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  • In ''Move - And You're Dead", after Alan has been rescued from an explosive bridge, Virgil plays a prank on him by having him pose for a portrait and secretly painting him in a comical Picasso style. After getting his revenge, Alan contemplates the picture:
    Alan: "How d'ya like that, Tin-Tin?"
    Tin-Tin: Never mind, Alan. Who needs a painting? Especially when we've got the real thing."
  • A brief and humorous one in "Cry Wolf", but still touching nonetheless. Alan is showing two young boys around Tracy Island, when they come across Thunderbird 3. The boys comment that Scott, being the defacto leader, is probably the only one allowed to fly Thunderbird 3. Alan, a little offended, explains that he's the official pilot of Thunderbird 3... and then goes a step further by claiming Scott is basically beneath him in the hierarchy, how Scott answers to HIM, and such, all without realising that the intercom is turned on. Scott then chimes in, but rather than humiliating his younger brother in front of the two boys, he plays along, calling Alan 'sir' and acting very humble and shy when talking to him
- Or Scott's being hilariously sarcastic, going by the context and Tony and Bob's reaction here...
  • In Thunderbirds Are Go:
    Lady Penelope: "Remember Alan, one of the most comforting feelings a man can have in this world of ours, is never to be alone."
    • Also, afterwards when Jeff toasts "To Alan, the hero of the day!"
  • The 2004 live action film has this exchange:
    Gordon: Come on, Dad. The situation's hopeless.
    Jeff: No, it's not. We've got people on the ground working for us.
    Gordon: Alan? He's just a kid.
    Jeff: He's a Tracy.

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