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Tear Jerker / Thunderbolt Fantasy

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WARNING: Unmarked spoilers ahead, please self-advise. Various tropes here contain major plot spoilers!
    Season 1

Episode 8:The Enigmatic Gale:

  • Lin Setsu A uses his illusion on Tan Hi into fighting Syou Fu Kan thinking she was actually fighting Betsu Ten Gai.
  • After Tan Hi woke up and realized the piece of Tengyouken taken from her, She fell into deep despair as she was unable avenge her brother's death and disgrace her ancestors.

Episode 9: The Essence of a Sword:

  • After Tan Hi and Syou Fu Kan find out their allies (except Ken) knew Lin Setsu A's true identify and has their no good agenda.
    • Before their former allies abandon them, Ken San Un was the only one who refused to leave them, however Syu Un Syou coldly suggests to him if he would be willing to put them out of their misery. Ken had no choice to choose the latter instead.
    • Even though Syu Un Syou was aware Ken San Un's feelings toward Tan Hi, he tells him to forget about her, thinking that emotions would only get in the way. It presumably that he thinks getting attachment to someone as a sign of weakness.

Episode 11: A Proud Life:

  • Syu Un Syou uses his shadow clones technique on his former sworn brother before he shoot him in the eye in order for him to get the remaining piece of the weapon. That was a dirty trick.

Episode 13: A New Duty:

  • After Betsu Ten Gai lose to Lin Setsu A, he has a major breakdown and refuses to be defeated so he destroys the Tengyouken and himself.

    Season 2 
Episode 3: Princess of Cruelty
  • Syou Kyou Ken and his men slaughter innocent people who are mind control of the Night of Mourning's curse caused by Katsu Eiraku. They don't even try to free them from Night of Mourning's curse. Syou Kyou Ken states this is out of mercy and it's Syou Fu Kan's fault that they meet their tragic fates.

Episode 8: The Song That Dooms Evil

  • After Lin took Syou Kyou Ken to safety, Rou Fu You relationship with Syou fu Kan becomes very strained. Rou Fu You decides to leave him and search for Katsu alone since he's tired of Syou Fu Kan's pacifist and merciful attitude towards opponents.
  • After Syou Kyou Ken regain his senses, he doesn't felt remorse after he killed his henchmen when was under control of the Seven Blasphemous Deaths's influences. It shows that he doesn't care his about henchmen's death at all and he seen them as pawns he can used.

Episode 10: Demonic Swords/Holy Swords

  • It's both a tearjerker and heartwarming since even though he find his summoning whistle to Syou Fu Kan to find a safety to hide from Rou Shin Kai, but he knew that he won't be powerful enough to stop Rou Shin Kai from killing innocent people. It implies that he has already accept his death in order the person he cares deeply to survive.

Chapter 6:
  • After Ryou Mi retreat, she was brutally smash to the head from Chou Mei for going on her own. That seems very harsh of him treating his comrades like that.

Chapter 14:

  • In the manga, when Lin asks Setsu Mu Syou to join his group to the Seven Sin Tower and offer his head to him, he refused his offer thinking it might be one of his tricks. Lin takes drastic measure of breaking a vase and place of shard to his throat in order for Setsu Mu Syou to accept his offer of joining him. He has no choice, but to accept his offer. It is unknown if he's was actually planning to commit suicide or just a threat.

Chapter 19:

  • In the manga towards the end of the chapter, Genkishu ambush Tan Hi and capture her without neither Syou Fu Kan or Lin Setsu A come to her aid to save her. It implied that Betsu Ten Gai come up with a backup plan in to capture her before she enters the final barrier.

Chapter 21:

  • In the manga, Chou Mei carved Genkishu's emblem on Tan Hi's back with the dagger.
  • He show her brother fate and the piece of Tengyoken's guard in front of her so he can see her to sink of despair. Her eyes looked broken and empty afterwards.
    • Even though she was reunited with Syou Fu Kan, Ken San Un, and the others, but she was too broken and depressed to express any relieved to see them. It can't really been help after Chou Mei did to her that breaks her spirit.
    • After being reunited, Syu Un Syou, Kei Gai, and Setsu Mu Syou don't even care or feel sorry for Tan Hi after being horrible torture and traumatized by Genkishu (Syou Fu Kan and Ken San Un were the only allies who actually cares for her.)

Chapter 22:

  • In the manga, after Syu Un Syou and others abandon Tan Hi and Syou Fu Kan (Except Ken San Un refused to, but had no choice), even though Ken free Tan Hi from her prison cell, but she doesn't even tried to escape or find some way to free Syou. It's was due to that everything that made to her suffer further that she had already given up her reason for living.
    • After Ken forcefully abandon Tan Hi and Syou, he felt sorry and sadden for them. However in Volume 3, his expression redrawn make him felt more guilty for abandoning them which makes it more heartbreaking and tearjerker moments.

Chapter 26:

  • Tan Hi attacks Ken thinking he was still a traitor after he abandoned her and Syou. Despite of recovering from trauma, she still in a emotional state of unable to trust anyone beside Sho. Especially she refused to trust him after he tried to explain to her that he leave Unshou and Kei Gai to save her.

Chapter 27:

  • In the manga, it's slightly different based on Episode 11 since, after Ken destroyed all the shadow clones of his former sworn brother, he thought he "killed" Syu Un Syou, however it was actually another shadow clone and the real Syu Un Syou shoots Ken San Un in close range into his right eye. He screamed in horrible pain as the arrow was stuck in his destroyed right eye socket.

Chapter 28:

  • When Tan Hi unexpectedly encounter Chou Mei, she breaks down in tears as Chou Mei asks her if she wants him to torture her again. Ken was so angry and pissed off after he finds out Chou Mei was responsible of torturing Tan Hi. He even attempt to attack him, but he was stopped by Syou Fu Kan.

Chapter 32:

  • In the manga, Tan Hi's reaction where she found out You Ja Rei was actually sealed underneath of the shrine that she and her brother were guarding.
    • Tan Hi falls into despair again and she wasn't even trying to get away of You Ja Rei's attack.
    • When Tan Hi finally come back to her senses, only to find Ken, badly injured protecting her from being crushed from the boulders by one of You Ja Rei's attacks. She cried for him as she thought he died protecting her. Luckily, Syou Fu Kan confirmed Ken not dead, but if he really did died, it would be tragic.

Chapter 34:

  • In a flashback of the final chapter, Ken was devastated over his former sworn brother's death after Lin inform him about Syu Un Syou's demise. He dropped to his knees in despair. Despite of everything that Syu Un Syou did to him, Ken still cares for him.

Thunderbolt Fantasy Gaiden:
  • In the novel, reveals Kei Gai's past and her reason for hating Lin Setsua:
    • Lin manipulated both Kei Gai and Ren Jou Shi behind their backs and turned them against each other. First, he manipulated Kei Gai falling in love with him and makes her jealous of Ren Jou Shi and give her an reverse elixir to revert back to her true age. Secondly, he makes his next move on Ren Jou Shi and make her burn down Kei Gai's home after she turns into an old woman. Finally, Lin breaks Kei Gai's heart and reveals his true intention before he leaves. He got what he wants, destroying their partnerships, and pride. Like killing two birds with one stone.
    • This is Kei Gai's true reason why she hates him so much that she wants him dead in the first place.

Thunderbolt Fantasy: The Sword of Life and Death
  • Setsu Mu Syou's past is both Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel since his father tried to kill him when he was an infant when he thought he killed his wife, and midwives. In reality, Setsu Mu Syou's mother died giving birth to him and the midwife feared being blamed, so she tried to blame her assistant and both of them ended up killing each other. In grief, Setsu Mu Syou's father abandons him at his master's school and sends Tekkisen a letter, asking him to kill his son and calls Setsu Mu Syou, a man-eating fiend.
  • Syou Fu Kan's impostor's real past is very sad since he doesn't know his name, the place he was born or his parents by the time the Onyx Demons take him in as an infant and trains him as a nameless Mook. His fighting skill was still subpar and he feared that someone might decide to test their weapon on him, he decided to flee the Demon Spine Mountain a year ago. It is hinted that if he wasn't useful for fighting, they would have killed him for being weak.

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