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Characters / My Hero Academia

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This is the list of My Hero Academia and My Hero Academia Vigilantes characters.

Beware: Anime spoilers will be untagged. Manga spoilers may be untagged as well due to organization factors and to be able to be added at all.

U.A. High School Students

  • Class 1-A note 
  • Class 1-B note 
  • Students From Other Classes note 

Pro Heroes

  • U.A. School Faculty and Staff note 
  • Other Heroes note 
  • One For All and Its Torch Bearers note  (Unmarked Spoilers)


  • Known Villains note 
    • The League of Villains note  (Spoiler Heavy)
      • All For One (Unmarked Spoilers)
      • Tomura Shigaraki (Spoiler Heavy)
      • Artificial Humans note 
    • Shie Hassaikai note 
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    • Meta Liberation Army note 
    • Paranormal Liberation Front (Massive Spoilers)


  • Police and Government Workers note 
  • Civilians note 
    • Main Characters' Families note 
  • Other High Schools note 

Characters From Other My Hero Academia Media

  • Video Game Characters note 
  • Movie Characters note 

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

  • Main Characters note 
  • Villain Factory note 
  • Supporting Characters note 

My Hero Academia: Team Up Mission

  • Team Up Missionnote 

Alternative Title(s): Vigilante My Hero Academia Illegals, Characters From Other My Hero Academia Media, My Hero Academia Illegals, My Hero Academia Vigilantes


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