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  • Episode 1 has multiple awesome moments when we are introduced to the heroes (except Origami Cyclone who just appears and stands there in the background behind Dragon Kid).
  • Episode 2's flashback gives us the number one rule in Sternbild: superpowered children make up for poor hostages.
  • Episode 3 has both Kotetsu and Barnaby's solution to the Time Bomb's Wire Dilemma. First Wild Tiger punches a hole in the roof, then Barnaby kicks the bomb up through the hole to have it harmlessly blow up in the sky.
    • Bonus points for Kotetsu for throwing the camera, with which he was ordered to film the whole thing, in the air in such a way that it both captures him punching through the roof and Barnaby kicking the bomb away, making sure Agnes got some excellent footage to air.
  • Episode 5:
  • Episode 7: Barnaby's fight with Lunatic.
  • Episode 8: Kotetsu's fight with Lunatic. He tanks a flaming crossbow bolt and gives a Cross Counter to Lunatic's flaming punch.
  • Episode 10: Kotetsu running out of power during the fight on the bridge, but he continues to battle the small army of Mini-Mecha alone while the other heroes are busy dealing with attacks in other parts of the city.
  • Episode 11: Kotetsu bursts into the meeting room where the mayor, Judge Petrov, and the sponsor CEOs have convened to discuss the crisis situation, and - with Barnaby right behind him - calls them all out for dithering instead of taking action. He undermines himself a little (hilariously) when he has some trouble with the word "self-interests", but it's awesome all the same.
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  • Episode 13: Kotetsu's Batman Gambit, Kotetsu healing himself with his Hundred Power, Barnaby kicking Jake so hard he breaks a rib, the three other active Heroes taking out Ouroborous' Mini-Mecha while Jake and Kriem are distracted, the look on Jake's face when he inadvertently makes Kriem's helicopter crash into him...the entire episode is full of awesome moments.
  • Episode 15:
    • Sky High fights and defeats the robot that took out Tiger and Barnaby like it was nothing.
    • Doubles as a Tear Jerker since he unknowingly destroys the girl he fell in love with, and never does find out about what happened, and goes to wait for her at the park where they met.
  • Episode 16:
    • After all that is happening to Kotetsu, he still goes after Lady Killer. Sure he loses, but still.
    • Lunatic's entrance and speech at the end of the episode is very scary but also very, very awesome.
  • Episode 17:
    • Tiger manages to rescue his daughter despite his Hundred Power vanishing again.
    • Then Kotetsu walks away from the collapsing building with Kaede in his arms managing to be badass and heartwarming all at once.
    • Kaede running after her father as the train departs, discovering her NEXT powers in the process.
  • Episode 21:
    • Kotetsu fights the "Black Suit Wild Tiger" without using his powers. He flips him over. Again, remember- without his powers.
    • Lunatic saving Kotetsu.
    • Origami Cyclone's surprise appearance.
    • Kaede. Just Kaede. The girl goes into Sternbild alone to save her dad.
    • Kotetsu, on the roof of Apollon Media, in his old outfit, cape blowing in the wind. He's outnumbered, he doesn't have his fancy suit and toys, and everyone has it in for him. What does he do? Strike a pose, of course! Made all the more awesome by the fact that he called them there himself—knowing all of this full well.
      Kotetsu: All right, it's time to let out a...[chuckles] wild roar!
    • All the awesome stuff Kotetsu does without using his powers.
  • Episode 22:
    • Kaede using an Emotion Bomb and restoring the memories of the heroes. Little Miss Badass doesn't even begin to describe it.
    • Bison blocking Barnaby's attack on Tiger.
    • The Chase Scene with Barnaby and Tiger on their respective bikes.
      • Tiger going Under the Truck when it came through the intersection while Barnaby jumps it.
      • Kotetsu's bike transformation.
      • The Cliffhanger.
  • Episode 23: Wild Tiger managing to get Barnaby to remember.
  • Episode 24:
    • Kaede takes a page out of Goku's/Ryu's book.
    • Also, Blue Rose declaring she won't press the button or rather how easily she tricked Rotwang into letting it be heard by others.
    • And Kotetsu's (apparent) Heroic Sacrifice. Subverted though it may have been, it is still pretty cool.
    • Episodes 21 to 24's sub plot is basically just Kaede showing herself to be a Little Miss Badass, Badass Adorable and a Determinator over and over again.
  • Episode 25:
    • The entire Heroes vs robots fight.
    • Doc Saito activating the androids' safety mode and singlehandedly saving all of the heroes.
    • Rock Bison taking out the scaffolding that Rotwang and Maverick were standing on.
    • Agnes revealing Maverick on live TV. And mocking him while doing it!
    • Kotetsu waking up and one-shotting Maverick across the face.
    • Origami stopping Maverick with his Fuuma Shuriken. Even better that it came in the middle of everyone else focusing on Kotetsu; Origami had gotten relatively few awesome moments, but he more than made up for it by being the only one to pay attention to Maverick.
    • Lunatic killing Maverick.
    • Even Maverick gets one - it's hard not to smile when he kills Rotwang.
    • Maverick also gets another: knowing he can't escape, he erases his own memories to keep the heroes from finding out what he knows about Ouroboros, pulling a villainous version of a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • The Rising:
    • Fire Emblem's triumphant return. "They say men are made of courage and women are made of love. So what does that mean for people that're gay? We are invincible!" Cue the Manly Tears from everyone in the audience...

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