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Funny / The Thundermans

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  • When Nora hit Billy and Max in the groin at the beginning of "You've Got Fail".
  • A lot of what Dr. Colosso does.
  • "Thunderman, Away!" (CRASH!)
  • The Snark-to-Snark Combat between evil Phoebe and Destructo in Thunder in Paradise. Of particular note is when Phoebe finds a suitcase full of Malvexium.
    Pheobe: Tell me the password.
    Destructo: The password is you have hands! Open it!
  • Near the end of "Thundermans: Banished!", Mrs. Wong has just fixed her restaurant, only for the recently defeated Candi to come crashing through the ceiling.
    Mrs. Wong: I hate this town!
    Candi: (pained tone) Me too.
  • When Principal Bradford asks who called the school board on him in "Super Dupers" every student raises their hand.

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