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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned.
"When you're depressed, it always helps to lean your head on your arms. Arms like to feel useful." -Charlie Brown


Episode 1

  • Kaori's interaction with the cat.
  • Kaori playing her melodica in the middle of a cherry blossom-filled park, with bare feet (she left her shoes and tights hanging from some nearby branches for Kosei to discover to lead to her) and a trio of small children joining her serenade.

Episode 2

  • Kaori appears in front of Kousei on his way home, while he's thinking about her performance. She appoints him as Watari's substitute later on.

Episode 3

  • Kaori appoints Kousei as her accompanist.
    • Kousei accepts her offer, after she's crying her heart out. Of course, she's giving him one of her sweetest smiles in the series after that.

Episode 4

  • Kaori's able to snap Kousei out of his anxiousness by telling him that music is freedom.
  • Kaori asks for Kousei to repeat their performance right from the start after he's messing up.
    • He's finally able to start playing again after remembering one of his practice moments with his mother.

Episode 5

  • Kaori thanks Kousei for her unforgettable performance with him.
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  • Kousei reminiscing about the audience that cheered after his performance with Kaori while jumping off the courage bridge.

Episode 6

  • Young Tsubaki carries young Kousei on her back because the latter injured his knee and wouldn't stop crying, while she herself had a broken ankle.
    • Fast-forward to the end of the episode, Kousei doing the exact same thing for Tsubaki because she injured her leg during a baseball game.
  • Kousei covers Kaori with his jacket after watching her sleep on the floor while she was accompanying him practicing the piano.

Episode 7

  • While in the park together, Kaori connecting Kousei's hand with hers, stating that his hands are happy to be touching hers.

Episode 8

  • Takeshi, who spent the entire episode and much of his life resenting (albeit also admiring) Kousei taunts his rival after his performance. Kousei's heartfelt praise to someone who spent years wondering if he'd ever give him the time of day both touches and flatters him.

Episode 9

  • In a nostalgic scene, little Emi chose her future as a pianist atop a jungle gym.
    • And upon meeting her piano teacher, she states that she wants to become a pianist so that she can inspire others to follow in her footsteps, just as Kousei had done for her.
      Child!Emi: (mortified) That's the only kind of sound I can make with it? But when that boy was playing... everything sounded like sunflowers.
    • The entirety of Emi's performance has one undercurrent of thought - "Return to me", in reference to how Kousei played the first time she heard him, not the robotic way he'd grown to play afterward.

Episode 10

  • After he stopping his performance midway again, Kousei restarts his playing by remembering his performance with Kaori. To add more heartwarming points, he's using his Beautiful Dreamer scenery with Kaori in episode 6 as his imagery for enriching his playing. The entire audience is entranced by his playing, including Kaori who realizes his imagery and cries Tears of Joy as a result.

Episode 11

  • Kousei tells Hiroko that he's already resolved his objection in becoming a "weird pianist", thanks to the scenery he saw at the end of his performance with Kaori.
  • Kaori "interviewing" Kousei at night around a swarm of fireflies. All of his answer are sort of heartwarming, but the most heartwarming one was her last question:
    Kaori: What about you? What did you have in your heart? What did you lean on? note 
    Kousei: I had you. (aawww...)

Episode 12

  • After spending another day practicing, Kousei and Kaori are coming home late at night so they're riding a bike together. Kaori tells Kousei about the night sky and the sparkling stars, so Kousei starts singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Kaori joins him with both of them singing under the twinkling night stars together.
  • After Kaori didn't come to the gala because she'd collapsed the night before and hospitalized as the result, Kousei and Hiroko ask the last contestant (Miike) to swap turns to give Kaori more time to get there. Miike refuses, and after being told that Kaori is Kousei's partner, he starts badmouthing her. Kosei is frustrated, but he tells Miike that the spotlight will belong to them, meaning himself & Kaori.

Episode 13

  • It's revealed that his reason to keep playing without Kaori's presence is because he will do his best and prove to the audience how amazing Kaori's kind of performance is.
    • Once he settles down, though, he has a memory of asking his mother why she always played "Love's Sorrow" rather than "Love's Joy".
  • Kousei's entire performance makes him remember how his mother always cared to him and finally allows him to make "peace" and say goodbye to his mother.
    • Kousei's performance, being a Tough Act to Follow, spurs Miike on to play with his all, rather than from rote memorization - and for his own mother, who he saw in the audience, obviously praying that he do well.
      Miike: Mom... could I have played my heart out like he did? Could I have played with as much sincerity? Maybe... maybe I can give it my all like Arima. One way to find out - watch me. Right now, all I want is to hear my mom's voice.

Episode 14

  • A mild example: Kousei immediately searches for Tsubaki after being told by Kashiwagi that she was in trouble.

Episode 15

  • Kousei states to Tsubaki that he'll always be with her and stay by her side.

Episode 16

  • After spending the day together exploring the mall and the school at night, Kousei takes Kaori home on his bike, under a night sky full of stars. Kousei looks up at a shooting star and realizes Kaori is crying, but decides not to ask her why. She was crying because she knows she doesn't have much time left with Kousei, the boy she truly loves.
  • Nagi and Kousei sharing about the person whose considered the most important to them who are Takeshi and Kaori, respectively.

Episode 17

  • Hiroko is able to snap Nagi out of her performance anxiety by stating that she'll kill anyone that calls Nagi a coward.
    • Later, Nagi also realizes that even the great pianist Kousei Arima suffers performance anxiety just like her. Kousei then tells her Kaori's words about how to play with sincerity before performing.

Episode 18

  • After all the times Kousei is forced to perform together with Kaori, this time it is Kousei's turn to ask Kaori to perform together with him.
  • After their duet, Nagi watches her older brother run out into the hall, seeing as much pep as he used to have - which was exactly what she wanted.
    Nagi: A tenth of my feelings... even just a hundredth... did any of it get through to him? Was my music enough to carry them?

Episode 19

  • Kaori going through walking therapy just for the sake of becoming better so she'll be able to perform again with Kousei. Her parents thank him because his devotion was able to spark the little spirit she had left in her life.
    • In the flashback scene, it is revealed that the reason she started doing therapy and the risked surgery in the end was because not only she had a promise to keep (to Kousei), but also because if she started giving up now, she'll be ashamed to her parents, and she'll feel bad about herself.
  • Tsubaki states that she'll be happy if all the times Kousei spent with music is precious to him.
  • The entire scene where the three rivals: Kousei, Emi, and Takeshi spend together before, during, and after performance, and in the end, support each other.

Episode 20

  • The entire Airplane of Love scene. Kaori makes a phone call to Kousei on his way home from piano lessons with Hiroko just to inform him there was an airplane flying by on its night flight. According to Kousei, the plane looks just like a shooting star across the sky. This makes him realize his true feelings fpr Kaori and decides to visit her again.

Episode 21

  • Kaori states to Kousei that he'll never be left alone; she'll always be there for him.
  • Emi and Takeshi worrying about Kousei in BSOD mode is really sweet, considering how they're technically rivals.
  • Kousei snapping out of his BSOD by thinking of everyone who touched his life, especially Kaori.
    • And what initially snapped him out of it was Tsubaki's high-pitched sneeze, crossing between this and funny.

Episode 22

  • The ending. As much as it really was a Downer Ending, it has some sweet points, enough to the point it makes it possibly a "Ray of Hope" Ending:
    • Young Kaori asking her parents to buy her a violin after watching Kousei play. "I want Kousei-kun to play with me!"
    • Kaori's confession that she never had a crush on Watari. She had always been in love with Kousei, and had been since she was five years old and saw him perform. She even switched from playing piano to playing violin so one day they could accompany one another, which they later did.
    • Tsubaki coming up to Kousei on her way to school after Kaori's funeral and yelling at Kousei that he isn't and will never be alone.
      • When one thinks about the fact of all the people still in his life who loves him, and the possibly of him being able to one day let go of his grief of Kaori's death, for Kousei, the future is bright.
    • Kaori's prized possession that she gave Kousei in the envelope that held her letter. A picture of her and Kousei back when they first met.

Episode 23 (OVA Episode)

  • Takeshi finds Kousei is still able to happily play with his friends, even with all of his practice, which makes Takeshi also realize that his hero is not a robot that doesn't have time to have fun himself.
  • Kousei is happy to hear his mother will be attending his performance.

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