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Introduction Arc

Kacchan... I couldn't just stand there and watch you die.
Midoriya during his first heroic moment

Young man... you, too, can become a hero!
All-Might, to Midoriya


I'm afraid that I barely have a minute left in this form. My power is declining faster than I thought it would. Even so, I have to stop these villains. Because I am... the world's symbol of peace and justice!'

Now, for a lesson. you may have heard these words before, but I'll teach you what they really mean.
All Might

Sports Festival Arc

Bakugo: Well if you're gonna give up, do it now. Cause I'm not gonna hold anything back
Uraraka: Giving up isn't an option for me!
Bakugo: And now you die.

I can still fight... I can... I'll become... the hero...!
Uraraka, right before passing out from exhaustion

Final Exams Arc

These gauntlets were only so I could use maximum firepower with no risk. But now I see that was stupid. If I dont take any risks, there is no way I can beat you... right, All-Might?
Bakugo, right before firing out with full power

Training Camp Arc

Risking our lives... And walking the walk is our job! One For All 100%!
Midoriya fighting the villain Muscular

Hideout Raid Arc

All For One: A clever trick! That's so unlike you! STILL WEAK, THOUGH!
The final battle between All Might and All For One

Farewell, All For One! Farewell... One For All...
All Might finishing his Arch-Enemy and losing what was left of his power.

You're... next!
All Might after finishing his Arch-Enemy. To the masses, he's sending a warning to other villains at large. To those in the know, the age of All Might is over, and now it's Midoriya's turn.

Internship Arc

''Nothing I've done up to now will ever be useless! I WILL ALWAYS BE LEMILLION!
Mirio fighting Overhaul after losing his quirk.

I see. The instant my leg broke, before I could even feel pain, she reverted it for me. It's such a kind and gentle quirk.
Midoriya talking about Eri's quirk

Culture Festival

Gentle: If you don't have heart, go ahead and laugh at me! I don't care! I know what's important to me!
Midoriya: I am not laughing, Gentle Criminal!
—Chapter 179

Pro Hero Arc

Just watch me.
"I have no intention of asking for forgiveness after all that's happened. It may well be too late, but... all I can do is atone. That is the only path forward."
—Todoroki Enji.

Meta Liberation Army Arc

Spinner: Hey. Where're we going with all this? I'm only here cuz Stain inspired me to take action!
Shigaraki: Huh?
Spinner: I was born in a real backwater place, stuck in the last century. Around there, I was known as the Lizard Freak. And I just accepted It! That whole time, my heart... was totally empty. That is until I learned about Stain's final stand on the evening news! He was trying to change the world on his own! That was the day I realized how suffocating society really is. I just couldn't take it anymore! This is the reason I joined up with you people!
Dabi: So what you're saying is basically your're just an empty cosplayer
Spinner: That's right! Totally hollow! Which's why I don't get why we're sitting around doing nothing! I was ready to have some new life breathed into me! To be inspired! So answer me, Shigaraki! Where're we going?!
Shigaraki: Like I said... He-
[Cue Gigantomachia interrupting the conversation]
—Chapter 220

"My life, my tech and my little ones here... I offered them all up to the great All For One. Up to now, you've been getting by with just scraps and leftovers of my work. Now, I've got nothing against you. I just need to judge if you're worthy of having all this. Cuz so far you're nothing."
—"Daruma Ujiko"

Shigaraki: I don't... remember much about my life... before meeting my master and you.
"Daruma Ujiko": Yeah, I'm aware.
Shigaraki: And yet... when I equip everyone all over me... my rage just boils over. I can't help it. All I can really remember is my master holding me. Before that, I'd been an empty shell — completely hollow.
Spinner: Shigaraki...
—Chapter 222

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