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  • Midoriya/Bakugo:
    • With Shipping Goggles on, you can interpret Bakugo's Inferiority Superiority Complex towards Deku as him having a crush on Deku and being in denial over it. Like this parody scene.
    • While under the effects of a quirk that turns him into a Bishōnen, Bakugo in an assignment rescues Midoriya from Todoroki by carrying him in Bridal Carry and asking if he is ok. He snaps back to his old personality quickly, but Midoriya was certainly not expecting it.
      Bakugo: It's all okay now, little man. Tell me, are you hurt anywhere...
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    • Recall that Ochaco wondered what Deku would do in a tough situation, and Aoyama interprets this as love. Deku had done the same thing several chapters earlier with Bakugo.
    • According to Lisa, the writer of the 3rd ED “Datte Atashi no Hero”, the song’s lyrics are about Izuku’s honest feelings for Bakugo. Several of the lyrics are rather suggestive, roughly translating to “Even if there’s only one lifetime, there are many chances to be together", "You’re the strongest, giving me, with absolutely nothing, meaning in life", "When I look at your eyes, I can run too", and the title, “After all, you are my hero”.
    • Deku has a tendency to snap whenever Bakugo is threatened, from the sludge villain incident (“I don’t know why I did what I did…maybe it was the look on (Kacchan’s) face”) to decking All Might to save him to breaking down emotionally when the villains succeed in kidnapping him.
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    • When Compress snatches Bakugo, Deku yells out (approximately), “Give him back!”; Compress responds that Bakugo “doesn’t belong to anyone”, and Deku simply repeats the same thing.
    • Deku is the only person Bakugo has ever cried in front of - twice, in fact, while pouring out honest his feelings of inferiority (in Episode 8 & Episode 61).
    • Deku “feels like he has to tell” Bakugo about the secret of One For All, even though he hasn’t even told his mother yet, and even he can’t explain why.
    • Deku has a tendency to compliment Bakugo excessively, gushing over everything from his determination to his winter costume (“Your sheer amazingness at everything you do was so brilliant to me, it was blinding.”)
    • Deku calling Bakugo “Kacchan” can come off this way, since most teenage boys don’t usually use -chan for anyone but lovers (-chan is usually used by children or teenage girls).
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    • The anime adds in a scene during their fight with All Might that isn't in the Manga, where Bakugo explosively punches the wall over Deku's head and leans over him - in other words, a "kabedon", a romance manga trope where the guy does exactly that (except without the explosion).
    • There are a few similarties between Midoriya and Bakugo and Bakugo’s parents - highlighted in this post. Bakugo is basically a Generation Xerox of his mom Mitsuki; Deku resembles his nervous, spiky-haired dad, Masaru; and an extra has Masaru say of Mitsuki that “I just couldn’t ignore her feelings”, similar to a line Midoriya has about Bakugo during their second fight (check this post to see it) .
    • BNHA Smash has a lot of moments where Midoriya basically stalks Bakugou (a group of them in this post:, including an exaggeration of the Battle Trial Arc in "Creepypasta Fan" where he apparently knows Bakugou's pre-bedtime habits; an instance where he talks about following him around in to cafes, and him making a face that has to be censored on seeing Bakugou dressed up in a bee costume.

  • Midoriya/Todoroki:
    • Midoriya is the person whom Todoroki is the closest with. They develop a mutual respect and they seem to have become each other's confidant. During their first battle, All Might wondered if Midoriya might have been trying to save Todoroki (from himself, most likely). All things considered, it looks like Midoriya succeeded.
    • As time goes on, they appear together more often, Midoriya seems to like to chat with Todoroki and invite him to the class' get-together.
    • This post analyzes shows how Midoriya and Todoroki's relationship progressed through the manga and, although it was made by a shipper, so it's biased, they correctly point out that Todoroki's bond with Midoriya is very important to him and that Todoroki developed a soft spot for Midoriya.
    • Their relationship post Sports Festival is pretty much a Heartwarming Moment every time it gets the spotlight. Specially considering that Midoriya is all but stated to be Todoroki's first friend.
    • At the times that something happens to the class, Midoriya often ends up looking for Todoroki to see if he is okay. It's one of his first instincts.

  • Midoriya/Iida:
    • Iida trying to stop Midoriya from going with Todoroki, Kirishima and Yaoyorozu to rescue Bakugo, the words used and a few of the scenes could be intepreted in many ways, if it was taken out of context, particularly when Iida asking if his feelings are getting to Midoriya.
    • The light novel has a particularly sweet scene of Iida covering Midoriya with a blanket after the latter sleeps without it.
    • An interesting parallel is that Uraraka, who does has a crush on Deku, looks up to him in the very same way that Iida does, and speaks about him in a similar manner too.
    • An image in Smash has them laying side by side in a koutatsu. With Iida being particularly happy about it.
    • Midoriya and Uraraka both sleep on Iida's shoulders in the Season 3 ED. Though this one verges into Threesome Subtext.

  • Midoriya/Mirio:
    • Mirio is oddly physical with Midoriya. This is specially noticeable, because he doesn't tend to touch much Tamaki and Nejire, who are his close friends, yet, a little while after they meet he hungs his arms around Midoriya and pulls him close when they talk to All Might.
    • Mirio makes it clear that of all Class 1-A, Midoriya was definitely the one to grab his attention, enough so that he made sure to check out on Midoriya while they were alone on the back of the dorms and automatically look at him when they entered Class 1-A homeroom.
    • The scenes where Midoriya and Mirio show Eri around the school can be interpreted as two doting fathers with their daughter. In fact, most of the time they interact with her together, it seems like this.

  • Midoriya/Aoyama:
    • After the events of the internship arc, Aoyama starts acting strangely around Midoriya, from feeding him some of his French cheeses to lurking at his bedroom window at night and leaving vague messages. This led some fans to speculate that this may be a case of Stalker with a Crush on Aoyama's part.
  • Midoriya/Shinso:
    • Shinso's declaration of how excited he was to fight Midoriya again in chapter 212 has undertones of this.
    • If one notices, Midoriya is the only person that makes Shinso smile in his time at U.A.. Most of the time, he looks serious and stoic, but he smiled at Midoriya after their fight both in the Joint Training and the Sports Festival.

  • Midoriya/Villains:
    • Stain and Shigaraki, while it crosses into Foe Yay or even No Yay, certainly show to have become fascinated by the boy, with his quirky way of thinking and his heroic attitude. Stain lets himself be caught just to save Midoriya and Shigaraki causes a ruckus and basically holds the mall hostage just to meet him in person.


  • Kirishima's interactions with Bakugo can be viewed as this, given his status as the only member of his class genuinely interested in befriending Bakugo. On the flip side, as shown in Chapter 90, Kirishima is the only person who Bakugo is willing to be rescued by, something that Deku is aware of and utilizes in his rescue plan.
    • Worth pointing out that at the start of this arc, Kirishima was declaring that Deku was the one who could save Bakugo ("Your hands can still reach him!"). Cut to several chapters later, and we have Deku saying that it has to be Kirishima who reaches out to Bakugo. Kirishima is even described as the 'key' to rescuing Bakugo, and the chapter itself is titled "Taking His Hand" (going by the Fallen Angels translation). On top of that, Bakugo, perhaps the least cooperative character in the manga, knows exactly what to do the minute he sees Kirishima reaching out to him. No wonder the slash fans went nuts when this chapter came out.
    • Chapter 91 gives us Bakugo's inner monologue saying that "for some reason, my body no longer felt fatigue," accompanied by an image of his and Kirishima's hands reaching out to each other. Remind you of anything?
    • The Ho Yay just keeps piling up between these two. In Chapter 98, Aizawa gives a rather harsh lecture to the class proclaiming that if it wasn't for All Might retiring, he would have expelled most of them for allowing Kirishima, Deku, and the others to save Bakugo by themselves. The next panel focuses on Kirishima's guilt-ridden face and then shifts to one of Bakugo giving him a look. After Aizawa's done talking, Bakugo takes Kaminari into the bushes and forces Kaminari to exceed his Quirk's wattage limit so that he's a babbling moron. While everyone is distracted by Kaminari, Bakugo then goes to Kirishima with a handful of his own money and tells him to take it in a manner very akin to a Tsundere. Kirishima is baffled at first until he realizes the money is to make up for the 49,000 yen night vision goggles he bought in order to rescue Bakugo. In his own way, Bakugo is trying to cheer Kirishima up by giving him back money Kirishima spent earlier for the mission to rescue Bakugo. Bakugo trying to cheer someone up in this way is really unusual.
    • In chapter 142, when Kirishima got beaten to pulp despite being in Unbreakable Mode that he just made the first thing he recalls was Bakugo's words to him stating that "if he refused to go down, then he must be stupidly strong" in the amidst of battle which shows how important Bakugo's words are to him.
    • In a Halloween spread for "My Hero Academia Smash!!!", a half-naked Bakugo is dressed as the Big Bad Wolf... while chasing a gleefully "Kyaa!"-ing Little Red Riding Hood Kirishima, skirt and all. Horikoshi re-tweeted this picture.
    • Y'all remember the red dragon Bakugo rides in the second season's fantasy AU second ending? The third volume of the light novel has confirmed that the dragon is Kirishima!! Tumblr user aitaikimochi has kindly provided a translation.
      The dragon listened carefully as soon as he said those words and suddenly morphed into the appearance of a young man. As the others cried out in surprise, there stood before them a young man with red hair who was smiling.
      Kirishima: "Me? I’m half dragon half human! The name’s Eijiro. It’s not going to be a problem if I come along looking like this, right? Anyway, let’s get along!"
      Eijiro, brimming with courage and bright personality, lost against a one on one duel to Katsuki and ended up becoming his servant as a result.
    • In the side story light novel, the girls bring up romantic possibilities and love during the training camp. When the topic comes to Kirishima, he's never talked about in a romantic light. Some fans would think that he's off limits for some reason...
    • Also from the light novel, Bakugo and Kirishima's study session also reads like a chaste date to some.
    • And now again in Chapter 92 from "My Hero Academia Smash!!!", Bakugo, while affected by a villain's Quirk that makes him act like a Bishonen from a Shoujo Manga, flirts with Kirishima during a training exercise (Bakugo acting as the hostage and Kirishima as the villain) to which Kirishima flirts back.
      Bakugo: "You can try and tie me up all you want... but you'll never be able to tie down my heart!"
      Kirishima: "Interesting! A challenge to see which of our hearts will submit first!"
    • The movie, Two Heroes, has some fun sprinkles of Ho Yay between them. Not only did Kirishima tag along with Bakugo to I-Island, they even shared a (very flowery decorated) hotel room and Kirishima was the one who brought Bakugo’s formal wear.
      • In a battle against two villains, Kirishima saved Bakugo from an attack and gets thrown right into a wall as a result. It’s probably the first time Bakugo seemed actually worried for a classmate. Bakugo even thanks Kirishima for saving him, albeit begrudgingly. Which Kirishima blushes at.


  • Due to a translation of chapter 126, All Might's dialogue makes it look like that he and Sir Nighteye were actually lovers during the time that the latter was his intern, possibly with a Lover and Beloved sort of relationship which ended in a bad break up, and because of that, it would be awkward for All Might to attempt to get Midoriya an internship with him. Although it has been pointed that it might be a mistranslation, some fans think it would be weird for it to be awkward just because they stopped being co workers.
    All Might: "We broke up, so it's kinda awkward."
    Present Mic: "Lettin' your feelings get in the way, All Might!"
    • Futhermore, an Urban Legend of Zelda was spread shortly after the chapter that Horikoshi would have confirmed All Might to be bisexual in a statement. While this has been largely disproven, some people still believe that All Might is bisexual and especially that the statement implied he and Nighteye were indeed romantically involved.
  • All Might laments that he can't connect or make a good impression with Aizawa, and Aizawa makes clear he doesn't really has a good relationship with him and doesn't like his flashy style, but hides a respect for him. In Smash, when Aizawa mentions to Izuku about the feats of All Might and praises his heroics, All Might is listening in hiding, and blushes over the praise like if he has a crush on Aizawa.
  • Mirio and Amajiki get a lot of this thanks to being very close childhood friends that are a constant source of inspiration for each other. It helps that Amajiki calls Mirio the Sun and Mirio names Amajiki Suneater, which is really easy to make into an Accidental Innuendo. Chapter 152 shows that Amajiki can apparently feel when something bad happens to Mirio.
    • Amajiki spends the entirety of Chapter 159 holding an unconscious Mirio, even when he's confronting Chronostasis and surrounded by other people who could help. At one point, he even uses a Bridal Carry.
  • Shoji and Tokoyami's relationship started having this from the Traning Trip onwards, particularly, Tokoyami's reaction to Shoji losing a fake arm was to completely lose control over his powers and go into a murderous rampage, in an extreme vein of a Violently Protective Girlfriend.
  • Kaminari has quite the fixation on Ojiro's tail (unsurprising as he sits directly behind him in class, and Ojiro often shakes it in the manga when excited), and has been shown playing with it and petting the fur on the tip on multiple occasions.
  • Although it's played for laughs, one volume of the Smash! side comics show a story where Bakugo gets hit by a quirk that makes him act similar to 80's animes Bishōnen, full on with an Ambiguously Bi vibe and Large Ham attitude while naming attacks.
    • In the very first comic, he attempts to pin Aizawa against a wall.
      Bakugo: Dawdling before the main event, are you sensei? Let's save chit-chat for after we start lessons, why don't we?
    • All Might puts the class in a exercise where everyone gets a turn at playing Hostage, Villain and Hero in a hostage situation, while as a Hostage to Kirishima's villain, he ties himself down and teases Kirishima to attempt to tie down his heart.
  • One of the drama CDs has a villain use his quirk to stick Bakugo and Todoroki together. He proceeds to take pictures while making them get increasingly close and touchy-feely, much to their embarrassment. He even pushes their heads together to make it look like they're kissing.
    • There's also a sequel where that villain's brother gets revenge on Bakugo and Todoroki by doing the same thing, only this time he makes them freeze on the spot and even starts cutting off their clothes. And it's implied the two criminals have a sister...
    • On the subject of Todoroki and Bakugo, the Remedial Course retake arc has Camie creating a flirty illusion of Shoto to distract one of the girls. Bakugo bursts out laughing and teasingly calls Todoroki "Dreamy boy" several times.
  • While it's subverted later, Twice first meeting with Chisaki makes it look like he has a crush on him. Considering he's an Expy of yours truly, it shouldn't come as a surprise if we learn that copy cat is bisexual.
  • Twice shows a lot of affection and comradery with Giren during the Meta Liberation Army arc. Twice feels very indebted to Giren since he introduced him to the League and gave him a place to belong; as such he is the most adamant of the League to save Giren from the MLA. And when he finds Giren he laments that the MLA removed the fingers of his right hand since it's the one Giren would smoke his cigarettes with which is a pretty intimate detail to know. Giren for his part seems to have a lot of faith in Twice, telling him in a flashback that if he could get over his trauma he could take over the entire country, laughing in the MLA's face once Twice starts going all out, and apologising for inadvertently revealing valuable information about the League to its enemies when Twice finds him believing that he failed as a broker.
  • Monoma seems unusually excited about having Shinso on his team during the Joint Training Arc, saying he likes him after his initial speech about not being there to make friends and calling his performance in the first match "marvelous" (even though he was on a team with class A). In one panel it looks like Monoma is literally throwing himself at Shinso, gleeful and arms open wide.
  • A lot of how amazed Hawks is about Endeavor comes off as a the former having a Celebrity Crush on the latter. Their lunch together can also come off as rather date-like. Helped by the fact that Hawks has essentially become Endeavor's most prominent Morality Pet.

Les Yay


  • Jiro and Momo have quite a bit of this, to the point where many fans are wondering about Jiro's sexuality:
  • During their first fight together, Momo rips off her shirt, exposing her breasts to Jiro, who looks between embarrassed and marveled at the sight.
  • Jiro becomes Momo's closest friend in the class, and is the first to attack anybody who is about to hurt her feelings in any way.
  • There are a few scenes/panels were its just the two of them, such as when everyone went to the mall and Momo asked Jiro to accompany her to the clothing store, that has bubbles in the background typical for lovers being lovey-lovey.
    • The Third Seasons ending has one such paneled scene of the two playfully pushing on each others backs.
  • In the 4koma spin-off Watashi no Hero Academia during art class when everyone is asked to draw each others faces, Momo and Jiro both mention that its kind of embarrassing while blushing.
  • Horikoshi posted a sketch on Twitter to celebrate Volume 20 of the manga that has Jiro and Momo walking together in a park.


  • Tsuyu and Ochaco, who even decide to walk holding hands during the Training Camp Arc, granted, it was for them to not get lost.
    • It's worth noting that high school girls holding hands with close friends is very commonplace in Japan.
  • A Foe Yay example between the two previously mentioned and Himiko. Himiko shows a very creepy interest in both, particularly, her dialogue towards Tsuyu looks like she is starting to crush on her, and even wants to call her given name.
    • During the Meta Liberation Arc Himiko mentions that she wants to become the things that she loves and mention Ochaco along with Stain and Deku as some of the things she loves. Later on during her fight with Curious she transforms into Ochaco and evolves her Quirk to the point that she can use Ochaco's floating powers which she attributes to her overwhelming love allowing her to evolve.


  • Tsuyu and Habuko Mongoose in the Training of the Dead OVA. Just about every interaction between them after Habuko is introduced to Class 1-A involves the two of them holding hands and looking into each other's eyes.
  • Nejire and Ryukyu show to have a rather close relationship. Nejire is very clingy of Ryukyu, and even runs to hug her at Sir Nighteye's meeting, which her employer is very receptive to, even opening her arms to get her, she also seems to value Nejire's opinion very highly, enough to hire Tsuyu and Uraraka as interns on request.
  • In the character profile for Yuyu, Nejire's best friend, it says that Yuyu likes cute things and thinks Nejire is "the cutest thing in the galaxy".


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