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"You too can become a hero!"

Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so spoilers are unmarked.

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    Introduction Arc 
  • Midoriya's hearing the words he wanted to hear ever since he was a child, after learning he had no powers and no chance of becoming a hero, and from his childhood hero too!
    All Might: Young man... You too can become a Hero!
    • The scene is even more heartwarming in the anime, where it has a beautiful musical theme specifically for that scene, "You Can Become a Hero" and is complimented by amazing looks and animation.
    • Midoriya's narration at the end of the episode, especially after everyone kept telling him he'd never become a hero:
      Midoriya: Dreams can become reality. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that this is the story of how I became the world's greatest hero.
    • Midoriya's crying at All Might's new declaration is this mixed with TearJerker. We know he's over the moon and that this is the greatest moment of his life so far, but he looks like his heart is going to rip in half as he shriek-sobs, completely overwhelmed with emotion.
    • Also while funny, All Might giving Midoriya an autograph without having to ask is rather sweet of him. Shows how much of the Big Good he really is in this world.
  • In the first episode, Midoriya comes across Bakugo, who had earlier suggested that he needed to kill himself, being consumed by an oily villain. A lesser hero would call this karma, especially after the day Midoriya has had, but Midoriya, still powerless at this point and without knowing exactly why himself, jumps in to save his classmate. Even though a full year before he would go on to become a professional hero, powerless and terrified, Izuku's heart already blazes with the inspirational flame of courage and kindness that dwarfs the mightiest Heroes'.
    Bakugo: Why the Hell are you doing this, I didn't ask you to save me!
    Izuku: I don't know! My body moved before I could even think why! You looked.. so scared... I can't just let you die!!
  • At one moment little Midoriya says that he wants a Quirk "just like [All Might]'s!".note  He got his wish after all.
  • All Might tells Midoriya that of all the heroes he knows, he is the only one worthy of inheriting his power.
  • All Might's method of training Midoriya into someone who can handle the power of One for All is to have him clean trash off a beach. He explains that this is because his idea of a hero is someone who doesn't just fight villains and rescue people, but who also helps out their community.
  • Uraraka asking Present Mic if she can give Midoriya some of her points, because she wants to repay him for saving her.
    • Present Mic assuring Uraraka that she doesn't need to give Midoriya any of her points. He even calls her "little listener" and pats her on the head!
    • Relatedly, All Might showing Midoriya Uraraka's request. He could've easily given Midoriya the news without showing him what she did, but he still wanted Midoriya to know that his actions were appreciated.
  • Given that the entrance exam is all about beating up on monsters, it can give the appearance that U.A. only cares about combat ability. The result of these rules turns out like some special event in an MMORPG; bickering, resource hogging and taunts included. The existence of Rescue Points shows that U.A. does indeed care about more than that. With a single action, Midoriya went from zero to sixty. As All Might says, why would a school for heroes turn away someone who selflessly acts for the wellbeing of others? With the Rescue Point rule, nice guys do not finish last.
  • Aizawa's surprise physical exam was likely made for the sole purpose of eliminating Midoriya from the Hero Course after seeing his entrance test results. When he gets into Midoriya's head at the ball throwing test he sees two options before the boy, give up or go all out and make himself a liability. Midoriya surprising Aizawa by Taking A Third Option and showing his own potential puts a smile on Aizawa's face that can only be described as "this little shit is awesome."
  • Midoriya's superhero costume: It features a jumpsuit that his mother had bought for him, as an apology for having given up on his being a hero when he was a child, and a headpiece that is a blatant homage to All Might (complete with two 'antenna' and a wide grin). When All Might notices this, he has difficulty hiding how excited he is.
  • After Deku's win against Bakugo, he's come face to face with becoming the popular kid in class as everyone is praising him for his good job. Given how badly he was treated in his last school, it's kinda nice to see him becoming the popular kid.
  • Midoriya is elected the class rep but shortly afterwards decides to give the position to Iida since he seems more capable and managed to calm the whole school when they were panicking. Everyone in class seem fine with this decision.

    USJ Arc 
  • Kirishima says he wishes that he had a more flashy quirk to help him get noticed better, since his doesn't seem all that impressive, but Midoriya assures him that his quirk is awesome and he's sure to become a pro with it.
  • Tenya's goal is to be as great a hero as his older brother. To honor his family, but also be his own man.
  • Despite being her opponent in the training exercise, despite getting really into his role as a villain, and despite only knowing each other for a few days, Iida doesn't hesitate to comfort Uraraka as she tries to keep from throwing up after using her powers too much.
  • Tenya is told by everyone to escape to U.A. to get help and everyone tells him he is not a coward for doing this. No. 13 taking the time to remind Tenya about using his quirk to help in any way he can, even if it is running away, despite being in combat with a teleport villain, and the ensuing efforts from the other students to help Tenya escape from said villain is great.
  • It's a small one, but Chapter 19 had Midoriya stop himself midsentence to honor Tsuyu's request to be referred to by her given name.
  • While it doubles with Nightmare Fuel, there's Aizawa getting beat up while saving his students. Especially since he'd been such a mean teacher until now. In particular, when Shigaraki reaches out to disintegrate Tsuyu... he finds that he can't. He looks back at Aizawa to see that, despite being beaten senseless, having his elbow destroyed, and having his face smashed into the concrete until it's a bloody mess, Aizawa has lifted up his head to use Erasure on him and keep him from hurting Tsuyu. A Father to His Men indeed.
  • Tsuyu is faced with Tomura, a manic villain with the power of disintegration by touch. To her right, Midoriya is about to be killed by Nomu, a hulking brute. She could escape from both, in fact she could do it pretty easily with her Quirk. She doesn't. She makes a last ditch effort to save Midoriya, an exemplary display of heroism from her.
  • Seeing how angry All-Might was when he went to fight Black Mist and his allies, you can tell he cares deeply for his students. Especially as he spent most of the day saving lives all over, he took the time to take on a group of villains if it meant keeping his pupils safe. He even tells Midoriya that he saved him once again when he was about to go out like a light.
    • Every single student who sees him immediately brightens and smiles. You can tell they believe him wholeheartedly when he says his iconic phrase:
    Have no fear, students. I am here.

    Sports Festival Arc 
  • Uraraka revealing that her motivation to be a hero is for her family's sake, which gets a HUGE bit of encouragement from Iida going 'BRAVO!' in a very bombastic way. She's embarrassed by it, but she looks touched by his kindness. Plus, both Iida and Midoriya realize how helpful her powers could've been for her parents, which she enthusiastically agreed with.
    • Extra points because her motivation is initially revealed as just becoming a hero for money, a typical shallow motive that you see all the time in fiction. Then Uraraka explains that she doesn't want the money for herself, she wants to help support her family after they insisted that she not use her gravity-based powers as part of their construction company, immediately changing it from greedy to caring.
  • Chapter 27: There's heartwarming with every person that joins Midoriya's team for the cavalry battle:
    • Despite the huge target placed on Midoriya's head after getting the highest bounty, Uraraka, who wanted to win the competition for her family, was still willing to be his partner. Their friendship was more important than any other factor.
    • Midoriya's overwhelmed by Mei Hatsume's energy at first but once he sees that she based her jetback's design on a pro hero, they click so much that Uraraka is flabbergasted.
    • We don't see Tokoyami accept but it's implied that he said "sure" when Midoriya tapped him on the shoulder; no declaration of war here.
      • The anime has his response being, "Very well, use me. I leave it to you, Midoriya". Because he was intrigued by Midoriya's plan on how to use Tokoyami's quirk, despite only seeing it a few times to that point.
  • In Chapter 34, after Shinso's flashback over everyone saying he'd make a good villain, the audience and his classmates congratulate him on his match and tell him he'd make a fantastic hero. There's a panel where his eye is hidden by a speech bubble, but looking at the rest of his face you can tell he's on the verge of crying from joy.
    • What makes this better, is that most of the heroes look pretty evil themselves! They might know how it feels to have a Quirk that's considered 'evil', but became heroes anyway!
    • Several pro-heroes say his quirk would be useful in their line of work and express sympathy for his situation.
    • The Cherry on top is that the first hero who outright stated interest in having Shinso as a sidekick looked like a dragon-human hybrid with wings, so his Quirk is likely a heavy combat focused one. That such a guy would honestly appreciate a more passive quirk like Shinso's enough to want to help mold him as a hero in the future is very touching.
    • Finally, one of the heroes who praises Shinso's performance is Ms. Joke, a hero who appears again later in the manga about 70 chapters later. Her Quirk, like Shinso's, is completely ineffective against robots like the ones fought in the practical exam, meaning she probably wasn't in the Hero class either, and yet, she's a pro hero. There's hope for Shinso yet.
  • After Todoroki and Sero's Curb-Stomp Battle (in Todoroki's favor), the audience unanimously encourage Sero not to feel bad about losing. Though this ends up getting under his skin, it was a nice gesture.
    • Let's not forget Todoroki thawing Sero out while apologizing for going overboard.
  • In Chapter 37, Uraraka's father's words of encouragement to his daughter who is depressed after her loss.
    • Ironically, Bakugo unintentionally does the same when the crowd is hounding him for fighting a "delicate" girl:
    Bakugo: "Delicate" my ass.
    • Aizawa scolding the crowd when they start booing Bakugo for "picking on" Uraraka, pointing out that Bakugo is actually showing Uraraka respect by taking her seriously and that if they can't tell the difference, they should go home and change jobs. He may be hard on them but do not insult Aizawa's students.
    • Present Mic lets it be known right from the beginning that Uraraka is the person he's rooting for. Looks like her plea to him during the UA admissions test left a big impression on him.
  • Chapter 39 combines this with a moment of awesome for Midoriya. He calls Todoroki out for making excuses to not use his fire powers, and at the end of Todoroki's flashback we see that he was a fan of All Might as a boy, too. This is right before he finally lets his left side ignite for probably the first time since his mom got institutionalized. All Might and Todoroki even note how strange it is to have someone helping their opponent during a match.
    • In the same chapter, we see a flashback to young Todoroki watching an interview with All Might when the latter says that all that matters is who you are, not where you come from, that truly matters. It really drives home just how important All Might is, and it's heartwarming to think that there might be many kids out there whom All Might helped just by talking on live TV.
  • Chapter 40: While it was expected of Uraraka and Tenya to visit Midoriya in the infirmary after losing to Todoroki, Tsuyu and Mineta join them too. It shows that a friendship sparked between them during the Villains Invasion Arc.
    • From the same chapter, All Might doesn't praise Deku for trying so hard to the point of injuring himself severely, but he does praise him for putting Todoroki's psychological well-being over his own success. All Might claims that is what a real Hero does.
    • Next chapter turns it up even further. When Midoriya is questioning if someone else should have been chosen for one for all, All Might reassures him by telling him about how he also was born quirkless, and how Midoriya is the best candidate for the ability because he exceeds all of All Might's expectations.
  • Chapter 44 has several good moments:
    • All Might is there to deliver medals to the winners of the tournament, and in doing so gives words of encouragement to the top 3 and says how any of the students have the potential to go even further.
      • Adding to it is that he gives Todoroki an encouraging hug and pat on the back when he was told that Todoroki wants to be like him but he isn't sure. He's basically giving him the same encouragement he always gives Midoriya to someone else. Even gives Tokoyami a hug, much to the bird-headed teen's confusion-discomfort.
    • Uraraka arrives home to see her parents came to visit her and congratulate her on how well she did.
    • Todoroki decides it's finally time to go see his mom for the first time in years to talk to her about how they've both been.

    Stain Arc 
  • After the first two hero names were so... weird, the other kids were nervous before Tsuyu brings up her hero name; Froppy. A name she came up with as a child. Everyone instantly falls in love with it and start cheering for her (And even thank her for bringing everything back to normal).
    • Kirishima's chosen hero name, Red Riot, done as an in universe Shout-Out to his favorite hero Crimson Riot. Midnight can only smile softly at this before warning him of the pressure of living up to such a name. Kirishima understands and says he is ready for it.
    • Adding to it is Uraraka's huge grin when she sees Midoriya choosing Deku as his hero name, as she suggested it so long ago.
      • More to this is everyone's surprise at having chosen this as his hero name, because they know it is a name that has brought him grief in the past, their concern for their classmate and friend is touching.
  • Chapter 53 reveals how much Midoriya has helped Todoroki. He was able to overcome his issues enough to not only visit his mother, who was back to her loving and supportive self, but signed up with his father's hero agency for the work experience. Not because he's ready to forgive Endeavor, but because Todoroki has grown comfortable enough with himself to acknowledge that, as big a scumbag as he is, Endeavor is still No. 2 hero after All Might, and thus there is a lot that he can learn there.
    • Todoroki then pays it forward to Iida, inwardly sympathizing with the sort of tunnel-vision that hatred can cause. Outwardly, he snaps at Iida for refusing to accept his friends' help, and tells Iida that if he wants to stop them from helping him, he should stand up himself and be the hero he wants to be. The narration and Iida's inner thoughts imply that this is something of a Heel Realization moment for him, as he realizes that his Revenge Before Reason antics haven't been properly honoring his brother's example.
  • As Midoriya's week with Gran Torino is up, he asks Midoriya his hero name to remember, reflecting that Deku is likely going to be a great hero in the future.
  • During the arc we see that Bakugo has interned at the agency of the No. 4 Hero Best Jeanist. Who, aside from Eraser Head, probably understands the boy better than anyone else. Jeanist acknowledges Bakugo's potential from the beginning, noting it's his attitude that holds him back. Best Jeanist spends the week with Bakugo making sure he can live up to his potential and working on his greatest weakness with a patience that can only be described as Saintly.
    • What's more, he considers helping the next generation to be his greatest duty as a hero. Makes you wonder what kind of teacher he could have been.
  • Episode 32 is an anime only arc focusing on some of the other student's internships. The main focus being Tsuyu a.k.a Froppy and her work with pro heroes Selkie (who has the powers of a spotted seal) and Sirius (who's hearing is incredible). After a particularly dangerous incident with a villain named Innsmouth the local maritime police apologize for putting a student through such a difficult time only to be admonished by the pro hero team for seemingly looking down on her. Tsuyu worked hard and is accepted by those around her as someone to watch for, which is beautiful when you remember her history.

    End of Terms Exam Arc 
  • In Chapter 60, after swiftly losing to Tokoyami in the sports festival and spending more time as a Ms. Fanservice than a crimefighter during the work experience week (due to being chosen by the heroine more for her looks than her abilities), Momo is obviously feeling very down on herself as an aspiring heroine. As a result, seeing her face light up when her fellow classmates turn to her for help with studying for the finals (since she has the highest grades in the class) is just precious.
  • In Chapter 63 is Todoroki and Momo vs Aizawa
  • Koda and Jiro vs Present Mic
    • Jiro's encouragement helps Koda manage his fear of bugs long enough to swarm Present Mic. It is the sight of her ears bleeding that galvanizes him to act.
    • As the pair cross the Escape Gate, Koda is carrying Jiro bridal style which looks sweet.

    School Trip Arc 
  • Chapter 73 has Midoriya asking Todoroki if he knows a way to get through to Kouta to help him with his anger, while Todoroki tells him that while he does need to try empathizing with Kouta first, Midoriya is the kind of person to help others without even meaning to with his actions.
  • In Chapter 83, when Midoriya wakes up in the hospital, nearly everyone in class shows up to see him. The only ones who aren't there are the Yaoyorozu, Jiro, and Hagakure, who are hospitalized themselves, and Bakugo, who was abducted.
  • Shoji tells Midoriya that he has to choose to save Bakugo (who's being targeted by the villains) or Tokoyami (whose Dark Shadow Quirk has gone berserk). Midoriya chooses to save them both.

    Hideout Raid Arc 
  • All Might praises Momo for planting a tracker on the Nomu. Not only was it a great display of creative thinking and quick judgement but it demonstrates how she has grown since the final exam.
  • Oddly enough, All For One's lenience towards Shigaraki in Chapter 89, saying that even if he fails, he can just try again.
  • All Might is very secretive about his true form, since he feels that it would demoralize the people if it were discovered. Chapter 92 has it exposed on live television. After a moment of confusion, the people... resume cheering for him.
    • After Sensei reveals that Shigaraki is the almost certainly indoctrinated and brainwashed grandson of All Might's beloved mentor, Shimura Nana, All Might very understandably begins to have a breakdown. What snaps him out of it? Hearing an innocent civilian tearfully begging for his help, and for him not to lose.
  • All Might knows he is hardly the ideal mentor to Izuku and that he's hardly in any proper state to do so. But that fact doesn't stop his conviction to guide or shake his faith on his successor. That is incredibly heartwarming.
  • All Might telling Izuku that from now on, since he can no longer be a hero, he'll devote himself entirely towards raising up his successor. While hugging Izuku...
  • Tiger is this for LGBTQ readers: a transman pro hero who is loved by his team, respected by all his fellow heroes and students, who also kicks major villain ass.
    • As a whole, together with the implications that the setting of the manga is actually a futuristic earth, it may have the view that various sexualities and gender identities are accepted in the hero society.
  • When All Might is about to have his last clash with All for One, he remembers his teachers words of encouragement. And they aren't hot action words of never giving up or breaking his limits like most shounen stories. But kind encouragement.
    Nana Shimura: Do your best Toshinori.
  • In its own way, All Might's actions after defeating All for One. Battered, bruised, bloody, and broken, All Might barely has the strength to stand after his vicious final battle. But he knows that everyone is watching him, and that the people need reassurance after the horrifying fight. So he gathers himself and raises his fist in triumph while his heroic theme plays. Not for himself, but for everyone else.
    Edgeshot: He shouldn't push himself.
    Gran Torino: Let him be. He's still working. This is his last job. A final act as the Symbol of Justice and Peace, and the number one hero.
  • When All Might comes over to Midoriya's house he sees all the posters of him and it brings a smile to his face. especially since he no longer has the power of One For All
  • When All Might and Aizawa visit the parents to talk about the plan to move the students into dorms, we get some surprising moments:
    • Kyotoku Jiro tries to act like he's against it, but Kyoka interjects that in reality he was all for it since seeing All Might's final fight put him into a rockin' mood crying out how awesome it was for him to be Kyoka's teacher. The stern facade was simply because he wanted to look the part of a caring father to her. After the visit, Aizawa offers to buy All Might a drink, seeing as it was the latter's heroism that had done the convincing.
    • Mitsuki Bakugo reveals that she read deeper into Aizawa's comments about Bakugo during the press conferencenote  than most others and saw this as a sign that U.A. is actually paying attention to Bakugo. This allows her to place her trust in them. Now it's All Might's turn to offer Aizawa a drink; he hadn't respected Aizawa's keen observation so much until this point.
    Mitsuki: He's a hot-tempered brat, and we know he's a pain, but please train him hard and make him a good hero.
  • While it possibly means ending her son's lifelong dream, Midoriya's mother refusing to let her son continue attending U.A is done out of love and concern for her son and his health.
    • Midoriya, although unhappy, actually does agree to his mom's suggestion of having him attend a different hero school, as he realizes he hasn't been taking into consideration how much pain his mother felt having to watch him constantly hurt and in danger.
    • And then Midoriya and All Might manage to convince her to let Midoriya stay at U.A. when he shows her a letter Kouta sent him thanking him for saving his life, and All Might bows to her promising to protect and train Midoriya, even if it costs him his life. This is all enough to convince Midoriya's mother to let him continue to stay at U.A., and orders All Might that he must live at any cost so as not to deprive Midoriya of a great teacher.
    • During this scene, there's a flashback to Midoriya's childhood with him playing with his mom, pretending to be a superhero saving her. It's both heartwarming and adorable, especially seeing little Midoriya in an All Might costume.

    Hero License Exams 
  • When Class 1-A is introduced to their dorms, Aizawa reads the riot act against the five students who tried to save Bakugo, and the others who did nothing to stop them from doing it through the proper channels, stating that aside from Bakugo (the victim), Hakagure and Jiro (who were incapacitated), he would have expelled them for their actions. To lift their spirits up, Bakugo takes Kaminari and forces him to overload and become ditzy for the class' amusement. He then proceeds to fork over the exact amount Kirishima spent on the night-vision goggles used for their rescue operations.
  • Chapter 99 has Tsuyu caring deeply for her friends (the ones that tried to save Bakugo) to the point that she apologizes (in her own way) to the group and wishing to go back to the way things were before. The group (consisting of Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, Iida, Midoriya, and Kirishima) then cheer Tsuyu up and thank/apologize to her for setting things straight. This doubles as a Tearjerker.
  • With his time as a hero done and his true form being made public, All Might has since devoted himself to becoming a better teacher and is shown spending more time advising his all of his students, not just Midoriya, while they train on their special techniques. He even bought a book on teaching, with the several bookmarked pages showing the use its gotten.
  • Power Loader's relationship with his student, Hatsume. Despite constantly threatening to ban her from his lab, due to Hatsume having a tendency to go overboard with her inventions, he is actually quite impressed and proud with the output of creations she's made in such a short span. He even asks Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka to show patience with her antics since he's confident that Hatsume will become an effective support for the heroes in the future.
    • When Mineta asks Midoriya why he didn't change the base design of his costume, Midoriya decides he wanted to keep it since it was the costume his mother made for him.
  • While watching the first round of the exam, Ms Joke ribs Aizawa about his uncharacteristic attention towards his students. She teases him and asks if he is worried. Aizawa's response is predictably blunt, but is also unexpectedly genuine. He thinks on how in their own ways, Midoriya and Bakugo both inspired their classmates to constantly push higher and reach further.
    Eraser Head: Joke, I'm not worried. I can't wait to see what they'll do.
  • In an anime-only battle in Episode 55, Yaoyorozu, Jiro, Tsuyu, and Shoji are trapped in a room by a rivaling school. The temperature in the room rapidly drops, forcing Tsuyu to go into hibernation. To keep her from completely going out cold, Yaoyorozu makes a blanket, and, until they break out, Shoji cradles a swaddled-up Tsuyu in his arms.
  • Kaminari shows how much he cares about his buddies when they get captured by a rival student in Chapter 107. He takes what the guy has said quite an insult and gets back at him before Bakugo and Kirishima are released to return the favor of being saved. And all of that is capped off with this brilliant line:
  • Chapter 107 shows Bakugo has come a long way emotionally, he now shares grenades with Kaminari, and uses weaker, short ranged pin point attacks against an enemy to avoid hitting a helpless Kirishima.
    • Even further: The following chapter implies he is starting to see Midoriya as a Worthy Opponent, seemingly admitting that it would be impossible for Midoriya not to pass the test.
  • After Aoyama attempts a Heroic Sacrifice, believing himself to be the weakest link, the entire rest of the Class 1-A that hasn't passed the exam yet comes together and uses his distraction so everyone can pass, even more Iida telling him that he is the only one that doesn't see himself on the same level as the others.
  • Chapter 109: Uraraka's feelings towards Midoriya. She admits that she finds him cool for following his dream, and is inspired deeply because of this (to the point that she might've fallen in love with him). This forces her to think to herself what he means to her, and she decides that it's more important that he remain The Paragon, to herself and everyone else. She decides to put whatever personal feelings she may have for him aside, at least for now, so as not to interfere with that: another reminder of how much she keeps her thoughts on the ground. Gutsy girl...
  • Chapter 113: All the students from the different schools joining forces to protect the civilians from Gang Orca's men. Extra points because at the start of the stage the Hero's Association even said that they weren't looking for someone to fill All-Might's shoes, but a generation of heroes willing to work together for the greater good.
  • Chapter 114: Yoarashi apologizes to Todoroki for picking a fight with him during the exam, accepting blame for causing both of them to fail. Todoroki, for his part, admits that his actions at the Yuuei entrance exam were the cause of the whole mess, and acknowledges that Yoarashi helped him realize how much his past was still weighing him down. It's not the start of a friendship, since Yoarashi openly admits that he still doesn't like Todoroki, but they part on much better terms.
  • Chapter 116: After a stressful encounter with AFO, All Might receives in the way back home a photo of Midoriya's provisional Hero License, thanking him for the help. The softness in All Might's expression and Midoriya's happy smile with his reply is absolutely adorable.
  • Chapter 118: During their fight, Bakugo admits he always thought that Midoriya had the skill to surpass him, and that he always thought that this is what Midoriya was trying to do. Midoriya is visibly shaken realizing that Bakugo actually did always considered him a rival.
  • Chapter 120: All Might showing up at the end of the fight between Bakugo and Midoriya and being Dad Might to Bakugo as well as Midoriya. He assures them both that they can rise to the top by challenging each other as friendly rivals, learning from each other to build themselves up in the areas where they're lacking.
    • Not only does Bakugo start taking this to heart, but he promises to All Might and Izuku that he'll never reveal the secret of One For All.
  • Chapter 121:
    • Bakugo, to the surprise of many, actually compliments Midoriya (granted, it's on his own bashful way, stating that he hated how quick he was and how he was barely able to react) and gives him advice, stating that the shoot style is not suitable with punches. Consider again that Bakugo did this out of his own will, while he could just keep quiet, but the fact he chose to compliment and advise to Midoriya is a huge jump on Character Development for him.
    • Shinso is implied to have been working out and training since the Sports Festival. Midoriya's words are likely still with him and he still wants to become a hero. This is heightened by the fact that it seems that he has been recognized by his efforts before.

    Internship Arc 
  • Chapter 126:
    • Seeing All Might interacting with the other teachers as a equal is quite sweet and fun, nobody treats him any differently, even though all look up to him.
    • Mirio being a sweet Nice Guy to Midoriya. They have a truly nice and respectful relationship of senpai-kohai, and it's stated that All Might is sure to have chosen Mirio as his successor had Midoriya not appeared.
  • Chapter 131:
    • The revelation that All Might had accepted his inevitable death until he met Midoriya, who gave him the will to say "Screw Destiny" and try to stay alive to see the boy grow into a hero worthy of being the Symbol of Peace.
  • Chapter 133: A flashback has Kirishima feeling down about how he doesn't think his Super Toughness measures up to the Quirks of his classmates. It's Bakugo who gives him words of encouragement, saying that he thought the coolest thing about All Might's battle with All For One was how All Might never broke or backed down, no matter what All For One hit him with, indirectly saying that Kirishima has that same strength.
  • Chapter 135: Despite his previous harsh treatment towards Midoriya, Sir Nighteye is actually quick in this chapter to defend both him and Mirio when they were getting blasted by another senior hero for failing to save Eri. Not only does Sir Nighteye take responsibility since they were following his orders, but he also takes back his previous criticism of Midoriya, praising him for attempting to take the initiative.
  • Chapter 136: Eraserhead gives Midoriya encouragement, saying while he held Eri, she must have felt something other than despair. He is later proven right, as even though she's still terrified at her ordeal, Eri remembers how kind Midoriya's hands felt.
  • Chapter 137 has Todoroki and Iida consoling Midoriya over his troubles in his internship. Midoriya is clearly down and the others attempt to cheer him up, with Iida even using the same words Midoriya used for him.
    Iida: "If you find yourself in a bind with no way out, say something. That's what friends are for." When I was being foolish, you spoke these very words to me.
    • This sadly, leads to Midoriya break down and start crying lightly, but he is very thankful for Iida's words, he quickly starts cleaning his own tears stating that heroes don't cry, however, Todoroki disagrees. The boys then share their food with Midoriya to guarantee he eats properly.
    Todoroki: No... Even heroes must cry sometimes... I think.
    • What makes this more heartwarming is that the one to make Iida and Todoroki so much nicer and open about their feelings was exactly Midoriya, who helped Iida in the Stain Arc and Todoroki in the Sports Festival and the Hero License Exam. It's nice to see that they developed into True Companions after facing the whole ordeal.
  • Chapters 135-138 are a continuous one for Fatgum, who is the first person to defend Sir Nighteye's actions when Lock Rock gripes at his organization for being ineffective, showing the most outrage at the thought of what Chisaki is doing to his daughter Eri, and for still finding time to be polite upon entering a Yakuza residence and apologizing that the heroes are entering with their filthy shoes.
  • In Chapter 140, we see the relationship between Mirio and Amajiki. It's revealed that Mirio and Amajiki inspired each other to become better heroes, which gives Amajiki the courage to take on three powerful villains at the same time.
  • Chapter 145
    • Kirishima, down on himself and ready to give up on U.A., accidentally activates a hologram of an interview Crimson Riot once gave. In it, he acknowledges that he's frequently afraid when he charges headlong into danger and only idiots and *Beep* are never scared. To him, death is simply less frightening than the idea of failing people he has the power to save because he hesitated like he did as a sidekick. These words, which Kirishima heard but didn't fully understand as a little kid, give him the inspiration he needs to move forward and shows why Crimson Riot was his role model.
    • The flashback shows how Kirishima changed his hairdo to represent his new resolve to never back down from danger, still upset he didn't help Mina deter the threat of a huge villain. Mina sees this in the springtime and rather sweetly ribs him for getting too worked up over nothing and that he should ditch that gloomy face if he wants to become someone new, and looks forward to telling everyone about his high school debut. Mina was Kirishima's wingman from day one.
    • In the same scene, Mina also notes that Kirishima's hair gives him horns just like she has, implying there's just a bit more to Kirishima's choice of hairstyle.
    • As the flashback ends, Fatgum acknowledges Kirishima's efforts.
      Fatgum (To Tengai and Rappa): You wanna know why you're gonna lose?! Because all of us, me included, underestimated him!! The hero called Red Riot and his chivalrous spirit!
  • Chapter 146 continues the above moment as Rappa is still conscious after Fatgum's attack, but instead of continuing the fight he shows Fatgum to a medical room so he can treat Kirishima's injuries, saying how much he likes him and wants to fight him again someday.
  • Chapter 148 has an odd villainous example. After Nighteye destroys part of Twice's mask, he begins losing control of his mental state, suffering from split personality without it. It barely takes a moment before Toga ties a piece of cloth over the exposed section, bringing him peace of mind and bringing out tears of gratitude from Twice.
    • And then there's Shiragaki pointing out that he considers both Toga and Twice important people to him, and that he isn't sending them to join the yakuza because he considers them expendable pawns. Rather, he's tacitly offering them a chance to get payback for Magne's death by sabotaging them from the inside.
  • Chapter 152, Mirio's smile while Taking the Bullet for Eri. She's been hurt and abused so badly by Overhaul that she's been conditioned to believe that she has no choice but to just take it. In the moment before the bullet hits, Mirio reaches her and gets her attention so she can see him giving her a reassuring smile that says everything is going to be okay. And then, even after his Quirk has been destroyed, he proves it by continuing to protect her from Overhaul long enough for the other heroes to catch up, making it a CMOA as well.
  • Chapter 153, Nighteye's genuine concern during his, Deku, and Eraserhead's Big Damn Heroes save of Eri and Mirio. In stark contrast to Nighteye's usual coldness, the Rescue Hug and So Proud of You he gives to Mirio shows that they have a mentor/protege relationship every bit as close as Deku and All-Might's.
    • Even Rock Lock gets a moment — we see that the guy isn't as bad as he was made out to be due to having justifications for worrying about child heroes because he's a recent father of a baby boy with a loving wife back at home.
  • When Eri is willing to go back, Deku says he'd help her no matter what. Why? Because she was crying and he wants to help her.
  • Chapter 157: Eri reawakening her Quirk heals Deku by literally reverting the damage that One for All does to his body... but then starts to tear him apart from the inside. Chisaki talks down Eri's power, calling it a curse that she can't control (echoing Eri's mother's own words after Eri accidentally unmade her husband), and warns Deku to turn her over to him for his own health. Deku simply ties Eri to his back and says outright that Eri's Quirk is kind and gentle because it healed him before he could even feel pain. Eri just cries like nobody's ever said that to her before.
  • Chapter 159: Chisaki's flashback immediately after The Unmasking by Midoriya shows that as a child, he got into a fight with someone who called the Shie Hassaikai a villain organization. His adoptive father scolded him for breaking the yakuza's code against harming someone outside the underworld, but thanked him for trying to protect the yakuza's honor. For all his faults, he seems to genuinely love his adoptive father since childhood.
  • Chapter 161: Rock Lock's injuries turn out to be non-fatal, and we get to see his wife and son visiting him in the hospital, His wife has even crumbled into Inelegant Blubbering in the post-op as she rushes to hug him.
    • Though his death is incredibly sad, Sir Night Eye uses his last Clairvoyance to look into Mirio's future. Despite his Quirk being destroyed, Night Eye says that he will be an excellent hero. The serious and seemingly humorless Sir Night Eye is then able to Go Out with a Smile. Ironic for someone who wanted to make humor a big part of life, and his last words are even a message to his peers that society needs to keep smiling.
  • Chapter 162: Midoriya is saddened by the events during the battle with Chisaki and believes that Mirio should have been the one to receive One For All. Mirio is saddened by the Nighteye's death and the loss of his own Quirk, but remains optimistic. Midoriya tries to offer One For All to Mirio, but the latter refuses.

    Remedial Course Arc 
  • Chapter 163: The entirety of Class 1-A checking to make sure their intern classmates are doing okay, physically and mentally, after their mission. Satou prepares cake, Momo offers to make herbal tea, and Iida tells everyone to give them some space until he is sure that they're feeling up to all the attention. It's moments like these that make it clear that despite their differences, the class really cares for each other like one big family.
  • Chapter 165: Those who failed to get their hero licenses during the initial exam have to "win the hearts" of the Precious Brats of Masegaki: a bunch of unruly quirk-gifted children as punishment. Bakugo wants to teach them a lesson using violence because that's "how he was raised", but Todoroki suggests that there's a better way to discipline them. That's a heartwarming moment in itself, but then Bakugo takes the fact that Todoroki was abused into consideration, and lets him try to talk to them peacefully first. It doesn't work, but it shows that Bakugo, of all people, is becoming more sensitive to other people's feelings.
  • Chapter 166: A bait and switch moment: after Todoroki, Yoarashi, and Utsushimi succesfully wins over most of the kids (which is a moment in itself because a good chunk of this involved Todoroki and Yoarashi cooperating to create a playground), Bakugo goes over to their ring-leader, who's been the most arrogant so far, standing on the sidelines watching, and is now struggling to understand what just happened, and in typical fashion, roughly grabs him by the arm, and yells at him to join in the fun. Then the next page, we see he has an expression of of genuine regret and shame on his face, as he explains to the kid that:
    Bakugo: You're their leader, aren't you? If all you do is look down on people, you won't be able to recognise your own weakness.
    • It's even treated as such by the kid, who admits Bakugo's genuine words touched him.
    • Which is Heartwarming in Hindsight, since it shows that Bakugo's interactions with Deku really did change him for the better.
  • Chapter 167: A surprising one from Endeavor upon seeing Todoroki again. The narration even points out that bit by bit, even a big Jerkass like Endeavor has stopped to reconsider things in the wake of all that has happened. Even though Todoroki tries to brush his father off, as soon as his back is turned you can see Todoroki is smiling and seems proud of how far his father has come.
    Endeavor: You've changed a lot.
    Shoto: Shut up.
    Endeavor: Shoto, I'm proud of you, son. So...I will become a hero you can be proud of, too.
    • Further cemented by the fact that Endeavor's eyes are now SOFT, as opposed to the permanent crazed/obsessed Death Glare that had been taped to his face until now.
  • Chapter 168: Aoyama opening up to Deku, telling him he too has a Quirk that causes problems for his body.

    Culture Festival Arc 
  • Chapter 169: Kyouka is very, very shy about showing off her musical talents in front of people, but Denki finds it really awesome that she can play so many instruments, which makes her blush with adorably quivered lips. Then, Kouji tells her how cool it would be if she did a performance live on stage. The student who almost never speaks opens up without restraint around her just to give her a genuine compliment, pointing back to how those two faced down Present Mic and he openly spoke for the first time around her for her benefit.
  • Chapter 170:
    • Eri requests for Deku and Mirio to visit her in the hospital, where she blames herself for all the trouble they went through in their battle against Overhaul. Mirio reassures her it's not her fault, and they just wanted to see her smile again, but it turns out that she can't even force herself to smile. Deku's very first thought is to invite her to come along to U.A.'s cultural festival, and even Aizawa readily accepts and agrees to talk it over with the principal.
    • Though Eri's trauma caused her to physically forget how to smile, she hasn't forgotten how to feel joy or excitement as Mirio's explanation of candied apples causes her eyes to visibly light up and make her mouth water.
  • Chapter 174:
    • Coming off the offhanded "You're fired" given by Ashido in the previous chapter, she clarifies here that they're just reassigning him. They need someone to maneuver Aoyama around during the performance so he can use his Navel Laser, and they noticed how Midoriya managed to make the lonely Aoyama open up about himself.
  • Anti-Villain Gentle and his assistant La Brava's partnership is simply adorable, and a ready respite after the previous arc's 'big bad' Overhaul.
  • Chapter 176:
    • Kyouka opens up a little more, and shows Izuku all the advice she wrote to all the members in her notebook. When Izuku notes that everyone will be so happy to see this, Kyouka admits she wrote it precisely to hear someone say that.
    • Eri finally gives a tiny, but absolutely adorable smile when she says she's looking forward to the school festival. It may be a very small one, but it's nonetheless extremely heartwarming to see her start to smile again after all the crap she was put through.
  • Chapter 178: La Brava's flashback combined with Gentle's own memories of how the two of them met just show how much better they've made each other's lives.
    • In an excellent case of "show, don't tell" that makes Gentle and La Brava's relationship more heartwarming, we see La Brava worrying about whether or not she caked on too much eyeliner and looking depressed as she wipes off a little bit of it from her eyes. Gentle, noticing this, goes ahead and uses a permanent marker to gives himself dark circles around his eyes so they could match La Brava's.
  • Chapter 179: Throughout their partnership, the power-up from La Brava's Quirk has always been their trump card to break through obstacles that Gentle couldn't get through on his own. When faced with Izuku, who still has a strength advantage even after the power boost, La Brava is broken up over the idea that her love might not have been strong enough. Gentle immediately counters that there isn't any fault in her or her feelings.
    • The chapter ends with an interesting example in the form of Midoriya and Gentle's, almost literal, head-to-head clash. Gentle, who is revealed to have been an utter failure in his attempts to become a hero, facing nothing but ridicule and dismissal, has developed a massive inferiority complex. It hasn't been helped by the fact that his crimes fail to garner him the kind of attention that he would like, leading to further dismissal. But, for the first time, he's facing a someone who's looking him in the face and genuinely taking him seriously.
    Gentle: "If you don't have heart, go ahead and laugh at me! I don't care! I know what's important to me!"
    Midoriya: "I'm not laughing, Gentle!"
  • Chapter 180: Gentle is defeated, and as the pro heroes are closing in on him, no doubt to arrest him, all he can think about is what will happen to La Brava. He knows full well that she will be held accountable in his scheme, but tries to lessen her culpability by attempting to remove Deku from the scene with his Quirk before surrendering to the pros. As foppish, misguided, and delusional as Gentle has been portrayed to be, there is still one person who he is willing to give up everything for without a shred of self-interest in consideration.
    • A flashback shows that Gentle didn't want to have her actively part of his crimes, and had to be convinced by La Brava to allow her to do so. He even regrets having 'made her like this', taking her in and burdening her with being his partner in crime (though the flashbacks have already revealed that it was entirely her own choice).
    • Although Gentle was defeated by Deku and he had to surrender, he got what he always wanted all his life: acknowledgement. Deku took him very seriously throughout the battle. Given his own track record, Deku even told Gentle that he was the toughest opponent he has ever fought.
  • Chapter 181: After the battle, Gentle has a change of heart, when he realizes just how selfish he was. He also regrets the fact that he allowed La Brava to help him in the first place. He thanks Izuku and wishes him well, before being apprehended by Hound Dog.
    • Izuku realizes why his battle with Gentle was the toughest. It was because Gentle was fighting for La Brava's sake while Izuku was fighting for Eri's sake. Izuku finally understands where Gentle's motives are coming from so he backs up Gentle's story to minimize just how serious their altercation actually was.
    • Izuku upholds his promise to Eri by arriving at the last minute.
  • Chapter 182: Overhaul's grip on Eri's psyche is broken at last as she smiles brightly at Class 1-A's performance. Mirio crying tears of joy really punctuates this scene. The sheer JOY on Eri's face cannot be overstated, nor how heartwarming it is to see.
    • In a flashback, Jiro sits down with her parents and breaks the news that she's going to become a hero instead of a musician. They approve, but this line is what really hits home:
    "At the beginning, it's only about whether you enjoy it, whether it's cool, or whether you're good at it. Trivial stuff like that. But when you're considering doing something for a long time, you have to think 'what can my work bring to others?' In that sense, musicians and heroes are similar, are they not?"
    • On the same panel as the above line, Jiro has a huge smile as she's singing; she's not just genuinely giving it her all, but also having an absolute blast as she's doing so.
    • The U.A. upperclassmen who showed up to Class 1-A's performance simply to criticize them go from aloofly dismissive when the show starts, to being unable to hide their enjoyment when the music and effects really kick off, and start cheering and dancing with everyone else.
  • Chapter 183 is loaded with sweet moments:
    • Eri looks absolutely adorable as she excitedly recounts her impressions of the concert to Midoriya. Complimenting the scene are the latter wiping Tears of Joy, and Mirio imitating Eri's gestures.
    • The U.A. upperclassmen formally apologize for their behavior towards Class 1-A,. And thanks to word of mouth, even some of the students who didn't personally see the concert received the feelings that the class had poured into their act.
    • What were all those extra things Izuku bought in the previous chapters? Ingredients to make candy apples (plus food coloring borrowed from Satou), as he predicted that no stores in the festival might sell them. Eri's smile upon biting into it is adorable.
    • Gentle is being interrogated by a gorilla policeman, who notes in no uncertain terms that it's a good thing Gentle was arrested before it was too late, offering him a chance to turn his life around.
    • Another one, as Gentle asks the officer for the finest black tea during the short break of his interrogation. Gentle only drinks certain tea for certain situations, meaning that not only does he consider his arrest and possible rehabilitation worth celebrating but also one of the finest moments in his life.

    Pro Hero Arc 
  • Chapter 184:
    • With nowhere to go except foster care, Eri gets adopted by the U.A. staff. A happy ending for her, considering she might have ended up with someone as bad, or even worse than Overhaul.
    • The Wild Wild Pussycats pay a visit to Class 1-A to celebrate Ragdoll's reinstatement, as while she's still unable to return to active duty, she can still help her teammates as an office lady and Mission Control. She regained much of her former energy, which is really heartwarming to see.
    • Kota also returns, and although he's too proud to admit it, he started looking up to Izuku so much that he bought the same exact kind of shoes his hero wears.
  • Chapter 187: Shoto regularly keeps in touch with his mother, sending her letters about his life at school and his friends. It would seem the Todorokis are well on their way to becoming a normal family unit.
    • Rei points out to her children that she has regularly been receiving her favorite flowers during her stay. Thing is, the only person who knew her favorite flowers was Endeavor, and she only told him once. Maybe there is a heart lurking around deep inside of him.
  • Chapter 188: Even while beaten and bloody on top of losing an eye, Endeavor continues to fight to prove himself worthy of being #1, with the nearby civilians cheering him on for the first time rather than lingering on the fact that he isn't All Might.
    • The boy who dissed Endeavor for not acting like his usual jerk self is screaming at the news coverage to stop portraying it like there's no hope, defending Endeavor. Looks like he's a true fan after all.
  • Chapter 190: Shoto's entire reaction to watching Endeavor and High End's fight. He echoes Endeavor's words at how he wants people to watch him become a great hero and is outright relieved to see him win the fight in the end. For someone like Shoto to react so strongly shows that for as many issues him and Endeavor have, they're still father and son and care about each other greatly.
  • Chapter 192: Todoroki being willing to reserve judgment after Endeavor proves his atonement. It's definitely a step up from their previous antagonistic relationship. It's also quite sweet how he subtly references Midoriya on how he inspired him to be better.
  • Endeavor, horribly injured and running on mostly adrenaline, jets out of the rubble and chases down High-End in a last-ditch gambit to defeat the monster. While he's internally grumbling about how he always hated the UA mott of "Plus Ultra", he nonetheless screams it out while performing his most powerful blast right to High-End's face—all while All Might is watching and cheering him on. For all that Endeavor has had a one-sided rivalry with All Might for years (bording on obsession), he has come to emulate and appreciate All Might's example of heroism.

    Joint Training Arc 
  • Chapter 193: In a Wham Shot, the first user of One For All starts talking to Midoriya and assures that he is not alone. Midoriya's dream concludes with all of his predecessors looking at him with kind expressions, seemingly aware that he is the ninth wielder of One For All and welcoming him.
    • Midoriya tells All Might he saw Nana Shimura and how she looked so beautiful. All Might cheers up.
  • Chapter 194: Shinso is given a chance to enter U.A's prestigious Hero Course. It is implied that Aizawa was training him. Midoriya also being overjoyed at seeing him.
  • Chapter 196: After the initial clash with the 1-B team, Shinso is well aware that his inexperience is holding him and the team back, but Kaminari points out that what Shinso was able to do kept him from getting knocked out by Shishida, and says he's rooting for Shinso to be a great hero some day.
  • Chapter 198: Even though his team won the first round, Shinso still feels frustrated that he wasn't able to apply enough of what he learned in the fight. To this, Aizawa, in an almost fatherly sort of way, steps in to reassure him, saying that it took him six years to master his binding cloth, and that if he was able to do everything right away, he wouldn't have to work so hard. This really goes to show how close their student-mentor relationship is.
  • Hawks takes Tokoyami flying and indirectly inspires the creation of Fallen Angel. Tokoyami's childlike enthusiasm makes it even more touching.
  • Chapter 200: Todoroki says that it was foolish for Kendo to confront Yaoyorozu by herself. He says that, if Kendo had done so with her entire team then he'd be worried, but the fact she did so by herself means that Kendo (and Class 1-B as a whole) have underestimated Yaoyorozu. Goes to show how much Todoroki respects the rich girl. Needless to say that shippers went wild.
    • In the next chapter, he expresses worry that Yaoyorozu might lose her confidence again after her teams lost to Kendo's.
  • Chapter 202:
    • Even with her self-declared rivalry with Yaoyorozu, Kendou still accompanies her to the infirmary while looking on concerned. Goes to show despite their rivalry, its still a Friendly Rivalry nonetheless.
    • When All Might calls Midoriya aside to make sure he's feeling OK after his quirk started acting strangely, Bakugo notices it and comes over to make sure Izuku isn't in danger from One for All (of course, while insulting him and acting like he doesn't care). Just the fact that Bakugo actually gives a damn speaks volumes for how far he's come.
    • A small but sweet moment: Iida is feeling more upbeat than usual, and tells his team that it's because his older brother has been making great progress ever since his injury caused by Stain. He then gets ready to show his team what he is made of, both as the class president of 1-A and as Ingenium's successor.
    • When Pony starts getting irritated and speaking in Engrish, Honenuki calms her down by assuaging her concerns in English no less.
  • Chapter 208: Bakugo telling his teammates they can save him if he gets in trouble. Why is this significant? Midoriya's plan to rescue him back in the Hideout Raid arc hinged on one person reaching out to him. Now he's perfectly comfortable with being saved if it means victory. A far cry from the tyrant Class 1-B had been expecting from the Sports Festival.
  • Chapter 209:
    • A few panels showcase Deku's Character Development. At the beginning of the story he used to be timid and diffident. Now he is a lot more confident and upbeat, similar to Mirio. He easily shrugs off Kacchan's insults, knowing that he doesn't mean much. He is seen as one of Class 1-A's most capable students. Deku is viewed as a threat by the opposing team from Class B so much that they make it their topmost priority to check his advance or else he will crush them. When his own teammates are nervous, Deku cheers them up and decides to draw most of the battle around himself with the others as support. His teammates are counting on him to win the round.
    • Monoma has a surprising moment when he encourages Tokage and his teammates after the former apologizes to him for her defeat at Bakugo's hands and therefore ruining 1-B's overall chances of winning the Joint Training Session.
      "Just what exactly are you apologizing for Tokage!? We fellow comrades were once inexperienced, and as we reflect on our past, we have surely grown since then. Although class B might have lost the battle, we have not yet lost the war. I want you all to know this. Those who are serious and do not wish for trouble to arise, or those who are brash and draw unnecessary attention away from others... Whose approach do you deem correct? Each person plays no more than a supporting role in another's life. Only you are the protagonist of your own life."
  • Chapter 211:
    • Monoma expressing empathy with Shinso — revealing that he also underwent a similar struggle to get to where he is due to the nature of his quirk.
    • As Midoriya's quirk begins to go berserk, Monoma's first reaction after being forced to dodge is to immediately call out to Shinso in order to make sure that the latter is unharmed.
    • Uraraka jumping in immediately to help Midoriya.
  • Chapter 212:
    • Uraraka's desire to be a hero is much like Midoriya's, she saw how heroes could make even the saddest of people smile, but she wonders who is there to help the hero when they need help. Responding to herself, she dives in straight towards Deku to help calm him down.
    • Shinso, for the first time in his life, uses his quirk without any underhanded questions and with a single, honest, statement without his fake vocal cords and a real comforting smile behind it, stops Midoriya.
      Shinso: Midoriya! Let's fight again!
      Midoriya: ...YEAH!
  • Chapter 213: The bald user of One For All encourages Midoriya to work hard and carry out his task. He also explains the importance of controlling emotions while using Quirks, especially anger. He once again repeats the You Are Not Alone message to Deku.
    • Midoriya's first reaction after awakening is get worried about Urararaka being injured. Monoma tries a sneak attack on Deku but Uraraka wards him off. Midoriya returns the favor by catching Shinso's capture tape which was intended for Uraraka.
  • In Chapters 214-215, Midoriya is able to control his heart long enough to use his newfound Quirk for a short time. Specifically he calms down by noticing how the previous user of One for All that spoke to him reminded him of All Might. By focusing on the support and encouragement of his mentor, he's able let go of his fear and anger.
  • In Chapter 216, Shinso deduces that the joint training also doubled as his transfer exam, and while his team didn't win the final round, Shinso showed enough talent, dedication and willingness to improve that Aizawa allows him to pass. He finally gets to achieve his dream and learn to become the hero he's always wanted to become.
    • What's significant is that before, he knew he wasn't able to pass because the entrance exam emphasized powerful quirks or quirks with high utility, both of which his mind control quirk were nearly useless on. Instead the teachers put him up against the existing heroes-in-training with a little bit of training himself to match up against them and thus put him in an environment where his quirk can truly shine. Not only did he pass with flying colors, he was able to use his brainwashing to save all of the students from Midoriya's quirk going out of control.
  • Chapter 217:
    • Classes 1-A and B hanging out together after the exercise. It's cute to know that there are no hard feelings and that everyone is still friends with one another.
    • Todoroki decides to text his father because he wants to train with him. Endeavor's reaction, and keep in mind that he's currently holding a villain by the throat, is to start giggling like a child because he's so happy.
    • Deku cheering Eri up when she gets down about her Quirk. Also, Monoma gives Aizawa a nudge when Eri starts getting sad, indicating that he cares as well.

     Meta Liberation Army Arc 

  • Chapter 224: Twice's undying loyalty to the League and all of its members come to shine, as the moment he learns that Giran had been kidnapped, he immediately vouch for a rescue operation, on the sole foundation that "Giran is his friend", and get extremely upset whenever anyone tries to oppose the idea.

  • Chapter 226: The implication that the reason why Toga is able to copy Uraraka's quirk is because of how strong her affection is for the latter can come across as this... in a nightmarish sort of way.

  • Chapter 228: When Twice finds the unconscious and grievously wounded Toga, his personalities argue for a while, the "darker" side of him being dismissive about her critical condition, at which point the "lighter" side prevails and he burst out in tears, telling how much he cares about her and the League of Villains as they gave him a place to belong, and showing he treasures the handkerchief she used to replace his ripped mask back in the Shie Hassakai arc. It cements his role as a twisted version of The Heart for his group.

  • Chapter 229: The pure joy in Twice's face as he, despite being overwhelmed in dread and despair, drives himself onward to save Toga and consequentially, finally gets the one confirmation that he has both dreaded and hoped for ever since his big trauma settled in. He is indeed the real one.

  • Chapter 230: Twice's Declaration of Protection:
    Twice: If my friends are villains, it's only natural that I save them. I don't have many friends, that's why they're all important to me!
    • Also with his self-doubt crushed, Twice's clones now compliment and bounce off him instead of contradicting him.

  • Chapter 234: Shigaraki's memories of his family are all sweet. His sister, Hana, comforted him after he got scolded. His mother took care of him when he started getting sick. And his grandparents made him ohagi to cheer him up. Crosses into Tearjerker because of what happened to his family.

  • Chapter 236: Even though Tenko had a deep inner desire to retaliate, he was still concerned with the lives of everyone except his dad, refusing to believe that he still hated his family at the time, instead claiming that a villain attacked them. When they die in front of his eyes, he mourns their deaths and even apologizes to his dad until the latter tries to hit him with a pair of garden pruners.
    • It even extends to his sister, who tries to apologize to him, and his mother, whose last action was to try and hug him before she died too.

    Bonus Chapters, OVAs, Openings & Movies 
  • At the end of one of the OVAs, Deku gets hospitalised by Bakugo, who, after being de-zombified, beat up Midoriya. Soon after, All Might visits Midoriya in the hospital, and brings cake. Turns into a Funny Moment by way of Black Comedy, after it's shown that Midoriya is so beaten up that he's basically mummified, and he can't have any cake because of it.
  • Tsuyu's bonus chapter after Chapter 84, where we learn the origin of why she insists on being addressed by her first name: She had a hard time making friends because she always had to help out around the house, along with her classmates being unable to read her perpetually neutral expression. She then met a snake girl named Mongoose, who she quickly became friends with. When Mongoose asked Tsuyu if she could address her by her first name, it gave her the idea that it was a sign of friendship.
  • The opening sequences for the anime show Midoriya gradually getting closer and closer to All Might. In Season 1, All Might is a far away shining ideal who Midoriya, dressed in his middle school uniform, could only wistfully reach for. In Season 2's first opening, All Might is in sight, leaping through the rooftops of the city as Midoriya looks on with confidence in his U.A. gym uniform. In Season 2's second opening, All Might lands in front of Midoriya, who is wearing his hero costume this time, and takes the boy's hand as both give each other warm smiles. At the end of Season 3's opening, Midoriya is confidently standing alongside his inspirational mentor. Then, after the climactic episode 51, we get another opening — this one showing All Might standing behind Midoriya and urging him forward. This gradual progression shows Midoriya taking one step closer to achieving his dream by literally getting closer and closer to All Might, the man he's looked up to all of his life, with each new chapter of Midoriya's life as a Hero-in-Training. The latest opening represents All Might's retirement and transition from idol to mentor.
  • A lot of people received the crossover campaign of Avengers: Infinity War and My Hero Academia as this, thinking how awesome it must be for Horikoshi to be working on a crossover with a franchise he is a fan of.

My Hero Academia:Two Heroes

  • This sketch for chapter 120 shows the girls of Class 1-A together in loving harmony. True Companions in and out of canon indeed.
  • Eiichiro Oda of One Piece opened the volume 77 SBS by showing fanart Horikoshi submitted ten years ago that was feature in a volume.
    Oda: The same person who, as a boy, submitted this postcard, is now a widely recognized and extremely successful professional mangaka himself!! Not only that, but his work actually ended up being serialized in the Shonen Jump magazine right alongside "ONE PIECE" itself!! This news gives me ecstatic joy. You see, a bit back at the Jump new years event, he himself actually came forward and told me about this. You should've told me earlier, I would've totally rooted for you!!
  • This is Horikoshi's first long-running series after his first two were hit with the ax at 16 and 37 chapters respectively. Not only that, it's widely acclaimed and a huge success. All of that persistence and hard work payed off in a situation that would make many others quit.
  • In an interview, Horikoshi reveals the inspiration behind Deku and his mom playing hero — it's based off of a game he and his mother used to play when he was young.
    Horikoshi: ...when Deku was younger he and his mom have a scene together [where Deku's mom says, "Help me!" and Deku says "I am here!"] I actually used to do this exact same thing with my mom when I was younger, and we played at the park's playgrounds. We called it the "King of the Jungle." My mom would go inside the jungle gym at the playground and say, "Please save me, Leo," which is the name that I used to call myself when we played this together.
    I have that memory of pretending to be Leo and playing with my mom at the playground, so I wanted to incorporate that into the story. As a reader, it's probably a scene that does not hold much meaning, but as for me, I cried while writing that scene.
  • While the Pro Hero Arc was going on, Horikoshi ended up on the receiving end of harassment and death threats by people accusing him of promoting child and domestic abusenote . In response, fans immediately got together to show their support for him during this time, even creating the hashtag, #PLUSULTRAforHorikoshi.
  • Just like little Midoriya used to rewatch All Might's debut video, real life fans rewatch (and openly admit to rewatching) All Might's battle versus All For One.


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