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Wild Mass Guessing is for theories about future developments, so all spoilers are unmarked.

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Yuuei Academy Sports Festival Tournament Predictions
  • In a close match, Midoriya will lose to Todoroki.
    • Confirmed, though Midoriya succeeds in having Todoroki overcome his problem a little.

Midoriya will fall unconscious after his battle with Todoroki and the manga will skip the rest of the fights to the final battle.
  • Whether he wins or loses, he has already overexerted himself and will most likely have to rest for the remaining of the arc. It would make the arc move way faster instead of dragging it out and losing the readers' interest.
    • Confirmed, Midoriya had lost and most of the fights were skipped.

Stain will like Midoriya.
For two major reasons: He will recognize Midoriya's powers as being similar to those of All Might, and, seeing Midoriya rush up to defend Ida, Stain will figure that Midoriya possesses the selflessness he desires in heroes. Midoriya, of course, will have none of that twisted respect.
  • Confirmed, Stain really likes Midoriya's heroism.

Tsuyu was an outcast
  • Her backstory will reveal that she was often picked on for looking like a frog and having a seemingly-useless quirk. Her motivation for signing up for Yuuei Academy was to prove that she wasn't useless.
    • This would line up well with her insistence on her classmates referring to her by her first name. She views it as a sign of friendship and she just wants to have friends.
    • This will give Deku more reason to sympathize with her, as he used to be bullied for being Quirkless, opening an option for romantic side story, to contrast the lighthearted humor and edgy fight against crime.

There will be a Quirkless Hero
In contrast to the Quirkless Villain, he didn't have All Might to help him, but that didn't stop him from helping others. He'd be classified as a vigilante since he's Quirkless.
  • Confirmed. Knuckleduster, one of the protagonists of VIGILANTES, is Quirkless, although he used to be a pro hero with a Quirk.

Midoriya will make use of equipment as part of his permanent hero-gear
  • Will probably be jossed, but the idea of Izuku using a shield like Captain America may not be a crazy idea given how effectively he had used his makeshift shield in chapter 26. Besides, it could be helpfully useful until he fully masters his ability.
    • Possibility of Midoriya getting equipment as part of his permanent hero-gear has increased given his partnership with Mei Hatsume in the sports festival. Chances are, she would be happy to lend him her inventions, including prototype equipment. Hey, she got someone to test the "babies" before selling them to corporation, and it's free at that!
    • Possibility has grown further as Midoriya is now seeking a way to fight without being reliant on One For All in Chapter 44.
  • It's a possible stop-gap measure until he can fully use One For All since he's only got about 2-3 more uses of the arm until it's permanently damaged. He'll probably use some armor or mech-arm as support until he doesn't need it anymore.
  • Confirmed in chapter 101 to have added mech support for his arms and legs, onto his hero costume.

All Might is Secretly Dying
Because he transferred "One for All" to Midoriya. The way he and Recovery Girl reacted when they found out Midoriya could begin to see All Might's image in "One for All" and Torino's reaction in chapter 48 seem to hint that giving away "One For All" takes its toll.
  • Confirmed in a sense, Sir Nighteye's Quirk saw him dying in a year or two. As he's never been wrong before, All Might certainly believes this can happen.

Midoriya will eventually face a villain whose Quirk allows him to steal other people's Quirks
  • And it will be called "All For One" to match his "One For All".
    • And one of the powers the villain will gain will be Venomous Chainsaw's, forcing Midoriya to face a villain who possesses the same power that nearly killed All Might.
      • Viz's official translation revealed that (according to All Might) that Venomous Chainsaw couldn't even get near him.
    • Chapter 29 reveals that one student from class B has a Power Copying Quirk. It's not too hard to imagine someone else has a power stealing Quirk.
    • "All for One" confirmed in Chapter 57, and not only was the user of "All for One" the one who wounded All Might, but he was also the one who killed All Might's predecessor.

There's an evil counterpart to One For All
It was already hinted at when Toshinori/All-Might realize that the Nomu had gained his Quirks from a Quirk that can grant others powers. It is no way in hell One For All, since he bequeathed that already to Deku, so it is the polar opposite of One For All, a quirk that grants power but, somehow, empowers the one using it. Furthermore, it would probably have been only one user since its inception, unlike One For All which is passed on and nurtured, this Quirk passes quirks all for the benefit of the Main Holder. And for the sake of theme, it would probably be "All For One," like what was said in the YMMV.
  • Confirmed. And this is NOT a good thing...

There is already someone with the ability to permanently steal quirks
  • This is based on the "All for One" WMG above. As stated in the series, quirks have limitations and it is possible that a person with the ability to permanently steal quirks from others could have already existed but could either only steal a limited number of quirks or must fulfill difficult conditions to be able to steal any quirk.
    • Following the WMG above, it is possible that a "seemingly quirk-less" individual actually possess the ability to steal quirks but only realized about his/her ability after suffering much grief due to discrimination against people without quirks. If such a person discovers the nature of his/her quirk, then it would only be a matter of finding a way to overcome the limitations of the quirk (possibly via technology). This would lead to the "All for One" scenario of quirk-stealing.
    • An alternative to the WMG is that "Venomous Chainsaw" is actually a person who somehow managed to steal two separate quirks, "Venom" and "Chainsaw", but cannot steal any more than that and is thus stuck with the two quirks. If that is true, it would not be surprising that the villain would be interested in going "All for One".
      • Jossed, they are unrelated.
    • And probably that person is also the one that can grant quirk to other person, the same guy that give Nomu his regenerative and super strength quirks.
      • Confirmed.

The next story arc will be centered on Bakugo
The Sports Festival arc centered on Todoroki, and the Stain arc centered on Iida. In the next arc, Bakugo will get his fair share of Character Development.
  • The Summer Training arc leads into the Hideout Raid arc, which is centered on Bakugo.

All For One and All Might BOTH SURVIVE
But they will be in critical condition, forcing their students to step up their game.
  • Confirmed! All for One winds up in a heavily guarded police facility while All Might loses the last of his power. Shigaraki steps up as Big Bad, which was Sensei's intention all along.

The Shape Shifter girl from Shinketsu High is Himiko
The first hint was when Toga took Ochaco's blood during their battle, allowing her to take Ochaco's form. Second, she swiped Izuku's blood during their fight. Third, she makes a rather ominous comment towards Ochaco before she fled. Fourth, Izuku and Hanta both call her a pervert, something Himiko is known for being.
  • Confirmed in chapter 114.

The truth about One for All will be revealed to the public
  • The reactions will vary from between negative backlash and defensive support.
    • As for Class A's response to Midoriya, some of his friends will probably be understanding of the situation.
      • On a related note, if the theory that All for One will steal Bakugo's Quirk is true, then this will only exacerbate his disdain for Deku.
      • The exacerbate part seems less likely now, as Bakugo is aware of One for All's true nature thanks to Toshinori and Deku, and wants Deku to train his quirk so they can be real rivals, and in his mind, so he can surpass Deku for real. His disdain has also been slowly dying down too.
  • Confirmed.

There may be an anti-quirk faction in the series
  • Given how people are treated based on their quirks (or lack of quirks like Midoriya before he met All Might), it would not be surprising that there would be people who hate quirks in general due to past mistreatment/trauma. The faction does not even need to be composed of quirk-less individuals as people can be mistreated due to possessing the "wrong quirks" like Shinsou.
    • Given Endeavor's past actions, it may be possible that Todoroki's elder sibling(s) would be members of such a faction if not a villain faction.
      • Or at least one of Todoroki's siblings since it would seem contrived that all three of his siblings just happen to be Quirkless. Possibly Fuyumi since she's the first one we've seen, and she wouldn't look like the type who'd be an antagonist. Alternatively, Todoroki's mother would be in the faction. She would denounce her Quirk because of all the pain it caused her family.
    • Confirmed! The villain Overhaul sees Quirks as a disease, and sees his anti-Quirk bullets as being the cure.

There's going to be a School Festival episode.
Well, this is a manga that focuses on schools, it's practically a given at some point. Given that the Sports Tournament was a huge spectacle, the UA Cultural Festival is also probably some sort of national event. Classes get to use their quirks to make the exhibits more exciting (like in Gakuen Alice), and there'll be appropriate amounts of Ship Tease you'd expect from such an event (yukatas, fireworks, etc.). Not to mention this'll give the students in other courses a chance to shine as well.
  • Confirmed, the class begins to prepare for the UA Cultural Festival in chapter 169. While it's mentioned to be smaller in scale than in previous years, the other departments are in charge of it.

There will be a character with a tragic childhood directly linked to their power awakening.
If a child has a Quirk, it will manifest by age 4. Now, imagine a power like Shigaraki's or No. 13's awakening before the child's very eyes or in front of their family. The results would not be pretty, especially if they were never given Quirk counseling.
  • Possibly confirmed with Shigaraki in Chapter 69.
    • Chapters 235-237 confirm this with Shigaraki. Holy moly...
  • Implied to be the case with Eri in Chapter 156 where it's heavily implied she made her own father disappear with her power. Said childhood only got worse from there because she wound up in the Hassaikai's custody because of it.

Aizawa will adopt Eri, or at least act as a sort of guardian.
His Quirk is the only thing shown that can keep her Quirk in line if it ever goes out of control. Having him around her in some official capacity will allow her to keep interacting with Midoriya and the rest of the U.A. crew, and she could act as a more direct Morality Pet for him.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 184. Aizawa doesn't legally adopt Eri, but due to the dangerous nature of her quirk Eri is now under UA's custody instead of being passed off to foster care. Aizawa will be looking after her with the help of Mirio.

One For All has other powers aside from Super-Strength and Nigh-Invulnerability
  • While the most obvious advantage of being empowered by One For All is Super-Strength and being invincible, it was a receptacle for All For One's other powers. Maybe there are residual powers there that All Might hasn't unlocked yet, or that will be unlocked further by Deku.
    • Based on the nature of One For All as the original wielder's latent power-transferring quirk combined with a strengthening quirk that his brother forced on him, logically it should continue to merge itself with any other quirks that its wielders have. While All Might and Deku were born Quirkless, Nana Shimura was not (though her original quirk has yet to be revealed) and we know nothing about what quirks the previous 5 inheritors had. So there's up to six other quirks that could've been absorbed into One For All beyond the original body enhancement and transferability aspects.
    • Confirmed. Izuku has recently manifested 'Black Whip', one of the previous users' quirks. Said user has also told Izuku that he will receive all six of One for All's stored quirks.

One For All absorbed the Quirks of everyone else that possessed it.
  • We know that All-Might and Izuku, at the very least, were Quirkless when they obtained One For All. We're not sure about Nana Shimura, or any of the other One For All bearers up until AFO's brother (who had a Quirk that could be transferred)— they could have had Quirks, and since OFA is a mutation of two different Quirks joining together, it's possible more could have gotten mixed in. This would explain some Quirk-like abilities that All-Might and Izuku have, such as All-Might's muscle form and Izuku's ridiculous pain tolerance.
    • Confirmed. One for All has absorbed all six of the previous wielders' Quirks, and Izuku has already manifested one- Black Whip.

Dabi's real name is Toya Todoroki

Incredibly powerful fire Quirk, burn scars, seems to be narratively linked to Mighty Endeavor and Shoto, we don't know where Toya is... It would fit.

  • Going off of this, Toya was said to have a powerful fire Quirk, but a weak constitution, hence why he wasn't Endeavor's successor. Dabi's quirk produces blue flames, similarly how Endeavor pushes his Hellflame to his limits when fighting the Hosu Nomu. So then wouldn't it make sense for the burnt skin to be part of his "weak constitution"? Not to mention Toya left after a "particular accident". Would make sense for after that accident, for Toya to start hating Endeavor and become a villain to spite him.
    • As of Chapter 290, confirmed - Dabi is Toya and his turn to villainy was a direct response to Endeavor's abuse.
  • It also fits his name, "Dabi." That translates to "Cremation." It's possible that his old self died and was metaphorically cremated. His whole motif also fits bandages, like some undead mummy surviving and holding a grudge.

Dabi is one of Todoroki's older brothers.
Chapter 74 confirms that he has a flame Quirk, and a rather powerful one at that. This would explain why he refuses to give his real name to Shigaraki, as he wouldn't want to be identified as a member of the Todoroki family. Knowing what sort of person Endeavor really is while growing up watching him be lauded as a great hero would also contribute heavily to his determination to follow Stain's ideals of punishing fake heroes.
  • The only thing going against this theory is that in the flashback with Shoto's siblings, none of them had completely dark hair. However, one of his brothers (the one whose face the reader didn't see) does have a haircut similar to Dabi's, so it's possible that he dyed it.
    • Adding to the theory is that at the end of Chapter 81, Todoroki's expression looks surprised when he and the others appear in front of Dabi.
    • In chapter 192, it's stated that something 'happened' to Touya Todoroki (who is the above mentioned sibling with a similar hairstyle).
      • In chapter 202, Endeavor mentions in a flashback that he originally intended Touya to be his successor despite his lacking a combination of fire and ice like Shoto's, because Touya's fire was even stronger than Endeavor's own Hellflame. But Toya inherited his mother's "weak constitution" and thus was discarded as a failure. Which fits well with Dabi, who has a very powerful fire quirk (with blue flame, which in real life burns hotter than red or orange) but admits during the Training Camp arc to being physically weak. And his databook stats include 4/5 for power (surprisingly low given how strong his quirk is, which can only be explained by his weak body). By comparison both Endeavor and Shoto have 5/5 for power, reflecting that they have both strong quirks and strong bodies.
  • Dabi is also colored with blue eyes, which in the anime are a similar shade to the eye on Todoroki's fire side. Inherited from Endeavor, perhaps?
  • Touya has his father's red hair in the anime, so maybe he dyed it black because it reminded him of his abusive dad?
    • Confirmed, Dabi IS Endeavor's son, as of Chapter 290. And he did dye it black!

Hawks will be exposed in the worst possible way
At some point the villains will find out he's a double agent. They will stage some situation where he'll be outed as working with them, and it will be broadcasted live. The government and police will step in, officially revealing Hawks' work as a double agent, but a large part of the public will think of it as a lie, just damage control to minimize the fact the hero most loved by the people was corruptible. With faith in both heroes and authorities crumbling, and people split in two factions, dark times may come for all heroes, who would be looked on with increasing suspicion.
  • Confirmed.

Endeavor’s abusive past will be exposed to the public.
This most recent arc seems to be pushing a redemption for Endeavor, but it also seems to heavily hint that the moment he’ll start to actively do so, his past abuse of his wife and family will come to light, thus staining his reputation and causing a fall from grace in the public’s eyes. This will, in turn, further contribute to the deteriorating trust the public has for heroes initially brought about by Stain.
  • Confirmed as of 290 - Dabi has revealed Endeavor’s abuses to Japan. The repercussions are yet to be seen as of this posting.

There will be a massive cover-up of the battle between League of Villains and Meta Liberation Army
With Gigantomachia also coming into the picture, the city of Deika will suffer massive damage, on top of all the bodies left behind by the battle. Due to its isolated position and the initial cover-up by the MLA itself, rescue efforts will take time to come and, upon learning what caused such level of death and destruction, the Japanese government and police will decide to cover the disaster as a catastrophic earthquake. They would be rightfully afraid that telling the public of both the LOV having become a greater menace than before, and of a massive conspiracy that had been brewing for years and involved dozens of thousands of people including some very notable VIPs and several Pro Heroes, would cause mass panic and paranoia. However, pieces of info will start to slip theough, be them pieces of recordings from cameras around Deika and testimonies from survivors (like the few inhabitants that weren't with the MLA), causing further public distrust in both the Government and Heroes.
  • Partially confirmed: there has been a cover-up by the MLA but the government knows at least something due to Hawks having infiltrated the newly-formed PLF.

Stain will return in some form or capacity.
With the Tartarus prison break having happened, and Stain having been locked up there, there's a chance he may return based on the following:

- His speed is on par with Muscular and Moonfish, who've been confirmed to have escaped.- Characters who've sat out before like Mirio and Best Jeanist returned during the PLF War arc, so it's safe to assume another important character like him could come back. And with Overhaul also escaping...- He's clearly not been forgotten about, as early in the PLF War arc, a meeting with him that was going to involve All Might got delayed.- He's VERY important to the League of Villain's growth as a whole, as some of their more prominent members like Dabi and Toga joined through his ideals.

As for what he's going to do, no clue if he's going to be a minor villain, or an ally to the heroes (albeit begrudgingly). But a full-blown redemption arc would seem ridiculous, as he's got a kill count of 17.

  • Partially confirmed.

The same mastermind is behind both Starservant and Ending
The man whose quirk allowed him to control glass was said by witnesses to have been just a crazy bum until his attack; from his eyes and bleeding nose, he looked like he was jacked on the Trigger drug, and his crazy talk when arrested seemed directed at Endeavor specifically. Later on, the villain known as Ending clearly injects himself with the drug before taking Todoroki's older brother hostage. It's too easy to think those attacks are not unrelated and that someone is playing games with Endeavor through the use of some poor saps not in their right minds (Ending wanted to be killed by Endeavor). The prime suspect would be Dabi but it could be anyone else; after all, it'd be in the best interest of the PLF to gradually undermine the society of heroes by eroding its current pinnacle.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 290. Dabi claims responsibility for sending Starservant and Ending after Endeavor.

A huge prison break of villains will happen
After his power-up, even Shigaraki on his own may easily breach the Tartarus, and any other prison for that matter, to free the inmates, up to All For One.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 297, thanks to Shigaraki's upgrades and his Near-High Ends, All For One, Overhaul, Muscular, Moonfish, and some other villains make their escape.

Hawks will lose his wings.
People have already started pointing out the Icarus parallels with Hawks. Examples so far:
  • Icarus was a guy who grew cocky despite his father's warnings and flew too high, resulting in his wings burning and him falling to his death. Hawks has wings, seems rather arrogant/brash, and ascended incredibly quickly in the hero rankings.
  • Hawks is now working with Endeavor who could easily represent the sun, and there's reason to suspect Dabi, another fire user, will be involved in this arc.
  • There's also that panel of him flying up with a bright light shining behind him, which others have already noted looks like a Icarus reference.
Given these parallels, it's hard to believe that Hawks isn't going to suffer in some way. My guess is that one or both of his wings are going to be severely burned, leaving him in serious pain and effectively quirkless, but he'll continue to fight because "that's what true heroes do". After the battle he'll then be forced to retire, and the public will further lose confidence because they've now lost two top heroes in a relatively short amount of time and Endeavor is struggling to live up to All Might's legacy.
  • On top of it, both he and Endeavor battled a very odd Nomu. It's possible that will be when it happens.
  • With the reveal that he's working as a double-agent in the League of Villains, it could be that when this deception is uncovered this will be how they punish him.
  • Confirmed, Hawks wings were severely burned by Dabi and while he wasn't rendered basically Quirkless (Thanks to artificial help), he did continue fighting in the final war, where he lost his wings completely when All for One stole his quirk.


All-Might will formally announce his retirement at the conclusion of the U.A. Sports Festival
We already know that All-Might's power is declining to a degree he can only keep it up for an hour or less now. Following Midoriya's witnessing of the One For All phantoms (and that All-Might was apparently among them) All-Might may be forced to acknowledge he can't keep it up anymore. However, these games are an ideal chance to make that known without destroying the calm gained by his status as a Symbol of Peace. He could announce his retirement, citing issues from the fight the actually caused it, but go on to declare that just because he won't be a hero any longer, the future will be in good hands with the next generation and the fine showing they've made already.
  • Partially Jossed in Chapter 44. He would not be retiring but he does have faith in the students.
    • Completely Jossed, he retired after his battle with All For One, on live television, and he used the last of One For All.

Todoroki will end up using his flame powers against Midoriya
And lose because he's not used to using them in an actual fight.
  • Partially Jossed, Midoriya lost, and Todoroki used his flame.

Iida will become an Anti-Hero
Chapter 46 foreshadows that something will happen to Iida that Izuku will greatly regret. It's possible that he will kill Stain in order to avenge his brother.
  • Jossed. Iida got straightened out after his experience with Stain.

Iida will be turned into something like Nomu
After seeing how outmatched he is against Stain Iida will be approached by Nomu's creator and be offered the chance to become stronger and he, driven by his desire for vengeance, will accept.
  • Jossed. Iida is staying a hero.

The Villain at the end of Chapter 41 is Venomous Chainsaw
It was inevitable that he makes an appearance.
  • Jossed.

Shigaraki's backstory is a Bait the Dog moment
Chapter 69 reveals that Shigaraki may have killed his parents when he awakened his Quirk for the first time and then goes on about how All Might can't save everybody. He didn't resent All-Might because he failed to save his parents. He killed his parents to prove that he couldn't.
  • Judging by Chapter 88, this is Jossed.

All-Might's possible death
People have been theorizing that All-Might will die in his battle against All For One. What may happen is that as the battle progresses, All-Might regresses to his weakened state. With no other witnesses, Endeavor uses the opportunity to give All-Might a "Long Live the King"-style betrayal by allowing AFO to finish him off in exchange for letting him get away with his crimes (of course, knowing Endeavor, he wouldn't uphold that end of the deal anyway).
  • Jossed; he survives the battle with AFO.

At least one other student knows about OFA
One or some student(s) know that there is something wrong about All Might and/or that there is something going between the number 1 hero and Midoriya (apart from Todoroki and Bakugo). They may even know about All for One and that Midoriya inherited it!Just in class 1-A there are students whose quirks are perfect for stealth and spying. Hagakure (Invisible Girl), Jiro (Earphone Jack) and Tentacle could all have witnessed or heard about it without even trying. So, imagine the possibilities in the whole school ...So, said student might have grasped bribes of conversations between All Might and Nezu, Recovery Girl or Midoriya. (S)He/they may not know or understand the whole thing and chose to keep quiet about it because they know they shouldn't know, because they don't fully grasp the situation and wouldn't make mistakes or simply because this is none of their business.
  • Jossed.

Himiko Toga is Quirkless
As of right now Toga's never seen using a quirk. Her assignment for the invasion was to get the blood of 3 people, but she uses a machine to do that. And in all her confrontations she uses a box cutter or a syringe to cut or stab her opponents.

It's possible that Toga was like Deku and wasn't born with a quirk. So, she makes up for that with crazy reflexes, crazy speed, and just being crazy. It's also why Toga had the most equipment out of the villains we see during the arc. Unlike the others, she doesn't have a quirk to rely on and so was assigned to just gather blood, for whatever reason, instead of joining the attack.

  • Jossed. Her backstory shows that she always had her quirk.

Is either The Mole or has been made into a Nomu.
  • To add to this, she may be forced to give out the location and weaknesses of everyone present to Dabi and the other villains. That is how they found Aizawa-sensei and Bakugo so fast. Her quirk provides her with such information and if she were able to participate in the battle the heroes and students would have had more of an edge. After she gave them the info, Dabi used the Nomu to nearly kill her. However, since her quirk would be incredibly useful on either the villain side or just on a Nomu, Kurogiri chose to take her half-alive when he came to take the villains away.
  • Jossed in Chapter 87, she's narrowly avoided the second scenario thanks to the Big Damn Heroes.

Bakugo and Todoroki are brothers.
Right now, they foil each other with an unhealthy need to be the number #1 hero. Since Katsuki seems unaware of who Shoto is in chapter 11, calling him "ice guy" and distressing "I thought he was nothing before!" and they don't share last names, this would work along the lines of the earlier WMG where they'd have different mothers, before Endeavor found Shoto to be his perfect successor. Endeavor's power deals with fire, and Katsuki's explosions, which could easily be related.

Katsuki's stunned face after overhearing Shoto's conversation with Izuku about his past, in this case, would have as much to do with realizing they share the same father as trying to take in the horribleness of said past. And if Endeavor cares as little for Shoto's brothers as he implies to Shoto soon thereafter, then Katsuki may have been one of the sons who'd had to deal with being ignored or the like, which could explain his desperate hatred for those he perceives not as powerful as him "looking down on him" (since not only does he have his quirk, of all people he'd be Endeavor's—unacknowledged—son), as well as his stubborn insistence to be #1 all the time ahead of everyone (for the goal of both possibly being acknowledged and surpassing Endeavor).

  • With chapter 39, Shoto's mother saying that "The children...they're more and more like him" could lend to this theory since Katsuki was a self-centric bully as a child, and both Shoto and he have "fire"-like basis to their quirks. When young Shoto looks outside to a group of children playing, with the implication that they're his siblings, the one in the middle has spiky hair like Katsuki's, though his face is hidden.
  • From the same chapter, a main flaw to the theory is said possible siblings being nearby. If they really are his siblings, and they all live in the same household, it'd be strange for Shoto and Katsuki not to know each other's names and so on, as seen in earlier chapters, unless they were kept that isolated from each other.
    • Jossed three ways to Sunday. Todoroki was not isolated enough from his older siblings that he doesn't know their names. We meet his older sister in the manga. Also, Bakugo doesn't possess Endeavor's eye and hair colors, which are somehow also passed down to the offspring that received such abilities. And we've met Bakugo's father.
  • A simple modification to this theory would be that Bakugo's dad is Endeavor's BROTHER instead making them cousins, yet the last name thing is a serious blow to even that theory (unless Bakugo's dad changed his last name somewhere along the lines) and Endeavor never even interacting with Bakugo's mom. All and all, it is impossible the two are related in any shape or form, they look nothing like each other.
If the series gets a 12-Episode Anime, it'll end with the Stain Arc
It seems like a logical point to end the season.
  • Jossed. The anime started with 13 episodes in its first cour, and it ended with the Unforeseen Simulation Joint arc.

The anime will Bowdlerize Shoto's backstory
Anime based on Shonen manga would sometimes have their darker aspects altered in some form (much like Orihime's Abusive Parents getting rewritten as Parental Abandonment). I think in the anime, they'll change what caused Shoto's scar. Instead of his mother pouring hot water on his face, it'll be rewritten as her confronting Endeavor for his abusive methods, she throws boiling water at him, but Shoto gets caught in the crossfire.
  • Jossed. While not explicitly animated (at least not yet), Shoto narrated the incident as it happened in the manga.

Stain was deformed because of a hero's incompetence.
During a villain attack, he got badly burned in the crossfire. The hero in the area focused more on chasing the villain rather than tending to Stain, which led to his disdain for heroes. His respect for All Might came from him being the only one who showed the slightest bit of concern for him.
  • Jossed. His disdain for 'Fake Heroes' happened because he thought the occupation was suffering from "Fundamental Decay" and weren't acting like heroes anymore in his eyes. He tried to become a hero because he admired All Might, but the two never met. We haven't got any indication as to what caused his deformity... but he's screwed up enough in the head that it might be self-inflicted.
  • Maybe one of Stains' victims managed to disfigure him before they died?
  • If the Illegals spinoff is anything to go by, Stain may have been disfigured during a scuffle with the titular Vigilantes, or else as punishment by Quinn Hachi.
    • His nose was broken by Knuckleduster who mocked Stendhal for his lack of resolve. So as a testament of his resolve, Stendhal cut off his nose and discarded the name, becoming Stain instead.

Bakugo will lose his Quirk by the end of the next arc
Unless somebody pulls a rabbit out of their hat, Bakugo got taken by the League of Villains. Despite Bakugo's arrogance, he hates taking orders and values heroism too much to become evil unless All For One decides to torture him. Instead, AFO will take Bakugo's Quirk and give it to a Nomu. Because All Might has already passed on One For All to Izuku, he won't be able to do the same for Bakugo, causing him to get expelled from U.A. Academy. Tying into the Quirkless Hero above, this will lead to Bakugo learning some humility and become a Quirkless vigilante.
  • He knows that Deku was given a Quirk. That would naturally aggravate him if he were to lose his.
  • Jossed, Bakugo still has his Quirk after meeting All For One, and is learning some humility without having to lose it.

Midoriya will become a fugitive
With the reveal of Himiko Toga's quirk as well as having a sample of Midoriya's blood, she will use his likeness and commit crime sprees, framing him and forcing him on the run.
  • At the moment, Jossed. She used what little blood she had from him to turn into him and lead the Ryuku team into helping Midoriya, Mirio, and Night Eye against Overhaul, the implication being she used all of it so the Villain Alliance could get Revenge on Overhaul.

Eri will use the Quirk-erasing drug on herself.
To not only save Midoriya from her power, but also to make sure no more of the drug can ever be created.
  • This will also stop it from becoming a Story-Breaker Power.
    • At the moment, Jossed. After defeating Overhaul, her quirk started to Overload and put her in a mini coma. She did wake up, but they're keeping an eye on her for testing and have noticed her horn seems to be shrinking. So, no, she isn't getting rid of her quirk.
Endeavor planned on killing All Might
Because when he said he wanted an heir that could beat All Might, he literally meant it. He would either brainwash Shoto or frame him. He would then get Shoto arrested. With All Might dead and his alleged killer brought to justice, he would become the Number 1 Hero.
  • Jossed.

Koji Koda never speaks because his Quirk works on humans as well.
Koji Koda's Quirk is Animal Voice, which allows him to communicate with and command animals— we see him use it on bugs (reluctantly) in the End of Term Exam arc, and on Birds in the Hero License Arc. But, as we've seen, Quirks can be somewhat indiscriminate with their targeting— Kaminari can't control which direction his discharge goes in, for instance. In addition, some Quirks don't have an off switch, such as Tsuyu's Frog form. There's no indication that Koda's Quirk can be turned off, so maybe the reason he never speaks is because he might accidentally command people to do something that would hurt them.
  • Jossed, the anime confirms that it doesn't work on humans.

Overhaul never used his Quirk during his first meeting with Shigaraki.
It was a sniper who works for him who shot Big Sis Mag and Mr. Compress: It carries absurd power but can only hit little beacons. Overhaul carries a bunch of them and places them where he wants the sniper to shoot, which is what he did with Big Sis Mag's arm, and the sniper threw the beacon at Mr. Compress directly. Overhaul's arm-swinging motion is merely a signal to shoot.

This is probably not true though, as it's looking increasingly likely that Overhaul's ridiculous power is the real deal. But it might not be that strong a Quirk—like with Mirio, he may be using a standard Quirk in an unconventional way to make it appear much stronger than it actually is.
  • Jossed. The shot to Compress's arm was a nullifier bullet to keep him from using his quirk on Overhaul. Overhaul's quirk is what destroyed Mr. Compress's arm.

Gentle Criminal is Aoyama's Father.
  • Obsession with appearance? Similar facial structure? Gifted in stealth(Aoyama sneaking onto Deku's balcony to leave him a message)? Appreciation for classy snack foods? Both concerned about their popularity? Both with a love of theatrics? Somewhat under-powered compared to their peers? Desperate for attention? They're too similar NOT to be related to each other in some manner. It's also a bit telling that Aoyama had a short character study just before Gentle showed up. Almost as if Horikoshi wanted to keep Aoyama fresh in the readers' minds as we were introduced to Gentle and La Brava!
    • Jossed, Gentle, being 34, is way too young to be Aoyama's father.

Inasa's father is the Number 3 Hero
His father was also friends (and possibly even lovers) with Shoto's mother, so it was possible that he found out about Endeavor's ulterior motives. He harbored resentment for Endeavor not only because of what he did to Shoto's mother, but the fact that somebody as vile as him managed to out-rank him as a Hero.
  • Nope, Hawks is way too young to be Inasa's father, and he's also an Endeavor fan.

U.A. Academy Sports Festival Tournament Predictions
  • Midoriya is only pretending to be affected by Shinso's quirk. After being warned not to screw with him, he decided to fake getting caught in his spell to catch him off guard.
    • Jossed, Midoriya was affected but he was able to free himself from the Quirk.
  • During Uraraka's fight with Bakugo, it'll turn out that Bakugo is against hitting women, which makes the battle difficult for him.
    • Jossed in Chapter 35 and 36, Bakugo only held back because he was being cautious against her as his opponent and with good reason too.
  • If Midoriya makes it to the final round against Bakugo, he will avenge Uraraka. Todoroki makes it, Bakugo will beat him, prompting Endeavor to seek Bakugo out like in the above theory.
    • Jossed. He doesn't make it to the final round.
  • Bakugo will talk his way to victory. He will talk Todoroki into rebelling against Endeavor. In his first act of rebellion, Todoroki will forfeit because he knows it would really piss him off.
    • Jossed. It's reversed, Bakugo ends up thoroughly pissed off that Todoroki refused to fight him with full power, and he ends up with an unwanted easy victory.

Masaru Bakugo is Endeavor's brother
When you look at him, he has a similar haircut, and unless a color page proves otherwise, the same shade, as well as having a fire-based Quirk. After finding out about the lengths Endeavor went through to usurp All-Might, he estranged himself from the Todoroki family and took Mitsuki's surname when he got married.
  • Jossed as of episode 50 of the anime, Masaru has a different hair color then Endeavor.

Was not a "Single" moment where All Might could have Helped Shigaraki that made him despise All Might and want to become a villain
There were in fact several incidents where All Might was in fact able to help Shigaraki or his family but for some reason or another All Might did not help. Adding on to this, despite his quirk Tomura originally wanted to be a hero but All Might's failure to aid him caused him to come to hate heroism. Sensei just gave him some guidance but Shigaraki's hatred was already there when Sensei found him.
  • Jossed. We get to see the exact moment Tomura needed a hero the most, and it is perhaps the one moment most pivotal in his turn to villainy.

Shigaraki doesn’t know Nana Shimura is his grandmother
  • Jossed as of the Meta Liberation Army arc. Shigaraki has regained his memories of his childhood as Tenko Shimura, and learned from his sister what their grandmother looked like and that she was a hero. It's probable, however, that he doesn't know the full significance of his relation to her or that she was a user of One For All (if All For One ever even told him about the quirk).

If Mirio gets his quirk back, it'll signal that Midoriya will give away/lose OFA

They both have the same birthday, and in someways, Togata is like Red Herring protagonist for Deku, because they operate in a similar space in narrative as 'future #1 hero'. In reality, they take journey's in opposite directions. Midoriya started quirkless and gained OFA, Mirio started with a quirk but ended up quirkless. Internship arc is the first time Togata loses all the hard work he put towards his quirk, and the first time Izuku uses OFA %100 full cowl extensively.

If the narrative continues in these directions for the two- Mirio getting his quirk back would be lampshading for Izuku really giving up/loosing OFA. But this time, If Midoriya tries to give it up, it'll be to someone who has to take it- possibly because the situation requires it, but mostly because, Izuku would have already done all he could with it by then.

Midoriya has to accept that he was, will be, and always has been worthy as a true inheritor of OFA- only then, once he's fully embraced the power as his own does any attempt to pass on OFA narratively make sense. Who the inheritor will be, however, could be anyone (from Tomura to Todoroki).

  • Jossed.

Tenko Shimura/Tomura Shigaraki didn't kill his family. All for One did.
The story All for One fed Shigaraki about the death of his family (specifically that Tomura disintegrated them by accident) seems to have a lot of holes in it. First, by his own admission, Tomura doesn't remember much of what happened. This could be chalked up to trauma-induced amnesia, but there's other factors. Why would he disintegrate his family and leave just their hands? Why would he have continued to disintegrate them after he either started to or completely disintegrated one of them? If Shigaraki had been living on the streets after what happened, how did All for One know where to find him? And then that's that whole thing about how Tomura's quirk was "previously unheard of".

All for One has spent a good chunk of his existence making the lives of the users of One for All harder, and killing Nana's family, kidnapping her grandson, then warping the child to hate her successor is right up his alley. He either killed the family himself and altered Tomura's memories to his needs, or gave the quirk to an unsuspecting Tomura to unleash when the time was right.

Eventually, probably near the end of the series, this will be revealed, and Tomura - thrown into a Villainous Breakdown upon learning that his beloved sensei is the reason he is the way he is and still in possession of the quirk erasing bullets he stole from Overhaul - will turn on All for One, Calling the Old Man Out, shooting him with the quirk erasing bullets, and disintegrating him.

  • Jossed. We get to see a flashback of Tomura killing his family in gruesome detail.

All For One can't really hear his brother's voice.
All For One is actually crazy and well... hears voices. Because he's crazy and has an enormous amount of quircks he thinks he stole one which makes him able to hear his brother's voice, which is not the case.
  • Possibly Jossed. We know that both AFO and OFA house the spirits of those whose Quirks have been stolen or passed on respectively, so it is possible AFO was hearing his brother’s spirit.

Endeavor will become a villain
Izuku will expose him for the glory-seeking scumbag that he is, which will cause the other heroes to blacklist him.

Endeavor will hilariously come to the conclusion that Midoriya is All Might's bastard child, like his son did...and then not so hilariously twist it to force Todoroki into beating Midoriya

I think that Endeavor, much like his son did, might think that Midoriya is All Might's illegitimate child due to All For One's comments regarding All Might passing his strength on to someone, and he instead interprets it to mean that Midoriya is All Might's bastard child. After all, he did meet Midoriya and see that Midoriya's Quirk is eerily similar to All Might's, and being a detective, he would probably end up coming to that conclusion.

Building from this, I kind of get the feeling that now that Endeavor isn't able to get what he wants regarding All Might (being Number One on his own merits and instead getting it because All Might was forced to retire after losing One For All), that he's going to end up forcing Todoroki to outdo Midoriya and thus by proxy proving himself better than All Might via their "progeny".

There will be four Five Man Bands in Class 1-A
  • With 20 people, it's possible. It's very likely that Midoriya, Bakugo, Yaoyorozu and Todoroki get their own teams. With Midoriya's team consisting himself, Uraraka, Iida, Tsuyu and Mineta.
    • Entirely likely if the Sports Festival has a team event later on. Which, at that point will define the Five Man Bands.
    • Partially Jossed. There was a team event, but the teams themselves were mostly unpredictable such as Iida choosing Todoroki over Midoriya and Midoriya choosing Mei and Tokoyami. Also, the teams were of 2-4 people instead of 5.

Tokoyami will be used as leverage against Hawks by the League of Villains.
With Hawks working as a spy in the League for the government, it seems inevitable that he will be eventually be found out. Hawks is also shown to have taken a liking to Tokoyami, both literally and figuratively taking him under his wing. Additionally, the League has already expressed an interest in Tokoyami when they tried to kidnap him along with Bakugo during the Training Camp Arc. When Hawks' status as a double-agent is revealed, the League will kidnap Tokoyami to use as leverage against Hawks. If the above theory that Hawks is an Icarus analog and will eventually lose his wings is true, then Hawks' attempt to rescue Tokoyami could be what causes his downfall and could lead into a character arc for Tokoyami like what was given to Iida during the Hero Killer arc, especially if the League somehow forces Tokoyami to lose control of Dark Shadow again and it is in his attempts to stop Dark Shadow's rampage that Hawks loses his wings.

Eri and Twice will both be used to explore the idea that sometimes being quirkless might be the better option.
Both have quirks that can be seen as extremely harmful to themselves and/or others. Eri's quirk may be impossible for her to learn to control without some fatalities along the way, and Twice's quirk appears to be the source of his distress and shouting at himself. However, the two of them will both be used so that the arc approaches the subject with more nuance, with both of them coming to different conclusions. Eri will resolve to learn to control her power, while Twice will ultimately decide to use the Quirk-erasing drug.
  • Appears to be jossed as of Chapter 229. Twice, after getting his arm broken after being attacked by Skeptic, realizes he is the real Twice, and starts using his Quirk again to copy himself.
  • Jossed.

The MLA will survive in a reduced state
As of Gigantomachia's arrival in the city of Deika, one of their top members (Curious) is dead and their leader (Re-Destro) may be within some chapters. Skeptic and Trumpet look poised to have personal fights against Twice and Spinner but may decide to call it off and survive for now; there's also Geten, arguably the most powerful top member after Re-Destro, currently fighting Dabi, who may decide to retreat. Either way the MLA will be decapitated, its existence exposed at least to the autorities (the above WMG may still apply) and forced underground. Under the leadership of Geten, who appears to have quite extreme social darwinist views and is apparently close to Re-Destro - the latter recalled how Geten developed an upgrade to his quirk just because he saw Re-Destro accidentally burning himself - they will reorganize into an even more fanatical cult.
  • Jossed. Destro has survived, albeit crippled, and has handed the Army over to Shigaraki.

Toga will infilitrate UA as a first year student
With the new school year at UA starting soon and Toga's whereabouts unknown by anybody, it represents a good opportunity for her to infiltrate UA. Specifically, she may kidnap a first year set to go into UA and hold them hostage in her hideout, going back every so often to take their blood so she can stay transformed. And since she can now use the quirks of people she's transformed into, this drastically extends the amount of time she could pull off such a charade too. SO, if there are any new "cute, quirky" first year girls that seem overly interested in being Uraraka's friend or trying to figure out where the hero "Deku" went (if I were Toga, my cover story as this would be "I'm just curious about him because I saw him in the sports festival last year), this girl may be Toga in disguise again.
  • Jossed.

Todoroki will develop the ability to manipulate water
Dabi is already set up to be Todoroki's final battle. In order to counter his flames, he'll learn to use the only logical counter: water. He's always leaning towards ice despite accepting his fire side, which is why he'll learn to produce almost frozen water so that it won't evaporate as quickly.
  • Jossed.

The Meta Liberation Army arc will fully embrace its other name in the anime
That name being "My Villian Academia" and we can expect things like
  • Shigiraki and All for One replacing Deku and All Might in the intro
  • The intro being a Dark Reprise of a past intro
  • Most of Class 1A being excluded, with those present in cameos
  • Jossed.

Bakugo's hero name will be "Kacchan"
  • When his character development has gone full-circle, he will accept "Kacchan" as his hero name the same way Izuku accepted "Deku" as his.
    • Unlikely, Kacchan sounds too cute for Bakugo to accept it as a hero name (although he doesn't mind being called Kacchan, he has been shown to prefer more violent names, which unless he starts liking cute stuff more, won't really change.) Deku actually has meaning to it that would apply to heroism (never giving up) while Kacchan is just a nickname.
  • Alternately, his official hero name will be Ground Zero, but Deku calls him "Kacchan" in an interview or something, and it will catch on so badly nobody actually calls him Ground Zero.
  • This comes from a post I read on Tumblr actually. And it does make sense, Izuku is a Magnetic Hero that his classmates change and found a new peace and hope for the future and the points the post make actually brought some light to what if no one acted right then in several turning points of Izuku's life. And with some fridge brilliance in mind, it goes a long way. Green, Izuku's color, is often associated to traffic lights that gives you a sign that you can now move forward and, in several RPG'fs, healing effects are cast as green, and gives some chance that you can survive more hits to go on with the game. And to go further, in heraldry, green can mean hope and growth.
  • Jossed.

Behind the scenes, he's an abusive father that only cares about the glory of being a hero. The burn mark on Shoto's face was caused by him and told people it was just part of his Quirk.
  • Alternatively, while he does mistreat his son, he does technically believe in being a hero, but has a very elitist, dark interpretation of what being a hero means. This led him to put Todoroki through Training from Hell many would consider child abuse.
  • Alternatively, he might really be a stern but still loving father whom his son misunderstands and resents. May have something to do with his yet-to-be-seen mother.
    • While he isn't shown to be physically abusive (yet), Chapter 29 reveals that he's condescending enough towards Shoto.
  • Jossed, turns out to really be a case of Abusive Parents, including Todoroki's own mother who is the true responsible for his burn scar. While not exactly villainous, Endeavor seems to be very egotistical and has a screwed-up sense of competition, making him very similar to Bakugo. That is not even counting the fact that Todoroki is the fourth of Endeavour's attempts to produce super-powered offspring as stated in chapter 34.

The traitor was among the group that fought Gigantomachia, and their interference resulted in the plan to take him down failing

At the end of Chapter 280, Kirishima had successfully administered Yaoyorozu's sedative to Gigantomachia, and while Gigantomachia responded by putting his armor plating over his eyes, the heroes still appeared to have a chance of winning. The next time Gigantomachia is seen is at the end of Chapter 282, after Iida, Uraraka and Tsuyu learn that Gigantomachia broke through the heroes and is going to rampage through anything in his path. It's possible that the reason we didn't see the heroes' defeat is because the traitor did something to interfere at a crucial moment, causing them to lose.

Toru Hagakure actually does wear a costume
Going along with the above theory that she will be rendered visible, it will also come with the discovery that Hagakure does have a costume she wears, it's simply as invisible as she is. We know that there are laws in place to prevent costumes showing too much skin, with heroes like Midnight and Yaoyorozu being close to that limit due to the nature of their quirks. Because of this, it should be unthinkable that Hagakure goes around naked, invisibility or not.

At the same time, we have Mirio Togata, who runs into similar issues since his clothes don't phase with him. His Lemillion costume is made with fibers that have his hair woven into them so they can go with him when he phases through objects.

Hagakure does indeed have a proper hero costume; one woven with her hair in its fibers like Togata, so she can be both clothed and invisible. The visible boots and gloves she wears aren't the only things she wears. They're a deliberate design choice so she can be located out of combat.

  • Jossed.

    One For All theories 
One For All is a Grand Theft Me Quirk

When Izuku was brainwashed by Shinsou during their match, the spirits of the past holders were the ones to move his fingers to snap him out of it. If All For One works the same way in that regard then OFA could theoretically hijack anyone he gave his quirk to.

One for All's origin story is a fabrication
One for All's origin story seems a bit iffy. Even if the original user had the ability to pass on quirks, how did he discover it? It's been shown in the series that quirks have to be discovered by their users, but One for All's ability to be passed on would be near impossible to find. It stands to reason that All for One purposely created One for All, possibly so that it could be refined and later stolen back to be used by him, or whatever successors he may desire.
  • Given that we see One for All's origin via its first user's memories and it lines up with what All Might said, I'm gonna call this one jossed. Also, One for All cannot be forcibly taken, so it's useless for that purpose.

Mirio Togata will become the 'tenth' holder of one for all. And Deku will get creative with another part of One for All's abilities.

...But in addition will show Deku being far more creative than prior cases. With the (as of current) situation as of chapter 157, it's both fairly clear that Night Eye sees Mirio still as the superior between the two, as well as a current 'need' to get him back into fighting capability. And the quickest way Night Eye knows, is to just use One For All on him. In addition, this would fit the current theme going with it, with the characters having the number in their name, Mirio Togata would fit, though in native Japanese instead of Sino.

However, this comes also with some creative use of one for all once again, as Deku instead gives Miro 50% of One for All's power. Before this happens, nobody considers the idea of a 50% transfer, meaning there is in effect both two users of one for all running about. (Which only adds further mass guessing that it will recombine back to 100% if one or the other is made unable to keep going).

The issue with this theory though, is less that of counter-proof, but plot wise escalation. It opens the door to a massive split of power, and more dangerously a return of said power, since by this sort of logic, someone could be given 1% of one for all, then give it back with the 1% and their own quirk, which can just get even more ridiculous if a stockpile similar to All for One is built up and the power is shared back. Toga's disguise quirk becomes far more dangerous as she might steal bits and amounts of One for All, and so on.

  • Another issue, Mirio refused to take One for All. After Night Eye died, he tells Deku he won't take One for All as it would just put Deku in Mirio's place. So, unless they really can divide the powers and concretely prove it will work, Mirio won't take it.

Crimson Riot is one of 5 unknown former users of One For All

  • Crimson Riot is described as a Retro Hero by Kirishima and "Classic", the Man among Men by Midnight, when he chooses his hero name Red Riot in homage to him. The wording "Retro" suggests that Crimson Riot is not a hero of the recent past, potentially being a hero from an earlier bygone era, before the current generation like All Might and Endeavor or the generation before them like Nana Shimura or Gran Torino.
  • In the few times he's shown he appears to have dark, shadowed or black eyes with glowing irises/pupils a design feature he shares only with All Might.
  • He does posses a quirk that appears to harden his hair but that doesn't necessarily preclude him from having One For All.
  • In a Meta sense, he seems to have far too much characterization for what otherwise appears to be a throwaway character. Kirishima didn't "need" a real reason for the name Red Riot, and while the his existence provided Kirishima's character with significant background - such as his admiration, fixation on "manliness", and his desire to change his earlier self - the fact that it goes into far more detail on Crimson Riot's fears and regrets on a past mistake that eventually got him labeled as a "Fearless Hero" see far more significant and fleshed out than simply a character created for the purpose of being the rarely mentioned inspiration for another.
  • In fact this "Regret of inaction and fear for the life of others over fear for self - even if that fear for self is present" feels almost uniquely All Might-ish/Deku-ish in it's tone.

Maybe the author is just good at exposition...but it feels like there's more here.

  • Counterpoint: We currently have seen at least silhouettes of all the previous One for All wielders, and Crimson Riot doesn't fit any of them.

It will be revealed that the "All" brothers had a third sibling

  • And this third sibling has/had a Quirk called "All for Nothing". (Theory base on this drawing:
  • Maybe it could be a counter to the other two like stopping energy from being transferred (he can take a lunch but none of the impact would happen.
  • This is actually a theory I've had for a while— if All for Nothing exists, they're able to take and give Quirks, but not use them. They're a counterpart to One for All (which can be given and used, but not taken) and All for One (which can take and use, but not give— kind of. My reading of it is that AFO can force Quirks upon someone, but not give them.). They're responsible for constructing the Nomu and giving them a wide variety of Quirks. Hell, they may even be the Doctor who Midoriya saw when he was a kid.

One for All's power doesn't enhance muscle strength, it makes the user release energy, and Midoriya could develop new powers because of this.
Instead of becoming superstrong, he transfers energy trough his skin(Hence the damage: his body can't contain the power when it becomes concentrated on a place.) and then releases it in the form of kinetic energy. This can be seen in the tournament arc. In Midoriya vs Todoroki, Midoriya creates a windstorm by flicking his finger, shattering a large block of ice. He'd need to be impossibly strong for this to work, and would do more than just break your finger a little, where he only using muscle power. Instead, he could be transferring the power directly to the wind. Then, he would make the force of the wind stand perpendicular to the ice, so that it doesn't blow in all directions, and transfer the energy from the wind to the ice, breaking it. This could be achieved via telekinesis. Therefore, if he can learn to release controlled amounts of energy like this, he could perform superhuman feats like flight and telekinesis.

Being formerly Quirkless is basically how All Might was able to defeat All for One when the others weren't
The past users were likely overly fond of using their original quirks, not putting their focus into One for All. All Might in contrast only had that (and his sheer determination towards being a hero), thus he was able to focus on what he knew was there and brought out a great deal of its potential power. Also All for One might have been able to read the past users due to their original quirk usage, but was rather unprepared for focused usage of One for All.

Destro had One for All
Every OFA bearer had a kanji related to their position in their name, Destro's real name has the kanji for 4. He was a promising young man with strong opinions about society and ended up radicalizing his beliefs and attempting a coup against the Japanese government. He really believed in his cause but there was also the fact that All for One basically WAS the government back then. After his failure, he knew he would face life imprisonment and All for One would have access to him and gave OFA away for fear of being brainwashed until he accepted to give OFA to AFO. He wrote his manifest and killed himself in prison to protect the identity of his chosen successor.
  • Problem is, Destro doesn't resemble either of the mystery silhouettes. So unless he had a spiky-hair phase, it probably wasn't him. Would make a great fanfic idea though...
  • Jossed; the fourth user is the guy with the scarf and the facial scars.

Midoriya will eventually manifest a precursor Quirk to Shigaraki's Decay
We already know that Nana Shimura was both a previous holder of OFA and Shigaraki's grandmother. It's unknown if either of Shigaraki's parents had a Decay quirk, but if they had expected him to manifest it on such a powerful level they might have been better prepared for it. But we've also seen with Todoroki and Bakugo that children can inherit a combination of their parents' quirks, possibly with a more powerful combined result. Therefore, it's not impossible that up to one half of Decay was inherited from Nana Shimura. And given that Midoriya is beginning to manifest the quirks of his predecessors through One For All, he might begin manifesting that component quirk. This would also serve to further the ways that Shigaraki is being played up as an evil counterpart to Midoriya.
  • Seems to be jossed for now: Nana's quirk has been revealed to be Float, on top of Tomura's quirk having been a mutation (just like Eri)... Unless you want to follow the theory it was discreetly put into him by All For One.

Guesses regarding Midoriya's extra quirks, as well as OFA's effects on them
There's a lot of potential ground to cover here so while I'll start with my own guesses, everyone go ahead and add yours too.
  • Blackwhip has already been established.
  • Nana's Quirk has been established to be 'Float', and to allow levitation.
  • A boosting/inspiration quirk, similar to Trumpet's "Incite" or La Brava's "Love." Coupled with OFA's power boost, it will effectively act as a much weaker, temporary, more manageable version of OFA for his allies to use. This ties in with the idea of hero teams over solo heroes that the story seems to be building towards. Bonus points if this is how Uraraka and/or Iida learn of OFA.
  • An empathy quirk, boosted by OFA into full telepathy. Midoriya will have to deal with some serious power incontinence and get overwhelmed by people's thoughts when it first manifests, but mastering it will strengthen his connection to the vestiges and make learning from them easier, even if it doesn't make unlocking the bonus quirks themselves happen any faster.
  • A quirk that provides some kind of enhanced senses, like radar, super-vision, or a spider-sense. Beyond helping in combat, this could make it easier to locate and respond to crime or danger. Might be the same thing as the telepathy.
    • Confirmed! He has Danger Sense, letting him detect danger, but boosted to headache inducing levels.
  • A water projection quirk. He will be able to use it very similarly to how he punches the air, but will be able to use it at a higher level without damaging himself since it isn't as closely tied to the force he is exerting. He might also use powerful water jets as a sort of Not Quite Flight to augment his Shoot Style.

  • A "joke" quirk, belonging to a user that was chosen more as a emergency option rather than a thought-out choice of succession. One who had to resort to actual physical edges in a fight rather than quirk-based ones due to the weakness of the quirk during their time and lack of creativity in how to use it. Midoriya however, will figure out how even a "joke" can be of used effectively (together with the boost of OFA added to it) and keep it as a "joker" in his deck of powers for emergency situations.
  • A monstrous transformation type quirk, for it's original wielder it was just something that only changed them somewhat for a mild power boost but under OFAs influence it becomes more akin to a werewolf transformation. Giving him greater power plus a more bestial appearance but also making him aggressive and animalistic, forcing him to learn how to control these instincts.

At some point, Izuku will lose an arm
While, as of the Joint Training arc, he's progressing at a steady pace and even starting to reveal additional quirks from the previous holders of One For All, he still cannot use his full power, lest he destroys his body beyond any possibility of healing. However, with the immense power the League of Villains have gained in their dedicated arc, the game will be up many steps and, during a particularly brutal battle with many lives at risk, Izuku will find no other solution than using OFA much beyond his previous limit. He'll win but will be left with a devastated arm unable to move again, if he doesn't lose the limb outright. No amount of prostheses or support items will be able to substitute for such crippling injury. As he will resolve to pass One For All (probably to Mirio or Katsuki), he will find himself unable to help during another battle; however, Eri will spontaneously come to help him and manage to control her quirk enough to restore his arm.

Stain will use his quirk on All For One
Stain holds the belief that villains should be killed, so he would want to kill the worst of them. It was stated on All For One's profile that his blood type is B, the type on which Stain's quirk resist the longest so...

Midoriya will develop All for One the quirk
Either through a Dad for One situation or All for One's quirk being inadvertently stockpiled in One for All. After all, the previous wielders told him that he will complete One for All. And the complete quote the quirks are named for is "All for one and one for all."

Eri will restore All Might to peak condition, resulting in him joining the battle against Shigaraki and dying
Chapter 276 shows Eri sitting with All Might, and the last time she was seen before the Time Skip, she complained about her horn acting up, a plot thread that wasn't immediately followed up on. It's possible that somehow, her Quirk will activate, reversing All Might's injuries and the loss of his Quirk and enabling him to join the fight. He'll then fight and die in the battle, confirming Nighteye's prediction.

Names of the One for All Torchbearers
Due to the nature of One for All itself, the names of its bearers have been kept secret: for most of the story, the only known ones were Midoriya's and All Might's (Yagi Toshinori), but other names have been shown already:
  • Shinomori Hikage: Fourth Wielder, his family name contains "shi", or "four".
  • Banjo Daigoro: Fifth Wielder, his given name contains "go", which sounds like "five".
  • Shimura Nana: Seventh Wielder, her given name is a possible pronunciation of "seven".
  • Yagi Toshinori: Eighth Wielder, his family name contains "ya", or "eight".
  • Midoriya Izuku: Ninth Wielder, his given name contains "ku", a possible pronunciation for "nine".
The remaining names are so far unknown, either partially or completely, but they are likely to follow the pattern:
  • First Wielder: His family name is Shigaraki, so it should be his name. One likely option could be Ichika, which is a common Japanese name that contains "ichi" or "one".
    • Jossed, his name is revealed to be Yoichi.
  • Second Bearer: Nothing is known about him. If it is his given name, a few possibilities could be Kenji or Ryuuji, with "ji" standing for "two".
  • Third Bearer: Nothing is known about him. If it is his given name, it could be "Saburou" (where "sabu" would stand for "three").
  • Sixth Bearer: His family name is En, so it should be his given name. This one is more difficult, but one possibility could be Rokuro, where "roku" would be "six".

Two other torch bearers are still alive
  • Midoriya states that all the other torchbearers he could clearly see except for Toshinori who was fuzzy. He then state that 2 others were also fuzzy. The fuzziness could indicate that they are alive like Toshinori.
    • Jossed, the two other Torchbearers were the second and the third and stated to have died after passing One for All to their successors. Plus, when they show up at the end of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, they are completely defined, they just look away for some unknown reason that is later revealed to be that they do not share Deku's views on saving everyone.

The Second User's Quirk is the ability to be located by specific individuals.
  • In Chapter 318, the Second User states he has a way to bolster Izuku Midoriya in some way, but his explanation is not revealed to the readers. That quote is repeated when Bakugou finds Midoriya and saves him from Dictator's attack. This could possibly be his quirk, which allows him to think of someone and that someone is able to locate Midoriya's location. It could be called "Beacon", "Locator", or even "Blood Bond". Considering how often the Second and Third users worked together, it would be useful for finding each other.

Deku doesn't trust the other OFA users
Deku doesn't want heroes to join him, because he doesn't want to put them in danger, but how about the OFA users? They are ghosts, so they wouldn't be in much danger. Not only that, but they have potentially tons of information about AFO. Deku is someone who always over-analyses and a huge hero fan. How come he didn't ask them any questions about AFO or themselves? I think it's because they have the tendency to not give him a lot of information. He is most likely suspicious about their worldview. The first wielder didn't even tell him his own name when they first met. Maybe Deku also saw something suspicious about the information he got from them. Maybe he saw something questionable in their face expressions or body language. Keep in mind, there was no emergency and he was telling his backstory. This is a Deconstructor Fleet after all.

Deku will discover the true meaning and power of One For All
One For All's core ability of stockpiling energy has already demonstrated that it can empower other Quikrs, as shown by them slowly being empowered after assimilation with One For All. Taking this further, and with the strong hints that One For All can be passed on and then reversed (via Bakugo's very brief use of it) ... Izuku will use the stockpiled power of One For All to empower his friends and allies' Quirks with a temporary but very effective boost. It will truly become a single Quirk and power for all heroes!But since nothing comes for free, possible side effects include:
  • The brief power-up will shave years off each recipient's potential lifespan. Not that anyone will mind that since dying at sixty rather than seventy is better than the world coming to an end and dying right now.
  • The passed on power drawing directly from One For All's core reserve and making the stockpiling aspect of the Quirk semi-permanently weaker. "Semi" meaning it will take time to once again build to All Might levels. But with all of the assimilated Quirks, his friends power-ups, and Izuku's sheer determination, the sacrifice of his own power will still be enough to win.
  • The vestiges of previous users will be weakened and unable to be reached until the Quirk grows in power again.

Deku will defeat AFO and save Tomura by giving him One For All
  • Even if Izuku is capable of stalemating or overpowering Shigaraki as he is now, purely physical force is unlikely to be enough to keep Shigaraki down permanently due to his completely absurd levels of durability and regeneration, at least without outright killing him, which Izuku explicitly seeks to avoid in favor of saving Tomura from himself and AFO. Instead, he'll fall back on One For All's most fundamental ability: it can be passed on. Giving away OFA would completely bypass AFO's entire master plan, which revolved around being able to erode the user's willpower enough to steal it in a battle of wills. He seemingly never considered getting the user of OFA to surrender the power through it's own natural means, which implies he needs to specifically *steal* the Quirk in order to control it, and he probably can't steal a Quirk from himself. Instead of AFO assimilating OFA, it will be the other way around, nullifying AFO's ability to bend the wills of Quirks it consumes. Since AFO likely upgraded Shigaraki's body to withstand holding OFA under the expectation of consuming it into All For One, this will likely destabilize Shigaraki's upgrades and the mental fusion ever further.
  • Since All Might has an empathic link with Izuku through OFA due to him having been Quirkless upon inheriting OFA, the same would likely be true for Izuku, allowing him a direct link into Tenko/Tomura's emotional state in order to help bring out the Tenko personality while continuing the fight with the embers of OFA. Thanks to seeing Izuku's efforts to save him, not to mention seeing his grandmother Shimura Nana finally coming to his rescue and redeeming her most tragic error, Tenko's faith in heroes will be rekindled and he will begin to fight off AFO's parasitic corruption. The rest of the fight will involve Tomura gradually freeing himself of his rage in a parallel to the Tomura vs Re-Destro finale. Assuming Yagi's potential death before the battle concludes, since his vestige in OFA is still directly linked to him, it might vanish from OFA when the real Yagi perishes, but since much of Shigaraki's rage is honed on All Might and AFO feeds on The Power of Hate, him being in the vestige world when OFA is passed to Tenko might do more harm than good, meaning this gambit might turn of the series's biggest potential tearjerkers into a massive Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! In the aftermath, One For All will either be destroyed in the process or Tenko will return it to Izuku out of gratitude or respect. One of the Rewind Bullets or Eri herself could rewind Tenko back to his pre-Nomuized state, rendering him much easier to safely detain without killing him and erasing All For One forever.

One for All doesn't cause premature aging, the Fourth user simply had a progeroid syndrome and jumped to conclusions
Progeroid syndromes are rare genetic disorders that cause some or all effects of aging to appear prematurely, and the Fourth's symptoms heavily resemble those of Werner's disease, that has a global incidence of 1 in one hundred thousands (though Japan has a heavier incidence, one in fifty thousands). Considering the side effects of too many Quirks were previously shown to be the Nomou, it's more likely the Fourth had Werner disease and passed on One for All and died before it could be diagnosed, and since it's so rare they didn't know and jumped to conclusions.

    Quirk theories 

There will be a Quirkless villain
  • He would act as an Evil Counterpart for Midoriya. He never had All Might to help motivate him, so he grew envious of superheroes. He would create artificial powers in order to render Quirks obsolete. Basically, he'd be like Syndrome.
    • Or, tying in to the previous WMG, he'll somehow acquire "All For One" and go nuts stealing Quirks.
    • Given the fact that the manga is partly inspired by Naruto, Midoriya will likely sympathize with a quirk-less villain even if he is forced to stop him at all costs (much like how Naruto sympathized with Gaara due to understanding the pain of being alone and unloved).
    • Or he/she will used tactic and technology, becoming an evil version of Batman, which Deku's analytical ability already resemble.
    • Alternatively, instead of a Quirkless villain, a Quirkless character may serve as Midoriya's third rival after Bakugo and Todoroki, possibly built around the question What If?, instead of accepting All For One, Midoriya decided to train hard and use tech to become a Quirkless hero. Such a rival would probably dislike Quirk-using heroes and think himself better than anyone who uses a "crutch" like a Quirk, coming off as just like Bakugo if he was the one born Quirkless instead of Midoriya.

There is no such thing as "quirkless"
Only All for One victims. Joint thing is just a cover up.
  • Though it seems unlikely that All For One has been able to get his hands on 20% of the population of earth, which is the percentage of Quirkless people.

There is no such thing as "quirkless" (v2)
People who appear Quirkless just have Quirks that are either useless, like "Can produce offspring with sentient aliens" or neutralize some other limitation the person has, like "Can digest lactose/gluten". Because these Quirks don't have a visibly ability, the user is written off as Quirkless.

The most common Quirk...
Is "Toe Joint", a Mutant Quirk which gives the Quirk's owner a redundant joint in their pinky toe, and has no other effect. ...This makes it identical to being Quirkless, meaning it's impossible to tell whether any "Quirkless" individuals have it or not.

Spinner's Quirk is Regeneration
It would make sense with his reptilian appearance.
  • Chapter 233 reveals his quirk is "Gecko" which apparently makes him merely capable of sticking on walls. However, real-life geckos also possess regenerative capabilities, so if Spinner possessed such ability, he may be not aware of it yet.

Mirio is lying about his quirk's weaknesses.
Mirio claims that his power comes with some huge downsides: that his lungs can't breathe when phased because air passes right through them, that his eyes are blind while phased because light passes right through them, he can't hear when his ears are phased, and similar downsides. None of this, however, matches with what we've seen.

His first appearance has him as a talking face protruding from a wall and floor, except that would require his lungs and vocal cords be phased, making him unable to speak, and he can hear Midoriya despite his ears being phased into the wall (or he can read lips). Light clearly doesn't pass through him while he's phased, because if that was true phased body parts would be invisible.

That wasn't a Vomit Discretion Shot during the entrance exam. Ochaco really does puke rainbows.
We know that several people have physical mutations that aren't directly related to their quirks. Mina's coloration is confirmed to be a side effect, but that doesn't explain her horns. And Kouji's Quirk allows him to talk to animals but he has a rather odd shaped head in addition to that. Ochaco has something similar but less obvious. Sparkly rainbow-colored puke.
  • Also, Midoriya and his mother both have super tears.
    • Amusingly, the super-tears has actually been confirmed, with Izuku & Inko mentioning that their Ocular Gushers have actually caused property damage.

The requirement that Toga needs to drink a person's blood in order to shapeshift into them is mostly psychosomatic.
Maybe it does something to help power her transformations or maybe it makes her impersonations more accurate, but the victim's clothing is included as part of the transformation, which is information that couldn't be transferred to her by drinking blood. Also, her method of hiding her presence by clearing her mind could very well be an extension of her shapeshifting if it works by turning her into a liquid mass that can hide in the cracks or simply makes her blend into her surroundings. If this is the case, then she doesn't actually need to drink blood to alter her form, even if she believes she does.

Quirks are Nanomachines that live within the bodies of those with quirk potential and those who already have quirks.
This theory is based purely off of the numerous Star Wars references made by the series. Perhaps the glowing baby acted as a "broadcaster" for the nanomachines, scattering them around in the air or whatever, infecting everyone who breathes them in via entering their bloodstream. Also, note the "lightning bolts" that show up inside (and outside) Deku's blood(?) when he uses One For All; those bolts are probably the nanomachines themselves.

As for why they appear, maybe it's because Deku's body still isn't quite used to having a quirk? He did go through several years without one, after all. It could also be because he's simply going further than beyond his normal limits.

Quirks and personality are innately linked.
To clarify, neither one completely controls the other; characters like Shinsou with his mind control or Midoriya with a quirk that has been likened by Bakugo to All For One who are fully determined to be heroes 'in spite' of their quirks seeming ill-suited for it seem to completely cast aside the idea that there's any such thing as an intrinsically evil quirk. But with the coming of the Meta Liberation Army arc, there seems to be mounting evidence that quirk and personality can at least have a very strong influence on each other. The evidence is as follows: Throughout the story (at least as early as the School Trip arc) it's been mentioned that even non-mutant quirks are still very much a part of their weilder on a biological level. But a person's body and brain and personality are all linked in various ways, even to the point that doctors in the real world are begining to lern more and more about how mental and physical health can both affect each other. Now, from a quirk -> personality angle, Toga's obsession with blood and thinking of bloodlust and love as the same thing all seem to stem from instincts that come from her quirk. Now, as mentioned, that single factor probably isn't enough to make her a villain. If she'd recieved guidance on how to manage her impulses beyond "bottle it up so you can look normal," then she likely would have turned out a much healthier and well-adjusted person. Likewise, while Shigaraki was certainly shaped by his trauma, his obsession with destroying everything seems too closely tied to his quirk for coincidence, especially if AFO's words to Shigaraki about his itch being his body wanting to use his quirk had any grain of truth in them. And on the other hand, we have the idea of Quirk Awakening. So far all we know is that it's possible for quirks to evolve under pressure, but so far every awakening we've seen has been a combination of pressure and rapid character development brought on by that pressure. This was true for Shigaraki, Twice, and supposedly Geten offscreen (especially tre for getten, since his awakening sounds like it was caused more by the stress of Re-Destro having been burned than any immediate threat to himself). Possibly for Toga as well, but it's yet unclear if her love for Uraraka caused an awakening or if she just began using her existing potential to its fullest. That's the information we have so far, so this next bit is speculation based on the theory. AFO takes so many quirks not just because of how powerful it makes him, but because he compulsively steals and hoards quirks as a side effect of his own quirk. This is also part of how he raised Shigaraki; he abandoned himself to his quirk ad let it shape him into a villain, and he led Shigaraki down the same path.
  • Re-Destro seemingly confirms this.

Quirks have existed since the dawn of humanity
They were just incredibly rare. Their explosion only some generations prior may have been due to the traits that caused their manifestation firsthand, residing into the DNA of most people at that point. Before then, their manifestations were so few and far between they could be easily dismissed, or intentionally covered (for example, the Minotaur was a man with a mutant-type quirk who was segregated), as fiction. They still left their mark on humanity though: gods, legendary heroes, monsters, mythical beasts, psychics, mystics, the concept of supernatural powers itself... all originated from sightings of quirked people through the ages.

The potential for Charles Atlas Superpower is an inherent aspect of the Quirk factor, regardless of the Quirk.
  • There are several feats of strength, speed, and durability way beyond what a normal human can survive. Gran Torino and Bakugo’s Quirks have enough force backlash to explain why they can take blows from All Might’s without turning into Ludicrous Gibs. But, without Quirks of this type, injuries like what Aizawa receives facing Nomu 1, Endeavor from Hood, or Best Jeanist from the All for One should have ended in body bags: even Uraraka tanked multiple blows from Bakugo that shattered concrete. The same goes for strength when there’s instances of Nighteye flinging around 5 kg seals like darts, Stain slicing through giant ice pillars in a sword swing, or Endeavor sending a Nomu flying with a punch. And that’s before getting to the near-Flash Step abilities that people like Shigaraki and Toga possess.
    • The societal treatment of Quirkless is pretty inconsistent with the number of background characters whose Quirks are totally useless. Plus, there are multiple combat-capable heroes, villains, and students whose Quirks offer a slight or easily replicable effect (at best) in direct fights: Mandalay, Spinner, Bubble Girl, Hatsume. The commonly held belief that there was no way someone Quirkless could become a hero implies that people with Quirks have an intrinsic quality that makes hero status out of reach for those without. The simple nature of most of the earlier Quirks might mean the abilities themselves can’t be enough of a boost.
      • Hatsume isn't trying to become a hero. She's trying to become an engineer, which her Quirk would be somewhat useful for. Mandalay's Quirk may not be useful in a dirct fight, but the Pussycats' specialty is search and rescue, where it would be useful.
    • One explanation is, so long as a person continues to use their Quirk while training, convincing their body to associate Quirk use with heavy physical activity, the strain may boost the body’s natural boundaries without facing things like muscle restrictions. For someone like Toga or Stain, who have to subdue their victims by direct violence (while also using their Quirk very shortly before or after each of their kills) there would probably be an automatic association between Quirk and physical ability. This implies that someone who uses their Quirk on and off while going through Training from Hell might be able to replicate the influence of backlash-heavy powers, even if they had the power to do something like change colors.
    • This might also explain why Midoriya came in last in the Quirk Apprehension Test. Even considering that several of his classmates had Quirks that boosted their physical abilities, there were still people like Kirishima (shown to have started strength training around the same time as Midoriya), Kaminari, and Jiro, all of which would almost definitely have to rely purely on physical ability as well. Midoriya having only used OFA a single time at that point, compared to the hundreds of times of his classmates, may be the reason why he did so much worse despite his year-and-a-half of training and his high ball-throw score.

Sir Nighteye's quirk is like Garnet's future vision from Steven Universe.
  • Just like in Steven Universe the future is influenced on what actions are taken and just like Garnet he is able to see the future based on the actions that are going to be taken. His vision about the team being killed by Overhaul was the posibility that would have happened if they didn't fight back, but Overhaul did not know that.

Izuku already tapped into Float without knowing it.
During the fight with Overhaul, he was pretty much flying around in the sky. That could just be an application of One For All 100%, but it makes more sense if he was unknowingly tapping into the seventh holder's Quirk.

The reason why weaker or useless quirks exist at all is because when quirks first appeared people with strong or destructive quirks died off very quickly.
All for One and One for All are both quirks that appeared right at the beginning, with All for One being pheonomonally strong. But what about other quirks? Well in the beginning quirk users were a minority, a major minority, so the reaction to them appearing would to the public at large cause a couple of different reactions to people with quirks.
  • One: They'd be hunted down and killed for being monsters.
  • Two: They'd kill themselves for being monsters or being different, thinking something along the lines that they were cursed.
  • Three: They'd get absolutely positively DRUNK on power, doing risky things, gaining the attention of authorities and through concentrated effort be killed. Which would loop back to one because people with quirks would be demonized by the appearance of those who used thier powers poorly.
  • Four: They'd self destruct because they wouldn't know to expect biological limitations of their quirks. We know that every quirk has a biological limitation like Tremors causing concusions, fire quirks causing someone to overheat, or sight based quirks causing dry eye, but would first generation quirk users know that? Most likely not, they'd likely experiment or exhaust themselves or accidentally kill themselves using their powers.
  • Five: People with subtle or non offensive quirks, hiding their status as quirk users completely to ignore blowback. This means that these people with the lesser quirks are the basis of modern quirks which is why so many of them seem random, silly, or off the wall, they're mutations of very subtle things coming together.

Shigeraki´s Decay is actually a perfect fit for having originated from Float depending on how it works.
On first glance, Decay might seem completely different from Float. But depending on the underlying principle behind how Float works, Decay could make perfect sense having originated from that power. It all depends on what Float actually is. Most have it pegged as some form of self telekinesis or gravity manipulation, but there is a very fitting explanation that also makes perfect sense in context with Decay.
  • So, let me present to you part one: "Electrostatic Levitation" also known as "Electrostatic Floating". Everyone of you who had their hair floating up while while using a plastic comb or fought with styrofoam pieces should be familiar with that. That mechanism fits perfectly with the original mechanic of Float, allowing the user to suspend themselves and float in the air. Now, how does that create a perfect connection to Decay?
  • Let´s get to part two then, what actually makes atoms "stick" together and form molecules? Electrostatic force. Van der Waals forces and Hydrogen Bonds are electrostatic in nature and bind atoms together into molecules. Now, if you were to shut those forces off, for example by using a power that can manipulate electrostatic forces, the molecules would just fall apart and the matter that they made up would turn into nothing but gas and dust. Which would fit very well with what Decay does.

    Ship Theories 

Uraraka will eventually return Midoriya's crush, and being as obvious, resulting in a Everyone Can See It situation
Except Iida, despite hanging out with them both the most. Meanwhile, Bakugo will be extremely butthurt that Midoriya managed to make a girl fall in love before him.
  • Ochaco's Hero mentor at least notices it. So, does Aoyama.
  • Uraraka has acknowledged that she has a huge crush on Midoriya, but is trying to ignore because she's focusing 100% of her attention on becoming a hero rather than letting herself be distracted by her personal life. Of course, she has no idea that he's also got a crush on her, so who knows how she'd handle it if that came out.

Midoriya will gain a harem.
Midoriya is a Determinator and a Nice Guy, yet Adorkable, some quality that usually help harem MC get the attention of the girls. This romantic subplot will provide Comic Relief from the Dark and Edgy main plot and to remind us that they still High School Student after all. Or Played for Drama as they realize their sexuality and remind us that they still High School Student after all. The most likely candidate for his courting:
  • Ochaco has Midoriya attention since as early as UA entrance examination, and stay close to him even now. She also has Clingy Jealous Girl quality on her, when Midoriya praised Mei.
  • Tied to WMG about the hero-gear above, the Gadgeteer Genius Mei. Hero-gear is custom made to conform with the user, so they will inevitably get close for "measurement and adjustment", then one thing led to another...
    • Mei actually does begin taking Midoriya's measurements in the story, in front of Ochaco, leading her to snap in jealousy.
  • Tied with WMG about Tsuyu being an outcast, they will get close mostly on term that they can sympathize with one another, both friendliness to each other, and that both are Adorkable. Fans have noticed, and Rule 34 ensued...
  • Bakugo would get really angry at Deku that he not only got a girl to like him, but a whole bunch of girls so he would try to ruin the harem by proclaiming that he likes Uraraka and that Deku is a jerk for stealing her from him. Even if he doesn't actually like Ochaco.
  • Deku and Melissa's interactions in the movie have a certain air of Ship Tease. Born quirkless, admiring All-Might, comparable heroic spirits, they have a lot in common. Her father even says he can "the future is in front of him" when while she is standing with Midoriya. Sure, he meant in the Passing the Torch sense, but he might be considering something else as well. Ochaco even thought they were on a date. And by all indications, the movie is canon.

Himiko Toga has developed a Villainous Crush on Deku
After she was pinned by Ochaco, Toga starts ranting that she and Ochaco are the same; that they both love someone and want to be like someone (Cue Ochaco's recalling how she wanted to be Deku and win during the school tournament arc). Toga goes onto say that she loves people who are beat up and smell like blood. Once Deku, Shoji, Shoto, and Tokoyami arrive, she escapes - but not after she is taken back after looking back at the newly arrived heroes. Then there's a panel of Deku looking beat up after his encounter with a supervillain, which is then followed by a panel of Toga blushing heavily. Deku does seem to have a penchant for sparking interest in villains, after all (Stain, maybe Shigaraki). Perhaps Toga can be interpreted as an Evil Counterpart for both Deku (he adores All Might, she worships Stain) and Ochaco (both like Deku).

Izuku and Ochaco will become an Official Couple by the end of the current arc
Rather than drag the Will They or Won't They? subplot throughout the series, Kohei will avert expectations by having them get together long before the series ends.

The beta couple of this series is going to be Jiro x Kaminari
Since romance is definitely a part of the story, and Midoriya x Uraraka will be the main couple, this troper thinks there will be at least one beta couple to parallel and/or contrast Midoriya and Uraraka's relationship.My guess is that it may be Kaminari x Jiro. Both can be foils of the main pairing in a way:
  • Ochaco is the cute, easy to talk to, happy-go-lucky, girly girl that may seem fragile but is much stronger, tougher and smarter that you would think at first glance. Whereas Jiro is the cold and sharp at first glance but she appears to be much nicer when you manage to get close to her and is hinted to hide a lot of insecurities and may be much more emotional than she lets show. Both come from a middle-class loving family who is encouraging them as much as they can on the hero business. And both seems to have a really close and strong bond with their fathers. Their physical appearances are opposites with Uraraka having nice curves and fair hair and Jiro being less endowed with dark hair.
  • Both Midoriya and Kaminari are friendly guys with an important influence on the class. Midoriya is a deconstruction of the chronic hero syndrome. He is kind, shy, all-loving. Many stated that he looks rather plain, and wouldn't expect much from him. Then comes danger and he will show you just how much of a hero he already is. He is also one of the smartest students and will (refreshingly) think things through and come up with a plan more often than not. On the contrary, Kaminari looks confident on the outside with his flirty, cheerful and enthusiastic personality. But on the inside, he not may be not so confident in himself as he almost always starts to freak out whenever danger (or difficulty) shows up. He is not that bright but has better physical aptitudes that Midoriya. Moreover, Midoriya quirk puts his own body in danger while Kaminari's put others (and his mental faculties too). Again, their appearances contrast.
And even the pairings current interactions are very different as Midoriya and Ochaco get along swimmingly while Kaminari and Jiro are often bickering (cue Jiro's rude comments to Kaminari).

The Beta Couple will be Momo and Todoroki
As of the Midterm Exam arc, we know that Todoroki was the only person who voted for Momo, thus making her the class vice president. As she had two votes and voted for herself, it was only Todoroki. This event serves as the catalyst for Todoroki's arc dealing with becoming a better team player and being less of a loner, and also begins to close out Momo's arc dealing with her insecurity about her intelligence. In the Hideout Raid arc, when the others rescue Bakugo, the two of them can be seen running away from the scene holding hands. Momo also apologizes when he fails the Hero License exam. Putting the two of them together would be objectively beneficial to both of their character arcs.
  • They also have a bit of Ship Tease in one of the drama CDs, where they attend a festival together.

Alternatively, the Beta Couple will be Momo and Jiro.
Primarily because of their Les Yay. Not by accident. Additionally, the two of them seem to be growing closer and closer, and were the first friend each other made at U.A. The fact that Kyouka is enamored by Momo just sort of makes it better, and all of Kyouka's moments feel like she might be into girls. Admittedly still not as strong a case as any of the other guesses, but hey, anything can happen, and given that Tiger exists in that universe, there's a shot of more LGBT characters.

Kirishima and Ashido will become an Official Couple by the end of the series
But there won't be any real focus put on them since they're not major characters. It will just end up being one of those things that kind of happens, with a healthy dose of Ship Tease every once in awhile to build up to it.
  • Well it's already been established that they've known each other since at least middle school, and they both get along with each other (then again, they get along with pretty much everybody, even Bakugo), so...maybe?

Uraraka will get with Todoroki instead of Midoriya
For no reason other than the fact that Midoriya's parents have the powers of being able to levitate small objects, a weaker version of Uraraka’s Quirk, and breathing fire, a weaker version of part of Todoroki's Quirk.

Uraraka will get over Midoriya
Most of the reasons she gives for liking Midoriya border really close to idealizing him instead of loving him for who he really is, warts and all. Since the qualities she likes about Midoriya are those she herself wants to have as a hero, it’s possible her crush could vanish once she actually achieves that goal. Not to mention, Midoriya’s crush on Uraraka seems to have mysteriously disappeared; the last time he blushed over her was way back at the end of the Stain arc, which—as of this entry—happened about 150 chapters ago. So, it’s entirely likely that Midoriya/Uraraka might be sunk by the end of the series.
  • Unlikely. She's not necessarily loving a shadow nor does she ignore his flaws like his constant muttering, but she's still shown to harbor a massive crush on him despite getting closer to her ideal version of herself. Plus, with this being a shonen series and Uraraka being the main female lead, typical writing for the demographic dictates either the Main Leads remain single, or they get together. Just ask Naruto and Hinata, Ichigo and Orihime, and Ed and Winry.
    • Counterpoint: Hinata wasn't the main heroine of Naruto. Sakura was.
      • Counter Counterpoint: Sakura wasn't the main heroine. Kishimoto has gone on record as saying that while he had called her the main heroine, he later came to regret saying that since she never truly acted like she was, and that he had intended for Naruto and Hinata to always be the Official Couple. It's also worth noting that "heroine" has different connotations in Japanese media than in Western media, since it usually boils to "Main Love Interest", and that Horikoshi has officially stated Uraraka isn't a "heroine", but one of the main "protagonists". Plus, the blushing comment is outdated since he ''has'' blushed around her in the more recent arcs.

Toga has a Villainous Crush on Midoriya but is legitimately in love with Uraraka
In the beginning of this arc, Toga says that she loves both Midoriya and Uraraka. But when she fights Curious, her inner monologue reveals her real thoughts about Uraraka. While Toga developed a crush on Midoriya because she saw him covered in blood (just like her first “crush”), she likes Uraraka because she flat-out thinks Uraraka is amazing, even before she took Uraraka’s blood in the Forest Training Camp arc. She likes how Uraraka is trusted by the people she loves and wants to emulate that, the same way Uraraka wants to emulate Midoriya. So, this is why I think while Toga’s crush on Midoriya is a typical Yandere crush, her crush on Uraraka might actually be something more “genuine.”

Mineta and Tsuyu will become a couple
Bear with me here. Mineta's a despicable Dirty Kid now, but he appears to zig-zag between playing Can't Act Perverted Toward a Love Interest straight, averting it, and inverting it when it comes to Tsuyu—when it comes to playing it straight, when he fantasizes about all the girls in swimsuits he visualizes Tsuyu in an Old-Timey Bathing Suit, when it comes to averting it he's intrigued by the Power Perversion Potential of some of her powers, and when it comes to inverting it she's the only one he's ever actually groped, although both times he did might have been accidents. On Tsuyu's end, she repeatedly bitch-slaps Mineta with her tongue any time he says or does something perverted, which may or may not be her way of kissing him in an effort to put a lid on his lewd comments about other girls, she's his only female friend, and though she retaliated for the two times he groped her she hasn't held any ill will for it long-term. Plus the two hid together in Shoji's spread arms during the cavalry battle, which must have been cramped, but was fine for them because they're the smallest two Class 1-A students. That's the only reason Mineta invited Tsuyu in on his "tank" strategy and Tsuyu agreed to it.

A same-gender couple will be established.
Horikoshi has, by the low standards of typical manga, been rather respectful in his three depictions of transgender/non-binary individuals. Thirteen doesn't seem to fall into the gender binary, and no attempt to sort them into it is made; Tiger is treated as a man by everyone; and Magne, while she does - like many other trans female characters - get the short end of the stick, by being murdered gruesomely and being misgendered, her family in the League of Villains always respects her gender, and she's clearly shown to be important to them all. It wouldn't be surprising if, in addition to this, and Toga Himiko's crushes on both Midoriya and Uraraka, a canonical same-gender relationship.

There will be a Bisexual Love Triangle between Bakugo and Uraraka over Midoriya
These latest arcs have featured not only Bakugo finally showing regret over the way he treated Midoriya in the past, but he has also nearly died for Midoriya and now officially apologized for his bullying in the past. The latter in particular has shaken Midoriya so much that he actually passes out afterwards, in Bakugo’s arms. Midoriya’s official reaction to the apology, as well as to Bakugo’s sacrifice in the war arc, has yet to be seen. But considering he’s mentioned that he was blessed to have even a “normal-ish” conversation with Bakugo, plus the fact that hurting or even insulting Bakugo seems to be a particularly bad Berserk Button for him, Midoriya may very well be overwhelmed by it all. Meanwhile, in the same arc, Uraraka has also done something equally as big for Midoriya when she stood up for him in front of a group of hostile civilians, allowing them to form a connection with Midoriya. Midoriya, in response, is overcome with tears. Both Bakugo and Uraraka have actually had some minor clashes in the past over Midoriya, and Horikoshi has placed special focus on each of their reactions during the other’s significant moments with Midoriya in this arc. So while yes, this may be a long shot considering the nonexistent status of LGBT relations in a shonen manga, it’s still a curious thing to think about.

The series will end with no clear endgame for the main characters with ships being up in the air/to your interpretation.
The series so far is largely free of explicit romantic relationships between main or major characters. Izuku/Ochako being the most explicit, but the most it will end on is a final shot/panel of the two holding hands, if anything is hinted in the end at all.

Tiger & Bunny is a Prequel
Tiger& Bunny happens in the shows past and is about the 2nd/3rd generation of heroes. As superpowers became common, "NEXT" devolved into a derogatory term and the term Quirk was used to replace it. Outright corporate sponsorship was outlawed, but hero agencies still draw in lots of advertising dollars from TV and print appearances. As the number of people born with quirks rapidly increased, the older generation of heroes founded schools like UA.

Kirishima is a fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
He has a strong admiration for manly resolve, and admits that his idol, Crimson Riot, embodies "old school" values of masculinity, which sounds like the earlier parts of Hirohiko Araki's iconic series. Plus, the anime had this happen during his fight with Cementoss.

Let's rename the heros so they make sense in english
  • Aoyama - Bright Knight
    • It's just too obvious. Besides it sound infinity cooler than I can't stop twinkling.
      • He changed it to "Can't Stop Twinkling" already.
  • Midoriya is still Deku
  • Ochaco will keep Uravity
  • Ingenium/Ida - Make it Engenium. That way it's a pun.
    • 'Ingenium' is already a reference to the Ingenium engine family. The Iidas are an engine-quirk hero family, it fits perfectly without being too on the nose.
  • Red Riot still sounds OK in english so we'll keep Kirashima
  • Invisible Girl might be copyrighted so let's make Hagakure Unseeable (Her Hero name)
    • Considering they kept it in the English Dub, Copyright isn't an issue.
  • Shoji - Armee
  • Most of these don't need to be changed for several reasons.
    • 1. They are all Japanese In-Universe, so changing them to English words would make no sense.
    • 2. The Dub already aired the episode they named themselves in so any names they had were still maintained even if they only truly make sense in their native tongue.

My Hero Academia is the future of the X-Men's world.
Quirks are obviously the same thing as mutations in the Marvel Universe. So many of the official possible futures we've seen of the X-men's world are horrible and dystopian. My Hero Academia is one future for them that isn't awful. As predicted, mutants really were the next step in human evolution and mutations have become more and more common... and society has adapted and things are mostly okay.

Everyone actually looks like anime characters, in universe.
It's an almost universally inherited mutation quirk (so common, in fact, that anyone who has only it is considered quirkless), and most people who don't have it have a different appearance-altering quirk. Normal (to the real world) looking people are a rare and weird exception.
  • This may strangely be canon, funnily enough. In-universe, the characters had the same Uncanny Valley reactions towards the creepier side of Mutations as we, the viewers had. So it's extremely likely that all that Medium Blending truly is what they look like in-universe.

My Hero Academia is the future of the Overwatch world.

The reinstated Overwatch took down Talon, however the world was never rid of villains. The members at the time, both old and new, recognized their time as heroes was coming to an end, so they eventually set up hero schools all over the world to teach young heroes with big dreams to follow in their footsteps and make the world a better place. (Hanzo and Genji Shimada founded UA) Thanks to technology, DNA altering and other things, some kids ended up mutating and developing quirks. Overwatch's name faded as time went on, but the schools remained and developed more and more to help kids with quirks.The robots test to get into UA? A nod to the Omnic crisis struggles in the past.

My Hero Academia is the future of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The arts of bending was sadly lost after many centuries and eventually the world may have reached a point when the Avatar was no longer needed or worse, the Avatar cycle ended. However, as time went on, bending abilities remained dormant, but they also started to evolve. Some other elemental abilities emerged, while others may have been watered down. Kirishima and Tetsutetsu's quirk is a legacy of earthbending. Todoroki's ice quirk from his mother is the result of some waterbenders that became ice specialists while his father's quirk may have been something that somehow managed to stay. Bakugo's explosion quirk is likely a firebending legacy as well.

Somewhere in far off, distant, small islands unknown to most of the general populous, animals with quirks have been discovered

Many seem to have received a quirk tied to a certain element. Even more so, some plants and manmade objects have achieved sentience and quirk abilities. Little do most of the people know, these animals with quirks would evolve. They'd learn more abilities and powers, and expand beyond their quirks in the beginning. Professors grew very invested in researching them, and some quirkless people considered, what about capturing and training them? This, was the beginning of Pokémon.

The anime will eventually have a version of You Say Run called Run For All

Considering You Say Run got an updated version for the second season called Jet Set Run, it'd only be appropriate if future seasons also got remixes of the song. This may possibly even show up as early as Season 3, and play when All-Might takes on All For One. Also, Pun.

  • It might even be saved for the Final Battle between Midoriya and Shigaraki, :with all the Vestiges of the former One For All users somehow either manifesting in the real world, or fusing with Midoriya to empower him, or something equally symbolic of "One for all and all for one".

After the events of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, Melissa's work was confiscated

It's the reason her special gauntlet, which would have been incredibly useful to Deku, cannot be made anymore; while created for him and with all the best intentions, the government is afraid that its technology may fall in wrong hands and be reverse-engineered to provide villains with an instrument to overcome the limitations of certain types of offensive quirks. You cannot even blame the governments because of what just happened with a tech her father David had conceived to help All Might. The flipside is that, once investigations verify that she had no knowledge of David's actions, much less complicity in them, most of Melissa's inventions will be given back to her, and she may be even offered a position by the government.

The Pretty Yure Magical Girls are real

In Chapter 137, one of Overhaul's henchmen is buying toys for Eri, and they are based on a Magical Girl team called Pretty Yure 10, a reference to the Pretty Cure franchise. The scene heavily hints that the team is fictional because it's based on a long-running series, but don't get surprised if later, we find out the Pretty Yure team exists as superheroines with quirks, with the explanation that there's an anime series based on them.

Melissa will become Midoriya's tech support when they are adults
She's shown to have an excellent grasp of how Midoriya's quirk functions and so could make him excellent gear suited for him and his style of fighting. They worked well together during My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, and given their predecessors' partnership, they might continue this in the same Passing the Torch sense as their careers as a hero and scientist, respectively. Furthermore, it's implied that she suspects a deeper connection between "Uncle Might" and Midoriya then teacher-student so she could be a Secret-Keeper.

The Hero Rankings will be abolished
After the war, the government/Hero Commission/some other force will realize the Hero Rankings actually hamper the work done by heroes and causes them to focus on the wrong things and they will either become used for internal purposes only or done away with entirely.

Captain Celebrity and the Skycrawler will be among The Cavalry sent by the US President in the climax of the Final War.