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Nightmare Fuel / Your Name

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  • Some of the "Freaky Friday" Flip shenanigans can be pretty... freaky... when you think about it. Writing appearing in your books, your phone and on your body that you can't remember having written, being told that you were acting different...
  • The Reveal is pretty much this. Up until then the film has been a lighthearted comedy about Mitsuha and Taki swapping bodies and the hilarious scenarios resulting from this. Then one day the swapping stops and Taki eventually finds out that Mitsuha has actually been dead for three years, killed in a meteor strike along with hundreds of others. Added to this is when he checks his phone for her journal entries, and said entries just... disappear before his eyes. As if the swapping never happened. The collective jaw-drops of every viewer could basically be heard at the whole thing.
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  • The ruins of Itomori are very much Scenery Gorn. The background music for when The Reveal hits, "Disappeared Town", doesn't help, sounding like it came from a horror film's soundtrack.
  • Taki's fall in the mountain crater shrine is positively heartstopping, especially given the slow-motion treatment and the music cutting out.
  • Mitsuha's trip and fall when running to find her father to get Itomori evacuated looks very painful, particularly the crash at the end and how the camera lingers on her not moving for a long while. The hithterto uplifting background music even goes silent for extra creepy.
  • The destruction of Itomori by meteor strike when finally shown onscreen. All those buildings we've come to be familiar with, getting torn apart and blown away...
  • This recut of the trailer shows that the film can work disturbingly well as a horror flick.
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  • Just the idea of forgetting someone important to you, and having no way to fight it, with even digital records disappearing on you, is really terrifying.

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