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Finally meeting face to face after all this time.
  • Taki, in Mitsuha's body randomly builds a "cafe" for his new friends with his/her own two hands. That means he talked to them enough and remembered enough about them that he does this of his own accord. It shows what kind of person he is to those closest to him.
  • Mitsuha, in Taki's body, tries to set Taki up on a date with his senior crush Miki. On the other side, upon learning that Mitsuha frequently gets picked on by other students, Taki in her body takes the matter into his (or rather, her) hands by loudly kicking down a table in the middle of art class, and generally makes her stand up for herself more. Both persons do care and try to fix the problems plaguing each other.
  • When Taki swaps bodies with Mitsuha the last time after learning that she died, he wakes up and gropes Mitsuha's breasts on himself as her sister walks in on him yet again. Taki then bursts into tears at the sight of her since she also died and crawls towards her to give her a "big sisterly hug" before having the door shut in his face. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Taki's friends Miki and Tsukasa choose to accompany Taki on his journey to find Itomori with only his sketches of the place as his guidance, even though both of them aren't fully in the know and Taki himself being very enigmatic about it. Taki didn't ask them to, mind you.
    • Miki herself never once raised a word against Taki, despite the guy being pretty unreasonable from their viewpoint throughout the entire ordeal.
  • After spending a month as her granddaughter, Taki offering to carry Grandma on his back while they spent the afternoon hiking in the mountains shows that he has come to love the Miyamizu family as his own, and what a sweet young gentleman he is. A sweet moment made all the more amusing when he finds out the hard way that Mitsuha's girl-body is nowhere as strong as his own.
  • Teesie and Sayaka go to great lengths along with Mitsuha's plan to evacuate the townspeople away from an impending meteor strike.
  • Taki resolves to save all of Itomori's residents, rather than just Mitsuha, from the impending comet, showing that he has fallen in love with the town and its residents in the short time he lived there.
  • Taki and Mitsuha's meeting at twilight. Their first time directly interacting with each other, with Taki fully-aware of who Mitsuha is. The lead-up is a frantic race around the edge of the crater Itomori's shrine is based in, with both calling each other's name in a heartfelt attempt to find each other, and it works. The two share a longing stare before Mitsuha breaks the ice by calling out Taki for groping her body during the swap, and the two playfully tease each other with how they lived each other's lives. Taki and Mitsuha decide to write their own names on the other's body as a way to help each other remember. The twilight ends abruptly, and so does their meeting.
    • Taki's note on Mituha's hand was supposed to be his name, but when Mitsuha looks at her hand to try and remember when her memory of him begins to fade, she finds "I love you" instead. Mitsuha is quick to point out that this doesn't help her remember his name, but it also strengthens her resolve to find him.
      • As noted on this Reddit post, and confirmed by Word of God, Mitsuha wasn't writing her name on Taki's hand either, and intended to write down her feelings instead, just like Taki did.
  • The ending. Just the ending. Both protagonists completely lost their memories of each other, but they never stopped looking for each other.
    • This scene has to be described in details. After spotting each other on separate trains, Taki and Mitsuha immediately try to search for each other and finally meet at different ends of a staircase. The two slowly walk passed each other, hoping for the other to recognize them. Though it appears that the two will move on, Taki makes the first moves and ask Mitsuha had they met before. Tears of Joy slowly flows down both their cheeks as they simultaneously ask for each other's name. It took them 8 years (5 in Taki's case) of searching with little to no recollection of the other but the two are finally reunited.
    • Unlike most of Shinkai's previous works, the movie ends with the protagonists happily reunited.
  • The epilogue shows that Tessie and Sayaka have survived the destruction of their town and are now engaged.
  • A related heartwarming moment to The Garden of Words, it's revealed that Yukari Yukino goes on to become a literature teacher at Mitsuha's school in Itomori, and what she teaches to Mitsuha plays a little role in bringing Mitsuha and Taki together. This leads to them helping each other to evacuate the town before the comet fragment strikes, which most likely saves Yukari's life in the process as well, allowing her a chance to reunite with Takao again.
  • It's revealed in the epilogue that Mitsuha's dad staked his career and reputation to cover up the reasons why the town was evacuated before the meteor piece struck the town, obliterating it from the maps. He came under considerable scrutiny from both the press and conspiracy theorists from then on, especially knowing that his own wife Futaba had the same kind of episodes as Mitsuha and that one of those very episodes saved the lives of hundreds of people.
  • A subtle one, but the burgeoning relationship between Miki and Tsukasa is very adorable: During the search for Itomori, they both have fun together while Taki is too concerned with finding clues to said village and Mitsuha. And Tsukasa even looks a little starstruck when he sees her smoking. And to the happiness of their shippers, Word of God confirmed that they are engaged after the Time Skip.

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