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     1994 Cartoon 
  • After both the Tick and Arthur had basically been The Load for Sewer Urchin inside of the sewers during their mission in there, they're able to directly contribute to the villain's defeat. Urchin gives them a big thumbs up and says, "Nice work."
    • Even better, when the trio goes back to the diner for some well-deserved refresements and Die Fledermaus starts to make fun of Sewer Urchin, The Tick immediately stands up for him.
  • Chairface Chipendale referring all the villains that came to his party as friends. Several other villains get choked up when he reveals he never could make any friends due to his face.
  • Whereas the majority of the amateur superheroes in the cartoon are superheroes out of boredom, appearances, fame, etc., The Tick and Arthur are superheroes out of the need and want to stop crime. As Arthur put it, he may be a better accountant, but that job doesn't save lives.
  • The Tick vs. Arthur ends with the cast repairing the damage they inflicted during their brawl. The waiter even points out that most superheroes wouldn't bother.
  • Unlike her comic book counterpart, who wanted Arthur to commit himself to an asylum, Arthur's sister Dot quickly accepts his lifestyle choice as a superhero after he and Tick saves the city. Incidentally, this leads to her meeting the love of her life, Dinosaur Neil, and the two get married in season 3.

     2001 Live Action Series 
  • In the live-action episode "The License", despite the woman being a criminal who lied about being his "wife", the Tick leaves her a good-bye note, presumably thanking her for making him feel that he belonged somewhere.

     2016 Live Action Series 
  • The Tick's simple minded optimism stands out all the better against the darker interpretation of The City.
  • Tick befriending various people around Arthur, from the shopkeeper's mother, to Arthur's stepdad, to a homeless man he just met on the street. He even reacts with genuine admiration upon seeing Tinfoil Kevin making his own hat.
    • Tick's friendship with Walter (the stepdad) is particularly adorable. Not one hour after meeting each other, Tick's sitting by his side while he opens his birthday presents, as though part of the family. No one seems to find it remotely strange.
    • Walter himself seems to be a caring, if eccentric stepfather, getting on well with Arthur, showing concern for his mental health (and feet), and calmly accepting that he can't replace his real father.
  • Pretty much every time Tick hugs Arthur in the Amazon Prime series is this, from comforting Arthur over his Dark and Troubled Past to being relieved Arthur survived a bus dropping.

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