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WARNING: Unmarked spoilers ahead, please self-advise. Various tropes here contain major plot spoilers!

    Season 1 
Episode 2: Attack of the Genkishu!

  • Syou Fu Kan enters a village, unaware that a bounty has been put on his head and the villagers don't want any trouble from the Onyx Demons. The villagers then proceed to lose their shit, running off while flailing instead of the regular intricate gesturing the puppeteers usually do. One of the villagers even has their hat fly off after a startled jump!
  • After finding wanted posters of himself, Syou Fu Kan later comments that they should have drawn him more handsome.
  • Ken San Un's introduction scene, starts off with him throwing his spear onto his ground, reciting his own soliloquy instead of the narrator, and his Leitmotif pumping up the action...only for it to quickly pause as everyone else is watching him dumbfoundedly, and delaying Syou Fu Kan and Ryou Mi's fight by bickering with the former.

Episode 3: The Woman in Night Devil Forest

  • Ken San Un and Syou Fu Kan's conversation at a hotel after the he catches the former peeping on his conversation with Tan Hi. Mostly thanks to Ken's really expressive lines body language. Special mention goes to when Syou pushes Ken off of him and making him fling backwards like a rag doll.

Episode 7: Demon Spine Mountains

Kei Gai: Having an off day is only human.
Ken San Un: Hey, wait a second. You're not human though!

Episode 8: The Enigmatic Gale

  • Ken San Un appears out of nowhere jumping on Syou Fu Kan's prison cage and yelling at him for picking on Tan Hi and making her cry. Sho wasn't expected to see him.

Episode 13: A New Duty

  • Tan Hi and Ken San Un sparring at the end. Ken is tired and wishes to take a break, only for Tan Hi to start hitting him with her stick asking him if he will continue whining in front of their son.
  • Lin Setsu A offers Syou Fu Kan a new umbrella as his apology for the whole mess and Sho pokes it cautiously to check for shenanigans. Who can blame him?

    Season 2 
Episode 1: Xiān Zhèn Fortress
  • A running gag where every time Ryouga embarrass Rou Fu and insult Syou Fu Kan, Rou Fu pull Ryouga's strings hard in a comedic fashion.

Episode 5: Hellfire Valley

  • When Rou Fu and Lin Setsu A arrived at Hellfire Valley, Lin thought the baby dragon was the the same dragon that Syou Fu Kan defeated until the real one bursting out in the ground.

Episode 6: A Poisoner's Pride

  • When Syou Kyou Ken attempts to intimate Syou Fu Ken that he has no way of running away since he is wanted in both countries, but Syou Fu Kan doesn't care about it. Leaving Syou Kyou Ken a bit surprised that he wasn't scare about it at all.

Episode 8: The Song That Dooms Evil

  • A black comedy moment. When Syou Kyou Ken thought he manages to injured Katsu, but from Syou Fu Kan and Rou Fu's perspective he was actually beating up a log until he exhausts himself thanks to Lin's illusions.
Episode 10: Demonic Swords/Holy Swords

  • As Syou Fu Kan meet up Lin Setsu A at the bridge only to find Lin wearing Syou Kyou Ken's glasses. Syou Fu Kan clearly wasn't expect Lin to wear Syou Kyou Ken's glasses. Lin states he stole Syou Kyou Ken's glasses when he wasn't looking and replace with a fake.

Episode 13: A Bizarre, bloodstained Ballad

  • Syou Fu Kan's reaction that has gain three more divine weapons that needs to be protect. Follow by Ken laughing at him about Syou Fu Kan gaining three swords after he lost two swords until his wife hit him to stop mocking him.
  • Lin asks Syou Fu Kan if he can have the Night of Mourning in his procession since he thinks it would be too much to handle carrying 37 divine weapons, but he strongly refuse. Which make sense since he still can't trust him.

Never say pervert remark in front of your love interest.
In the manga adaption, they are several scenes that wasn't shown in the main show.

Chapter 8:

  • In the manga, where everyone eating at the inn, when Syou Fu Kan complaining why was Kichou the only not eating. After he explain his reason why he's not eating, Ken misunderstands what he means as he thought if he planning to eat the Onyx Demons, but he's not.
  • The reaction what Sho makes when the guys gets and join him in the hot spring. He wasn't enjoying this.
  • Ken San Un in the Hot Spring in general, he's in the water, blowing bubbles as everyone else are engaged in a serious conversation.

Chapter 11:

  • During their travel to the Limitless Temple by carriage, Tan Hi becomes impressed on how a carriage moves since this is her first time to be in it. Although Syu Un Syou doesn't believe this isn't Tan Hi first time in a carriage. Ken San Un cheerful tell Tan Hi not to go flying overboard.

Chapter 17:

  • This chapter plays it slightly different what Ken San Un said to Tan Hi. She was extremely flustered what Ken said about her son should have a sturdy body instead of studying and she comically hit him with her sheath in the stomach before she leaves. Where Ken was on ground, he was thankfully she use her sheath on him, but he's also scare of her sometimes in his inner monologue.

Chapter 18:

  • Lin "accidentally" knocks Syou Fu Kan out of the barrier.
  • Lin cheery calm expression of suggesting Syou Fu Kan to be a decoy in order for the Stone Statue to move. Syou didn't like that idea unless they should ask him first.

Chapter 19:

  • Despite being in a serious conversation, the expression Lin Setsu A makes it a cute and silly when he tried to be reasonable or calmly explaining to Tan Hi a while the others excluding Ken Sanun looked a bit comically annoyed or unimpressed.

Chapter 24:

  • Syou Fu Kan's reaction of his face turning into Lin Setsu A at the end of the chapter. It was so funny compared to the episode based off from.

Chapter 34:

  • In the final chapter, Ken often make Tan Hi's blushed and she comically hit him for it. Especially, he said he wish to master his training at ease in front of her's brother grave.

Thunderbolt Fantasy; The Sword of Life and Death
  • At the end of the film, Lin Setsu A has an unexpected moment after the real Syou Fu Kan finds out he was the one who's been spreading stories about him.

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