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Syou Fu Kan was once a Monk before he picked up the sword
  • He only resorts to violence as a last resort, seems to hold disdain for those who don't care about their lives, he's apparently trained in striking with blunt force, he's been traveling for a while, and he has a habit of twirling his sword in its scabbard like a staff and striking the ground with it. He is also shown to be very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, expelling force with each strike, as well as has some form of ki/chi energy that he's capable of channeling, and his sword's not even a real sword, just a piece of wood cut and coloured to look like one.
    • This troper interpreted Syou Fu Kan's comment about feeling the weight of lives taken, as a hint he's taken an innocent life (probably by accident). He doesn't want to accidentally kill anyone, and the act of performing a lethal strike takes a considerable amount of chi from him. His real skill with a blade is incredible, he just willingly uses sloppy swordplay for most encounters. When serious, as Episode 11 revealed, every attack he unleashes is either a One-Hit Kill or causes a Wrecked Weapon... even when blocked. None of his strikes were "wasted" movements, as Setsu Mu Syou judged in the witch's forest. Syou Fu Kan could simply be a Multi-Melee Master, as he comments ANYTHING can be a weapon, including hair and clothes. It should also be noted that when Syou Fu Kan picked up the stick in Episode 11 and started fighting seriously, he still used it like a sword and not a staff. He also kept insulting himself for being a terrible person when explaining that using a wooden sword made it easier to avoid taking lives without caution, and made a roundabout statement that admitted he was a great swordsman.

Lin Setsu A is the best Swordsman of the Protagonists
  • With the reveal in Episode 12 that he actually IS a martial artist who apparently specializes with sabers, and that Syou Fu Kan is more of a Ki Manipulator than a proper swordsman, is it too much a stretch to consider Rin this? Especially given his confidence in going up against Betsu Ten Gai, whom he saw eviscerate Setsu Mu Syou. This only makes sense if Rin himself is stronger than Setsu Mu Syou. Think about it: given that we know Rin's motivation is to steal one's "pride," what else could Rin have POSSIBLY stolen from someone who's only concern is killing strong opponents? The only answer this Troper can come up with is that Rin was a strong opponent Setsu Mu Syou could neither kill nor force Rin to kill him.
    • Pretty much confirmed by Episode 13 and his one-sided victory over what had been up to that point the main villain.
    • Not completely confirmed - Lin was blowing his hallucinogenic smoke right before the battle. He's clearly good, but he may not be as good as Betsu Ten Gai thought he was - Betsu Ten Gai's attacks may have been off do to the smoke.

Ken becomes the next One-Eyed Impaler
  • Since his former sworn brother died in Episode 12 and he's proficient with a lance, as well as having that injury on him, it's fitting for him to take on the mantle, and now he's actually a heroic person worthy of the name.

Kei Gai died at the end of the series
  • We didn't see it but think about it, she was at ground zero when the demon god rose from its imprisonment, an act that leveled the surrounding area for miles. I'd be hard-pressed to find a character in this series who would survive that.
    • Jossed. One of the surviving members of Genkishu mentions a demon taught them one of the deadly techniques in order to used this on Syou Fu Kan in Thunderbolt Fantasy The Sword of Life and Death. It is a hinted that Kei Gai survived after the series ended. Confirmed in the season 2 finale.

Lin Setsu A was not originally born from Dōng Lí
  • Since it was a hint in the manga adaption that he may came from a far away land. This may explain his unusual sword techniques that Betsu Ten Gai never seen before. Whether or not he came from bloodline of legendary swordsmen or he was trained by someone else before he met Renki.

Thunderbolt Fantasy will have a time-skip in season 2
  • Since it was confirmed in the final episode of season 1, the story will take place about months or maybe years after Syou Fu Kan sealing away You Ja Rei. It might revealed what happen to the surviving members of Genkishu, a new villain threat plan to destroy the world, and the returning characters from the previous season, who will appears as support characters, flashbacks or make a special guest appearance.
    • Techically, the surviving members of Genkishu reappear in Thunderbolt Fantasy The Sword of Life that set somewhere between season 1 and 2.
    • Ken San Un, Tan Hi and Kei Kai returns in season 2.
T.M. Revolution's character will play an important role in season 2
  • The T.M. Revolution themed puppet that showed up at promotional convention appearances is shown with Syou and Lin in the teaser image for season 2 released after season 1's finale. He might be either an ally, neutral, or a new main villain.
    • Confirmed in the spin-off film and season 2. His name is Rou Fu You and he will be voiced by Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution).
Tan Hi will be replace with a new Heroine in season 2.
  • After the final episode of season 1, since her role has come to end as she is currently training her husband, Ken to master all the Dan sword techniques so a new heroine character will be play a significant role in season 2.
    • Jossed. There are no new heroine in season 2.

Tan Hi and Ken San Un's children will appear in season 2.
  • Although it hasn't been fully confirmed, but if season 2 has a timeskip, then they will have either a son, daughter, or both.
    • Jossed. The time-skip is only about a month since the first season ended and they don't have children yet.
Lin Setsu A is a hinted to be the first LGBT character in Season 2
  • In the season 2 ending shows a scene of Lin behind a rainbow. This might foreshadowing of his sexuality in future episodes since rainbow are symbolize flag of LGBT community.

Thunderbolt Fantasy has a Shared Universe with Chaos Dragon

Tan Hi and Ken San Un will be kill by Rou Shin Kai and unleashed You Ja Rei
  • When Rou mentions that he will destroy all divine weapons except Seven Blasphemous Deaths, it means that his next target is Tan Hi and Ken San Un's location where the weapon sealed You Ja Rei. There's a chance that he will be planning on killing Tan Hi and Ken San Un before Syou Fu Kan and Rou Fu You can save them. If he destroyed the divine weapon, then hell will break loose and there are no other divine weapons that can seal it again.
    • Thankfully Jossed. Rou haven't target Tan Hi and Ken Sa Un's location.

Ken San Un fight against Syou Fu Kan in season 2
  • Judging by the preview from season 2 episode 11, the reason Ken fighting Syou Fu Kan is either he heard word from The Sen Chin Fortress about him being dangerous criminal thanks to Syou Kyou Ken's manipulated nature or Tan Hi is tragedy killed by Rou Shin Kai and he blames him for Tan Hi's death.
    • Jossed. Syou Fu Kan was testing Ken San Un's strength as a Seal Guardian and Ken doesn't hold a grudge against him.

The divine weapon that Haku You Kou save will hold the key to defeat Rou Shin Kai
  • The weapon that Haku You Kou manage to save might hold the key to stop Rou Shin Kai once and for all. The divide weapon is either be a time-traveling weapon that can travel across time and space. He might use it to save his comrades from their tragic death or ability to trap a person in a different dimension.
    • Jossed in the season 2 finale.

Rou Shin Kai will die by being cut in two

Kasei Meikou has a connection to the Emperor of Xi-You.
  • His subordinates call him Emperor and Your Eminence, he wants to invade Dong-lI, and is a big enough threat to be known by Syou, Lang and the Imperial Court. It's likely he, or an ancestor, was once Emperor before being usurped by the current one and now seeks to regain control.

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