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Drinking Game / My Hero Academia

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Take a drink when:
  • Aizawa uses the word "rational".
  • Someone calls Midoriya "Deku".
    • Take two if it's not Bakugo or Uraraka.
  • Midoriya calls Bakugou “Kacchan”.
    • Take two if Kaminari or anyone else does it.
  • An epic punch is being thrown during a high-quality animation sequence.
  • Midoriya breaks his arm, finger or leg.
    • If he breaks it twice, then drink twice.
  • You hear or see the words "Plus Ultra".
  • "You Say Run" starts playing.
  • The screen dims
  • There is yet another flashback sequence.
  • Someone states their correct name after another person refers to them by a disrespectful name.
    • Take two if it's Bakugo who's doing this.

Class 1A (Do not attempt to do all of these in one game, because you might get alcohol poisoning.)

Take a drink when:
  • Midoriya recognizes a hero and gets super-excited.
  • Midoriya starts muttering.
    • Take two if more than one person reacts to him doing so.
  • Midoriya cries.
  • Midoriya acts weird after or while talking to a girl.
  • Bakugo says "Die!"/threatens to kill someone.
    • Take two if it's not a person.
  • Bakugo yells or calls others "extras" (but please don't unless you want to get poisoned).
    • If you're still alive, then take two if it's directed at Midoriya.
    • Take three if he calls Todoroki "half and half bastard".
  • Uraraka blushes heavily and/or denies her obvious crush on Midoriya.
    • And when she starts spitting with laughter.
  • Iida makes weird hand gestures.
    • Take two if he gets anal-retentive and/or overly enthusiastic.
    • Take three if he repeatedly fixes his glasses.
  • Iida scolds his classmates for not acting prim and proper.
  • Kirishima expresses his passion for all things manly.
    • Take two if it’s towards Bakugo.
  • Someone brings up Todoroki's handsome looks.
  • Someone praises his skills especially if they say "as expected from someone who got in through recommendations" or something along these lines.
  • Todoroki slurps cold soba with the most poker face ever.
  • Finish the whole drink if Todoroki is reminiscing about his tragic childhood.
    • Get another drink if it's before or in the middle of a match.
  • Todoroki gives Endeavor the cold shoulder or meaningfully glances at him.
    • Take two if Todoroki refers to him as "my old man" instead of father.
  • Aoyama acts like an Attention Whore.
  • Tsuyu puts her finger against her mouth.
  • Tsuyu says "Kero" (or "Ribbit" in English). Have an ambulance ready.
  • Tsuyu tells someone to call her Tsuyu-chan (Tsu in the dub).
    • Take two if it isn't Midoriya.
  • Mineta insinuates or does something perverted.
  • Mineta whines.
  • Kaminari gets his brains fried and becomes an idiot.
    • Take two if he says "Yaayyyy" with random thumps up.
      • Take three if Jiro cracks up because of it.
  • Kaminari plays around with Ojiro’s tail in the background.
  • Jiro acts shy.
  • Yaoyorozu acts posh.
  • Yaoyorozu bares her chest while using her Quirk.
    • Take two if someone is embarrassed because of it.
  • Sero boasts.
  • Sero grins with a pointer hand gesture on his cheek.
  • Mina gets enthusiastic about something.
    • Take two if it's romance.
  • Finish your drink if Koda talks.
  • Sato eats sugar.
  • Ojiro gets upset when onlookers discuss how ordinary he is.
  • Tokoyami makes a poetic, gothic, or otherwise macabre remark.
  • Dark Shadow gets a line.
  • Hagakure's invisibility is lampshaded.
    • Take two if she gets into a mishap caused by invisible nudity.
  • Shoji talks out of a tentacle.

Class 1B

Take a drink when:
  • Monoma goes into a crazy tirade mocking Class 1A.
    • Take two if Kendo smacks him afterward, three if someone else does.
    • Take three if he begins it with "Are? are?" (roughly translates to "Well? Well?").
  • Tetsutetsu is shown to be similar to Kirishima in some way.
  • Pony randomly switches into Gratuitous English.
  • Shiozaki acts dramatically like she's performing in a play.
  • Kuroiro randomly laughs in a creepy way.

Misc. Classes

Take a drink when:
  • Hatsume introduces a new invention.
  • Hatsume calls any invention(s) "baby/babies".
    • Two if they explode.
    • Three if they work.
  • Hatsume insults/upstages someone.
    • Two if it involves Uraraka getting jealous.
    • Three if she touches Midoriya.
  • Shinso trolls Midoriya with his Brainwashing Quirk.

All Might

Take a drink when:
  • All Might yells, "I AM HERE!"
  • All Might says, "Shit!"
  • All Might speaks in Gratuitous English.
  • All Might yells "SMASH!"
    • Add a sip for every new US location you hear mentioned beforehand.
  • All Might deflates.
    • Take two if blood spews from his mouth.
    • Take three if Midoriya screams in response.
  • All Might's ringtone goes off.
    • Two if someone mocks how dumb it sounds.
  • All Might laughs heartily.
  • Stop drinking if All Might stops smiling.


Take a drink when:
  • Endeavor goes ballistic.
  • Gran Torino pretends to be senile.
  • Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods have Ship Tease.
  • Mt. Lady does something raunchy.
  • Midnight does something naughty.
  • Best Jeanist praises tight jeans.
  • Best Jeanist seamlessly throws in puns related to fabric/fashion/sewing.
  • Fourthkind tries to punch somebody.
  • Aizawa shuffles into his sleeping bag.
  • Aizawa silences his class by glaring at them with Erasure.
  • Vlad King shows blatant bias towards Class 1-B.
  • Principal Nedzu stops smiling.
  • The Wild Wild Pussycats strike their group pose.
  • Hound Dog forgets to speak straight.
  • Gang Orca's nightmarish ringed eyes are seen up close.
  • Sir Night Eye has a fanboy moment.


Take a drink when:
  • Shigaraki scratches his neck in an anxious moment.
  • Shigaraki compares a situation to video game logic.
  • Kurogiri is standing behind the counter of the villains' bar.
  • A Nomu shrieks.
  • Stain cuts and/or licks someone.
  • Stain's eyes go blank and crazy.
  • Toga gets turned on with a visible blush.
  • Toga draws blood... Actually, take a good, long, reassuring gulp.
  • You remember Magne is a woman.
  • Twice contradicts himself.
  • Twice hits on Toga.
  • Mr. Compress uses gratuitous magician terminology.
  • All For One's Leitmotif plays.
  • All For One mockingly appropriates All Might’s catchphrase.
  • A sip for every Quirk All For One layers into a combo attack.
  • Overhaul tells someone not to touch him.
  • Overhaul rips someone apart.
  • Gentle Criminal sips tea.
  • La Brava fawns over Gentle Criminal.

Fan Works

Take a drink if:
  • Mineta is openly despised by one or more of his classmates.
    • Take two if the story goes to great pains to detail how despicable Mineta's behaviour is.
    • Mineta drops out or is expelled from the hero course.
      • Take two if he's replaced by Shinso.
      • Take three if he doesn't exist.
      • Four if he’s killed.
    • Down your drink if you're creating a fan work where the above happens, and someone who likes Mineta demands that you justify it or change your mind.
  • The story delves into Bakugo's bullying of Midoriya pre-UA.
    • Take two if Midoriya is dealing with some kind of psychological trauma because of it.
    • Take two if Bakugo receives a "Reason You Suck" Speech because of it.
      • Take three if the story also delves into Quirk prejudice.
      • Take three if he receives some form of Laser-Guided Karma because of it.
  • Shinso has a sleeping disorder.
  • Monoma is humiliated in some way after taking things too far.
  • Hisashi Midoriya doesn't exist.