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  • Halfway through the animated movie when both protagonists abruptly stopped body-swapping, Taki draws numerous sketches of Mitsuha's hometown Itomori from his own memories, with so much accuracy that they brought up old memories of the place from the former villagers who lived there.
  • One for the Japanese voice actors of both protagonists, Ryunosuke Kamiki and Mone Kamishiraishi, who managed to portray one another's character and their personalities very convincingly.
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  • Taki and Mitsuha's combined efforts to save the town from the meteorite fragment. Taki, in Mitsuha's body, enlists Mitsuha's best friends Tessie and Sayaka's help to stage an emergency situation in order to drive the villagers away from the meteor's crash site. Tessie uses his explosive skills to blow up the local power station, causing power outrage, while Sayaka broadcasts a fake forest fire warning to evacuate the town. It doesn't go well at first when Taki!Mitsuha fails to convince Mitsuha's father to cooperate and he catches wind of the trio's plan (however, Taki still plays a necessary part in physically standing up to Mitsuha's father, which plants the seed in his mind that something supernatural is truly happening here). In desperation, Taki goes to meet Mitsuha who wakes up in his future body at the mountain shrine and tells her of the plan. After Mitsuha goes back to her own body, she makes a mad dash back to her father to convince him again. Even after a nasty fall, Mitsuha manages to get back up again after she sees the message 'I love you' that Taki wrote into her hand, and finally convinces her father to evacuate the town just before the meteorite falls, saving everyone.
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  • Meta-awesome example. This film is possibly the first Makoto Shinkai work that has a Happy Ending for everyone else involved. Shinkai's previous works mostly have Bittersweet Ending, but in this film, not only do Taki and Mitsuha managed to prevent a tragic event that would've killed Mitsuha and hundreds of people from happening, they also finally managed to find each other in the ending and break into Tears of Joy upon reuniting with each other. The novelization also heavily implies that they do end up together, subverting the Starcrossed Lovers presented in most Shinkai works. Taki and Mitsuha not only earned their happy ending, we, the audience, also earned it as well after several emotional rollercoaster trips in Shinkai's previous films.
  • Another Meta example: Four of five top-grossing animated films in Japan have been Studio Ghibli films. Your Name is the only non-Ghibli film on that list, only behind Spirited Away.
    • In January 2017, although still a long way behind it on the domestic Japanese market, Your Name toppled Spirited Away's worldwide gross to become the highest-grossing anime movie of all time worldwide.
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    • In 2016 the movie accounted for 10% of Japan's total box-office revenue. It also did twice the business of that year's second place and more than third, fourth and fifth combined. note 


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