving that faith wasn't misplaced.
  • Chapter 143: Despite being Blown into a wall by Rappa last chapter Kirishima swallows his fear and gets between him and Fatgum tanking each blow with sheer grit alone, giving Fat the opening he needed to launch his finishing blow.
    Fatgum (To Tengai and Rappa): There's just one reason you're gonna lose! Because all of us, me included, underestimated him!! Get a taste of the manly heart of the hero called Red Riot and his chivalrous spirit!
  • In Chapter 146, For his gutsy actions, Kirishima gets Rappa's respect, to the point where he breaks rank and leads Fat to medical supplies to help tend to Kirishima's wounds and even explained some of Chisaki's power.
  • In Chapter 150, after catching up to Overhaul, Mirio is ambushed by the remaining two Bullets. One of them uses his Quirk to disorient Mirio physically while the other attacks him psychologically by making him confront the fact that he let Chisaki take Eri back when they met before. But Mirio is the sort of person who acknowledges and overcomes his weaknesses, and his own Quirk subjects him to disorienting sensations as it is, so he powers through and counters with his Phantom Menace technique.
    • After knocking out the Bullets, he immediately launches an attack on Chisaki and Chronostasis. He appears next to Chisaki so suddenly that he forces the other man to dodge away from his attack while simultaneously demonstrating incredible control of his Quirk by launching a kick that phases harmlessly through Eri and impacts only Chronostasis. This gives him the chance to take Eri from the latter's grasp and get some distance, where he proclaims that he'll be her hero.
    • He continues pushing the limit the next chapter by not only skillfully turning the parts of his body that are coming under attack intangible, but also doing so while protecting Eri so that she isn't hurt by her father or the others. Even when the entire floor is reconstructed to be a spike trap of stones, he manages to hold her up while also phasing through fatal damage.
  • Just how awesome Mirio is comes to a head in Chapter 152. The previous two chapters had been titled "Mirio Togata" and "Mirio Togata!!" This one is titled "Lemillion" to let you know right off the bat that his true heroism is going to shine. He does it by Taking the Bullet for Eri, letting himself get hit by a perfected Quirk-destroying bullet. And then, barely missing a beat, he just keeps laying into Overhaul using nothing but the physical conditioning and foresight he trained for to help him master his quirk in the first place. He ends up taking hits without the ability to phase through Overhaul's attacks, but he continues to fight and protect Eri for five whole minutes before getting badly wounded, buying just enough time for Izuku to smash his way into the room.
  • Chapter 154: One For All 20%
    • Even though Mirio has seemingly lost his Quirk for goodnote , the level of sheer, unequivocal beatdown he put on Chisaki is haunting the yakuza even though his victory over him is sealed. He keeps speaking directly towards Mirio like the young man were his archnemesis, constantly looking back his way as though half-expecting him to get back up and resume the beating, trying frantically to, if even not retrieve Eri, kill Mirio right away. Sir Nighteye makes no qualms in pointing out just how terrified of Lemillion Overhaul had to be in order to use one of his incredibly-limited-supply completed Quirk-disabling bullets on him.
  • Chapter 155: Just as all hope seem lost with only Deku determined to save and change the future that Nighteye visioned, Team Ryukyu arrives just in time to help and change the tides of the fight to the heroes favor.
  • Chapter 156: After everything she's been through, being told she's cursed, blamed for her own suffering, and exploited for a power she can't even control, the determination and sacrifices of the heroes finally break through Eri's despair. When Chisaki snatches her out of Deku's reach to try to carry her away from the battle, she harnesses her own quirk for the first time in order to undo his One-Winged Angel fusion, and uses Mirio's cape to reach Deku. After all the torture she's suffered at Chisaki's hands, she's fighting back.
  • Chapter 157: Eri has healed Deku's injuries with her rewinding Quirk. However, since she has no control over it, she could accidentally kill Deku by rewinding him too far. And Chisaki is bearing down on both of them with a monstrous stone creation he made using his quirk. What is Deku's solution? He intentionally uses Eri's Rewinding to his advantage, knowing that it can heal all the wounds he accumulates, and...
  • In Chapter 158, Overhaul gives "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Deku. Overhaul is himself a humongous Eldritch Abomination and the city is terrified. In response, Deku sends Overhaul flying high into the sky with one kick!!! Even Toga is amazed. Now in his One For All: 100% Mode, Deku proceeds to speed blitz and attack Overhaul midair. He then punches the villain so hard in the face that his mask comes off... What is remarkable is that this whole time, little Eri is clinging onto Deku's back with only Mirio's superhero cape securing her to Deku.
  • Deku finally defeats Overhaul in a one on one duel. Nighteye had predicted Deku's death at the hands of Overhaul, but Deku practically stomped on all of his own death flags.
    • Can we take a moment to appreciate that Deku CHANGED THE FUTURE with nothing but his fists, his will and an abused, scared little girl desperately clinging to her hero? This qualifies as both Heartwarming and Awesome.
  • Chapter 160 gives us a spotlight chapter for the League of Villains, and it shows how dangerously effective they can be. Gaining info on the vehicle carrying a recently incarcerated Overhaul from Toga and Twice, a second group of the VA composed of Shigaraki, Dabi, Mr. Compress, and Spinner ambush it on the highway in a scene that looks like something straight out of an action film. Here are the highlights
    • Shigaraki jumping on the escort car.
    • Mr. Compress throwing miniaturized boulders under the escort cop car to launch it off balance and get Shigaraki onto the Prison van from the escort car while the aftermath of said launch causes the other escort vehicles to spiral out of control.
    • Dabi taking on Sand Hero Snatch one on one and burning away all of his attacks before Snatch gets trapped inside one of Compress's balls (along with the fire he made, burning him to death).
    • Shigaraki using Compress’ launch to land on the Prison van, bursting his hand through the windshield amd disintegrating the driver.
    • Spinner proves himself to be quite the Badass Driver.
    • All of this is capped off in the end by Shigaraki and Mr.Compress mutilating Overhaul by removing his arms through their own quirks, and stealing the perfected drugs that he made, all while boasting how everything he did was for naught and that the League of Villains will be the next "Overlords" that Overhaul could only dream of being, leaving Overhaul to scream in rage.
  • In Chapter 161, the heroes are amazed that despite Overhaul's monster rampage and destruction of four houses, there were no casualities. Only three civilians received light scratches. Nejire Hado then reveals that half of it was thanks to Deku. He had blasted Overhaul into the sky and resolved the fight in the air to minimize collateral damage.
  • Chapter 162 Despite having just lost both his Quirk and his mentor, Mirio continues being the ever-smiling optimist we've come to know him as, doing exercises in his hospital bed. His reason? He knows Nighteye wouldn't want him feeling down, not to mention his last Foresight predicted that he'd become a splendid hero.
    • Mirio's optimism combined with the fact that he continued protecting Eri even without a Quirk, compared to his own dejection and the fact he needed Eri's help, makes Deku fully realise why Nighteye wanted Mirio to be the successor, and starts to offer to transfer his power to Mirio. The kid's ready to give-up the dream he finally has within his grasp, to help his senior. And then Mirio one-ups him once again by refusing, before Deku could even finish making the offer, reasoning that all that would achieve is putting Deku into his shoes.

    Hero License Course Arc (Chapters 163-168) 
  • Because of their behavior during the exam, Todoroki and Bakugo, along with Inasa Yoarashi have to survive a special trial along with Camie Utsushimi, who turns out got swapped during the actual exam and needs to make up as well. Their trial: tame the Precious Brats of Masegaki, a class full of precocious, misbehaving Quirk-powered brats. The point: they can't muscle their way out of this, and they have to think fast. So they take on the brats' problems one by one. A bunch of them decide to attack; the teens No-Sell the assault and figure out who's calling the shots. While Yoarashi and Todokiri cooperate and appease most of the brats with an ice slide, Bakugo confronts the "boss" and (crossing with Heartwarming Moments) opens up that he shouldn't look down on people. It works. The brats listen to the teens and even chip in to clean up, helped along with encouraging hints. Gang Orca finally compliments them: now they get it.
  • Chapter 167 has hints that Endeavor might be starting to rethink his own behavior, but that's not the awesome moment. When confronted with his father's uncharacteristic kindness, Todoroki rejects it. Considering that he's lived with his father's violent abuse all his life, and that Endeavor didn't offer anything but an expression of pride that, from Todoroki's perspective, is probably either hollow or insulting, it was quietly impressive to see him stand up for himself. It's a good reminder that after everything he's been through, Todoroki doesn't owe Endeavor anything, least of all his forgiveness.

    Culture Festival Arc (Chapters 169-183) 
  • In 172, we get to see some of the non-combat based awesome things for several characters; Kyoka is apparently an amazing singer, Tokoyami is a masterful guitarist and it even has Bakugo going to be the drummer.
  • 174 has All Might, in his unpowered form, casually catch a what appears to be a giant-sized Golden Snitch that was flying at him and Deku from behind without turning around.
  • 175: Midoriya being able to guess Gentle's plan and identity just from hearing his voice and that he bought some fancy tea. Awesome by Analysis indeed!
  • 176: Gentle repels Deku coming at him full throttle simply by turning the air into an elastic substance.
    • Deku manages to recover from Gentle's attack in midair and fire a blast of pressurized wind at him, within just a few hours of breaking in his upgraded gloves. He then uses the opening to leap off a nearby telephone pole and wrestled Gentle into a building that was under construction.
    • The fact that Deku is starting to build a reputation from his feats going as far as back as the Sports Festival. When Gentle and La Brava recognized Deku as "that crazy kid who broke his arms fighting", they have a freak out and start to take him more seriously. Think about it. Deku is starting to become Nightmare Fuel for low scale villains and he's still a hero in training!
  • 177: Deku lifting a steel support beam off of himself with one arm while using the other to launch an attack on Gentle. "How tenacious!" indeed.
  • 178: Deku rapidly calculating the locations of Gentle's invisible air trampolines, then rebounding an air bullet off of one so that it hits Gentle from behind, giving him an opening to pin Gentle and La Brava to the ground.
    • The reveal of La Brava's quirk, "Love". After a flashback showing just how much it means to her to have someone who accepts her feelings, her quirk channels her love for Gentle into a massive power up, giving him the strength to throw Deku off of them.
    • Gentle knocks Deku unconscious with just one karate chop on his neck and defeats him. Or so it seems. Deku actually managed to block Gentle's blow and is ready to shoot him.
    Gentle (To an unconscious Deku): Love always wins in the end.
    Deku: I have fought lots of people faster and stronger than you. I HAVEN'T LOST YET!!
  • Chapter 179 is a series of spectacular exchanges between Midoriya and Gentle as they clash ferociously. As Midorya has said, he's frequently shown to fight opponents on a much higher level than himself. This is a rare occasion where we get to see him fighting an opponent on, or at least close to, his own level, showing just how far he's evolved since the beginning of the series.
    • Gentle's flashbacks also indicate that he's come a long way since his days as an aspiring hero. Apparently villainy suits him pretty well.
  • Chapter 180: The Deku vs Gentle finale counts as one. Gentle acknowledges Deku as the strongest opponent he has ever fought. He even throws away his reputation and style to go all out, as a mark of respect towards Deku.
    • A massive moment for Gentle, as Izuku acknowledges him as the "toughest opponent he has ever fought" up to that point. Let that sink in for a moment and recall what kind of monsters Izuku have traded blows with in the past, yet Gentle proved himself to be a notch above all of them from Izuku's perspective in terms of a challenge. Mad respect from the "madman" himself for Gentle.
    • Gentle silently admits that Deku succeeded in thwarting his plans and protecting U.A.
    • This is also Izuku's second victory against a Villain where he didn't have to injure himself in any way to win and the first time he was able to do so alone.

    Pro Hero Arc (Chapter 184-192) 
  • Everything about Hawks' Quirk "Fierce Wings". He is able to separate his wings into individual feathers and have complete control over each one. 186 shows him stop crimes and help people all while holding a conversation with Endeavor, and 187 has him rescue 76 civilians with ease.
  • Endeavor's entire fight against the High-End Nomu would definitely qualify, especially as it's deliberately setup as a Call-Back to the All Might vs. The Original Nomu fight.
    • After getting beaten on by High-End to the point where he lost an eye and can't even move his body, Endeavor still keeps fighting, propelling himself with nothing but the power of his flames. Hawks provides some support, but it's still Endeavor's fight.
    • The end of the fight is also worth mentioning; Despite being half blind and essentially running on pure adrenaline, Endeavor still has enough strength to propel himself and High End upwards (with the help of Hawk's feathers) to the sky away from the public and pulls off his strongest move to completely incinerate him from the inside out. He tried this same move before only for High End to easily dodge and counter, Endeavor made sure he wouldn't be able to dodge it this time. Bonus points for shouting U.A.'s motto of "Plus Ultra", a saying he's always hated, before doing so and striking the same pose as All Might pictured above.
    • Points to High End, who showed that the Nomus have come a long way from the mindless drones they were before. It's capable of speech, comprised of multiple quirks, and is intelligent enough to skillfully dodge Endeavor's fatal blows to it's head and mount a counter-attack.
    Joint Training Arc (Chapter 193-217) 
  • Midoriya has a dream where he meets the previous users of One For All. We clearly see their faces for the first time. Midoriya also watches the memory of the first user of One For All confronting All For One.
  • Chapter 193 deals with All For One in his early days.
    • At that time the world was in chaos and All For One thought he could bring order by uniting people under him. He traded Quirks extensively in exchange for people's loyalty to him. Those who didn't cooperate were killed. Naturally his brother was revolted.
    • After the Flashback ends, the first user of One For All speaks to Deku. He tells Deku he wanted to show a bit more of the past. The brother takes Deku's hand and assures him that he's not alone.
    • Midoriya is implied to be the first One For All user to unlock the ability to interact with his deceased predecessors of the Quirk.
  • Chapter 194 has the return of Shinso in a speaking role after far, far too long. Even better? Aizawa is letting him try out for the hero program!
  • Chapter 195 has the first battle of the Joint Training exercise begin. Kirishima, Tsuyu, Kaminari, Kouda and Shinso vs Ibara, Jurota, Hiryu and Kosei. Right off the bat we have a number of awesome moments.
    • Class 1-B immediately take the initiative of the fight. Using Ibara as a lure Jurota and Kosei charge into the fight, using Jurota's amazing senses to pinpoint their location, to take on all five members of Class 1-A's team alone and do surprisingly well. Jurota flooring both Tsu and Kirishima in a surprise attack and Kosei trapping Kouda in a soundproof box to prevent him from calling animals to help in an excellent display of how much his quirk has developed since he was last seen using it in the Sports Festival.
    • The chapter also goes into a little bit more with Shinso, mainly his new costume which adds a mask and bandages like Aizawa. During Jurota and Kosei's ambush we see the use for the mask, mimicking other voices, which allows him to use his brainwashing quirk easily. He completely halts Jurota with this and brings the ambush to a sudden stop.
  • Chapter 196:
  • With Chapter 197 comes victory for 1-A and the end of the first joint training battle, in a climax full of awesome moments.
  • Chapter 201:
  • Chapter 203:
    • For those who were worried that Endeavor was Easily Forgiven for being a spectacularly shitty dad, the opening of the chapter shows that Shoto's been completely ignoring his attempts to contact him.
    • Honenuki finally gets a chance to demonstrate why he got into UA with recommendations. He melts Todoroki's ice wall, essentially a small glacier, in a matter of seconds, giving himself and his teammates an overwhelming advantage and almost capturing Iida.
    • Later on, Tetsutetsu barrels his way through Todoroki's ice barrier (with the help of Pony's projectiles) and knocks him through a pipe. It goes to show that in spite of all the raw power he has at his disposal, Todoroki is still no match for the Dumb Muscle in close combat.
  • Chapter 204: Iida unveils his new move, Recipro Turbo. His brother recommended Iida to pull out his mufflers (an excruciating process) and train harder so that a stronger, more efficient set of mufflers would grow. For ten minutes, Iida is given Super Speed and Deku deems it to be on par with Gran Torino.
  • Chapter 205:
    • At the end of the previous chapter, Todoroki had decided to listen to Endeavor's advice about going 'Plus Ultra' with his flames. Unfortunately for him, Tetsutetsu manages to tank everything thrown at him and ultimately come out on top against one of 1-A's most powerful quirks. Granted, Todoroki was immobilised by Juzo and taken out with a metal beam to the back of the head before his final desperate attack, but it doesn't change the fact that Tetsutetsu went hand-to-hand against a bloke burning so hot the effect was felt throughout the arena, began melting the cameras and tiring out the user more than anything previously had, and still managed to match him blow-for-blow. Bad Quirk match-ups were mentioned all the way back in the Sports Festival arc, but it seems we might have finally found one where Shoto ends up with the disadvantage.
    • The sheer tenacity shown by Juzo Honenuki. It's been shown that he's more of a tactical combatant than a front-line fighter, yet after taking a direct hit to the head from Iida, who is currently moving at speeds never before seen from him, he's stubborn enough to pull one last trick with the thought that even though he 'failed', his allies might not have to suffer from his mistake. With the help from Tetsutetsu and the knowledge that if he passes out then everything he's softened will revert to its previous state, his last trick incapacitates Iida, burying him beneath a steel tower before succumbing to unconsciousness.
  • Chapter 206: Pony singlehandedly manages to send Ojiro to jail and keep herself and her unconscious teammates out of Shoji's reach, thus running down the time limit, ensuring a tie instead of a loss, and showing that stalling for time while staying out of opponent's reach can be a viable strategy.
  • Chapter 207:
    • Setsuna showcases from the get-go why she got into U.A. through recommendations, displaying a quirk that's perfect for scouting, spying and distracting (and we've yet to see the offensive capabilities of her quirk) which, combined with some brilliant strategics from her, her team takes the 1-A team by surprise with an ambush, putting the 1-A team at an immediate disadvantage.
    • By the end of the chapter, it looks like Kyoka's about to be taken out of commission by Togaru, when out of nowhere, Bakugo jumps in front of her and blasts Togaru away. Throughout the whole chapter, it looked like Bakugo was doing what he usually does, just charging straight in without a care for who's with him because he believes he can handle things mostly by himself and just needs simple support from his teammates, but by jumping in front of Kyoka to save her, Bakugo, for the first time, displays two things he had been lacking since the beginning of the story: proper teamwork, and going out of his way to save someone else. Character Development in spades.
  • Chapter 208:
    • The Badass Boast Bakugo delivers when giving chase to the opposing team really shows how far he's advanced in working with others, especially when compared to his previous declaration at the sports festival.
      Bakugo: I've decided! We're gonna win this match with a perfect victory! 4-0, with everyone unscathed! That's the only kind of victory there is for the strongest guys out there!
    • The coordination team 1-A shows throughout the fight is phenomenal. When the rest of team 1-B retreats in an effort to regroup after their initial ambush attempt failed, Bakugo immediately gives chase. Awase tries to cover the retreat by welding Bakugo in place, only for Sato to immediately free him. Awase then covers himself in solid steel plates in an effort to tank Bakugo's explosions, only for the other boy to bypass him entirely, leaving Awase open to a sonic attack and capture by Jiro and Sero. Dazed and disorganized, Bondo and Kamakiri are swiftly dealt with while Tokage is forced to watch on helplessly. When she tries to reassemble herself to assist her teammates we learn that Sero anticipated her actions and the limitations of her Quirk, and attached one of Bakugo's grenades to one of her detached segments. The explosion it produces is all the opportunity Bakugo needs to take her down. Class A wins 4-0, a completely overwhelming victory.
    • What makes their victory especially awesome is that their team 1-A's strategizing wasn't particularly superior to that of team 1-B, but their teamwork was just so perfect that team 1-B just couldn't match up.
  • Chapter 210:
    • After 3 years and 180 chapters of being the Butt-Monkey, we finally get to see the return of Monoma as a formidable opponent and it is glorious.
    • Both Monoma and Midoriya guess each other's strategies accurately. Monoma taunts Midoriya, but the latter does not take the bait, suspecting that Monoma may brainwash him.
    • Black tendrils of energy explode from Midoriya's hands when he uses One For All. This evokes an Oh, Crap! reaction from All Might, Midoriya, Bakugo and Aizawa.
  • Chapter 211:
    • Upon noticing that Midoriya is in trouble, Uraraka immediately rushes in to help him.
    • Carrying on from the previous chapter, Monoma continues to showcase his competency as a hero in training, managing to nimbly dodge the rampaging effects on an out of control One For All.
    • While horrific (and painful) for the characters, it's quite an awesome spectacle to see Midoriya's new tentacle goo ability rampage around and cause destruction.
  • Chapter 212: Uraraka and Shinso's combined efforts of stopping the rampaging Deku succeeds in a grand display of teamwork, improvisation and trust between them, two complete strangers, in the heat of the moment.
  • Chapter 213: A predecessor of One For All explains to Deku that One for All doesn't just empower his body but also carries with it the Quirks of all its previous holders. Before Deku it was only used to empower the user's physical body, but now it's grown strong enough to grant him access to six Quirks that are stronger than their previous holders in addition to raw power that surpasses All Might's.
    • Midoriya used to be Quirkless and had always wanted a Quirk. Now in a world where the norm is One Person, One Power, Midoriya has a total of SEVEN super-strong Quirks and he has the potential to wield them all without suffering from Quirk overload. Even the High-End Nomu which had overwhelmed the #1. Pro Hero Endeavour had six strong Quirks and eventually succumbed to the overload. Deku, after everything he has endured and suffered in life, finally struck the Karmic Jackpot at last.
  • Chapter 214: Surprisingly, Mineta is putting a solid fight with three opponents stronger than him. Mineta uses Mina's Quirk to increase his speed and his sticky balls to jump around like Gran Torino, holding Shoda, Yanagi and Kodai at bay. Monoma copies One For All but is defeated by Ochaco. Deku decides to go Quirkless against Shinso out of fear that One For All might rampage. At the last moment, he remembers what the bald user had told him. Deku activates Black Whip and this time the new Quirk obeys him. The last panel with Deku using Black Whip looks badass. Later revealed that Deku needs a higher percentage of One For All to naturally control Black Whip.
  • Chapter 215 ends with victory for Class 1-A 4-0 with each one contributing to the victory.
    • Deku draws out One for All again and immobilizes Shinso by dragging him in with his own capture weapon.
    • Uraraka proves herself one of the strongest combatants by taking down Monoma and bringing him back to the jail on her own before knocking Yanagi out cold and forcing Kodai into Mineta's trap.
    • Mina takes advantage of Uraraka's attack to take out Shoda with an uppercut reminiscent of how she beat Aoyama in the Sports Festival. Bonus points because Shoda is the best melee combatant on the enemy team, both because of his Quirk and his boxing hobby.
    • Mineta's spheres come into play again when they allow Uraraka to take out Kodai with a simple push that traps her in Mineta's snare.
    • Props to Monoma as well for just how far ahead he planned. He has a limit to how many copied Quirks he can store, and he keeps three pocket watches to track how long he uses each. Based off this, you'd think his limit is three stored Quirks, as he has a pocket watch for each. However, you'd be wrong. He can actually store at least four and only keeps three pocket watches as a way to mislead opponents about his limits. That's an incredible amount of forethought and planning to put into a costume design that most enemies wouldn't read into that much. He shows this off by using the secret fourth Quirk, Shoda's Twin Impact, to throw Deku off his balance and nearly give Shinso the opportunity to capture him.
  • Chapter 216: Despite losing the fifth match, Shinso's performance in both matches he participated in was enough to land him a spot in the Hero Course at the beginning of his second year.
  • Chapter 217: In a funny, karmic way, seeing Mina subject Mineta to the Ludovico Technique is a satisfying sight.

    Meta Liberation Army Arc (Chapter 218-TBA) 
  • Chapter 218-219: Bakugo and Todoroki suddenly teaming up to capture a gang of purse-snatchers barely half an hour after earning their provisional licenses.
    • To elaborate, Todoroki uses his famous move from the Sports Festival in order to neutralize the robber's Seltzer Quirk, while Bakugo not only does a flying explosion combo in midair, but also manages to keep the stolen wallets and jewelry intact before doing so.
    • All Might safely evacuating civilians from the area and managing to run in his weakened form to save a woman from a falling lamppost. Even if he doesn't have One For All anymore, he still has the heart of a hero.
    • The Meta Liberation Army deserves a couple points for being Genre Savvy as to monitor their black market equipment and Destroy the Evidence the moment the situation goes south. That, and managing to track, capture, and beat up the hard-to-find Giran.
    • Which then leads to Giran refusing to sell out his League brethren even as he's captured (destroying all his client lists in the process), even going as far as to say that the CEO should quote, "crawl back up in his daddy's ballsack." Now that's loyalty - and outright savagery!
    • And of course, Gigantomachina being so powerful as to swat the new League members aside and outright dismiss them.
  • Chapter 220: Even Evil Has Standards as the League of Villains confronts what's essentially the MHA-verse's KKK and takes them out.
  • Chapter 223:
    • In the interim between the previous chapter and this one, the League spent a month and a half fighting Gigantomachia. Particularly impressive in Shigaraki's case, because Gigantomachia has been focused on him the entire time while the other members were able to tap in or out in shifts. Meanwhile, Shigaraki has been relentlessly hunted by Gigantomachia whenever the giant is awake, giving him only a three-hour window every two days in which he can rest. Despite this, not only has Shigaraki not been deterred at all, he's kept his smile throughout the whole ordeal!
    • In an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, Giran stays completely silent throughout the torture despite having five of his fingers cut off.
    • Credit to the MLA, they tracked down the League's location thanks to their members' IT firm tracing their phone call, threatening to tip off the heroes if they refuse to accept their challenge. And they wasted Giran's sacrifice thanks to easily recovering the data. And they have 116,000 loyal adherents for their cause and over 100,000 copies of their manifesto published.
  • Chapter 224: Shigaraki comes up with a pretty good plan to solve two of his problems by pitting them against each other. Knowing Gigantomachia will keep hunting him down no matter what, he simply accepts MLA's challenge so that they're between him and the giant when the next attack comes. Then once the MLA's decimated by Gigantomachia's rampage, he plans to attack Gigantomachia, hoping the MLA weakened him enough to finally take him down. Whether or not it ends up working, it takes guts to have two different threats to your life and make it work for you.
  • Chapter 226: Toga’s quirk has a surprise level up: If she really wants to be the person she's copying, she can copy that person down to the quirk: in this case, Uraraka's Zero Gravity; recall, it was her inability to use Zero Gravity that clued in Deku during the licensing exam—not anymore. She uses her abilities to lift the enemies into the air... and then releasing her quirk, turning the enemies into a giant collective stain on the pavement.
  • Chapter 227: Shigaraki gets a moment to shine by killing an entire crowd of MLA followers IN ONE MOVE!
  • Chapter 229: The MLA gets hit by a massive Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!, when they use puppets modelled after Twice to hold him down, and force him to watch as they kill Toga. They expected that being uncovered and surrounded by his own copies, would trigger his trauma, and let them do it, but because Toga was nice to him, he fights back, forcing them to break both his arms. This backfires spectacularly, because it proves to Twice that he is in fact the real one all along, and not just a copy he created of himself as he always feared. This knowledge allowed him to instead overcome his trauma and fear of disappearing, and create an entire army of himself once again.
  • Chapter 230:
    • Twice makes good on his threat and becomes a swarm. This is not an exaggeration, the word "hoard" simply isn't good enough for how he overwhelms the Liberation Army mooks through sheer weight of numbers and proceeds to spread out like a bloodthirsty army of ants. Even Re-Destro seems dumbstruck by this turn of events, even if only for a single panel.
    • Not to be outdone, Geten proves that they're one of the strongest members of the MLA so far. Being able to clash with Dabi on even footing a few chapters ago was but a brief indication of his full power, as here they use their quirk to manipulate the entire water supply of the city by being able to freeze it with ice they had previously sent down there. This lets them reduce entire chunks of the city to rubble in the span of moments, and they manage to cut swathes in the clone army that Twice produced.
  • Chapter 232:
    • One of Twice's clones manages to get past the Liberation Army and into the room with Redestro. That's all he needs to confront him with a half-dozen of himself and clones of Mr. Compress, Dabi, and Shigaraki. Redestro then gets one of his own by demolishing almost all of them in one attack.
    • A group of Twice's clones get confronted with the "all of them think they're the original" hangup, only to almost immediately shake it off because it's not important compared to completing their mission. It's remarkable determination from a man who was terrified by that very conundrum for years and shows just how much he's put that barrier behind him.
    • Shigaraki's Quirk has been shown to make short work of people and smaller objects before, but here we get a glimpse at its full power when he disintegrates an entire skyscraper in seconds with a single touch.
  • Chapter 233:
    • Spinner during his fight with Trumpet gets flanked by the politicians flunkies and mocked for his life as a hikikomori and is told flat out that he doesn't have the power to change anything. Spinner however is well aware about his life and gives an awesome speech both showcasing his new resolve to see Shigaraki's world come to fruition and calling the Meta Liberation army out as being no different then him.
    Spinner: I've got nothing I love like Toga does. Nothing I really wanna do. But back then, I just know… Something lit a fire in my heart. All I could think was how I wanted a glimpse of the future he was imagining! Sure… I’m just a nobody who jumped on a bandwagon but what’s wrong with that!? Nothing, right!? And you people ain’t much better!!! Ain’t that right, politician?"
  • Chapter 234:
    • Shigaraki's crippled left hand is being held between Re-Destro's bulked up fingers who then proceeds to crush it. Shigaraki, whose mind in breaking from the trauma of losing one of his family hands, puts his remaining two fingers on Re-Destro's finger and breaks it. Re-Destro quickly realises that Shigaraki is in the process of fully awakening his powers. Shigaraki then dashes towards Re-Destro who realises that he is far more nimble and quick then he was back at Kamino Ward and as such far more dangerous.
    • Re-Destro decides he's done playing around and proceeds to bulk up his body at 80% Liberation and proceeds to fire a blast that sends Shigaraki flying and tears the adjacent building apart.
    • Re-Destro gets a panicked call from Skeptic who tells him to be wary the League hadn't played all of their cards yet, they have a true monster at their call. Gigantomachia has arrived.
  • Chapter 235: After seeing how unaffected Shigaraki was from his attack Re-Destro is shocked to realise that before the attack could hit him Shigaraki touched and destroyed it. The realisation that Shigaraki destroyed his strongest attack causes Re-Destro to have the beginning of a Villainous Breakdown as he ignores Skeptic's warning that Gigantomachia is coming and bulks up even more all so he can destroy his enemy.
    Re-Destro: Burden. I extract my own stress, make it corporeal and blast it over a wide range. The pinnacle of my Meta Ability, honed since childhood! An attack that cannot be evaded! But he touched it! In that instant! He moved into it! And ignored the instinct to defend. Moving only to destroy!

  • The very fact that this series got greenlit for a second season running twice as long as a standard thirteen episodes. Some people were annoyed the show would go off for a year and come back for only thirteen more episodes, wondering what exactly merits a show to be gone that long and only come back for such a short run (unless it's Attack on Titan, which puts so much polish into the episodes that it really does need that long). The answer? It earned enough of a popularity boom to merit an extended double-length run, which also happens to play host to some of the biggest moments in the story before the League of Villains becomes a big threat, and by capitalizing on all of them, helped to boost the series in popularity a whole lot further than the first season run (and because Attack on Titan premiered its long-overdue second season with this show's second season, it caught periphery viewers by storm; AoT had the opposite fate in that its run was halved and the series only lasted a good 12 episodes with the promise of the other 12 coming next year for sure as a confirmed third season, and people who were bothered by the short but sweet run had this My Hero Academia 26-episode season as a consolation prize to look forward to).
  • In Shonen Jump, this manga manages to stay at the Top 5 for Table of Content Rankings for the first 150 chapters before dropping to 11th in the #40th issue of 2017.
  • Really, the fact that Kohei Horikoshi managed to persevere long enough to finally make this his Breakthrough Hit. His past two attempts at making a long running manga series didn't go too well, no doubt putting a strain on him. Yet he persevered through these difficulties and finally succeeded, creating what is probably likely a contender for a new long running title.
  • Season 3 and the series's first movie transpiring as a result of its booming popularity. Not only that, the movie reveals what All Might's face looks like with normal eyes.
  • Horikoshi's fanboy-ism towards comic books reached critical mass with the third season's newest set of promos: an official Crossover collaboration with the Marvel Cinematic Universe to promote Avengers: Infinity War!
  • The epic trailer for the episode featuring quite possibly one of the greatest fights in the story: All For One vs. All Might.
  • Two Heroes did well enough at the box office that it was able to top The Nun and The Predator without a weekend pull, and it's also already outperformed the entire box office haul of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’.
  • This awesome fan-made live-action fight..
    "He was born..with a backpack? How? Why?"
    "So he could carry a generation."


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