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Nightmare Fuel / Thunderbolt Fantasy

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WARNING: Unmarked spoilers ahead, please self-advise. Various tropes here contain major plot spoilers!

Despite being a puppet show, a lot of the deaths are incredibly graphic with lots of Body Horror and bloody explosions. The manga however takes the Gorn Up to Eleven.


    Season 1
You Ja Rei, the Demon God from the War of Fading Dusk
Episode 1: Code of Umbrellas
  • Betsu Ten Gai's soliloquy can be this when he makes his introduction.
    " All life is a prelude to death. To serve me until you are a corpse, or to be cut down and become one. You have only two options before my blade."
  • The scene where Tan Hi's brother sacrifices himself in order to buy her time to escape with the remaining half of the Tenyoken. Betsu Ten Gai blows up Tan Kou with just his hand.
  • After Zan Kyou finds out the name of his opponent, he decapitates himself so that his master can read his severed head's memories.

Episode 2: Attack of the Genkishu!

  • The scene where two of Syu Un Syou's arrows land on the mooks with one piercing through the neck and the second through the chest.

Episode 3: The Woman in Night Devil Forest

  • According to Syu Un Syou and Ken San Un about Kei Gai, she makes young elixirs from fresh butchered livers of children and chopped up 100 beautiful boys to make an ideal living doll. That's a rumor about her.
    • The rumors they heard from are actually confirmed in the novel.

Episode 5: The Sword Devil, Setsu Mu Syou

  • Kei Gai's suggestion of getting the Soul Echo Flute from Setsu Mu Syou is a spell that turns the blood of a corpse into acid and then bursting forth. She was thinking using this on Setsu Mu Syou while still alive. Once dead, his remains would be melted into nothing, along with his foe.
  • Setsu Mu Syou's soliloquy before facing off with Syou Fu Kan.
    "Although ravens now bring news of life and death, people still persist uncertainly; since none can truly fathom fate, I shall end it with one stroke of the sword."

Episode 12: A Blade That Doesn't Cut

  • Chou Mei's death, where Syou Fu Kan makes his rib-cage explode out of this body... through his back!

Episode 13: A New Duty

  • You Ja Rei's full appearance after the seal was broken thanks to Betsu Ten Gai's major breakdown after his fight with Lin Setsu A.
    • You Ja Rei's appearance resembles a humanoid praying mantis skeleton corpse with their mouth their forehead. And it has multiple tongues.

    Season 2 
Episode 1: Xiān Zhèn Fortress
  • After Ryouga informs Syou Fu Kan about Katsu Eiraku arriving in Dong Li, he has a horrible realization that one of his dangerous enemies has been following him without noticing, and he just left the Sorcerous Sword Index unguarded. He never mentions to Haku You Kou about her since Katsu is a dangerous person who uses scorpions to kill her enemies and several other villages.
    • In the end, Syou Fu Kan ends up losing part of the Sorcerous Sword Index to Katsu Eiraku. Who's knows what she's planning to do next.
  • What's worse, thanks to Syou Kyou Ken's manipulation, now the government of Dong Li is now chasing down Syou Fu Kan, who thinks he's the most dangerous and evil person.

Episode 3: Princess of Cruelty

  • After Syou Fu Kan and Rou Fu You escaped, Syou Kyou Ken and his men slaughter the villagers who are mind-control by Katsu Eiraku.
    • What's worse is that Syou Fu Kan assumes the villagers are alright for now because the mind control ends if they are knocked out or naturally lose consciousness during sleep, but he's never realizes that the villagers are killed by Syou Kyou Ken and his men.

Episode 5: Hellfire Valley

  • When the Death King appear, the first thing he do is killing and eating his kind in the most bloody and horrifying way. It shows that he's the most dangerous and cruel dragon who lives in Hellfire Valley and one of the reasons why no one has escaped his territory.

Episode 8: The Song That Dooms Evil

  • Katsu Eiraku's mind has been completely corrupted by the Seven Blasphemous Deaths as she began slaughtering her master and subordinates. However, it turns out to be a nightmare that Katsu never want to kill her master. It brings her a chill down to her spine after waking up.

Episode 10:Demonic Swords/Holy Swords

  • In the end, it is revealed that Rou Shin Kai's main goal is to destroyed all Magic Weapons of Divine Teaching and wants the Seven Blasphemous Deaths tobe the only divine sword left. It meaning that if all of them are destroyed, then there won't be any other way to seal the Demon Gods.


Chapter 4

  • The village chief begs Betsu Ten Gai to spare his grandson and village, and gives him a sword that was left by a blacksmith's stock. His response was using said sword to cut the chief in half. After that, he killed the grandson out of boredom.

Chapter 6:

  • In the manga, rather than Syu Un Syou letting Ryou Mi retreat from battle, he attempted to finished her off as he was seen pulling out his dagger, showing that he's less merciful than his show counterpart.

Chapter 7:

  • After Ryou Mi's defeat by Syu Un Syou and disgrace of the Onyx Demons, Betsu Ten Gai punished her by using one of his techniques to force her to relive the scene if she hadn't been able to escape. She looks terrified and repeatedly gets shot by the illusion of Syu Un Syou, getting wounded through the chest, leg and one of her eyes. Ryou Mi's suffering is so bad that you may feel sorry for her.

Chapter 15:

  • After Chyou Mei reports Ryou Mi's condition, Betsutengai considers peeling off her skin as another way to wake her up.

Chapter 16:

  • In the manga adaption where Ryou Mi's death is completely different from the puppet show, Setsuamusho cuts her in half vertically with one slash.

Chapter 19:

  • The expression Chou Mei made toward the end of the chapter is very disturbing while carrying an unconscious Tan Hi. He tells Genkishu members that they will escort her to Betsu Ten Gai.
  • Not only does Tan Hi get captured by Genkishu, but neither Syou Fu Kan nor Lin Setsu A realize it even happened, having flown off beforehand.

Chapter 20:

  • After Tan Hi refuses to submit on handing over the second half of Tengyouken to Chou Mei, he gives her an unpleasant and disturbing look. He lowers her chains and pins her down to the ground. Chou Mei takes off his robe and tears off Tan Hi's dress from the back. The scene makes it look like he was about to rape her.
    • Subverted in the next chapter.
  • Chou Mei wants to find out how long Tan Hi would last before he proceed to torture her. He also said if she refused to submit to his master, then she will submit to him instead.

Chapter 21:

  • In the manga, it is much different than the episode it's based off of. Tan Hi gets captured by the Oxyx Demons, and is tortured and traumatized so badly that she passes out.
    • Tan Hi is horrified after waking up only to discover her brother's head right in front of her. This comes after having a dream about him being alive and well.
    • After Chou Mei steals the second half of Tengyouken, he explains he grew impatient of asking her, so he decide to search where she hid it, and he tells her that he saw every "hidden part" of her body. The expression he made doesn't make the scene any better. Tan Hi is horrified and completely shuts down afterwards.

Chapter 29:

  • Chou Mei's death is different than the show, having a giant bloody hole blasted through his chest after being killed by Syou Fu Kan.

Chapter 31:

  • During Kei Gai's ritual, it is revealed that she mutilated Syu Un Syou's corpse and used his blood as another method to reawaken You Ja Rei.

Thunderbolt Fantasy Gaiden:
  • In the novel reveals Kei Gai's past:
    • A human girl named Ren Jou Shi, Kei Gai partner up with she seduced men, kill and butcher them and give her body parts she need to make her dolls, puppets and corpses she summons. The rumors that Syu Un Syou and Ken San Un stated in both the show and manga are actually true. Although the first rumor was sort of true about her making young elixirs, but the materials she used to make it wasn't fully stated.
    • Ren Jou Shi ends up meeting her tragic end after Lin Setsu A manipulated Kei Gai of hating her by given her an reversal elixir that revert back to her true age or turning her into unattractive old woman. Not only she had her pride destroyed by Lin, but she end up killed by one of her men she seduced.

Thunderbolt Fantasy: The Sword of Life and Death
  • Setsu Mu Syou reciting his soliloquy towards the end of the film.
    "Although ravens now bring news of life and death, people still persist uncertainly; since none can truly fathom fate, I shall end it with one strike of my blade."

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