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"Your reindeer are on fire."

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  • The opening introduction, courtesy of the Tick.
    Tick: Hello, world. This is The Tick. Don't worry I'm not in outer space. I'm not even in this yet. But I know what's coming... An epic tale, rife with destiny, adventure and blood loss. The ultimate struggle of light against darkness. Of good against evil. Of meat.
  • Superian's arrival on Earth. He was the first superhero in human history. He was also responsible for The Tunguska Event. And for setting a cattle-herd's reindeer on fire.
    • The way his alien ship gracefully hovers above above the snowy forest... and promptly explodes. The sole witnesses hardly bat an eye.
      Ket 1: Your reindeer are on fire.
      Ket 2: Shit!
  • Arthur's first encounter with the Tick. He tries to convince him not to interfere with the thugs transporting the weapons. So after Arthur gets arrested, the Tick remains quiet... then decides to take them down.
    Tick: "I must main finesse... must main finesse... Must main finesse... But I can't let them get away!
    • The ensuing battle results in almost all of the henchmen getting killed or heavily wounded... by their own weapons. The Tick is not a killer, but he won't take responsibility for a person's reckless use of firearms.
      (One thug shoots at The Tick only for the bullet to bounce right back and hit him the leg)
      Thug: AAAAAGGGHHH!
      Tick: That was your own fault, sir.
    • Then there's the fact that he starts laughing at the thugs futile efforts to stop him.

     Where's My Mind 
  • Arthur's reaction to being shot.
    Arthur: "You shot me... YOU CAN'T JUST SHOOT A PERSON!"
  • Ms Lint's failed attempt to kill the Tick thanks to him being Nigh-Invulnerable. The best it does is cause him to jitter.
    Lint: (straining) "WHY... WON'T... YOU... DIE?"
    Tick: (whilst getting electrocuted) "I... DON'T... WANNA!"
  • The whole scene of Arthur borrowing a poncho.
  • After having more than one hallucination, Arthur becomes convinced that The Tick is merely a figment of his imagination... then Dot reveals she can see The Tick as well.
  • The Tick's costume was very cheap looking in the pilot. It's now completely different. Arthur points this out, but Tick claims nothing has changed.

  • The details of Cat-Man Dude AKA Mads "Murph" Murphy's arrest and exposed identity are darkly humorous. Especially the fact that it never clarifies whether Murph was just a man in a cat suit or a were-cat... or whether his wife and children were like that.
    Murph: Those people weren't mauled! They were mangled! I'm being framed by The Mangler!
  • Arthur describing Overkill to the cops as a highly-skilled, tech-based stealth assassin with a metal face and superhuman reflexes. The cop simply writes down "robo-ninja."
  • Arthur is trying to pass himself as a registered hero to protect his identity. When they ask for his name, he answers "Arthur"
    Cop: Your superhero name is Arthur?
    Arthur: Y-Yeah, yes. Yes. My superhero name is Arthur... which is... that is different from my actual name.
    • And then his hero headshot where he's freaking out after learning that Overkill was behind the massacre. Cue title credits.
  • The Tick preventing a robbery at the convenience store resulting in yet another ricochet injury.
    Thug 1: What the fuck, man?
    Thug 2: How could I have possibly predicted that?
    • And the fact that the store owner is desperately trying to give the thugs the money, but the Tick's hand is keeping from doing so.
    Store Owner: Wait! Come back. I have your money. It is here!
    Thug 1: You really gonna leave the bullet in me?
    Dot: That's the plan. Just think, every time you go through a metal detector, you'll have a lasting reminder of whoever shot you.
  • The Tick's fight with over kill is funny and awesome at the same time:
    Tick: (holding Overkill in a headlock) Simmer down killer. You're not going anywhere—
    (Overkill grabs one the Tick's antennae)
    Tick: (screams) AAAAH SENSITIVE!
    (Overkill throws a smoke grenade at Tick, blinding him)
    (Overkill fires his grappling hook)
    Arthur: Tick!
    Tick: (ducks only to get hit with a fire-extinguisher) YAHTZEE!
    (Overkill grabs Tick by his antennae again)

     Party Crashers 
  • After a lesson in how to use anything around you to survive falling, the Tick grabs a flagpole... which snaps right off and ends up embedded perfectly vertical in the street.
    • The bystanders filming The Tick still holding the Flag on their phones.
    Bystander: "Oh, he dead."
  • Overkill starts inadvertently quoting Taxi Driver, which Dangerboat is quick to point out.
  • We find out Ms. Lint is still sharing an apartment with her ex-husband, refusing to move out because "IT'S MY GODDAMN LAIR!"
  • When the Tick decides to follow Arthur to his stepdad's birthday, Arthur, (and the audience) assumes this is going to end badly. It doesn't. The Tick is perfectly well behaved, and is gets on great with the other guests.
    • Walter meeting Tick at the door.
    Walter: (impressed) Well look at you!
    The Tick: Impossible!
    Walter: You're a superhero!
    The Tick: Good eye! I am The Tick, friend of Arthur and foe of the unlawful.
    Walter: Bulletproof?
    Walter: Can you fly?
    The Tick: No, sir.note 
    Walter: What do you bench?
    The Tick: (laughs uproariously) No idea.

    • In fact he's so well behaved, Arthur can't even trick him into attacking Ms. Lint when she shows up.
  • Arthur's How Do I Shot Web? scene, having to ridiculously shake his head around trying to find the right icon in the HUD.
  • Ms. Lint blows up a vacuum cleaner bag, leading to an awesome Oh, Crap! expression as the dust flies toward her.

     Fear of Flying 
  • Superian finding out about the VLM, not via super-hearing—because there's no sound in space but from his cellphone.
  • The Tick's narration: "one day that tiny voice you hear crying out on the wind may be your own." Cut to Arthur accidentally deactivating his wings and plummeting to the Earth.
  • Everyone watching on TV:
    Tick: So that's Superian. Look at him strong, caped. And he can fly. Arthur should see this.
    (cut to Arthur falling to his death) I DON'T WANNA DIE!
    • Arthur getting the wingsuit to work... only to nearly crash into a Billboard.
    Arthur: (after activating the wings again) Yes! YES! (sees the Billboard ahead) No! NO!
  • The Tick and Overkill are about to have a rematch, when Dot runs up and berates and hugs Arthur, ruining the Tick and Overkill's posturing.
    Tick: We could maybe have a fight over there.
    Overkill: Nah, moment's passed. Not feeling it.
  • Dangerboat is trying to translate the video file in Arthur's suit, only the best Urmanian-to-English database he could find was terrible.
    Overkill: Dangerboat, what the hell?
    Dangerboat: Well, it's the best Urmanian-to-English program I could find on the Net.
    Overkill: Well, it's for shit.
    Dangerboat: Well, I didn't see you on Yahoo! or whatever, did I?!

  • The Terror first insists he'd been keeping tabs on Ms. Lint while Faking the Dead, but then she catches him not knowing she was married, and he admits he quickly got bored with it.
    • While he was Faking the Dead, he still continued evil acts: putting out a line of bath salts, making two new iterations of Menudo, and killing the bees.
      Ms. Lint: (sounding impressed) Dick move.
      Terror: Yeah.

     Tales from the Crypt 
  • It's revealed that Dr. Karamazov, the inventor of Arthur's suit, is still alive, and working in a lab for the Terror. That's not the funny part. The funny part is that later in the episode, it's revealed that he's less than three feet tall. Apparently due to an accident with a shrink ray, and his lab, equipment and computers are all scaled for a man of his stature.
    • Due to being so short, when Arthur breaks them both out, he has to carry him out like a baby. And once they do make it out, Karamazov punches Arthur in the nads and runs away.
  • Overkill's attempt to do a Ceiling Cling is wrecked when his radio goes off. "Stop looking at me!"
  • Overkill gets paired with Dot, who's not having any of his shtick.
    Dot: If you had to choose between saving my brother and killing the Terror, what would it be?
    Overkill: The Terror took everything from me, including a man as important to me as your father was to you. I know what family means. I choose to save your brother. Then kill the Terror.
    Dot: I said one choice. That's a cheat.
    Overkill: I cheat death.
    Dot: Well, no...that doesn't even track with my question!
    Overkill: I don't follow tracks. Tracks follow me.
    Dot: I don't even know what you're doing now. It's like a non-sequitor poetry jam.
  • The Terror wants to become an expert drummer (mostly just so Jackie Earle Haley can show off his real life mad drumming skills) so he kidnaps a Terence Fletcher-esque instructor and forcibly goes through Training from Hell.

     After Midnight 
  • In a rare moment, Tick manages to be a Deadpan Snarker towards Overkill after he got in a fight with Midnight. No, really.
    Arthur: He tried to rip out your jugular!
    Overkill: It's how we relate.
    The Tick: Ever hear of words? They bleed less.

     My Dinner With Android 
  • Arthur spots Karamasov peeking over a counter and thinks he's returned himself to full size. He has - but only his head. The rest of him has gotten even smaller.
  • Bakkup the Urmanian Android is so old and outdated, his speech sounds like an old computer starting up. And of course, the Tick seems to understand him just fine.
  • Tick continues his tradition of befriending random people, this time a in the middle of a fight, no less. Unfortunately, this time doesn't last.
    • While discussing their similarities, it is suggested that the Tick may be a more advanced android in the same line. He fully embraces the idea until partway through the next episode.
  • When Karamazov meets Tinfoil Kevin, Karamazov believes Kevin is somewhere on the Autism Spectrum, and is a shaved bear.

     Risky Bismuth 
  • While the Terror is discussing his plans to declare that he's still alive, two Brown Tingle Cola executives are going over ideas with him. One suggests that he strokes a Right-Hand Cat, but the Terror says it's cliche, so the executive instead releases a pig. The real kicker is that the Terror picked it up like a cat without even realizing it.
    Terror: This is my big relaunch! Terror 2.0! I want folks to be sweating in their boots. I am—
    (realizes he's holding a pig)
    Terror: ...where'd this pig come from?
    • Later, he texts a picture of him with the pig to Ms. Lint to get her opinion.

     The End of the Beginning (Of The Dawn of the Age of Superheroes) 
  • The Tick crashes Terror's T-Ship with a one-liner so ridiculous and so fitting
    This crater is brought to you by the letter T!
  • It turns out the Terror's escape pod is shaped like a lower-case t.

     Lesson One: Think Quick! 
  • Overkill breaks into Arthur's apartment to ask The Tick to lift his no-kill order. The Tick's assessment? Overkill needs a hug.
    The Tick: HUG FIGHT!
  • Later, Overkill turns up in Dot's apartment in his usual Ceiling Cling. When she asks what he's doing, he says she wasn't there when he arrived and this seemed less weird than just lurking in the street.
    Dot: Are you drunk?
    Overkill: No. [Falls] Yes. [Whiskey bottle rolls away]
  • When they're sat on Dot's couch getting drunk(er) together, Overkill starts agonising about Tick's no-kill order. However, he doesn't state what this "incapacity" he's upset over actually is, clearly making Dot think he's talking about something else.

     A.E.G.I.S and You 
  • A.E.G.I.S has an enormous machine to test superhuman strength, It dramatically unfolds into a robotic hand - which proceds to easily launch Arthur across the room.
    • To no one's surprise, The Tick is more than a match for the device. His perfectly-matter-of-fact response, though...
    Tick: Hey Arthur! I'm avenging you!

     Magic is Real 
  • Bronze Star's total failure to reassure The Tick when Arthur is kidnapped by Lobstercules.
    Bronze Star: He might not kill him right away. I once hunted a monster in the Ozarks that used to keep his victims alive long enough to lay eggs in them. He'd shove his ovireceptor right down their...
    Sage: Hey, man, that's not helping.