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Headscratchers / The Thundermans

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  • During the "Staring Contest with Kira" commercial she CLEARLY blinks several times during the commercial yet she only acts like she lost when the spray causes her to look away. LOOK AT THIS CHEATERY:
  • Hank and Barb clearly disapprove of Max trying to become a super-villain. So, why do they allow him to associate with Dr.Colosso, who they know is a notorious villain that Thunderman turned into a rabbit?
    • Max's parents are convinced that he's just going through a phase. And he hasn't done anything truly evil, so they probably don't see any danger in Max.
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    • Scare 'em Straight?
    • They also let him keep doomsday devices, so they're clearly not the brightest parents.
    • It could be possible it was so Max wouldn't be so lonely. He had no friends until the end of season 2 and his parents don't pay attention to him.
  • If Max wants the newest smart phone, and also wants to be a supervillain, why doesn't he just steal one? Or steal the money to buy one? He could always lie about where he got if he doesn't want the parents to find out about the stealing.
    • Max only wants to be a supervillain, because he doesn't want to play second fiddle to his sister. Up to date the most evil things he's done, are no different from what most siblings do to each other or slightly more extreme versions of what rebellious teenagers do. When it comes to true evil, he's more or less all mouth, no action.

  • This is one strange world that the Thundermans live in. For one thing, the post office is willing to ship a baby to Abu Dhabi ... provided that you cover her with sufficient postage, of course.
  • When Colosso is trapped inside the League of Villains Headquarters after Phoebe, Max and Cherry narrowly escape the lockdown and facing certain doom, why didn't they just use the heavily weaponised Thundervan (which was parked nearby) to shoot the wall apart to get back in?
    • Their father arrived almost immediately. So, they would have probably considered it if he never showed up. Also, there's no evidence that the Thunder Van had weapons powerful enough to bring down the door.
  • If Phoebe got her cape for saving Max from King Crab, then why did Max not get his for saving his father from the Green Ghoul?
    • Its possible he was offered one, but due him wanting to be a Supervillain he turned them down. Though that would be highly unlikely due to the fact he'd finally be better than his sister.
    • It could be possible that since the league is so hostile towards him they chose to ignore his action.
    • Also, everyone helped in defeating the Green Ghoul. Even though Max played the biggest role, he couldn't have won without Phoebe, Hank and Miles.
    • The hero League seems to have weird standards for handing out capes to begin with. Max was chosen to get a cape after saving the teen who almost fell off the roof in "Cape Fear" despite the likely knowledge that Max was a supervillain wannabe.
  • Where did Max get the elf costume?
    • It was Christmas time. It can't be that hard to have elf costumes around. It's also possible that Phoebe got him one in her attempts to put him in Christmas spirit. She even decorated his lair.
  • How exactly could any superhero family conceal, or explain away, the rapid birth and growth of their children? Oyster is dumb as a brick, but even he noticed that Chloe was looking much older than a six-month-old should. Didn't any of the Thundermans' friends or neighbors notice that Chloe was growing unusually fast? For that matter, didn't anybody who saw Barb in the weeks prior to Chloe's birth realize, in hindsight, "Hey, wait a minute - She wasn't pregnant!" ... ?
    • It wasn't stated exactly how long Chloe was a baby. It may have been possible that no one knew about the baby Chloe. Also, they could have said she was adopted.
  • If Mrs. Wong is the Thundermans' next door neighbor, then shouldn't Phoebe and Max have already known who she is by the time they applied for jobs in her restaurant? Also, it was established in "Call of Lunch Duty" that Mrs. Wong can see into the Thundermans' driveway from the second floor of her house. How, then, can Nora practice her eye-beam "trick shots" in their driveway in "Patch Me If You Can" without risking being seen? It's also a good thing that nobody in the Wong house apparently noticed all of that drama in the Thundermans' driveway in "Thunder Van." Finally, shouldn't the Thundermans have been worried that their neighbors, especially the snoopy Darcy Wong, might notice Hank flying out of the house, Billy running at super-speed, or Chloe teleporting around?
    • Darcy alluded to this in "Crime After Crime." She said she suspected the Thundermans were probably superheroes or something but then realized they have a talking bunny.
  • If superheroes grow so fast to the point they look like they're Five when they're about six months, then what's the real ages of the family? Does this mean the twins are really about twelve with the mentality of a seventeen year old?
    • I suppose it would, that would definitely explains why, despite being young adults, Phoebe and Max still have the ego's, fears and bicker like much younger children.
  • When Max visits the dark future of "Winter Thunderland," he is initially thrilled to learn that his family has turned evil (before he finds out just how terrible the Thundermans' fates really are in this future). Max seems to have forgotten that the only reason he wanted to be a supervillain in the first place was so that he could stand out from his superhero family, and not have to always be second-best to Phoebe. If the entire family was evil, then being a supervillain would no longer make Max unique.
  • It has been repeatedly shown that when Phoebe and Max freeze somebody, the person goes into a kind of "suspended animation." When the person is thawed out, they are not even aware that anything has happened, or that any time has passed. Just a few examples of this include Cherry in "Adventures in Supersitting," Ms. Williams in "Ditch Day," Phoebe in "It's Not What You Link," and Link in "Thundermans: Secret Revealed." How, then, was Nora able to use her eye-beams to thaw herself out in "The Neverfriending Story"? Nora should not have been conscious while she was frozen, so did her eye-beams somehow activate on their own, without her conscious control? If so, then why did Nora, upon thawing herself out, say, "Nobody puts Nora in the freezer!"? That statement certainly makes it sound like Nora was consciously breaking herself out of her frozen state. And just to confuse matters further, when Nora then uses her eye-beams to thaw out Billy, he asks, "What happened? Why is my butt so cold?", indicating that Billy actually was unconscious while he was frozen (as is usually the case for Phoebe and Max's freezing breath), unlike Nora.
  • Chloe has a remarkably advanced knowledge of geography for a child her age. Does she just instinctively know where exactly to teleport in order to travel to and from the North Pole, the South Pole, Panama, Hawaii, etc.?
  • Barb says there's no such thing as aliens... a couple of episodes earlier however, it's established that Barb used the Eiffel Tower to fight off Aliens.

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