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"To the ends of the stars.. You'll be lost on the edge of space for eternity!"
Shang Bu Huan to Yao Tu Li

It is created by Gen Urobuchi. There are so many epic awesome moments.

WARNING: Unmarked spoilers ahead, please self-advise. Various tropes here contain major plot spoilers!

List the examples in a chronological order, if possible.

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    Season 1 
Episode 1: Code of Umbrellas

  • Dan Fei's brother, Dan Heng is quite powerful. He was almost able to kill the Starter Villain, Can Xiong, if Mie Tian Hai didn't interfere. Even against Mie Tian Hai, he's able to make a powerful barrier that VAPORIZED all of the mooks while giving time for his sister to run. Very Heroic Sacrifice indeed.
  • Shang Bu Huan is indeed a badass. When he interferes with the Onyx Demons that were chasing after Dan Fei, he swiftly dodges all of their attacks and takes them on WITH AN UMBRELLA. And that's not before he pulls out his sword. When he's forced to fight Can Xiong by Lin Xue Ya, he's able to dodge his Signature Move (Dry Bones Blood Slash) while countering it by breaking his sword.
    • How the sword was broken deserves mention. Sho's finishing move has him run past Can Xiong while striking Can Xiong's sword with his own. The sword leaves Shang Bu Huan's hand and spins around Can Xiong's sword to his bewilderment. The sword is thrust back into Shang Bu Huan's hand, where Can Xiong's sword snaps apart as Sho sheaths his sword for the final blow.

Episode 2: Attack of the Xuan Gui Zong!

  • We are introduced to the Shou Yun Xiao (also known as the Keen-Eyed Sharpshooter), who manages to one-shot all of Lie Mei's mooks AND almost manages to kill her until she escapes.
    • in greater detail, Shou Yun Xiao waits until Lie Mei has him surrounded, then fires three arrows into the sky, one for each person he is fighting. In the time between their launch and their descent, he proceeds to CQC the crap out of everyone on screen, positioning each foe to be killed by a descending arrow. Lie Mei only escapes because she's weaker than he had anticipated, leading to Shou Yun Xiao inadvertently pushing her out of the way of his arrow, when he was expecting her to regain her footing just in time for the arrow to land. Hardcore.

Episode 6: Seven Comrades

  • The group manages to demonstrate a great example of teamwork against the Onyx Demons.
    • Ken rushes and takes down a bunch of mooks.
    • To get some extra reinforcements, Shou Yun Xiao shoots a bunch of talismans at the recently dead corpses of the mooks while Xing Hai uses her necromancy to get them to fight against the other mooks.
    • Once enough of them are gone, the Roaring Phoenix Execution uses the Meteor Walk to fight both Lie Mei and Diao Ming. To show how powerful he is, he swiftly finishes off Lie Mei without a sweat. If it wasn't for the interference of Mie Tian Hai, Diao Ming would've been slaughtered as well.
      • "Now...which of you would like to die first? If you can't decide...Allow me to make it simultaneous for you."

Episode 7: Demon Spine Mountains

  • Shang Bu Huan basically carries the load for the other team while taking on the first two trials of the Demon Spine Mountains. It was revealed that they were testing his capabilities.
    • The zombies of the Valley of the Dead No-Sell Xing Hai's singing, so she has to come up with a different tune. However, Shang Bu Huan ended up being outside of a protective barrier, so he has to end up fighting all of the zombies off. He ends up destroying all but one of the zombies, which ends up getting destroyed by Xing Hai successfully finding the correct tune.
    • The second trial is at the Valley of the Doll. Shou Yun Xiao's archery skills were intended for this trial, but unfortunately he misses the really small weakpoint. Shang Bu Huan ends up being the one to distract the golem, but he ends up taking matters in his own hands and RUNS UP THE GOLEM AND STABS ITS WEAKPOINT. Fortunately, Shou Yun Xiao ends up saving his life.

Episode 8: The Enigmatic Gale

  • After finally getting to the Seven Sins Tower, Dan Fei, Shang Bu Huan, and Lin Xue Ya are surrounded by the Onyx Demons. Dan Fei confronts Mie Tian Hai boldly and gets to fight him on a 1-on-1 battle to the death. She's able to easily take advantage of him and it almost seems like she's got the edge until it's revealed that she probably wouldn't have been powerful enough to face him alone. Instead, Lin Xue Ya tricked her into fighting Shang Bu Huan by making her perceive him as Mie Tian Hai, similar to a trick he used on Can Xiong. The music in the scene was also very emotional.
  • Lin Xue Ya deserves one as well ... along with revealing how dangerous he really is. He uses an illusion to fool Dan Fei, putting the Onyx Demons in a big advantage. He even fools Mie Tian Hai after betraying both Dan Fei and Shang Bu Huan. Mie Tian Hai is given the guard of the Tengyouken, but Mie Tian Hai notices how the sword part is fake, and praises Lin Xue Ya for it.
  • The rest of the group deserve an Offscreen Moment of Awesome. It seems grave when Shang Bu Huan and Dan Fei are trapped in cages, but they come in and plan on rescuing the two along with explaining the motives of Lin Xue Ya (they thought Shang Bu Huan was working for him).
  • A Creepy Awesome moment, but Lin Xue Ya's poem shortly after his true nature is revealed is done very well, especially with the voice. It definitely says that he's bad news.

Episode 9: The Essence of a Sword

  • Sha Wu Sheng's incredibly fast, incredibly deadly match with Mie Tian Hai, and the absolute slaughter he put the latter's Mooks through up to that point.
    • "The duel shall last eight... no, nine moves!"
      • Those who remember his mental simulations of his "fight" with Shang Bu Huan might be surprised that he immediately knew that he would lose, but Sha Wu Sheng is a master swordsman, and is able to judge his foes by instinct alone to determine if they're actually worthy of dying by his swords. One look at Mie Tian Hai was enough for him to realize the fruitlessness of his efforts, but he did it anyway, just to see if he could. He wasn't even disappointed with the outcome.
  • Shang Bu Huan's words to Dan Fei (who just suffered from Heroic BSoD) is pretty impressive in itself.
    "There are many people who got cheated for being righteous. It is okay to regret for being cheated, but do not regret being a righteous person."

Episode 10: A Thief's Pride

  • Sha Wu Sheng's rampage through the tower is shown in graceful, effortless, and purely brutal efficiency.
  • The reveal of the Xanatos Speed Chess between Lin Xue Ya and Mie Tian Hai over Tengyouken's guard. It's just two brilliant chessmasters trying to out-gambit one another to secure the MacGuffin.

Episode 11: A Proud Life

  • Juan Can Yun's newfound determination and goal in life is truly admirable.
    "True pride is something you trade your life for! When you said that, it really struck a chord with me! You made it clear to me; in order to die a proud death someday, I can't live in a way I'd be ashamed of!"
    • "People may ridicule my noble ideals as fantasy and naïve, but with determination and effort I shall reach my soaring ambitions. I will have no regrets disdaining fleeting glory even when my hour comes."

Episode 12: A Blade That Doesn't Cut

  • Shang Bu Huan decides to get serious against the pursuers and utterly curbstomps Diao Ming and others......with a branch. And let's just say it doesn't end well for the Onyx Demons.
    Shang Bu Huan: (to Diao Ming) "You need to stop making dumb assumptions. See, I was never using a sword in the first place. Did you think only sharpened metal could form an edge?! Don't presume so much, boy! If you channel the right force into it, then hair and cloth can split flesh and shatter bone!"
    • What makes this especially badass is that while he's saying this, he is decapitating one of the Onyx Demons with his goddamn sleeve!

Episode 13: A New Duty

    Season 2 
Episode 1: Xiān Zhèn Fortress
  • An off-scene moment on how Lang Wu Yao, Xie Yingluo and Xiao Kuang Juan somehow manages to across the Wasteland of Spirits from Xi-You to Dong-Li without being harm.
  • Lang Wu Yao makes a Big Damn Heroes moment where he arrives just in time to saves Shang Bu Huan from Katsu before she can use the Sorcerous Sword Index on him.

Episode 5: Hellfire Valley

  • The mighty dragon of the Wasteland of Spirits, Death King, is defeated by Lang Wu Yao using his enchanted voice to sing the show's opening.

Episode 8: The Song That Dooms Evil

  • Lang Wu Yao manages to overwhelm Xie Yingluo a while wielding the Seven Blasphemous Deaths without opening his eyes. He almost have defeated her if Xiao Kuang Juan and Lin Xue Ya haven't interfere with their battle.

Episode 11: The Dignity of Evil

  • Lang Wu Yao's duel against Lou Zhen Jie. Despite he also need to shut his eyes like fighting against Xie Yingluo, he still fights pretty well, until Lou Zhen Jie tricks his hearings and cuts him, forcing Lang Wu Yao to retreat.

Episode 12: The Hunting Fox

Episode 13: A Bizarre, bloodstained Ballad

  • Syo Fu Kan, Lang Wu Yao and Lin Xue Ya's Gambit Pileup just to disarm Lou Zhen Jie and get the Seven Blasphemous Deaths away from him in the final battle.
    • Hell, the entire fight itself is one long CMOA. It's the first time in the series when Syo fights against a foe with almost all of his potential, and even after Lin joined the fight Lou Zhen Jie still has an upper hand. It's when they pulled out their agreed trick (with Lang Wu Yao's help) to turn the table.

Instant kill with one strike.
There are some scenes different that wasn't shown from the puppet version.

Chapter 5

  • In manga rather than leaving Shang Bu Huan alone, Shou Yun Xiao intends to kill him. Shang Bu Huan surprisingly manages to reflect his arrows and dodge it. He thinks it was just dumb luck.

Chapter 6

  • In the manga adaption, Juan Can Yun was given extended fight scene against the Mooks.

Chapter 16

  • At the end of the chapter, Shang Bu Huan saves Dan Fei in the nick of time and manages to block Mie Tian Hai's attack.

Chapter 29

  • In the manga, Shang Bu Huan managed to block Diao Ming's and kill four Mooks with one strike with a stick.

Chapter 31

  • In the manga adaption, Mie Tian Hai destroyed a demon bird with one hand after Lin Xue Ya damage a piece off of his bone-whistle.

Chapter 33

  • Shang Bu Huan's final battle against Yao Tu Li is different in the manga adaption.
    • In the manga, Shang Bu Huan pretends to be defeated by Yao Tu Li after it throws him up in the air and used one of 36 legendary swords in close range and seal it once more. It was very epic.
    • Luckily, Lin, Dan Fei, and Ken were in the area and they manage to catches Sho from falling.

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