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"You've got a sick kicking technique."

As you'll see shortly, Bolganio is a world of badass mages, gods incarnate and demonically possessed nobles...with the occasional Badass Normal or two.

Novel-specific entries go on their respective trope pages.

  • On a meta level, mothy showing the potential the Vocaloid engine has for independent creators by setting the precedent for the Vocaloid song/novel series with Chrono Story and The Daughter of Evil: Cloture Of Yellow. While answer songs naturally existed beforehand, nobody else had yet created and popularized the long-running interconnected Vocaloid song series, and tying it together with a novel series as well showed that an indie producer with a relatively minimal budget could create an entire multimedia franchise. While it may not reach the same peaks of popularity as other series with more original character designs and easier-to-follow plotlines, series like Kagerou Project and Mikagura School Suite may not exist as they do now if it weren't for Evillious.
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  • Kiril's revival of Elluka in the Sin ark, despite its horrible consequences.
  • Karchess killing Venomania while dressed in drag in "The Lunacy of Duke Venomania."
    • For such a minor character, the Marquis Donald in the novel gets one. Tasked with escorting Queen Yukina, when Duke Venomania attacked he fought even when all his other men were dead and he was obviously outmatched. In fact, while unwilling to kill him, Venomania has to rip the Marquis' arms off so he could get a chance to wipe his memories.
    • Villainous example, Sateriasis' demon transformation first shown in the manga.
  • Plenty in the Daughter of Evil series and its associated songs.
    • Allen pulling off the Twin Switch that saves Riliane.
    • Chartette and Mariam's entire duel in "Retrouver of Silver."
    Onlooker: That battle was not between humans...
    • Allen saving Riliane from Clarith by appearing to her as a ghost—made more awesome when you realize just how difficult it was for him to show up in the first place.
    • In Heavenly Yard we see that Chartette had managed to evade Abyss I.R. for decades to keep her from getting her hands on the Twin Sword of Levianta.
  • Gallerian being badass enough to defy the Master of the Hellish Yard or rather, Nemesis with a smile on his face.
    • From the "Judgement of Corruption Side Story" manga, there was something very satisfying about seeing Gallerian explain himself to Scherzer, just before leaving him to be executed.
  • Granted, she had the help of a sin vessel, but Yvette managing to take out her abusive stepfather and escape from Abyss I.R. is pretty badass for a girl with no combat experience.
  • Yukina reveals in Praeludium that she had been traveling all over Evillious without any adult supervision whatsoever. She even apparently got swordplay training from mercenaries in Asmodean.
  • A meta one in "The Muzzle of Nemesis"; the montage of portraits of all the previous sinners which all eventually meld into Nemesis' gun. The Seven Deadly Sins series couldn't have had a better finale. Made even better when Nemesis leans on the fourth wall:
    With this, it's the end.
    Let's put an end to everything.
    This story of sinful evil
    • Nemesis burning down Gallerian's house and shooting him for her revenge. Probably one of the few sinners whose main victim actually had it coming.
    • Backing up to the bullets, they go in reverse order of when they happen. Look at the bullet that ends up in the muzzle itself; it's Gallerian's bullet.
  • In the Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep novel, Gumillia has another awesome moment fighting Fourth Shadow; she uses the Clockwork Secret Art and Fourth Shadow freaks out, not knowing what the heck she did, and tries to escape. And then Gumillia kills her with roses.
  • The song Cappricio Farce, on the whole, is awesome. The way the music and voices go, the way the song kind of builds up at the end with the knowledge that the sins are regathering and that something is going to happen. You just kinda feel like something is happening, and it's something that's been growing throughout every century since the time the sin split up.
    • The next Clockwork Lullaby ensemble, Seven Crimes and Punishments, turns it Up to Eleven with intense electric guitar music and contributions from not only all of the seven sinners (each carrying their own musical style in their segments), but the original Hansel and Gretel as well. Near the end, Nemesis shoots the fourth wall and cracks it.
    • And then the Grand Finale of the Four Ends series (and the Chronicles as a whole), Master of the Heavenly Yard, came along at 15 minutes long and loaded with a decade of series history as leitmotifs.
  • Hansel in the "Seven Crimes and Punishments", single-handedly defeating Margarita/Michelle using the Clockworker's Doll. In fact, this isn't even the only time he comes through for the side of good in this story.
    • Before that, the scene where the denizens of the Pride area begin succumbing to Margarita's/Michelle's poison, Allen has an appropriate Oh, Crap! moment...until Clarith, unaffected by the poison thanks to Michaela's divine protection, rides in on Josephine like a BOSS to escort him to Margarita/Michelle herself.
    • Clarith does it again in Master of the Heavenly Yard, both the song and the novel, this time to save Riliane. It's official: Clarith is a freaking badass.
  • Gumillia's entire battle with Lemy during the Duel of Merrigod in the Fifth Pierrot novel is a mix of badass and Creepy Awesome on both sides, the regenerative Lemy being Creepy Awesome in coming back like a crazed undead soldier no matter how many times Gumillia shoots him and Gumillia finally defeating him, complete with dramatic gun-loading, with the Golden Key transformed into a bullet.
  • Michaela convincing the others to sing the "Lu Li La" melody to help Allen and Riliane against Ma during Master of the Heavenly Yard. It's amazing to see a very huge cast of mostly Vocaloid portrayals sing the Clockwork Lullaby at once, even if Ma is complaining about it.
  • Allen answering the Arc Words "Just what in the world is evil?" by decrying it as irrelevant because all humans are greedy on some level and fighting for what they think is the right thing, as he realizes that he's determined to save both Riliane and the world. In the song version, where the Re_birthday Leitmotif even begins to play at this point.
    • It also shows some truly impressive Character Development on Allen's part. In sharp contrast to how he acted during the Pride arc, he refuses to view the situation as an irreconcilable conflict of interest between Riliane and the rest of the world, proclaiming that "the world is no longer our enemy", and follows through on his own sense of right and wrong, instead of acting against it because someone else wants him to. Simply put: Allen Avadonia is no longer just a "servant of evil".
  • Allen and Riliane's Re_birthday in Master of the Heavenly Yard. Coupled with a turning of a key in a box, it is a very satisfying ending to such a deep series.
    • The other endings coming to pass—Irina, Adam and Eve (bringing Gammon along) get the Court Ending, in which they all relive the Third Period in a Here We Go Again! while Banica and her servants get the Graveyard Ending, effectively giving karma the middle finger and leaving to traverse different worlds (alluding to Banica's past goal of traveling across her own world), terrorizing their residents to sample more "evil foods". The first world we see her in? A warring nation home to abnormally massive humanoids. Banica orders Pollo and Arte to launch an attack on them and bring her back a gigantic steak, more than confident that she can take them on.
    • An even more awesome detail to those endings: According to "Hansel: Boy of the End", the Graveyard, Court, Hellish and Heavenly endings were not only the only options, but it was impossible for any one of them to be avoided—at least one ending would come to pass. In the end, all four of them do; Banica and her servants have the Graveyard ending, Irina, Adam, Eve and Gammon get the Court ending and Allen, Riliane and everyone else in Evillious get the Heavenly or Hellish ending.
  • Gallerian unintentionally bringing together some of the most evil and famous souls together by collecting the sin vessels. Adam Moonlit as Gear? Banica Conchita as Master of the Graveyard? Hell, Irina Clockworker incarnated as Master of the Court?! While being totally accidental, the fact they're all here under the same theater deserves some praise on Gallerian's part.
  • Banica Conchita essentially winning the Evillious Chronicles, traversing the multiverse via the floating Evils Theater II with her friends and some other guy to discover more and more evil foods to eat with absolutely no consequences for her actions throughout the franchise in Banica Concerto!!, complete with triumphant reprises of Evil Food Eater Conchita and Master of the Graveyard. Bonus points for travelling the world being her biggest wish before everything went wrong in her novel.
    Banica: This is my concerto.

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