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Heartwarming / Thunderbolt Fantasy

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A nice dinner between newly found allies.

It is created by Gen Urobuchi. Despite of being dark, but there are some heartwarming moments between characters in the series.

WARNING: Unmarked spoilers ahead, please self-advise. Various tropes here contain major plot spoilers!

List the examples in a chronological order, if possible.

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    Season 1 
Episode 10: A Thief's Pride:
  • Ken San Un decides to rescue Tan Hi rather than accompany his former teacher and others.

Episode 13: A New Duty

  • The conversation where Sho entrust Tan Hi and Ken Sanun guarding the new sword, Goukouken.
Syou Fu Kan: It takes about a hundred years for the hole in space to completely close up. In the meantime, the sword needs to stay where it stands. A new job for the Seal Guardian who guard these holy grounds, in other words.
Tan Hi: Right!
Lin Setsu A: You're going to rebuild the holy grounds to keep another sword safe? Good grief... an exhausting notion.
Syou Fu Kan: You guys can do it though, right?
Ken San Un: (holding Tan Hi's hand) Yeah, leave it to us. Right?
Tan Hi: Yes.

    Season 2 
Episode 1: Xiān Zhèn Fortress
  • Despite of being a serious conversation between Syou Fu Kan, Rou Fu You and Ryouga, but it's a bit heartwarming since Syou Fu Kan reunited with a familiar face who isn't out to kill him.
    • Rou Fu You's reason why he went to Dong Li to look for him it's because he felt lonely without him. It shows that he really does care for him deeply.

Episode 3: Princess of Cruelty

  • When Rou Fu You saw Syou Fu Kan get poisoned by Katsu, it shows that how he much he greatly care for Syou Fu Kan. He even willing to fight the mind-controlled villagers without holding back in order to saves him before being killed.

Episode 4: Close Foes

  • Lin is willing to help Syou Fu Kan and search for antidote to cure his poison he received from Katsu Eiraku. It is hinted that Lin takes a soft spot for Syou Fu Kan and sees him as a friend.

Episode 6: A Poisoner's Pride

  • Tei Kuu saves Katsu from the brink of death and kept her location a secret from Syou Fu Kan and Rou Fu You. However, his reason for saving her is because he wants a proper answer from her.

Episode 8: The Song That Dooms Evil

  • Tei Kuu decides to give the elder couple he helped from the previous episodes a proper burial after they were killed by Katsu. It shows that even though he only met them once, but he felt that he should create a proper burial ground for their souls to rest in peace.

Episode 10: Demonic Swords/Holy Swords

  • Rou Fu You gave Katsu a proper burial after she was killed by Rou Shin Kai.
  • It's both a tearjerker and a heartwarming since he gives his summoning whistle to Syou Fu Kan hopping he will escape and a safe place to hide before Rou Shin Kai finds him. It shows that Rou Fu You wants Fu Kan to be safe even though that's a chance he won't be able to stop Rou Shin Kai.

Chapter 10:
  • Lin seems to care a lot about his teacher, Renki. Especially he show some concerns for him as he hopes he's doing alright.

Chapter 11:

  • Lin remembering of his time when he was Renki's student.
  • Renki get along with children before meeting up with Lin and his companion at the Limitless Temple. He gave of his inventions to the children to play with. The children were very interested and one of them thinking it was magic.

Chapter 13:

  • After Setsu Mu Syou left, he tell the group that he wanted to give Renki a proper burial and ask them for help.

Chapter 15:

  • In the manga, It more heartwarming where Tan Hi having a nice conversation with Syou Fu Kan about after leaving the shrine, she find that everything is new to her, but she feel ashamed to admit. However, he told her not to worry and to enjoy herself to laugh and smile.

Chapter 20:

  • In the manga play it very different, Tan Hi confronted Chou Mei about her reason of not telling him where she hidden the piece of Tengyouken, a flashback of her brother and companions is shown. It strange, only Syu Un Syou, Kei Gai, and Setsu Mu Syou are the only people wasn't feature in her flashback. It implied that she thinks of Lin Setsu A, Syou Fu Kan, and Ken San Un as her true companions/friends.

Chapter 21:

  • After Tan Hi lost consciousness, she dreams back at the shrine where she reunited with her older brother in relieved. She was crying and tells him about a horrible nightmare where Betsu Ten Gai killed him and stole the piece of the Tengyouken. Her brother tells her not to worried and lend out his hand to hers. Although her dream it was very heartwarming, but it will never become reality she wish for.
  • When Ken saw Tan Hi horrible wounded, he breaks her prison cell and comes to her aid. He uses his sash to patch up her clothes after being torn off by Chyou Mei.

Chapter 26:

  • Tan Hi did the same thing where she turn her sash around given by Ken and torn a piece off to patch his wound she inflicted him, who previous thought he was a enemy and traitor.

Chapter 32:

Chapter 34:

  • After the ordeal, Tan Hi and Ken San Un are Happily Married.
    • They both visit Tan Kou's grave, Ken San Un prays to him despite never meeting him in person, and after leaving, Tan Kou's ghost appears with a smile.

Thunderbolt Fantasy: The Sword of Life and Death
  • In Setsu Mu Syou's past, even though his father asked Tekkisen to kill him when he was an infant, he took him in as his own. It is hinted that he either took pity on him or doesn't believe Setsu Mu Syou is a man eating fiend.
  • Syou Fu Kan's advice to his impostor about starting his own life.
"Hang in there, and live. Cry laugh, get mad, fall in love... And find something you really care about. That'll be your real life, and not an imitation. And when you're found that stuff, I'm sure you'll finally be able to let go of that nasty skull mask. And while you're at it, you can put aside the name of Syou Fu Kan, too."

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