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Awesome / The Tick (2016)

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Season 1

  • Superian's arrival on Earth is truly a sight to behold. In-Universe, the awesomeness is magnified that he created the The Tunguska Event.
  • Arthur's wall of evidence that points towards The Terror. As obsessed as he may be, one can't deny that he put a lot of effort into it.
  • The Tick arriving to take down the thugs at the Pier, shrugging off everything they throw at him, and culminating in a joyful laugh as the gang opens fire, volunteering themselves for a beatdown. This is the Tick we know and love.
    Enough of your hot little bullets!
    • Also of note, the the whole thing is filmed like something out of Daredevil or The Dark Knight. Other than the Tick himself, everything is played perfectly straight.
  • The Tick stealing the Moth suit and giving it to Arthur, then, when the latter refuses to put it on, gives a Rousing Speech that really nails down the kind of person Arthur is.
    The Tick: "You know me. I'm the you you always wanted to be. You want to come over here and be me, but you can't, because you're standing there, - right in your own way."

     Where's My Mind 
  • The Tick gives a genuinely badass rendition of one of his old silly lines:
    Ms. Lint, zapping him with full strength to no effect: Why won't you die?
    The Tick: I DON'T WANNA! (sends the lightning right back at the henchmen behind her)

  • The ending fight is one for both Tick and Overkill. Tick, for shrugging off every attack thrown at him. Punches, kicks, and even a bomb only make him chuckle. Overkill, realising this, instead finds a weakness in his antennae, turning the fight right around and throwing Tick out the window.

     Party Crashers 
  • If there was any doubt this was the Tick fans knew and loved, this episode proves it when he turns falling out of a window into a heroic speech.
  • Arthur manages to trigger Ms. Lint's Achilles' Heel, then spontaneously starts flying after he has to jump off the roof.

     Fear of Flying 
  • The Tick gets a genuinely effective Rousing Speech for once as he gets Arthur to take control of his suit's wings.
  • Arthur picks up on the important part of Overkill's threats: Arthur himself is the brains between them, so Overkill is going to have to play by his rules to get anywhere.
  • The Tick and Overkill team up, allowing the Tick to show he's more than just brute force as he also pulls some slick moves to keep Overkill from killing anyone.

  • The Tick and Arthur officially introduce themselves to the public by saving a Bus Full of Innocents, Arthur even going back in after the Tick starts to lose hold of the bus, flying up triumphantly with the last civilian as the bus finally falls.
    • After everyone seems to be off safely, Tick announces that he's letting go, when a woman screams that her baby is still on board. Arthur pauses for just a second, then activates his goggles and rushes back in. *That* is the moment he stops being a hot mess in a stolen suit, and becomes a real superhero. The fact that it turns out to be a dog does not change this.
    • Another good thing about this scene is the attention to detail. The Tick is clearly strong enough to hold it under different circumstances, but the *bus* is falling apart in his hands.
    The Tick: Curse your lack of structural integrity!

     My Dinner with Android 
  • After the Tick and the Urmanian robot have been evenly matched the whole episode, the Tick loses his temper finally at the apparent death of Dr. Karamazov and punches his head right off. Beware the Nice Ones indeed.
  • Arthur saves Dr. Karamazov by switching him with a turkey decoy in the baby stroller, then sells it with a quite convincing grief-stricken performance when the decoy is destroyed.

     The Beginning of the End 
  • Dot saves Overkill by turning on the sprinklers, soaking Ms. Lint so she'll fry herself if she uses her powers.

     The End of the Beginning (Of the Dawn Of The Age Of Superheroes) 
  • Walter, of all people, taking out several of the Terror's mooks while blindfolded!
  • For possibly the first time in any medium, Arthur gets to kick some ass without any help, using the tasers in the hands of his suit.
  • Tick single-handedly takes down the T-Ship, leaping at it, and tearing through the armour. It's definitely his biggest feat so far, and The Terror can't do anything but run for the escape pod.
    • Topped off by a one-liner so ridiculous, only The Tick could make it relevant on multiple levels, and make it sound badass.
    The Tick: This crater is brought to you by the letter T!
  • Ms. Lint turns on the Terror after realizing he never deserved her devotion, and flips him off during her Villain: Exit, Stage Left. Even the Terror is a Graceful Loser about it.

Season 2

     Lesson One: Think Quick! 
  • Now that Arthur's publicly known as a superhero, his boss gives him an ultimatum to choose between it and his job. Unlike what you'd expect from previous versions of the character, he promptly quits...and then takes the elevator up so he can fly home from the roof.

     Choose Love! 
  • Overkill's bullets vs. Dot's precognition. Dot wins, hands-down, giving Arthur time to smash the mind control remote.
    Hobbes: Could you do a better job killing her, please?