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Despite being the puppet show, there are several moments between same gender characters.
    Lin Setsu A and Syou Fu Kan 
  • In episode 13, when Syou Fu Kan grabs Lin by the collar and pull him closer on how he's going to fixed on resealing You Ja Rei. It almost looks like that they were going to kiss.
  • In the second season episode 2, when Ryouga asks Syou Fu Kan if there anyone who will seek out help for him, an image of Lin Setsu A pop out in his mind. However, it gives him the chills and shrug it off. It is a hinted that he either haven't stop thinking about him since they last depart or realize it will be a bad idea to ask Lin for help.
  • In the second season episode 4, when Ryouga asks Lin why he cares so much about Syou Fu Kan, he says that "his interest begins and ends with how much fun he is". Lin even acts innocent after he says that.

    Lin Setsu A and Setsu Mu Syou 
  • In Setsu Mu Syou's last moments, he tells Lin he will be waiting to ambush him in afterlife, and he agree with him. He catches Setsu Mu Syou's lifeless body before hitting the ground. It implies that even though he betrayal him in the past, but Lin still cares for him even though he will never admit it.
  • In the manga of chapter 14, where Lin asks Setsu Mu Syou to join him in their journey to Seven Sins Tower together. However, he refused and he thinks he would "cheat" him again. After that, Lin attempt to commit suicide just one rejection. Their conversation making it sound like an ex wanting him back in his life, but he doesn't want to be cheated again so he decide to end his life after being rejected.
  • In the manga of chapter 19, Lin casually get closer to Setsu Mu Syou when he tries to explain to Tan Hi about situation about Syou Fu Kan. However, Setsu Mu Syou wasn't bother by him at all.
  • In The Episode of Setsu Mu Sho, before Ryoufu Setsujin betrayed Setsu Mu Syou, he used to care deeply for him and he wants to continue to be his bodyguard once he wins the tournament. In his inner monologue, he believes Ryoufu Setsujin is one of the few people who understands him and that he gave him a new way to redeem his tragic past.

    Syou Fu Kan and Rou Fu You 
  • In the second season episode 1, according to Ryouga, the reason why Rou Fu You decides to look for Syou Fu Kan in Dong Li was because he was lonely without him around.

    Female Characters 
  • In Episode 6, when Kei Gai performs her dark re-animated magic, Tan Hi can be seen staring at her legs instead of the battle.
  • In the show, Kei Gai and Tan Hi don't often interact, which makes this a stretch if you're just going by the show alone. In the manga, however, there's much more:
    • In chapter 10, where Kei Gai intentionally pats Tan Hi on the head, appreciating her accompanying their group. Kei Gai calls her a cute human being and people should "take her example".
    • In chapter 13, Kei Gai is seen cuddling next to Tan Hi when they stayed at a hotel.

  • In episode 3, Betsu Ten Gai was seen stroking and gently touching Zan Kyou's severe head.
  • In episode 9 during their duel, Betsu Ten Gai impales Setsu Mu Syou from behind with his sword, then reaches around to gently caress his face. It's a surprisingly tender moment in an otherwise pretty intense scene to say the least.
  • In the spin-off film, when Syou Fu Kan's impostor fantasized dancing with Kei Kai in a fake flashback without realizing he was actually dancing with the tavern owner, who is flustered.
  • In the second season episode 3, when Haku You Kou's subordinates search for a doctor that can treat poison, one of his bodyguards, Heki Suu can be seen stroking him gently when Haku You Kou's condition got worse without resting.
  • In the second season of episode 8, Syou Kyou Ken pinned down Lin Setsu A to a bed after he discovered his true identify. This is the most intense and creepy moment. Lin even says that he can do anything to him and Syou just creepy smiled about it.

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