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Nightmare Fuel / My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia regularly shows the evils and consequences of a world of superpowers. It's not your ideal fantasy when monsters share it with you- it's full of murderers and maniacs, some gifted with abilities that can easily tear someone apart, and when people get hurt, they often walk away damaged, or don't walk away at all. In the worst cases, there isn't even anything left of them to walk away.

As per Nightmare Fuel policy, all spoilers are unmarked!

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  • The story begins with Bakugo telling Midoriya to go kill himself, and the implied bullying by almost everyone else around the poor kid for being born Quirkless. It's a very systemic problem, where children such as Bakugo believe in their superiority over others thanks to their Quirks, and those without Quirks are effectively almost second-class in terms of social respect from others; a literal role reversal of Japan's social structure by being the abnormalities surrounded by their peers. And this bullying and practically being shut down from his dreams for a genetic defect (or lack thereof) effectively turns Midoriya into a Shrinking Violet and a bit of an emotional wreck that he has to work past overcoming for much of the series.
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  • The very first villain that Midoriya ever encounters face to face, a creepy Blob Monster with Puppeteer Parasite abilities who emerged from a sewer grate behind Midoriya. The guy referred to Midoriya as a "Medium Size Invisibility Cloak", and tried to take him over to hide from All Might. The anime makes this scene worse by showing just how invasive the control process is. And as shown by his possession of Bakugo, if he possesses someone with a Quirk he can use it.
  • Whenever Midoriya hurts himself using "One for All" before he learns to control it better. The artist is a bit too good at drawing realistic torn flesh, swollen skin, and broken bone:
    • The first time he uses his Quirk, he is left with two horribly broken legs and one horribly mangled arm. The flesh is all red and bruised and the broken limbs are flopping about in the wind.
    • During the fight against Todoroki, he practically snaps all his fingers to counter strikes against him, breaks both arms and can't clench his hands anymore. Then he breaks some of the mangled bones even worse by repeating his abusive use of One For All. In the anime, it causes the already reddened bruises on his skin to become completely purple. At one point, he's unable to even move his fingers from the repeated wounding. He actually bites into his fingers so he can re-align the bones into position just to ward off another strike. Namely, he crunches down on his thumb and fires off One For All with it wedged in his teeth, causing a small jet of blood to fly out of it while it's in the corner of his mouth. Extremely cringe-inducing to watch. The sheer damage he inflicts to his hand is so severe that not even Recovery Girl can completely mend it, she's forced to put him through surgery so the shattered bone fragments can be removed from his joints, and it's enough to make her put her foot down and stop treating Izuku's reckless injuries hereafter. Midoriya's mother is watching this on live television. The poor woman must be freaking out over her own son tearing himself apart.
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    • During the invasion at the training camp, Izuku is forced to use One For All at a much higher intensity than his body could possibly stand. His entire arm is left covered in scars and he is forced to wear a brace on it hereafter under his clothes. The doctor also warns him that he's risking permanent disability and a life without functioning arms, noting that every time he damages his arms with One For All, it's like firecrackers went off inside them. He's literally detonating his arms with every Smash.
  • The Hands villain, Tomura Shigaraki, pictured above. No wonder he got a full page in the manga. His Quirk is called "Decay" and it allows him to petrify anything he touches, causing it to crumble away into dust. He puts this ability to good use in several chilling scenes:
    • During the Villain Alliance's attack on USJ, Shigaraki petrifies and crushes Aizawa's elbow. Shortly afterwards, he tries to do the same to Tsuyu's face, though thankfully he's stopped just in time by Aizawa.
    • It seems like the students are safe at the mall, when they're swarmed by fans who saw them during the sports tournament. Izuku thinks one fan wants his autograph... it's actually Shigaraki, who takes him by surprise and gets one slight move away from turning the boy into dust. Ochaco sees them and picks up on what's going on, but at this point she can't do anything to help him. He then explains how if the police and heroes try to apprehend him, he'd be able to kill dozens of innocents before getting caught. Fortunately, Shigaraki only wanted to talk, and let Izuku go afterwards, but what he has to say isn't exactly comforting: he gleefully, casually explains how he wants to kill All Might in order to show the world how fragile justice is. As he walks away, he sports a horrific Slasher Smile.
    • During the above, we get a flashback of what we can assume is a younger Shigaraki first discovering his Quirk... as he stands over a severed hand.
    • Ochaco's reaction to seeing Deku being held hostage by Shigaraki in plain sight is horrifying and realistic as well. She split up with Deku in the mall because she was trying to get a handle on her feelings for him which inadvertently made Deku an easy target for Shigaraki. When she finds him, she sees him in a strange position with a man's hands around his neck. Her first thought is that the strange man could be a friend, but she immediately realizes that is not the case. The fact her first thoughts were the possibility that he could be a 'friend' further proves Shigaraki's point about how everyone has their guard down and think they are all safe. It wasn't until she noticed the hand around Deku's throat that she realized Deku was in danger. Her expression during that whole scenario showcases how powerless she was to do anything for Deku. Deku warned her not to get any closer, and all she could do is softly ask Shigaraki to let Deku go.
    • Much later, he displays the full potential of his ability on one of Chisaki's goons: if he maintains contact with all five fingers for a certain amount of time, the target is reduced to a pile of blood and guts.
    • Shigaraki has a nervous habit of scratching his own neck in a manner that would be disturbing even without his power; with his power he seems to be at risk of decaying his own neck by accident.
  • The Black Mist's speech to the young heroes as he warps a majority of them away. Remember that even these children are training to become pro heroes, they are 15 years old and barely out of middle school. This is only a taste of the danger they will face when they are grown adults.
    Black Mist: You will be scattered and tortured and slain.
  • Nomu: mindless, rampaging freaks which look like an unholy fusion of the Incredible Hulk and Venom, and whose power nearly matches All Might's. They were once ordinary thugs, until they had DNA from multiple others injected into them, turning them into these abominations. The anime makes them even worse, as we can hear them, and the sounds they make sound like bestial roars crossed with screams of pain. And the Villain Alliance has several of them, as if one wasn't dangerous enough.
  • Todoroki's backstory is, despite the lampshade hung on it to make it not as heavy, pretty horrifying. He's Endeavor's son... and the guy forcefully married Rei, simply to produce a kid with a Quirk strong enough to use as a tool to surpass All Might. After several unsuccessful attempts, Todoroki was finally born with the powers Endeavor desired. By the age of 5, Todoroki was already forced into Training from Hell, isolated from others and forced to do nothing but train his powers at the expense of his health. Meanwhile, Endeavor kept abusing Rei, and she was driven to near-madness: one day, she snapped and threw boiling water at her son, giving him his distinctive red scar. Endeavor had her locked away in a mental hospital as she was no longer needed now that he had the heir he wanted.
  • Hitoshi Shinso's Quirk, "Brainwashing". People actually comment how it would be more befitting a villain (for a terrifying example, see Kilgrave). In short, he speaks to someone in a way that requires an answer (usually a question), and if someone responds, it flips a brainwashing switch in their mind if he's decided he wants it to activate. It robs the free will from somebody and Shinso can control them like a puppet, as well as make their mind go foggy so they have trouble noticing they're being manipulated. All he has to do is activate it and wait for someone to respond to something he says, and they'll be directly under his thrall until he releases them or they use the physical sensation of pain to overpower his signals to their brain. There's also no clear physical indicator of when it's active, so he can just casually trigger it and catch someone by surprise when they least expect it, even if they're not fighting; what would you do if a person asked you a question, or wanted to elicit a response from you, and every time they did, you'd have to worry about answering, like NOW? And Talking Is a Free Action, so reflexive and natural that one might slip up by accident and let themselves be pulled into the brainwashing. The anime ramps up his creepiness by giving him a nightmarish theme that sounds like a hypnotist using a ticking clock to put someone under their control, with haunting female singing in the background. However, this is lessened somewhat by the fact that he's simply Creepy Good, and outside of serious fighting, he only uses it for split seconds as a prank, admitting that he would never use it in a villain-ish way.
  • The Hero Killer, Stain. He's established as a threat with his introduction, which has him attacking Iida's brother Ingenium and leaving him paraplegic. Not only is he a fearsome swordsman, but his Quirk, "Bloodcurdle'', allows him to paralyze a person when he ingests their blood. If he gets a single hit on you, all he has to do is lick the blade and you're helpless against his follow-up. Even after being captured, he is capable of emanating a Killing Intent strong enough to freeze everyone present with fear, including pro heroes such as Endeavor. And he doesn't stop causing problems after being locked up, as his philosophy spreads and influences many villainous Quirk-users to join the Villain Alliance.
    • Related to this is Iida's last conversation with Midoriya before going to confront Stain. He has this creepy Stepford Smiler look when he replies "yes" to Midoriya's question about friends and then turns around. Midoriya-as-narrator says that he regrets not trying harder to connect with him at that time, and we see this look of terrible resolve on Iida's face. It gives the impression that he's about to go Roaring Rampage of Revenge right into a Knight Templar territory.
  • The barbaric ways Endeavor attacks the Nomu. He takes the big and brutish one- which is boasting a regeneration-type Quirk- out by carbonizing its cells so they can't regenerate anymore. The anime makes it incredibly mortifying because Endeavor just incinerates the Nomu's head in a massive jet of fire as it screeches in agony. Absolutely brutal. He also sends a spear of solid fire piercing into the head of the flying Nomu and it destroys one of its eyes.
  • Present Mic's Quirk description. When he was born, evidently nobody knew about the Quirk he was born with... his first crying fit made the ears of his parents and delivery doctor BLEED. Later, we see this happen for real to Jiro after several assaults to her eardrums. Yeah, we have Recovery Girl to make them all better after the tests, but allowing these kinds of savage injuries for a kids' test at a SCHOOL!? Holy shit, Present Mic! You are Adult Fear personified!!
  • Chapter 62 has one in the way several panels zoom in on All Might's eyes while he's at full power. Midoriya likens his expression and the pressure he's giving off to Stain, of all people.
  • The Villain Alliance's attack on the training camp is filled to the brim with Adult Fear:
    • Despite all the precautions that Aizawa and the Pussycats took to ensure that the camp wouldn't be discovered, the Villain Alliance still manages to find its location and plan an attack. This is made worse by a later chapter, which raises the very real possibility that one of U.A.'s teachers might actually be The Mole for the villains.
    • The villain's main goal for this attack? It turns out that they're aiming to capture Bakugo, and convince him to join their side.
    • Moonfish, one of the villains, is a death-row escapee strapped in black restraints from head to toe. The bindings cover his entire head and body except for his mouth, which is peeled open by hooks allowing him to speak - and to use his Quirk to manipulate his own teeth into spidery stilts and spears of bone. He's completely obsessed with the flesh of his foes, to the point where he's seen admiring one of Shoji's severed hands (thankfully, Shoji's Quirk allows him to grow new limbs).
    • Kota is a child who lost his parents to a villain's attacks. Said villain, Muscular, is one of those attacking the camp, and he's perfectly willing to attack the young boy.
    • Tooru and Kyoka are revealed to have inhaled so much of Mustard's Deadly Gas that not only are they still in critical condition and unconscious after two days, their condition is stated to be rapidly deteriorating. Even after All for One is defeated and they miraculously recover, they're both shown to still be suffering from the aftereffects of the gas, having become incredibly weak and sickly even months after the attack.
    • Tokoyami losing control of Dark Shadow after he and Shoji are ambushed by Moonfish. Tokoyami's body is almost completely enveloped by Dark Shadow (now even more aggressive and powerful due to the darkness), leaving the poor kid writhing and screaming as he tries to control it, begging Shoji and Deku to leave him behind and help their classmates instead. We even get a close-up of Tokoyami in pained tears as he fights for control over his out-of-control Quirk.
  • Toga Himiko, a member of the Villain Alliance, is another very disturbing foe:
    • Despite being only a high-school age teenager, she's already an Ax-Crazy Serial Killer with several kills under her belt.
    • Her view on love and how she thinks it's totally normal to want to kill and mutilate your lover. She reveals this during a rant over the course of which her face slowly changes from a relatively normal one to a cross between a Slasher Smile and a Nightmare Face.
    • Tying into the above, Himiko is sexually aroused by blood, which might have something to do with her Quirk; she can flawlessly shapeshift into any given person by consuming their blood. During the Hero License exam, she uses this ability to infiltrate the testing grounds, making her a prime source of Paranoia Fuel.
  • The Villain Alliance leader, All For One, bearer of his eponymous Quirk:
    • Let's start with his appearance, which was so badly messed up by All Might that the places where his eyes used to be are covered up with a mass of scar tissue and pumps are sticking out his neck. Needless to say, the page image of Shigaraki might have some competition.
    • His Quirk allows him to steal other Quirks, rendering his victims powerless while increasing his own power. When he does this to Ragdoll, Tiger discovers she's been stripped naked and her mind is in a haze. The loss of her Quirk is visually represented by the fact that she herself is stripped, and looks nothing short of date rape.
    • His first aggressive move, which establishes him as a deadly force of total annihilation compared to how strong other villains are. In the span of not even a second, he does something- so fast, that it's impossible to react to- and is powerful enough to turn an entire high-rise complex to a smear. Outdone by the fact that in the anime, his very first attack on-screen kills the power to the city blocks nearby and the whole area goes dead dark, and cinders rise up from the area All For One completely obliterated, looking like he barely even moved beyond levitation.
    • One of the additions/edits made to chapter 88 in the official volumes was an extreme increase to the detail of the face reveal for All For One. Also, when Midoriya mentions "seeing death", a formerly black panel is now a vision of all the kids dead and bloodily splattered all over the alley. The anime only manages to amp it up to even scarier heights by turning the blood red and keeping the monochrome for some truly jarring and dark imagery.
    • The anime also gives All For One a Leitmotif fittingly titled The Power Of All For One that can best be described as "Nightmare Fuel in music form". The theme begins with a melancholy piano score that highlights his disarmingly charismatic nature, as if it's lulling you into a false sense of security. But soon enough, the piano is accompanied by an absolutely haunting One-Woman Wail that reminds you that something truly demonic lurks beneath his charming facade. All in all, the theme is quite fitting for one titled as the Symbol of Evil and truly sounds like death itself. The sheer despair this theme conveys about the chances of defeating All For One is such that many fans nickname it You can’t run, as in “There is no hope for you heroes, you can’t run and you are going to die”.
    • Not only can he use the Quirks he's stolen for himself, but he can actually combine them, allowing him to do some rather horrific stuff: during his fight against All Might, he combines no less than eight different Quirks to turn his arm into a gigantic monstrosity made up of metal rivets, spears of bone, hypertrophied muscles, and multiple smaller arms. Not only does the resulting clash with All Might's fist cause a massive shock-wave that makes it look like a nuclear bomb just went off, but he uses another Quirk to reverse All Might's own punch and destroy his right fist. All this while he's nowhere near his prime, meaning that he was even MORE dangerous than that in the past!
    • Volume Origin gives us a brief glimpse of him in his prime, and it's even worse. He is fighting Nana with... something... We have no idea on what it is or where it came from, it's just some giant thing that is a mess of flesh and features attacking Nana alongside All For One. If that isn't bad enough, after All Might and Gran Torino leave the island the fight was taking place on is outright vaporized. And none of these get elaborated on, leaving just what they were or what exactly happened unknown.
  • Shishikura Seiji, a Shikestu High student introduced during the Hero License arc. His Quirk, Meatball, is nasty: he can freely manipulate flesh, both his own and others'. This allows him to transform other people into potato-shaped mounds of flesh with their body parts all over the place, all while they're completely immobile and at Shishikura's mercy. By the way, they can still feel pain in that form. Thank goodness he's not a villain.
  • Chapter 115 shows what a disturbed individual Twice is. We also don't know if he is real or just a clone (with the real one being dead). The chapter also shows Dabi burning some thugs alive. Not to mention the villain group that does... something... to a bunch of thieves.
  • Chapter 133: While Eijirou's Unbreakable is nothing short of awesome, it is also deep in the uncanny valley with his skin and hair literally turned into cracked crystals. His teeth are like that of a dragon, and his eyes are also cracked crystals. He looks even uglier than some villains at this point. It even becomes worse if you know what harlequin-type ichthyosis is.
  • Chisaki, also known as Overhaul, and yet another horrifying villain:
    • His Quirk, which is also named Overhaul. Simply by touching something or someone, he can disassemble it at the molecular level, resulting in a quick, gruesome death or at least severe bodily injury should he use it on a human: Magne learns this firsthand when she tries to attack him: her upper body fucking bursts like a balloon, leaving only her legs behind. He then proceeds to make Compress' arm explode with a single hit.
    • His Quirk can not only disassemble things, but also reassemble them in their original form afterwards. He mainly uses this on Eri, a young girl whose blood can be used to manufacture a Quirk-erasing drug. This process, which has probably been performed on the child thousands of times presumably against her will, is described as being extremely painful. Over time, Eri simply accepted her role as a provider of blood, and learned to not react to pain.
    • Chisaki has no qualms about killing his lackeys when they displease him, such as when one of them fails to prevent Eri from escaping. He does this right in front of Eri, and it's implied she's seen multiple such deaths.
    • Disassembling and reassembling things is a disturbing enough power on its own, but Chisaki eventually reveals the biggest, most horrific applications of his Quirk: if he uses his power on himself and someone else at the same time, he can fuse himself with another person, with the result being a Humanoid Abomination whose strength is much greater than before. His fusion with Shin Nemoto results in their faces and masks combining, while merging with Rikiya Katsukame turns him into a building-sized monstrosity with multiple arms and an exposed skeleton.
  • Izuku and Mirio's first encounter with Chisaki is laced with horrible tension, as it's obvious the man is growing annoyed with their suspicions about his activities. Suddenly, he directs them into an alley... The conversation becomes less casual and Mirio flips Izuku's hood mask over him because the fear on his face from recognizing the man standing in front of him is too easy to read. Overhaul starts to lure them deeper into the alley, and begins to take off his glove. Eri, the little girl, immediately pushes away from Midoriya and rejects further help, as she's clearly seen what Overhaul's willing to do to keep her from escaping. Overhaul's eyes narrow and he rears up... fully bent on killing them and keeping to the shadows in order to do it discretely. Eri immediately runs back to him to stop him from carrying out the deed. A horrifying example of how her father has learned to control her with fear.
  • The revelation that Nighteye has used his power on All Might before and predicted that the path he's currently on right now will lead him straight to his demise... an an unspeakably gruesome one at that. Worse, that prediction was no recent assessment. It was from several years ago and is due to transpire in about a year or two's time. All Might believed his final battle would be with his arch-nemesis All For One, and in a sense, it was, but as his super-powered self. This implies the one thing Izuku did not want to hear, and gives him a massive sense of guilt weighing on his shoulders: the act of giving One For All to him will be directly responsible for his idol's death, because he will not be able to fend off whatever threat comes up that will exact the murderous deed.
  • In a Call-Back to the moment Izuku feared Shigaraki was drawing a gun, Tomura reaches into his longcoat in front of Overhaul, and even though he isn't reaching for a weapon, the apparent bloodlust in the way he slowly takes this action is still quite measurable. The very gesture is enough to make a pair of experienced Yakuza lackeys, Mimic and Chrono, draw their guns and point them squarely at his head, with Mimic's reaction being especially manic.
  • Chronostasis explains that the Eight Bullets of the Hassai Group, the titular enforcers of the Hassaikai, aren't given masks for bragging rights among the organization as his personal entourage. Really, to be given a mask means you are actually now one of Overhaul's pawns whom he considers expendable, you must protect his life at all costs, and he doesn't want to breathe the same air as you because you might contaminate it. Worse yet, the people chosen for this job are generally death seekers and/or drowning in despair, some of which even tried off themselves at some point. In other words, people who want to die take up jobs where they're likely to actually die. And they somehow find a sense of purpose and camaraderie out of it. Talk about Dysfunction Junction.
  • Apparently, Overhaul once blew apart Rappa and reconstructed his body in the same instant. The visuals are lovely: within the span of a second, Rappa's entire upper body, head included, was reduced to a mass of blood and shredded flesh, and immediately reconstructed. Rappa is a guy whose Quirk gives him bullet-like punches, with power and speed enough to overwhelm Kirishima's Hardening Quirk and put a Pro Hero like Fatgum on the ropes. And Overhaul only needs to touch you with a single finger. This also indicates that he can reverse what he does to the people he offs if he acts quick enough, but only if he wants to. Rappa is essentially pulling a Hisoka in that he joined a villainous group just to see if he could beat the boss one day, and like Hisoka, died and came back in trying to do so, only multiplied several instances over. Oh, and that disassembly-reassembly business? It's happened six times already, and way too fast for Rappa to even know what hit him, just that he was okay one second, and the next, he was gone. He's tried to beat Overhaul, but keeps losing. The only reason Rappa's still alive and kicking is because Overhaul needs his brute force around.
  • Toga sneaking up on Rock Lock then drawing a knife and sinking it into his chest from behind while hushing him. Then, just as quickly, casually ingesting his spilt blood, shape-shifting into his form and looming over Aizawa with a maniacal expression of bloodlust as Rock Lock.
  • After Aizawa binds Toga, she gives him the foulest look ever. A high-schooler, a perky chick turned villain who doesn't seem all that threatening and has never looked the part 100% yet, gives him a demonic once-over that is right up there with Stain's hellish gaze. Right before stabbing him, too. Oh, yes, she takes after her idol VERY well....
  • Eri's Quirk, which is capable of rewinding various things, including rewinding a Quirk Factor to the point where it's nonexistent. This Quirk first manifested when Eri rewound her own father out of existence, causing her mother to proclaim she was cursed. Deku nearly suffers the same fate after defeating Chisaki, and was only saved by timely intervention from Aizawa.
  • Overhaul's fate at the hands of the League of Villains. They quickly kill Snatch, a pro hero. Shigaraki and Mr Compress amputate Overhaul's arms taunting him for being a hypocrite. Shigaraki leaves, telling Overhaul that he would now be helpless. While Overhaul can usually reconstruct his body, he needs his hands to activate the Quirk. Without his hands, Overhaul's Quirk is useless. And the villains also steal the Quirk erasing bullets.
  • High-End. First of all, the fact that he's capable of speech and rational thought is disturbing enough due to it showing how advanced the Nomus have become, but then there's the climax of his fight with Endeavor, where he brutally maims the latter's face and claws out his eye. Thankfully, Endeavour doesn't lose his eye, although he gets a nasty scar, disfiguring him forever.
  • We get a glimpse into the pasts of All For One and his brother, during the chaotic time when Quirks were first appearing. All For One played the part of a hero bringing order to the chaos, taking power away from those who abused it or didn’t want it. However, he didn’t bother to stop the bloodshed that ensued when the victims turned on their now powerless attackers, who were forced to join him if they wanted to live, or that he gave the victims Quirks to fight back. All he cared about was gaining loyal followers who would do whatever he wanted, something only his brother could see and was powerless to stop. Everyone else revered him and did whatever they thought he wanted, which included attacking a group who refused to join All For One.
    • In the recent chapters, All for One is implied to somehow be able to listen in on Midoriya's visions of his predecessors.
    • Bakugo draws parallels between Deku and All For One's abilities and wonders if they are somehow connected. All Might is not pleased by the implications.
  • The Quirk of Class 1-B's Kinoko Komori (or Shemage) is rather terrifying. Basically, she releases spores that can make mushrooms, any type of mushroom, grow anywhere and EVERYWHERE. This includes people. It downright terrifies Mineta, who wasn't even participating in the match, who compares it to a horror movie. Oh, and Kinoko's spores can also make mushrooms grow in people's lungs, causing them to choke like what happened to poor Tokoyami. Plainly put, this girl can easily grow any kind of poisonous mushroom wherever her spores touch, anywhere from eyes to the inside of a person's body, making her Quirk outright deadly.
  • Iida gets a new powerup technique, yay! To obtain it, he had to rip the mufflers of his engines out of his legs.
  • Setsuna Tokage's Quirk. Holy moly is that Body Horror personified. Setsuna can divide her body into pieces that she can move around at will, all the way up to 50 pieces. That means up to 50 body parts floating around independently, which is plenty creepy. In hindsight, it's a shame she was not seen during the training camp's game of hiding in the woods and use their Quirks to scare the other class, as Setsuna would've been a natural at it, what with hands and arms, eyes, her mouth, her whole head just floating around, her headless body walking around, dividing herself in half so it's just a pair of legs walking or a torso dragging itself around, the possibilities are as numerous as they are scary.
  • Right in the beginning of the fifth match between 1-A and 1-B, Midoriya attempts to use "Shoot Style" on Monoma, only for his arm to begin to explode into a mass of black tendrils. Midoriya begins writhing in pain and despair while the black tendrils are acting out of control, destroying the buildings and attacking both team 1-B and his own teammates. The entire time Midoriya desperately pleads his Quirk to stop. The situation becomes bad enough that All Might begs Aizawa and Vlad to stop the match.
    • Chapter 213 reveals it is the Quirk of a previous bearer of "One For All", "Black Whip". Its normal use is to grab objects and/or capture people at a distance, but it went out of control because it's amped by the "stockpiling power" aspect of "One For All" and responded to Midoriya's anger at Monoma.
    • While this power is unleashing itself, Midoriya isn't just panicking like he reasonably should be, but feeling pain. Extreme amounts of pain, practically screaming at his own body and Quirk to cease as it continues to escalate. Whether it's the backlash of One for All activating the Black Whip so violently, or his lack of control over the tendrils causing his own body excess amounts of pain, now he doesn't just have One for All to worry about - if this initial incident is anything to go by, he could end up crippling or even killing himself by a complete and utter freak accident with no warning whatsoever to himself or those around him.
  • Chapter 218 gives us quite the frightening scene. The Detnerat CEO killing his own secretary for bad mouthing Destro's ideology. After dropping a few hints that he is on board with that ideology, he sees his secretary ignore it and call it shit, prompting the man to, in a friendly manner, ask if his secretary has no family or is dating anyone (so as to see if he is someone no one will miss), and after seemingly in a friendly manner put his arm around the other shoulder, only for them to start choking him until his neck snaps and the secretary's body falls to the ground. This is the first time in the manga where we have a villain killing someone completely innocent on-screen and it is painful.
    Miyashita: It hurts! President! Sto- it hur- *snap*
  • If you were ever wondering why Shigaraki wears all those hands when he clearly doesn't need to for any practical reason, Chapter 222 gives us the answer: they're all that remains of his family after he developed his Decay Quirk, meaning he inadvertently caused them to disintegrate into nothingness when he was barely a preschooler. What's more, his Quirk was previously unheard of, so his family didn't even anticipate something like this happening. Just recalling the fragments of these memories causes the poor boy to vomit, and the only reason he doesn't seem so traumatized to this day is because All For One stepped in and taught him how to direct his feelings of anger and emptiness towards the rest of society, turning him into the twisted sociopath that everyone knows him as today. Yikes.
  • In Chapter 223, the Meta Liberation Army sends a message to the League of Villains by cutting off all of the fingers on one of Giran's hands and leaving them at spots associated with the League's activities. And a composite panel shows how, when shown together, the fingers were left in such a way as to represent the Liberation Army's hand signal. Even though Giran's deleted his client list, the MLA possesses an IT firm that can easily recover the data, which means he lost one hand's worth of fingers for nothing.
    • Or for that matter, how the MLA can trace the League's phone call and track down their location using satellites, ready to tip off the heroes at a moment's notice. Bear in mind, this can happen to anyone.
    • Special mention has to go to how they have over 100,000 copies of their manifesto reprinted or how they have over 116,000 loyal followers ready at their beck and call.
  • Chapter 224 has the distinction of being an Evil vs. Evil situation with the League against the Liberation Army. This also means that the League have free reign to show just how lethal they are, which Shigaraki brutally demonstrates by disintegrating a pair of Liberation Mooks as casually as someone swatting a fly.
  • Chapter 225:
    • Chitose Kizuki's Quirk lets her turn anything she's touched into a mine, including the blood of her own subordinates!
    • Details of Toga's backstory are revealed. According to Chitose, Toga is the eldest daughter of her family and had a relatively normal life. Her classmates even described her as "a bright, reasonable girl." Then she suddenly disappeared after her middle school graduation ceremony. Flashbacks show Toga wearing a mask with her classmates, laughing as one of them (who looks a lot like Deku) appears to be fighting and bruised, which causes the mask to break a little. The next flashback shows a bloody safety blade and the mask shattered, a smile on Toga's face. It's easy to imagine what happened.
    • At the end of the chapter, a bloody Himiko gives one hell of a Slasher Smile, saying she's living normally.
  • Chapter 226:
    • We get more details on Toga's backstory, and they continue to be horrific. When she was a child she was fascinated by blood due to her Quirk, leading her to kill birds and proudly display the bloody bodies to her parents. In response her parents tried to suppress her Quirk and counselled her against it, leading her to a psychotic break in middle school when she couldn't take it anymore and attacked one of her classmates to drink his blood with a straw while crying with joy.
    • Adding to the above, remember the case of Identical Stranger in the last chapter, that led to the symbolic image of her "mask" breaking? That was the same incident. Toga's first victim was someone who was a dead ringer for Izuku. Just like that, Izuku seemingly having replaced Stain in her heart too easily has far more credence, and the potential depths of her fixation for our protagonist has now become several ordinances more chilling.
    • Toga using Uraraka's power, which she obtained thanks to consuming her blood, to send Lady Curious flying into the sky, then crashing into the ground.
    • Notably, she seems confused at first that she's using Uraraka's Quirk before realizing that by imitating how someone uses their Quirk, her Transform can mimic the Quirk of the person she's transformed into. Toga's turned from just another member of the league to potentially the most dangerous of its members.
  • Chapter 227: Inspired into fanatical fervor, a crowd of 30 or more charges at Shigaraki. With a single swift motion of his hand, he disintegrates all of them. Within but moments, thirty men and women - even children, as some of them seemed quite young - were reduced to dust. You can even see the first man, the one whose face he actually touches, begin rotting away in painfully exquisite detail.
    • Additionally, as noted by Spinner, Shigaraki didn't need to touch everyone in the crowd. The disintegration effect spread from person to person, meaning there are truly horrific implications for how Shigaraki might be able to apply his Quirk in the future.
    • With this comes a similarly horrifying implication. This battle is allowing the League to avoid falling into the pit of never getting stronger and just like the U.A Kids, they're extending their quirks.
  • The quirk of Tomoyasu Chikazoku of the MLA, aka Skeptic, is revealed: Anthropomorph, an ability that can turn any object of the right size into a lifelike remote-controlled puppet. Like the Paranoia Fuel its wrong use implies wasn't enough already, Skeptic uses it to create and send a group with the same exact face as Twice against him, reawakening his trauma of the clones he created with his own quirk killing each other.
  • Toga might not be the nicest person, but it's still harrowing to see a bunch of Skeptic's puppets beating on her while she's bloodied and unconscious, especially when she wakes up and starts struggling weakly while one of them is twisting her head for a Neck Snap. And that Neck Snap they try isn't the typical quick kind we see, but one puppet holding her body in place while another grabs her head and twists it like the lid of a jar until her spine starts to pop. Few of the serious fight scenes in the series are pretty and bloodless, but this is a level of prolonged brutality we didn't even see with Stain.
  • Chapter 230:
    • Twice is unleashed and his own clones keep multiplying themselves and swarming, literally covering the streets around the point of origin. Taken singularly they are easy to kill but their sheer number cancels this disadvantage, and the MLA soldiers they meet are simply overwhelmed. Even funny moments with this horde feel unsettling, as Compress witnesses when the Twices reach him. Giran wasn't joking when he said that, if Twice wanted, he could take Japan over.
    • Shortly after, many Twices are destroyed by the attacks of the MLA's ice user. In doing it, he also destroys several buildings of the city and kills even some allies, while rambling about the Social Darwinist ideals of the MLA. Dabi, while still trying to hide behind a boisterous face, he's clearly afraid, also because his body cannot sustain his own flames well.
  • Chapter 232 shows just how powerful Shigaraki's Quirk is when he disintegrates an ENTIRE building in just a few seconds!
  • Chapter 233 has the fight against Re-Destro quickly turning bad for Shigaraki, as he loses half of his left hand. And Re-Destro intends to keep on the Fingore, as he looks about to pluck away the remaining two fingers.
  • Throughout the Meta Liberation Army Arc, the members of the Army show a level of fanaticism and zealotry that is downright chilling; they show zero compunction about throwing their lives away for a meaningless Zerg Rush, allow higher ups like Lady Curious to use them as living weapons, and talk about the League Of Villains as human sacrifices for their cause. This isn't simply some terrorist group, it's a cult, and its numbers are in the tens of thousands. Say what you want about the Shigaraki and Co., but it's probably for the best they're decimating these guys before they have a chance to begin whatever their actual long-term plans are.
  • Chapter 234 is one long one as the consequences of Re-Destro's attack are shown to affect Shigaraki's psyche. Ironically Shigaraki barely seems to even register that his left hand has been crippled; what he cares about is that the hand that grasps his left wrist, the one that belonged to his sister Hana, was destroyed in said attack. The trauma of that loss causes Shigaraki's mind to shatter as he remembers his Dark and Troubled Past and the audience are treated to several different Nightmare Faces that Shigaraki pulls including one wherein, due in part to the motion lines as he rapidly flies towards Re-Destro, cause Shigaraki's face to resemble a zombie. Not to be outdone Re-Destro powers up his Quirk to Liberation 80% causing his body to contort and bulge until he becomes demonic like in nature. He then releases an attack that tears through several city blocks in an attempt to kill Shigaraki.
  • Chapter 235, appropriately titled "Tenko Shimura: Origin", shows a flashback that explains why Tomura came to be. His father hated heroes because his mother, Nana Shimura (All Might's predecessor) was away on hero duty and when she died, he came to believe that heroes abandon their families in order to do their duties. He beat Tenko at the mere mention of wanting to be a hero to his sister. His sister supported him and his dream, however...but then one day, his father demanded to know who broke into his office and saw the picture of Nana Shimura. Tenko's sister broke down into sobs and squealed, resulting in Tenko getting another beating. And when Tenko's quirk activated, well, he was holding onto the family dog with both hands...
    • The fact that Tenko's father hated heroes because his mother had to abandon him to keep him safe. One wonders how many people in My Hero Academia hate heroes because of something personal.
    • Also, the most important matter is that neither Tenko's mother or grandparents stepped in and protected him from his father when the man was beating him up in front of the entire family! This just shows how controlling and abusive Nana's own son become. It's one way that a man's wife and children are afraid of him, it's another when his own in-laws are afraid as well.
  • Chapter 236 features graphic images of how Tenko accidentally killed his family. Since the Decay Quirk was still in its primitive stage, it reduced people to gory chunks of meat (which in hindsight explains why their hands were still intact). And when Tenko saw his father after the latter hit him with the weed whacker, he pounced on him with murderous intent and killed him.
  • So much in Chapter 237 which is appropriate considering that it is the Chapter where Tenko finally makes the transition and becomes Tomura Shigaraki.
    • The Chapter starts with Tenko wandering around the city dazed and confused after killing his family and in need of help and guidance. Notably while many people see him most look away and pretend they don't. We find out why when an old lady goes up to Tenko and asks him if he is alright; Tenko has deep sunken in eyes and a strange serene smile on his face. While someone definitely should have helped him its not hard to see why most of the bystanders pretended to not notice him after seeing that face.
    • Watching All For One slowly distort and corrupt young Tenko's mind so that he can impart the same warped morality on his young ward that he himself has. AFO tells Tenko that concept such as "a conscience" and "laws" are just things that people use to manipulate the world how they see fit and encourages Tenko to do whatever he feels like to make himself feel better and actively encouraging him to murder people. As we find out later on in the chapter all of this is so he can warp Tenko into becoming his "Symbol of Fear" to counteract All Might.
    • Finding out the origin of the last five hands Shigaraki wears on his body. While his face, upper arms, elbows, and wrist hands all come from his family the two that hold onto his shoulders and the two under his armpits were taken from a couple of thugs Tenko murdered to signify the beginning of his journey to becoming a Symbol of Fear. The last one, the one that holds the back of Shigaraki's head? A random hand that AFO got to replace the one Tenko had accidentally destroyed. This raises a lot of disturbing implications about where AFO got that hand...
    • Just seeing Tenko, who is still a little boy at this point, wearing his completed villain costume is just disturbing, arguably even more so then his adult self wearing it, especially since the hands dwarf his body at this point.
    • After the flashback is over, Tomura Shigaraki, now fully embracing his role as a Symbol of Fear, crushes his father's hand and declares to Re-Destro he doesn't need it anymore, fully abandoning his former identity.
    • A couple of non Shigaraki ones also happen in this chapter:
      • We see Gigantomachia tearing through the Liberation Army and Twice clones like they were made of paper. The League are in complete shambles as they realise, to their horror, that Gigantomachia wasn't even fighting seriously with them up to now and is now barrelling towards their boss...
      • We cut back to the fight between Dabi and Geten and see that Dabi is now discharging large amounts of smoke from his body likely meaning that he burned off even more of his remaining skin with his Quirk.
  • Decay was always one of the deadliest Quirks in the setting, but in the finale of Shigaraki and Re-Destro's grudge match, Tomura shows just how powerful Decay is when he's no longer holding back - and unleashes a wave of decay that reduces a large part of the city to a crater, laughing insanely as he does it. Re-Destro was forced to amputate his legs to survive the power. Just... how is Midoriya supposed to fight that?
  • Chapter 250 features the debut of the villain Ending, an ex-convict who has it out for Endeavor. He decides to kidnap Natsuo and tries to get Endeavor to kill him, on threat of murdering Natsuo if he doesn't. His quirk allows him to control road paint, turning such mundane thing into a weapon that can easily fling cars in the air.
  • Chapters 253-54 reveal that not only Kurogiri is a special breed of Nomu, he's been created using the body of Oboro Shirakumo, a classmate and close friend of Eraserhead and Present Mic during their UA days, who lost his life during an internship to save a group of kids. A young man who died as an hero has been denied his rest in peace and been turned into a villain. Beside the emotional devastation for his old friends, and the suspicion by Gran Torino that All For One also engaged in grave-robbing for his sick experiments, the implications of how far the gallery of horrors created by AFO and the Doctor could go are chilling. Several fan theories about Nomu and other monstrosities actually being people from the series' past in general, don't seem too wild anymore. To further add to the emotional punch, when Aizawa attempts to push Kurogiri into recalling his previous life, we are treated to an haunting image of the black mist arranging itself into the shape of Shirakumo's face, with even some stitches notable on his forehead -presumably the point where the boulder that killed him struck.
  • When Ujiko said that Shigaraki was going to be experiencing four months of Hell, he was not kidding at all. While the operation to grant him the power that the doctor promised him seems to be going even better than planned, what we actually see of the procedure is just downright disgusting. Numerous tubes and wires are sticking out of his spine and head, while a bigger mechanical tube thing is operating on his midsection which has been completely torn open, all accompanied by copious amounts of blood. Perhaps the most disturbing part of it all is that not only is Shigaraki fully conscious for the whole thing, he's actually laughing as it's being done to him.
  • After finding out Kurogiri is actually essentially the desecrated corpse of his old friend, Present Mic sports a mild Nightmare Face while lying facedown on a couch in Chapter 256. He's so pissed off that he wants to find the perpetrator and challenge them to a "karaoke contest." note 


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