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Introduction Arc

Midoriya: Kacchan...!!
Bakugo: You!! Why?!
Midoriya: My legs just started moving! Why? I dunno!! (thinking) There were any number of reasons. But at that moment... (speaking) You... You looked like you needed saving.
Midoriya during his first heroic moment

Young man... you, too, can become a hero!
All-Might, to Midoriya


I'm afraid that I barely have a minute left in this form. My power is declining faster than I thought it would. Even so, I have to stop these villains. Because I am... the world's symbol of peace and justice!

Now, for a lesson. you may have heard these words before, but I'll teach you what they really mean.
All Might

Sports Festival Arc

My old man [Endeavor] is trying to fulfill his own desire by raising me to be a hero to surpass All Might. It's so annoying... I won't become the tool of scum like that. In my memories, my mother is always crying. "Your left side is unsightly," my mother said after she poured boiling water on me. Basically, I picked a fight with you to show him what I can do, without using my damn old man's Quirk... No. I'll reject him completely by winning first place without using it.
Todoroki, revealing his motives and Dark and Troubled Past to Midoriya

Bakugo: Well if you're gonna give up, do it now. Cause I'm not gonna hold anything back
Uraraka: Giving up isn't an option for me!
Bakugo: And now you die.

'I Can Still Fight!... I can... I'll become... the hero...!''
Uraraka, right before passing out from exhaustion

IT'S YOURS! Your Quirk, not his!
Midoriya speaking to Todoroki during their fight, before telling him to give it his all.

Vs. Hero Killer Arc

The old me would definitely not have been able to choose my old man's agency for the internship. It's not that I've forgiven him and I've no intention of doing so. It was just so I could experience the fact that he's the number 2 hero with my own eyes and body and accept that. [...] No matter what a scumbag he is, I had to appreciate the judgment and instincts of the man called the number 2 hero. Everything was so simple! But even though it was simple, I didn't see it.
Todoroki's Inner Monologue, chapter 53

Final Exams Arc

These gauntlets were only so I could use maximum firepower with no risk. But now I see that was stupid. If I don't take any risks, there is no way I can beat you... right, All-Might?
Bakugo, right before firing out with full power

Training Camp Arc

Risking our lives... And walking the walk is our job! One For All 100%!
Midoriya fighting the villain Muscular

This is for those at U.A. who have a one track mind! Because when everyone else is ready to give up, they take another step, and Go Beyond!
Itsuka Kendo during the fight with the villain Mustard

Hideout Raid Arc

All For One: A clever trick! That's so unlike you! STILL WEAK, THOUGH!
The final battle between All Might and All For One

Farewell, All For One! Farewell... One For All...
All Might finishing his Arch-Enemy and losing what was left of his power.

You're... next!
All Might after finishing his Arch-Enemy. To the masses, he's sending a warning to other villains at large. To those in the know, the age of All Might is over, and now it's Midoriya's turn.

Internship Arc

I won't regret anything! Now or ever again! I'll do it! I'll become a hero! I'll protect people! If I crack, then I'll harden again! Stay strong! Protect others! EVEN IF IT MEANS YOUR LIFE!

Nothing I've done up to now will ever be useless! I WILL ALWAYS BE LEMILLION!
Mirio fighting Overhaul after losing his quirk.

I see. The instant my leg broke, before I could even feel pain, she reverted it for me. It's such a kind and gentle quirk.
Midoriya talking about Eri's quirk

Midoriya in rebuttal to Overhaul's "The "Reason You Suck" Speech , just before punching him in the face with One For All: Full Cowl - 100%.

Culture Festival

Gentle: If you don't have heart, go ahead and laugh at me! I don't care! I know what's important to me!
Midoriya: I am not laughing, Gentle Criminal!
—Chapter 179

"My dream's not just about me! It's way bigger than me! It was one I'd totally given up on, but I had people who didn't mock me for it! There are people who respected me for it! I gotta honor that! Plus, there are those who have suffered! I wanna be the guy to show them a brighter future!"
Midoriya, Chapter 180

Pro Hero Arc

"Just watch me."

"Stop saying that crap, already!! Open your eyes before spouting off on TV! Especially at a time like this! Look! Those flames're still rising up! You see'em, right?! Endeavor's alive and fighting!! So don't give up just cuz the other guy's gone! There's still a dude out there risking it all for us!! Can'tcha see?!"
Hiroshi Tameda/The "Can'tcha See" Kid, Chapter 189

"You're... me. My past... or a future... that might have been... Now burn and fade away..."
I've always hated... that stupid... school motto!!
"Plus Ultra: Prominence Burn!!"
—Endeavor to the High-End Nomu Hood as he finishes it off, Chapter 190

"I have no intention of asking for forgiveness after all that's happened. It may well be too late, but... all I can do is atone. That is the only path forward."
—Todoroki Enji.

Meta Liberation Army Arc

Spinner: Hey. Where're we going with all this? I'm only here cuz Stain inspired me to take action!
Shigaraki: Huh?
Spinner: I was born in a real backwater place, stuck in the last century. Around there, I was known as the Lizard Freak. And I just accepted It! That whole time, my heart... was totally empty. That is until I learned about Stain's final stand on the evening news! He was trying to change the world on his own! That was the day I realized how suffocating society really is. I just couldn't take it anymore! This is the reason I joined up with you people!
Dabi: So what you're saying is basically your're just an empty cosplayer
Spinner: That's right! Totally hollow! Which's why I don't get why we're sitting around doing nothing! I was ready to have some new life breathed into me! To be inspired! So answer me, Shigaraki! Where're we going?!
Shigaraki: Like I said... He-
[Cue Gigantomachia interrupting the conversation]
—Chapter 220

"My life, my tech and my little ones here... I offered them all up to the great All For One. Up to now, you've been getting by with just scraps and leftovers of my work. Now, I've got nothing against you. I just need to judge if you're worthy of having all this. Cuz so far you're nothing."
—"Daruma Ujiko"

Shigaraki: I don't... remember much about my life... before meeting my master and you.
"Daruma Ujiko": Yeah, I'm aware.
Shigaraki: And yet... when I equip everyone all over me... my rage just boils over. I can't help it. All I can really remember is my master holding me. Before that, I'd been an empty shell — completely hollow.
Spinner: Shigaraki...
—Chapter 222

Re-Destro: My comrades of the Liberation Army! It is I, Re-Destro! Today, the Liberation Army will be reborn!!!… When it came to enlightening the world with the ideals of Destro, I had believed that the League’s existence was naught but an obstacle! Until that day, I had regarded this as the absolute truth! Oh, how blind I must have been! I was swept away by my blood; bound by my teachings. But on that day, I witnessed true liberation! Hear me! This is not surrender!!! The man you see before you, Shigaraki Tomura, is one who is truly liberated! He is the one who is worthy of the utmost reverence! He is the one who is worthy of the throne! Starting now, the Liberation Army… shall carry out the resurrection, with Shigaraki Tomura as it’s supreme leader! Together, we shall walk the true path of liberation! The Liberation Army and the League of Villains… shall henceforth be united under a new name!!! This name was devised by myself, Re-Destro, and Spinner, of the League! And now do the honours… Shigaraki Tomura!
Shigaraki: Abandoning the title of ‘villains’ in order to broaden the world’s understanding of ‘special abilities’ , we shall henceforth be known as… “The Paranormal Liberation Front”. Furthermore, I know designate the 9 members on stage with me as commanding officers, who shall coordinate our forces at their discretion. Well… this new name is just like this script. Irrelevant. Go wild.
—Chapter 240

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

"All For One was obsessed with One For All. It was an age when evil wielded a degree of power that's hard for us to imagine nowadays. All For One went around crushing the strong, because there was nobody who could defy his sheer malice and control. Writhing in that hellscape, as they lay down to die, the past users made sure the power would reach the future. They weren't really chosen ones. Through all those battles, all they could do was receive the quirk and then entrust it to another."
—All Might, about the previous wielders of One For All, Chapter 257

"I gotta... protect everyone! Protect them Twice! They accepted me. And how'd I pay them back? By causing them more pain! I can't let it end this way!"
"Sure, my whole life, it seems like... I've been a man falling... lower and lower... getting duped. To you, my life looks pathetic. Meaningless."
"I wandered around, searching for myself. And I found myself... blessed with friends better than I ever could be. Could a guy ask for a better life? Die, Hawks. But you don't get to tell me that I was "unlucky." Being here with them...
I was happy!"
—Twice's inner monologue throughout Chapter 266

"You heroes pretend to be society's guardians. For generations, you pretended not to see those you couldn't protect and swept their pain under the rug. It's tainted everything you've built. That means your system's all rotten from the inside with maggots crawling out. It all builds up, little by little, over time. You've got the common trash, all too dependent on being protected. And the brave guardians who created the trash that need coddling. It's a corrupt, vicious cycle. Everything I've witnessed... this whole system you've built has always rejected me. Now I'm ready to reject it. That's why I destroy. That's why I took this power for myself. Simple enough, yeah? I don't care if you don't understand. That's what makes us... heroes and villains."
—Shigaraki's declaration to the heroes about the current state of the world in Chapter 281

"I have a great name. Call me Toya."
—Dabi to Endeavor and Todoroki to the rest of the world, Chapter 290

"You killed so many of us! And hurt countless others. That is unforgivable. It's unforgivable... and yet... back there... when you got swallowed up by All For One... At that moment... the look on your face... You looked like you needed saving!"
—Midoriya, about Shigaraki, Chapter 295

""If it's freedom you desire, then submit to me, my brethren. And bear witness, by my side. This impending void era will give rise to a more perfect demon lord. This will be the story of how I became the greatest demon lord of all!"
All for One orchestrating a mass breakout of Tartarus, Chapter 297

Tatarus Escapees Arc

"To be frank, until our world went to hell, I never really realized it myself. How I was a spectator... and the heroes were like the performers on a stage. Once upon a time, the unmatched All Might showed us how to be a hero. He was the act to follow, and everybody cheered him on! But along the way... people forgot about the heart and soul that made the man. The stage is gone now. The theater's knocked down. With failure after failure... heroes can't be hoping for glory and riches at this point. So many of those folks we once called heroes have hung up their capes. Think about it. Those ones who're still left, still fighting, whaddya think they're fighting for? If we reject the ones still standing up for what's right, what do we even got left? How'll there be any chance in hell of going back to our old lives? Sure, we're all hurting here, but let's stop and use our heads! How long... can we be spectators on the sidelines?"
—Old man in Chapter 325

"My whole life, I felt spurred to action. I couldn't sit back and accept it... When the madness kept taking from people... When their daily lives were stolen away so thoughtlessly. Powerless though I was, I refused to sit on the sidelines. I had to make the world a better place somehow. But I've run my course now. And this is the end result. I'd give my life in an instant to protect my disciple... but I couldn't bring myself to tell him to take time for himself. It's hard to explain but... I feel as if I'm the only one who's become more and more distant from heroes. From heroism."
—All Might, Chapter 326

"In the worst of times, All Might would maintain that grin and devote every fiber of his being to the people! It had nothing to do with powers or quirks! The man we knew as All Might could not live his life any other way. He carved those ideals into his soul and was lauded for it! Who are you to presume to know the first thing about All Might? No, look upon that woman! The end result, you say?! His influence lives on! The flickering ember he left behind is nurtured by those select few, who succumb to neither chilling rain nor howling wind! Until the ember grows anew into a roaring blaze, the people must not let that fire die out. No matter how undignified the struggle, they must stoke the flames so long as they draw breath."
—Stain's rebuttal to All Might, Chapter 326


    Hero too 
What am I to be?
What is my calling?
I gave up giving up, I'm ready to go
The future's left unseen
It all depends on me
Put it on the line to follow my dreams

Tried all my life
I've tried to find
Something that makes me hold on and never let go

Hero too
I am a hero too
My heart is set and I won't back down
Hero too
Strength doesn't make a hero
True heroes stand up for what they believe
So wait and see
So wait and see

What do they think of me?
Who do they think I'll be?
I could not care less, I don't wanna know
Am I doing right?
Am I satisfied?
I wanna live my life like it's meant to be

Tried all my life
I've tried to find
Something that makes me hold on and never let go

Hero too
I am a hero too
My heart is set and I won't back down
Hero too
Strength doesn't make a hero
True heroes stand up for what they believe
So wait and see

People judge for no reason at all
Yeah, they might try
To say your dream's dumb
Don't listen

They may look down on me and count me out
I'm going my own way
They may look down on me and count me out
I'm a hero, I've got music

Hero too
I am a hero too
My heart is set and I won't back down
Hero too
Strength doesn't make a hero
True heroes stand up for what they believe
Yeah I'll be!

Hero too
I am a hero too
My heart is set and I won't back down
Hero too
Strength doesn't make a hero
True heroes stand up for what they believe
So wait and see

I have met so many heroes in my life
Gave me the strength and courage to survive
Gave me the power to smile everyday
Now it's my turn to be the one to make you smile
Hero too, composed by Yuki Hayashi and performed by Chrissy Costanza.


You're- not alone
There's no doubt
Your gift isn't futile to be
If we'll be united
We're stronger together!
We always have the high hope
Not all for one, but one for all!

Don't worry 'bout a thing
We'll reach out to you
Even if it's the harder way
It's plain to see the reason why
Oh that, all because of the mighty heart!
Remember it's just natural that,
We'll be there if you need help
Far across the distance
Rest assured that our faith just won't die

You know we have to sacrifice ourselves
Whatever they may say
It's plain to see the reason why
Oh that, all because of the mighty heart!
Remember it's just natural that,
We'll be there if you need help
Far across the distance
Rest assured that our faith just won't die.