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Fridge / The Tick (2016)

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Ramses IV gets a lot of flack for being a Big Bad Wannabe but he clearly knew how to manage things far better than Ms. Lint. For all of her hatred of "branding", the fact is that his goons miss him and loathe her. Ms. Lint never learned any people skills under the Terror. It helps explain why she remained The Dragon.
  • Doubles as Fridge Horror, Overkill giving Ms. Lint the Flag Five's codes for a booty call allowed the Terror to kill them. It also explains why Straight Shooter became Overkill.
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  • In the final episode of season 1, Ms. Lint is confused and angry about the randomness of the Terror's plan to kill a bunch of innocent people with a giant T. She then asks why they're not doing something to make a profit. Ms. Lint has been living a "normal" life for 15 years with bills and a roommate while the Terror has owned a highly successful cola company. He's never needed to be a Punch-Clock Villain so Cut Lex Luthor a Check never meant anything to him.


Fridge Horror

  • The Dating Catwoman and Belligerent Sexual Tension references between Ms. Lint and Overkill are hilarious. Then you hear Ms. Lint talk about she used Straight Shooter a.k.a Overkill to help ''kill the Flag Five." It also means Ms. Lint played a direct role in the the death of Arthur's father.