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Heartwarming / The Tick (2016)

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  • The Tick has always been a touching series, but this one really makes every moment count.
  • The Tick’s genuine hope throughout Season 2 that Ms. Lint can make a genuine Heel–Face Turn. Even if it doesn’t take at the season’s end, her mirror conversations show that he was genuinely getting to her and it might yet happen.
  • The Tick's simple minded optimism stands out all the better against the darker interpretation of The City.
  • Tick befriending various people around Arthur, from the shopkeeper's mother, to Arthur's stepdad, to a homeless man he just met on the street. He even reacts with genuine admiration upon seeing Tinfoil Kevin making his own hat.
    • Tick's friendship with Walter (the stepdad) is particularly adorable. Not one hour after meeting each other, Tick's sitting by his side while he opens his birthday presents, as though part of the family. No one seems to find it remotely strange.
    • Walter himself seems to be a caring, if eccentric stepfather, getting on well with Arthur, showing concern for his mental health (and feet), and calmly accepting that he can't replace his real father.
  • Pretty much every time Tick hugs Arthur in the Amazon Prime series is this, from comforting Arthur over his Dark and Troubled Past to being relieved Arthur survived a bus dropping.


     Where's My Mind 
  • What's the one thing the Tick can do after hearing Arthur's story about how his father and his heroes were brutally killed? Give him a big strong hug, like only a superhero can give! (Pictured) It causes Arthur some physical pain, but the gesture actually does make him feel a little better.

  • Arthur promising to help the Tick find out about his past. Even if it was to make sure he didn't distract him at work, it's a nice gesture.

     Party Crashers 
  • The Tick and Walter hitting it off. Neither of them make much sense to regular people, but they seem to understand each other effortlessly.

     Fear Of Flying 
  • After Ms. Lint comes back completely covered in dust, Derek starts his usual snide remarks, but when it's clear she's in no mood for it he gently offers to help her clean up, to which she has tears of gratitude.
  • The Tick encouraging Arthur to take control, giving him the confidence he needs to land safely.
    Tick: "Destiny did not give you that suit to die in. You can do this!"

  • In a villainous example, Ms. Lint is the only one The Terror seems to genuinely care about.
  • Arthur rescuing the bus full of people, and Arthur going into the bus to rescue a baby (that turns out to be a dog).
  • By the end of the episode, Arthur has become a full-fledged superhero, just he wanted to as a kid. And he is finally accepted the Tick as a partner.

     Risky Bismuth  
  • While Superian is delirious with Big Bismuth poisoning, Arthur asks him why he works so hard to protect people. Superian says that he simply wants to be a good person.

     Lesson One: Think Quick! 
  • When faced with a choice between losing his job and continuing to help people as a superhero, Arthur jumps off the company building... and takes flight in his moth suit, choosing The Call, no longer out of necessity to prove against The Terror, but because it's what he wants to do.
    • Better yet, it's the first time he seems happy to take flight.

     Blood and Cake 
  • When Dot uses her life debt to erase the no-kill order from The Tick's life debt, Overkill is so happy he almost hugs her! He's within a couple of feet with his arms out when she looks at him like she can't believe what she's seeing, making him remember himself. Yes, that Overkill.
  • Arthur talks Dangerboat out of his Heroic BSoD, empathising over the death of his friend by telling him about his father's death and how grief never stops hurting.
    • Arthur was reluctant to go to Dangerboat early in the episode, being put off by DB's obvious interest in him. After they talk, though, Dangerboat finally tells Arthur he loves him, and Arthur accepts him without returning the sentiment. It's obvious Dangerboat has become a real person to him in a way he hadn't before.

     Magic Is Real 
  • The episode gets its title from an understated moment.
    Sage: Magic is real.
    Tick, accepting without question: Yay!
  • Lobstercules is revealed to be mother to a flock of lobster babies. Their singing as she feeds them mulched up starfish is utterly adorable.

  • The Tick takes to raising the baby lobsters with gusto, and even manages to feed them by chewing up starfish, which even he acknowledges as disgusting.
    • Arthur finally surrenders to the inevitable and tells his mother what they're dealing with. He introduces them to Lobstercules' babies, and they respond with their first word: "Joooaaan!" Which they repeat whenever her name is mentioned.
  • Arthur's mother makes it clear that she is proud of who her son has become, and is ashamed of trying to force him to be 'normal' for so long.
  • When Miranda shows up to perform the HQ Inspection, Tick, unable to tell her apart from her twin, asks her her 'are you the one I like?'

     In The Woods 
  • Rathbone cements himself as a Benevolent Boss when Arthur's tries calling him on a secure number, just to be interupted by his mother. Rathbone, in full Drill Sergeant Nasty mode yells at him to accept the call and talk to his mother. He can wait.
    • In his villainous speech, Hobbes explains that Rathbone's unshaking faith in superheroes is part of what what spurned them against him.

     Choose Love! 
  • A couple of moments when Arthur smashes the Mind Control remote.
    • Lobstercules, who was being forced to attack The Tick, lifts Hobbs by the throat and tells him how easy it would be to take his head off... then drops him, saying she won't kill him, though, because she's not a monster.
    • Overkill is released from the mind control and looks up to see Dot, who says, "Is it you?" and then runs up and hugs him.
    Overkill:Jackass! I told you not to come for me! [Hugs her back]
    • Yeah, that's right. Overkill hugged her back.
  • For the first time since "Magic is Real", Lobstercules is finally reunited with her babies.
  • Overkill and Rathbone making peace. Not only does Rathbone not blame Overkill for killing him while under mind control, he congratulates him on a perfect kill shot.