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  • For someone who constantly insists that he wants to be a supervillain, Max's actions against the Green Ghoul were nothing less than superheroic - especially when he says to his father "...And there's one more thing you should know - I'd NEVER turn against you!" before using his freeze-breath on the Green Ghoul and leading to his defeat.
    • Plus earlier on he holds his own in a fight against the Green Ghoul pretty well, despite the Green Ghoul being an incredibly powerful ghost and possessing Phoebe and all her powers, so he had no hope of being equal.
  • "A Hero is Born" has several:
    • Phoebe gets one for pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment, and arriving to save Max and Dr Colosso from the villains. Not only does she succeed in saving them, but she also managed to hold her own in a fight with a genuine Supervillain (King Crab), not bad for her first time.
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    • Max also gets one, upon getting free, when King Crab grabs a laser gun and tries to shoot Phoebe, despite having no powers (due to a Restraining Bolt they put on him) he doesn't even hesitate diving into the fray. And despite having to rely solely on brute strength and skill, he still manages save his sister and to hold King Crab off long enough for Phoebe to devise a plan.
    • Hank also gets one, for showing everyone that he's still got it. On Max's request, he breaks back into the villains lair (literally he breaks through the mental door like tinfoil), defeats all three villains and there henchmen singlehandedly, in around a minute. And walks out, carrying Dr Colosso.
  • Max and Phoebe both get one for beating the thieves, without using their powers, purely their skills in hand-to-hand combat, and returning the stolen items in "Exit Stage Theft".
  • Billy gets one in "Patch Me If You Can", for managing to save Chloe when she accidentally appears in the path of one of Nora's laser beams. He literally outruns the laser, grabs his little sister and manages to shield them both, in only two seconds. The guy may not think fast, but if his little sisters in danger all bets are off.
  • Pheobe gets one for stopping 12 prisoners from escaping a prison for villains in "No Country For Old Mentors".
  • Phoebe gets one for standing up to the hero league in "I'm Gonna Forget You Sucka".
    • Evan also gets one for being an undercover supe who's actually 50 years old.
  • Max gets one in "Back To School", for managing to build a device that could defeat a high tech Killer Robot out of a mop, a roller-skate and an alarm clock.
    • Max and Phoebe both later get one, for not only managing to avoid the laser system, despite it being set to dangerously high levels, but also save Metal Butt from it.
  • Max gets one for defeating Dark Mayhem and becoming a superhero.
  • The whole family gets one in going up against Dark Mayhem, first WITHOUT super powers, and then with the WRONG powers. Barb takes out Strongdor with Superspeed, Hank takes out Son of Scalestro with Lightning powers, and Billy and Nora—who've received little super hero training (and also have the wrong powers) take out Fairy Pinch-ess. Then Phoebe holds her own in a one on one fight with Dark Mayhem. And Chloe finishes him off.

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