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Nightmare Fuel / Your Lie in April

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned.

  • Saki beats Kousei bloody with a cane in full view of dozens of people. No one tries to intervene directly, though one person does run off to fetch a police officer.
  • Kaori collapsing and unable to move her legs late at night in the hospital, seemingly unable to call for help at the end of Episode 15.
  • In episode 20, there's Kaori's condition taking a sudden turn for the worse, with her convulsing violently and the camera focusing on her hand trying to hold onto her hospital bed's safety rail but slipping slowly off.
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  • Kousei trying to play the piano at the Eastern Japan Competition while in the middle of a huge Heroic BSoD and when he looks at his hands, all he can see is the blood of the neighborhood black cat he tried to save at the end of Episode 20.