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In the new series, Arthur won't be mistaken for a rabbit.
Since his costume is more detailed in the moth motif.
  • Jossed twice, once in the pilot episode and once more in Season 2.

Die Fledermaus and American Maid will appear.

The Tick is a clone of the Flag Five... and Arthur's dad.
He's superpowered up to eleven and very protective of Arthur. What if someone tried to scrape whatever was left of the Flag Five from the wreckage of their ship and got a bit of Arthur's dad in that?

Miss Lint and Overkill used to date
the recurring "did he/she say anything about me" is a pretty clear hint
  • Confirmed, even if Miss Lint was actually required to get into a close relationship with Straight Shooter to gain access to the Flag Five and plot their downfall along with The Terror

Captain Liberty is/was an A.E.G.I.S. agent

Arthur is actually unknowingly a reality warper
His meds just normally shut this power down.The reason the Tick cannot remember anything from before meeting Arthur is he was created by Arthur when he subconsciously realized he was getting close and needed some protection.
  • Yes! Rathbone even noted that Arthur's test results were unusually low, even for someone with no powers. This is presented as an Epic Fail, but maybe it's a hint that his power is tied up somewhere else?
  • The flashback of Tick's voice coming out of Young Arthur's night light suggests Tick's been... gestating, for lack of a better word, in Arthur's subconscious for a while now. Perhaps his meds kept Tick from manifesting, or perhaps until the pilot Arthur still held doubts about himself. Then he saw proof that he was right, then immediately found himself in danger. He realised that he needed someone to protect him, and also to keep him from wussing out. Enter Tick.

Overkill is one of the Flag Five
Specifically, he's Sharpshooter. The one the Terror told his minions to not kill, but crush his hands instead. His eyes and hands have been replaced by cybernetics. Overkill mentions specifically that he wants revenge on the Terror.In one of Arthur's dreams a poster of Sharpshooter is in clear view behind Overkill and Arthur is wearing pajamas based on his costume.
  • And he was in a Dating Catwoman relationship with Ms.Lint. Which could explain why The Terror spared his life.
  • Straight Shooter, but confirmed.

Onward betrayed the Flag Five
Related to the above, Onward actually betrayed the Flag Five (probably due to not being treated as an equal to everyone else). Overkill mentions he fucking hates the dog, and someone had to deliver the syphilis.
  • Jossed.
  • In retrospect it was probably "delivered" by Lint, through her relationship with Overkill/Shooter, which is a large part of Overkill's remorse — ultimately, he was the one to "deliver" it.

Dot Will Become A Superhero
The minute she starts taking a few levels of badass that is.

The Terror has some form of immortality
Lets face it, at this point he should have decayed and withered away. It's possible that at one point he gained some form of biological immortality, but he was already the age he is know when he got it.
  • Also, he claims that he doesn't want to rule the Earth, but to take it back, hinting he may have been a ruler in ancient times

The Tick is an alien
Superian shows that humanoid aliens are very much a thing in this verse. Tick's not even sure if he's wearing a costume or not, so it may be that's just his natural form. Plus, in the dream that Arthur has in the pilot, the nightlight that represents Tick is covered in the moon and stars.

Constructed by Destiny, who may either be a God or a Sufficiently Advanced Alien, to help guide Arthur on his journey to being a superhero.

It's all in Arthur's head
Arthur's father did die horribly, but perhaps it was even more traumatic, such as witnessing his father kill himself. The resulting mental trauma caused Arthur to invent the whole Flag Five and the Terror (or adapt them from in-world fictional characters) and now the Tick. Dot is now playing along because after years of failed treatment, Arthur's doctor has now advised her to do so in the hopes it will give him the confidence and comfort to accept reality without those psychological crutches.

Consider: the Tick has no memory of his past, suggesting he is imaginary; he is "nigh invulnerable," which is better than the Flag Five and possibly even Superian, which is awful convenient, especially for a vulnerable Arthur; when Arthur visits Aegis, there's nothing there; Arthur's stepfather, who he doesn't get along with, absolutely loves the Tick, which could be a projection of Arthur's desires for a better relationship with him; for many of Arthur's interactions with Tick, Tick would suddenly disappear when someone else e.g. Dot showed up; Tick's encouragements to Arthur, and really to no one else, are very Jiminy Cricket, like a manifested alter ego of Arthur's desires to be something more.

Walter is a retired Supervillain
Consider his beatdown of the Terror's goons in the finale. He's a supervillain who's seen the error of his ways and is trying to make good by molding Arthur into a hero.
  • Season 2 reveals that He's actually an undercover AEGIS agent.

Walter is a former AEGIS agent
When the Flag 5 were killed, four major heroes were dead, so naturally no one in AEGIS had time to worry about the one civilian who died in the mess as well. No one except for Walter, who was disgusted by the agency's cold disregard for the people they were meant to be protecting, and perhaps other implied sketchiness. Initially he wanted to help support the family's of those affected by superhero battles, but ended up falling for Arthur's mother on her own merits. Arthur's mother is aware of his time with AEGIS, but has been under the impression he had an unassuming desk job too detached from the field to be worth mentioning. This also explains his love of the Tick, who represents everything he feels a superhero should be, and that AEGIS was not.

We will never learn the Tick's backstory
We will learn why he can only remember up til' the first episode, but his actual identity and origin will elude him and Arthur throughout the entire show. By this point, however, he's spent so much time doing good alongside Arthur, he's made a new life and decides his past is unimportant.
  • In fact, when a solid clue does present itself, Tick now goes out of his way to avoid it, in case he doesn't like what he learns.

The Tick is a former supervillain
Prior to losing his memory, he had the same gung-ho attitude to committing crime, perhaps even seeing nothing wrong with it, or being a Well-Intentioned Extremist of some sort, hence why he wakes up and simply switches to heroics. When Tick finds out, he is furious with his past self and attempts to fight himself. The episode will of course be titled, 'The Tick vs. The Tick.'

Walter is a current AEGIS agent
His mission is to keep tabs on the family most closely linked to both the Terror and the Flag Five. Like Midnight said, Big Brother is watching - and if AEGIS is still as active as The Stinger makes it seem, there's no reason they'd neglect Arthur as much as they apparently had.

Superian's ship was a prison ship, and he was a criminal from his planet
Superian's ship had the appearance of a huge, enlarged hunk of crystalline bismuth. Big Bismuth looks identical. We know from Karamazov that big bismuth is toxic to Superian, and presumably his entire race. Why would Superian willfully travel in a spaceship made out of toxic material? Either Superian was deliberately sent to Earth in exile, or the ship got off course (or he managed to alter it) and accidentally crashed on Earth. Superian isn't here to save humankind, he's just happy to be free again.
  • That would explain his reasoning behind becoming a hero he wants to be a good person now because he was a bad person before.
  • Also when Arthur asks him about bismuth he avoids the topic by calling it "baggage." Something he doesn't want to talk about and wants to put behind him.
  • Seemingly confirmed in the season 2 finally when an alien ship made of big bismuth finds him on the moon and refers to him as fugitive 11-X.

We will meet Barry Hubris.
As a rich jackass with dreams of superhero glory, Barry will be inspired by The Tick's role in defeating the Terror. Or rather, inspired to steal his name and gimmick since Superian hogged the spotlight anyway, so who's to say this guy in the orange spandex wasn't the one who took down the T-Ship? Perhaps he, along with others, mistakenly thought The Terror killed him. After all, it's some newbie against the greatest supervillain in the world.

He will be a false lead in the search for The Tick's past, but will be used indirectly as muscle for another villain, as he begins to obsessively attack The Tick to try and claim the name. Most importantly of all, however, he will be played by Patrick Warburton.

The Tick is Arthurís father
After his supposed death due to the terror, someone took him and began to repair and improve his body, granting him Nigh-Invulnerability in order to avoid the same incident happening twice. This is why heís drawn to Arthur, and why he canít remember his own past-the damage to his body was great enough that it caused permanent brain damage, with only brief moments of recollection of his past.

The Terror has some sort of precognitive destiny sense like the Tick does
The Terror's MO seems to be plans that are complete nonsense but which, somehow, still inexplicably manage to work - he somehow became a feared, powerful supervillain (and Superian's greatest rival) with a flying death-fortress and a massive soda company despite having a clear aversion to coherent, logical long-term planning and no clearly-defined powers other than being an old man. He also constantly talks about hearing the music of the spheres and similar things in a manner similar to how the Tick talks about hearing the voice of destiny. The logical conclusion is that that "music" is actually his superpowered precognition leading him to Butterfly of Doom plans that accomplish his goals despite their seeming incoherence. Given that he faked his death, his only real defeats were when The Tick was involved, which may be the result of a Scry vs. Scry between his instinctive precognition and The Tick's; this also explains why The Terror is so befuddled when things initially don't go according to his plans - even though his plans seem slapdash, they always work unless someone like The Tick is thwarting them with comparable levels of precognition.