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  • Oh we have a few here and there.
    Akina: "Heh heh heh. Don't do anything crazy, they said."
    Kyousuke: "Yeah."
    Akina: "They don't get it, do they... Now's the time to do something crazy, right?"
    Kyousuke: "Agreed."
    • From the end of the first anime sequence, Kotoha begins using her power to describe something. When you realize that Kotoha is an artillery otaku, that she's right next to several sets of train tracks, and what the dimensions of a Krupp K5 are...
  • The battle against Rokkaku, after the police are finally given permission to act. Beforehand, it was a Curb-Stomp Battle with Rokkaku as the clear victor and the police not doing anything about it. Then, they are finally given permission to act from their chief ... a woman who didn't seem to be anything special before. It turns out that everyone was dying to fight him, but simply couldn't do so without orders. To prevent Rokkaku from using the shadows created by moonlight, Lila fills the sky with moons, using their radiance to prevent any shadows from appearing. Even when Rokkaku seems to have hit Shidou, it turns out that Shidou actually snatched Mina right from Rokkaku's grasp. She begins to call someone when Rokkaku realizes something isn't right — "Mina" has been Lila this entire time. Lila summons a rocket-propelled grenade launcher thanks to Kotoha and blasts him. He's still unfazed though, and the police's bullets don't hit him because they're still within his radius. However, one of them is a sniper, and he snipes Rokkaku from atop the church, causing Rokkaku to try and target the policeman with sunglasses. He breaks the sunglasses ... and discovers that they're made of silver. Thinking that the guy was the leader, Rokkaku gets blasted across the street by the real chief. He healed quickly, though, and tries to get to the spot they were supposed to meet up at, only for Yuuhi to attack him for hurting Mariabelle. With Akina away on a trip, Yuuhi gets to tune Rokkaku back into a half-Youkai wolf.

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